the composition of this was awesome


Samurai Jack Post Part 1:

In February of 2016, I had the honor of helping out on season 5 of Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Samurai Jack”. My assignment was to use Genndy’s awesome thumbnail sketches and translate them into production boards which included adding more animation keys and breakdowns. His drawings were super fun to work from since they already conveyed a lot of energy and perfect compositions.  I unfortunately only had enough time and energy to freelance for one episode in my off hours, but I’m just grateful I was even able to do just a little bit work on this incredible project. Genndy is amazing to work under and I learned a lot from my short time on “Jack”. I can’t wait to see the rest of the series. It has already been simply ground breaking in all the ways. 

Day 7 of Adrinette Month: Patrol

No, you didn’t miss Days 1-6. I just haven’t done them yet. Doesn’t matter how I do it, just so long as I get this month done :)

Bonus DJWifi as a nod to the awesome cosplayers I’ve met at Newcon and RCCC. Please drop your name in the comment so I know who you are, you lovely humans!

Types of Overwatch Players
  • The Semi Casual: You're an average gamer whose here to have fun but still wouldn't mind wining. Maybe you just want a new loot box, maybe you've been invited to a friend's rad new custom game-whatever the reason, you have time off from work or school and need to unwind. If you need to play healer, you'll play healer. Your team could use a second tank? You can play Widowmaker the next game right? You're comfortable with almost all game modes but will dive into Competitive if you're feeling confident. Your POTG is a welcome surprise and something you likely worked to earn through teamwork.(Possible Mains: Lucio, Orisa, Zarya)
  • The Glory Hound: You have one objective and it's definitely not the one you're supposed to be defending. You want your Play Of the Game and anyone who steals your kills is getting cussed out in the group chat. You could care less about team composition, you have your main and anyone who tells you to switch is just jealous of your awesome skills. Similar to The Single Player, teamwork is not your priority as everyone is just a pawn to your inevitable success. Your team winning is cool and all, but what you really want is for YOU to be the winner. You are a monster in Competitive but in the worst possible ways. (Possible Mains: Bastion, Hanzo)
  • The Sore Loser: You define unreliable. You may as well change your last name to Left The Game, because that's what you're always fucking doing. If a team isn't upholding to your standards, you'll ditch before you even see the inside of your spawn room. If any of your teammates are any less than three stars, they don't deserve the right to brush screen names with you. And if you choose to stay with a team the whole way, you BETTER be winning or else you're out. Despite your incredibly selective choice of teammates, your friend list is completely empty and you scoff at anyone who dares send you one.(Possible Mains: Symmetra, Hanzo)
  • The Party Goer: You're here to have fun. "It's just a game" has been hardwired into your code as you don't do jack shit for your team, you're more concerned about showing off your new emote in the heat of battle. You're a talkative fella with a whole wheel of the most grating voice lines your character currently has. Who cares if you win? At least you'll be in a hilarious pose in all of the kills cams. Your teammates may admire your casual nature, though you're so casual that you've become an inconvenience. Yeah, you'll get eliminations every once in awhile but it's only because no one laugh emoted back at you yet and you have ten seconds left to move this truck (Possible Mains: Junkrat, D.Va, Winston)
  • The Grudge Holder: You are out for blood, my friend, and it's rooted in a deep, personal hatred from a certain someone on the enemy team. Your worst enemy is the kill cam because it has the audacity to catch an image of you dying and forever cementing your target throughout the rest of the game. Fuck your team, you want to get even with that one Pharah who blew you up from across the map. And that McCree who had the nerve to shoot a Deadye in your direction? He's screwed once you get out of spawn. Your teammates have been spanning Group Up for five minutes straight but you're still waiting for that bullshit Symmetra to show back up so you can kill her again and teabag the corpse. (Possible Mains: Widowmaker, Roadhog, Mei)
  • The Single Player: You are a lone wolf through and through, here to carry your team with a twenty player kill streak with a single use of your Ultimate. You're the guy who rushes into enemy lines without a plan, relying on your own bravado to keep you alive before you're spamming for heals half way across the map. You're likely oblivious to what you're supposed to be defending...Or are you attacking this time? Nah, doesn't matter! You got your main before anyone else did so you get to show off your rad skills. God help anyone playing healer. (Possible Mains: Genji, Soldier 76, Reaper)

Welp, after…..I don’t know how long, I’ve finished it! XD
What if sparing Sans looked like this?
This idea has been in my head for a while, and I just wanted to get it out, haha.

This is my second time using CACANi for anything and my first time using CACANi for an entire video.

This will be my last Undertale animation for a LONG time, because I’m out of ideas, haha.

