the conditioning

So, in the recent cold weather my eczema has been flaring up again and has started to take over my arms and wrists and is working its way over my forehead too and my thighs.

So to anyone out there dealing with this, its okay, youre okay. You are still beautiful. And you are still gorgeous and capable in every way. You can wear shorts and skirts. You can wear short sleeves. You dont have to fix your hair to cover your face. You dont have to conceal it.

It is not your fault.
It is not your fault when it flares up.
It is not your fault when it is red.
It is not your fault when its dry.
It is not your fault when its raw.
It is not your fault when its itchy.

Scroll through the tag on tumblr. There are many people on here who are positive, who still believe you’re beautiful. Who believe you are strong. And I am one of them. I was just reading through the tag and honestly the overwhelming positivity made me cry.

And your skin condition does not make you less so.


Black cats are very often overlooked at shelters because they’re deemed as boring or bad luck. Nevertheless, this didn’t bother David when he went to adopt Scrappy - a black cat. After a few years, David noticed that Scrappy was slowly changing colour and developing patches of white throughout his fur. As it so turned out, Scrappy had a skin condition called vitiligo in which white patches appear on the skin of humans or on the fur of animals.

Let’s pretend I know how to draw a couch but decided not to do it for stylistic choices… Yeah. Let’s do that.
Ending Malaria Is Possible
April 25 marks “World Malaria Day,” which is celebrated every year to recognize global efforts to control the disease, to commemorate those who...

A world without malaria is possible, and may not be as difficult to achieve as one might think. Infection rates are already declining and effective methods for prevention and treatment do exist.

I’m sure this will get buried in all the screaming at the current nonsense, and it’s really just to add to the pile, but in Selena Gomez’s Vogue interview today, she actually states that she no longer has her Instagram password and that her assistant runs the account. If you didn’t know, Gomez has the largest following on Instagram at the moment, and has for a long time, if memory serves.