the confusion on his face


Axl doesn’t really know what to say, he’s so overwhelmed with emotions at the revelation that he’s a father. Milana seems to sense his confusion and she giggles and wraps her arms around his neck, burying her face into his shoulder. He awkwardly pats her back as he allows her to hug him, not really knowing what else to do.

Milana yawns sleepily and starts to struggle in his arms, so Axl lowers her down to the floor as gently as he can. He watches as Aliyah picks up Milana to put her to bed for the night.

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Waurel prompt: Wes notices Laurel is finally starting to show ๐Ÿ˜Š

“What…are…you…smiling…about?” Laurel asks from the bathroom, her hand moving the toothbrush around, her words garbled as she attempts to keep the toothpaste from dripping down her face.  Her boyfriend sitting on the bed, a goofy grin on his face.

Spitting into the sink, she pops her toothbrush back into the cup next to his, where it had found its home during the holidays, and had chosen to stay put since then.

“You know we just got fired, right?” She says, eyes squinting, as she plops onto the bed next to him, moving the plaid shirt he’d worn earlier to the side, their back resting against the headboard.  Her face contorting into confusion at his incessant grin.

“Yeah, you’re showing,” she gestures with his chin, and she thinks he’s motioning towards the letter of recommendation she’d tossed onto the bed upon reading it as they came up the stairs.

“You can read it if you want, I don’t really care,” she says, attempting to hand it over, uninterested in the kind things that had been written about her, the biggest rejection having come from the blatant disregard to the news that they’d shared with the table that night.  It was almost as if it had fallen on deaf ears to the woman who wanted to claim Wes as her own.

“No,” he says with a laugh, his dimples getting deeper at the pull of his lips.  “You’re showing,” he points at her stomach.

She slaps his finger away playfully.

“I am not,” she says, quickly glancing down at her stomach to make sure that he wasn’t right.  Pulling up her shirt, her once flat stomach dis seem to resemble that of a smallish bump protruding from her pants.

“It’s a food baby,” she says, her hands freezing on the shirt bunched up.

“We didn’t eat, remember,” he says, his stomach growling as if adding to his statement.

At the reminder, she looks down, her eyes seeing for the first time where their child rested beneath.  A shot of fear racing through her at the physical evidence of the choice that they had made.

Her hands moving to frame the tiny bump, her pinky finger gently stroking over her skin, the image of a baby that looked like a mixture of the two of them playing in her head.

“Told you,” he says, his smile having never left, as he stared at her movements, her head lifting to meet his brown eyes.

“Yeah,” she agrees in almost a whisper, not even arguing that he’d been right, her smile meeting his own.

Only torn away by the vibration of her phone sitting between them.

“It’s your dad,” Wes says, handing the phone to her.

She gives a deep sigh, having evaded most of his questions earlier.  Her lies likely to come back to bite her in the ass, but she hadn’t been quite ready to expose Wes and her personal life to the man that would surely find a way to ruin everything.

Wes leans over to see the picture he’d sent, Laurel’s face steeling into one of irritation.

“Good thing I was wearing layers,” she says, referencing the picture, as she sends a response that doesn’t even come close to expressing her true thoughts.

“You know, you could’ve told him the truth,” Wes suggests, his hand coming to rest on her still exposed stomach, his skin warm, yet still managing to send a trail of goosebumps over her skin at his touch.

She waits until he’s looking at her, and not at her stomach.

“It’s better this way,” she says, conviction in her tone, not willing to give an inch to her father.

“I know, but he’s the only family the baby will have—“ Wes tries, but is quickly cut off.

“No, he’s not a good person.  I don’t want him anywhere near us,” and he nods, having heard this all before, and choosing to believe that her reasons were likely justified if she felt that strongly about keeping him away.

“Okay,” Wes says, moving to place a kiss against her lips, her hand finding its way to the side of his face before he pulls away.

“We’re the only family the baby needs,” she says, and that gets him smiling again, glancing down at where his hand is still planted firmly against her stomach.

No need to look to the heavens for answers, everything they needed resting inside her.

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Imagine Dean being jealous about your friend, Sherlock Holmes | Dean Winchester x Reader

“I’ll be out of America for about a week or so, I got you supplies ready there,” you pointed on the fridge, “I bet nothing, a case perhaps will appear that you will need me.”

“Wait, what?” Dean asked you as confusion flashing along his face.

“I’ll be in London, you can manage I guess.” you winked at him as you gather your stuffs. “I’ll be off, see you soonest.” you waved as you walked towards the door.

“Where in London exactly?” Dean asked as he blocked your way.

You put your suitcase in side, “Heathrow.”

“Exactly.” He’s glaring at you sharply his breath are slow and angry at the same time.

“Baker St., Sherlock’s.” you manage tiny smile as you answer his question.


“He needs my help.” you insisted.

“He can manage.”

“You can as well, I owe him and it’s been a while since I saw him.” you answered with your childhood accent - British.

“You’re not leaving here, for god sake Y/N!”

You chuckled and murmured, “Are you, the great American hunter, Dean Winchester is jealous?”

“You’re damn right there lady, I am. Happy? Wait for me.” He said as he run towards his room to gather some of his stuff.

“Are you sure, we will be on a plane, Dean?”

“I can maneuver myself in the flight, what I can’t stand is you, my girlfriend being with my mortal enemy in terms of your attention.”

“He is my best friend.” you shouted.

171019 pre-recording

He was surprised that so many people came and pointed it out and thanked us a few times. cr.

He asked us uf we were tired and we said no so he asked us how we do to not be tired. cr.

While leaving he played a lot with us because we repeated everything he said cr.

He told us he was gonna go on his phone after the recording ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Please upload more selcas on insta!  cr.

He was hot and told us “it"s hot right?” We said no so he said “It’s cold?” And we also said no so he got confused. cr

His last pose is with his arm in front of his face so we can see his armpit and he covered it as soon as the pd nim said “cut”. cr.


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“I’m actually here to see uh, Maia.” aka, Luke chuckling because he knows Simon is in wayyyyyy over his head. Hahahahahahahahaha. 

Another thing that gives me heartburn when I think about it:

-Sherlock’s eyes going softly closed and all the tension draining out of his shoulders, leaning down into it, when John kisses him for the first time.

It Ain’t Me: Part 8

Jungkook x Reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Words: 2.4K

Genre: Angst

Part 7 | Part 9

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Minato: Junpei,am i da man now?