I also wanna give a HUGE thanks to Strelok for providing the sound effects and Zedrin and Courtney for providing their voices as Sans and Frisk respectively in this animation. They are all very talented and amazing people, so feel free to check out their channels/Tumblrs if you want:

Strelok’s Channel:

Zedrin’s Tumblr:

Courtney -Project SNT-’s Tumblr:

Programs used:  
-FL Studio (Music)
-CACANi (Character animation)
-Medibang Paint (Backgrounds)
-Sony Vegas (Composition and special effects)

Also on YouTube btw:

This is one of my FAVOURITE undertale aus of ALL time! Plus, your art style and your attention to detail and your- just- ability- to even- do this much of an amazing comic is just- aaaaaaaaaaa-
Sorry I’m fangirling too hard >3< Bottom line: You’re awesome and so is this lil’ bean!

Xedra’s Notes:

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when the seas are full, their dead will walk the earth.

alternative title: 2SPOOPY4ME

last week was the second round of digital painting featuring the pirate model. I decided to take a different spot that day to take advantage of the awesome blue light washing over the side of the model. 

this was a difficult piece in that it took me several tries to figure out a composition I liked. I wasted too much time noodlin’ on the skellies and ultimately all the detail got drowned in the green flame, haha. :( lessons were learned!

it’s also my first time throwing two different fire colors into a drawing. haha, I don’t know how I feel about that.

i attached some examples of some of my composition exploration below the final image. the image that follows is the model versus what I actually painted in class.

To protect the world from devastation, to unite all people within our… fandom… this artist continues to blow us away with color, composition, and crazy awesome ideas that never fail to warm our souls.  We’re all basically still in awe that we lucked out to have you in this fandom.  For exceptional work in Pokemon AUs and general fabulousness, the ‘We didn’t know we needed Meowth Kaz” award goes to Millionfish!  Me-oowth, that’s right!

Find Their Blog At: @millionfish

Find Meowth Kaz and More Here



While you live, shine

Don’t suffer anything at all;

Life exists only a short while

And time demands its toll

Time to get ancient!

The Epitaph of Seikilos is a song that was found engraved on a gravestone in Ancient Greece (around Aidin, Turkey) and has been dated to the period between 200 BCE and 100 AD. It is the oldest surviving example of a complete musical composition, which is awesome! A lot is unknown about music in Ancient Greece, but we know that they had a sophisticated manuscript for music notation and have discovered a few instruments that have been played. Music in Ancient Greece was by and large a means to tell stories, and as such instrumental music wasn’t held in very high regard compared to vocal music. As we don’t have a clue how Ancient Greece was pronounced or how the music was performed, this is an educated guess at what the Epitaph of Seikilos sounded like. I hope you guys enjoy this piece of awesome music history!


Hello everyone! I’m proposing a Music Challenge to all of you! So as some of you may know, I love contemporary music, a passion that was ignited by tumorsandmusic themselves, and as part of my music history course last year I had the pleasure of learning about “Avant-Garde” composition styles, one of which really struck me was Aleatory Music, which basically means music of chance. This style has several subsections, one of which is graphic scores, where as seen above the musician is left to interpret the meaning of the score. This creates a really interesting variety of performances, with no two being the exact same. 

So down to the Challenge, here’s what’s up folks.

1.) If tagged it would be super awesome if you could post a recording or video with your interpretation of the piece.

2.)Pretty pretty please tag me in it! I want to hear everyone!!!!!  Also if you could tag it “The Great Aleatory Challenge” so we can all see what everyone is doing that would be great!!

3.) try and tag some friends that you want to hear play this piece!

4.) Try and provide a link to the score when you post your recording so your tagged friend can see the score and know what they’re doing and read the brief score explanation that I will provide!

Notes about the Score:

1.)You don’t have to read the score in the orientation it’s posted in, you can rotate it however you want, hence the title on all sides.

2.)Ignore the Title! That’s just the mood that was evoked in me when I was playing it.

I look forward to hearing everyone! I will do the first tags when I post my video in the next post!!!


Hey guys, been a while since my last post here. I finally got round to doing another Ghibli fan art, this one’s Howl’s Moving Castle. 

I’ve read the book by Diana Wynne Jones more than a few times during my childhood, and reread it again a few months ago, just as awesome. I watched the movie this year too, a fairly different vibe, but still entertaining.

Wanted to portray Howl as the main driving force of his moving castle, thus the composition. Someone told me it looks like he’s protecting it, and hey, that works too~ 


Giant, Sand

Sand giants are disciplined and honorable beings that dwell deep in the desert. These cautious and lawful giants make worthy guides and allies to those lost in their territory.

