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Heir of Time legendary gear

Themes: Patience, music, roses

The Rose of Chronal Composure

A beautiful red rose with 12 petals. The flower is directly tied to the Heir’s personal timeline.

If held with both hands, time will stop completely, allowing the Heir to think, take a breather, and compose themselves. Every 12 minutes of stopped time makes one of the petals fall off and over time the rose will burn away like a fuse. The rose will reappear in the Heir’s hand or inventory as a seed and will start to regrow, a process that takes about 3 hours (unskippable time).

Though the rose is meant to invoke composure and serve as a source of relief, it may also serve as a more active aid. Rather than have 12 minutes spent as 12 minutes, by plucking a petal the Heir compresses it to about 5 seconds per second.
When this state is activated the Heir bursts with lightning due to the compression of their energy levels.
Ordinarily time clones are used to protect an Heir, but while in this state, the Heir’s very timeline comes to their aid. Their speed is increased tremendously and the lightning arcing off of them allows them to instantly teleport to any where they could possibly be while the state is activated.
They can freely walk through any timeline in rapid succession, teleporting in destructive bolts of lightning and always being in the absolute best, most fortuitous place at just the right time. Teleporting past bullets, parrying at supersonic speeds, the Heir becomes untouchable as the entirety of their timeline is composed to a single timeframe.

This heightened state lasts for about 2.4 minutes.

The real trick comes with proper care for the rose and thus, the Heir’s personal timeline. Freezing time is typically a wiser, more patient choice, though the perks of the heightened state are incredibly useful. It’s all a matter of patience and proper timing.

The Icositetrad guitar
“Play me a diddy”

A compact guitar with the function of 24 instrumentals. It may look like a simple red and white electric guitar, but once played (and in perfect time) it’s many features open up.

Some features include:
Mega phone
Double bass
The spoons
So on and so on and so on.

Each instrument is linked to a specific timeline. By playing the proper notes at the right time on the right instruments, the Heir is possible of shaping multiple timelines at once. Guiding events, directing time clones through music, etc.

Special move
Rock Opera Requiem
A 3 hour rock opera piece requiring all 24 instruments.
It is notable for summoning a number of ghosts while being performed, creating a ghost crowd to cheer the Heir on. These ghosts may or may not be alternate timeline version of themselves and friends.

If the piece is played correctly, it actives a miniature Scratch. All timelines get reset to a certain point and certain factors are controlled and manipulated, changing how a number of timelines will interact down the line.
Timelines diverge, converge, and change their courses. All because the Heir shredded like noone has ever shredded before.


A/N: An Erasermic fic, set just after the USJ incident. If you have any advice for writing Aizawa please shoot it my way!

As a pro hero, one must keep their composure through the good and the bad, for the sake of themselves and the people they protect. Some heroes are quiet and thoughtful, others are loud and rambunctious. Heroes like All Might smile through the pain and fear. Eraserhead is a quiet force in the background, with a level head and solid, precise, confident movements. He never lets the down-talking and taunting sway him. He does what must be done to protect his students, comrades, or the civilians, even at the sake of his own health, all while never breaking his character.

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anonymous asked:

drace becoming extremely jealous about harry and Ginny's relationship. When he sees harry he gets all flustered and blushes and just bables. Ginny talks to draco because she's not dumb and breaks up with harry so they can get together. End has sex


  • Ok so it’s their 8th year so Draco and Harry are on like better terms but still not friends or anything…acquaintances at best
  • Draco finds out from Pansy
  • “He’s dating the Weaslette?!”
  • “I know right! Hilarious! I mean I always knew Potter was stupid, but her? Although I guess that’s probably the best Scarhead can do”
  • Shut up Pansy…Potter could get anyone he wants!”
  • Draco storms off leaving a very confused Pansy
  • Draco is still seething the next day while he walks to the class
  • He’s not even paying attention bc he still can’t believe how Potter is with her
  • He suddenly bumps into someone (it’s obviously Harry) and drops all of his books and stuff
  • “Sorry!” he shouts before quickly bending down to pick up his things
  • “It’s okay!” Harry quickly reaches down to help Draco and their hands brush together
  • Draco blushes furiously but ignores it otherwise
  • “S-sorry again Potter,” he mumbles but absolutely will not look into Potter’s beautiful green eyes bc otherwise he won’t be able to stop
  • Harry laughs. “It’s fine Dr-”
  • “There you are Harry! I’ve been looking all over for you!”
  • Ginny quickly makes her way over to them and Harry kisses her on the cheek before throwing an arm around her
  • Draco narrows his eyes at the two and is about to excuse himself
  • “Oh! Hi Draco…everything okay?” She nervously looks between the two
  • “Everything is fine…just ya know…dropped my things and Har- I mean Potter…haha sorry, tickle in my throat, you know how that can be…was k-kind enough to help me pick my stuff up and-”
  • “I think we got it Draco. I think Ginny just wanted to make sure we weren’t about to kill each other or anything”
  • Us? Kill each other? Oh no. It was nothing like that! I would never hurt Har- Potter. You see, what happened was-”
  • Ginny just laughs. “Yeah I know Malfoy. You already explained”
  • Draco blushes even more and quickly leaves to go to class, cursing himself for his lack of composure
  • A few more situations like that happen before Ginny just confronts Draco because god he’s so obvious
  • “I know you love Harry”
  • “What?! Me?! Love Scarhead?! Yeah right, Weasley. Real funny joke”
  • “I already broke up with him. He’s out by the lake waiting for you”
  • Draco doesn’t even say anything before running outside
  • Harry smirks at him
  • “Ginny was just a cover up. I wasn’t ready to come out…but you just made it too hard to keep the act up”
  • Draco grabs his hand and pulls Harry back into the school and into the dungeons
  • “Draco, what…?”
  • “Salazar” 
  • The portrait to the Slytherin dorms opens and Draco pulls Harry in and up to his bed
  • “I’ve wanted to do this since 4th year”
  • He kisses Harry and they fall onto the bed and Harry moans and undoes the buttons on Draco’s shirt
  • Draco just waves his wand and their clothes vanish and they stay in Draco’s bed all night fucking each other
  • The next morning they walk into the Great Hall holding hands