Standing stand 12 to 14 feet tall, sand giants have broad, squat features and flat faces; females are slightly larger than males. Their skin ranges from rich mahogany to light beige, and their hair tends to be dark brown or black. They favor loose garments in desert colors such as beige or khaki and avoid heavy metal armor. Sand giants are noted for their use of the sand blaster, a unique weapon that sprays stinging sand at enemies.

Unlike most desert natives, sand giants are not nomads, living in large, well-ordered communities carved into the rock of mountains and hills bordering the desert. Their dwellings are neatly ordered and organized, with strong defenses. Each settlement is ruled by a hereditary king or queen, with each member of the community knowing their place in the order of succession.

Although they live far from civilization, sand giants are not isolationist, and are friendly to travelers with good intentions, often hiring their services as guides to those who pay well. Sand giants consider the nomadic desert giants to be honored cousins, and the desert giants are their main source of news and goods from beyond the wastes. Long ago, human sorcerers forced enslaved sand giants to mate with humans, producing the half-giant race; today, sand giants view half-giants with a mixture of pity and revulsion, as the hybrids are a painful reminder of darker times. On Golarion, sand giants can be found in deserts throughout Casmaron, Garund, Tian Xia, and possibly even Sarusan.

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“Hey everybody, I want to take this moment to officially announce and briefly explain the new Evanescence project; Synthesis. We’re calling it that because it is the synthesis, the combination, the contrast, the synergy between the organic and the synthetic, and also the past and the present. This album is about orchestra and electronica. We’re taking our music, stripping out the big distorted guitars, stripping out the rock drums and replacing it with full orchestration and a completely synthetic world of beats and sounds.

We’ve gone through our entire catalogue of music and picked out the songs that are made to be heard in this way. And we’re sewing them together from the ground up, this isn’t a remix, we’re not pulling things out and putting them out. We’re starting from the ground up; different tempos with different parts, with intros and outros and segways and new pieces. And putting this all together like one big piece of music, like one big classical piece or sort of like a soundtrack, actually, in a lot of ways, it sounds a lot like the soundtrack of my life.

In addition to all the Evanescence songs that you already know, there are also going to be two completely new, original compositions as well. We’re collaborating on this with the legendary David Campbell who arranged the strings for all three of our albums. This time he’s come to the table with way more full orchestra meaning; woodwinds and brass and strings and harp and just the whole thing, it’s really awesome!

Okay, the last part of this that I want to share with you now is that as we’ve been thinking about how to execute this in the studio and create this as an album, we’ve also been thinking about how to attack it live because we’re also going to be touring with a full orchestra this fall.

So, get ready to put on your fancy clothes and experience Evanescence in a whole new way! Both Synthesis the album and Synthesis the tour will be happening this fall. Stay tuned for dates.”

Evanescence announce new album and orchestral tour

Evanescence have big plans for their music, past and present. Vocalist Amy Lee posted a video on the band’s social media sharing that the group will have a new album titled Synthesis coming this fall that will feature rebuilt versions of some of the band’s familiar songs along with a couple of new tracks as well. Digging into the explanation of the Synthesis project, Lee revealed that Synthesis is the title “because it is a synthesis — the combination, the contrast, the synergy between the organic and the synthetic, and also the past and the present.” She adds that there will be material from all of the previous Evanescence albums and that the music will be “about orchestra and electronica.” She explains, “We’re taking our music, stripping out the big distorted guitars, stripping out the rock drums and replacing it with full orchestration in a completely synthetic world of beats and sounds. We’ve gone through our entire catalog of music and picked out the songs that are made to be heard in this way, and we’re sewing them together from the ground up.” Lee was quick to point out that these are not special remixes of existing songs, but rather that the band was rebuilding the material “from the ground up, with different tempos, with different parts, with intros and outtros and segues and new pieces, and putting this all together like one big piece of music, like one big classical piece, or sort of like a soundtrack. Actually, in a lot of ways, it sounds a lot like the soundtrack of my life. [Laughs]” Helping Lee and the band in this process will be David Campbell, who is one of the most well known string arrangers in music. Campbell has previously worked with the band on all three of their albums. She adds, “This time he’s come to the table with way more — full orchestra, meaning wood winds and brass and strings and harp and just the whole thing. It’s really awesome.” And, in addition to the rebuilt songs, Lee is also promising “two completely new and original compositions as well.” The musical experimentation will go beyond the studio as well, as the singer revealed that Evanescence will embark on a tour this fall performing with a full orchestra. “Get ready to put on your fancy clothes and experience Evanescence in a whole new way,” she states, adding that details on the tour will be announced soon. So stay tuned for more details on the Synthesis album and orchestral tour.


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