the composer is dead


These are the opening words to Lemony Snicket’s picture book The Composer is Dead. I picked up a nice copy of the book at a used bookstore a few days ago and am really enjoying it.

The story is about an investigator who attempts to solve the mystery of the composer’s murder, and does so by interrogating each section of the orchestra for their alibis.

The art is beautifully drawn by Carson Ellis, and the text is filled with all those great Lemony Snicket lines you’ve come to expect from his Series of Unfortunate Events, such as

”The inspector was a very handsome and intelligent person, not unlike myself.”


“The violin section is divided into First Violins, who have the trickier parts to play, and the Second Violins, who are more fun at parties.”

(click here or part two, and click here for part three)

What makes the book a great piece of children’s literature is how it uses the framework of a detective story to introduce the reader to the various sections of an orchestra. Each section has their own excuse for what they were doing at the time of the composer’s death, and their story lets in on the role and style of that particular section.

The book models itself clearly off of Peter and the Wolf, and also comes with a CD that contains an orchestral interpretation of the story (with narration by “Snicket“ himself). The composition has all the great bounce and drama you’d want a child’s first exposure to classical music, and helps the younger reader fully understand what each section of the orchestra does, as well as giving a taste for the wide range of sounds and emotions that can come from the great classical composers of history.

Although I think the story is best read with the physical copy in hand and the CD playing in the background, you can watch a video version above that combines the illustrations with the musical score to get the same experience virtually.

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Can we get some 'foxes have a vine' action I think that would be hilarious

what do people even do on vine i don’t know i just threw every meme i could think of at this

  • wymack starts a vine account with the thought that six second videos of the foxes’ highlights sounds like a wonderful idea
  • but after spending a couple of hours just trying to get one winning shot online he thinks maybe he shouldn’t be the one to run it
  • he gives the login to dan with strict instructions, though he agrees they can upload things that aren’t just game footage
  • and she runs it sensibly for a few weeks
  • winning shots, good throws in practice, fans in the stadium doing the wave, the band playing their fight song, grinning Foxes shouting “GO FOXES!”
  • but as expected
  • it doesn’t last very long
  • after a tipsy night, dan gives the login information to the other foxes

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  “Wait I’ve got something to tell you guys before we get started.”

    “What’s that Phil?” Dan and yourself were still getting the light just right, using Phil as a subject.

    “I’m pregnant.” Phil grinned.

    You and Dan burst out laughing. “Are you serious? Why would you even say that?”

    “It’s impossible for you to get pregnant Phil.” Dan sighed.

    “How do you know that, I could be an alien. I’m only here to create weird human-alien hybrid babies.” He wiggled his fingers around.

    “Phillip, I think that’s enough.” you scoffed, moving to sit by him on his bed. “All that being said, let’s get started.” you shrugged, hopeless and wondering why you tried to get them to sit still for an hour in the first place. “Hey guys, I’m here with my best friend Phil and my boyfriend Dan, and we’re going to get the two of them in trouble and see who knows me better.” you couldn’t help smiling as you looked at the two of them. “Do you both have your board and marker?” Dan held his up, trying his best to seem unamused, and Phil waved his around. “We’ll start with the easiest first. What’s my favorite color?”

     “Green!” Both of them screamed.

     “Okay… you’re both right but you have those boards for a reason, so you don’t bust out my ear drums!” you grew louder and louder and shouted in both of their ears.

    “I’m sorry.” Phil laughed, his pale face getting red.

   “I guess we’re abandoning the marker boards, so just keep your points on them I guess.”

    Three minutes into the video, all three of you were screaming. You had crossed the room, leaving Phil and Dan on the bed, you were furious that they had both gotten the question wrong.

    “Come back!” They both called.

    “I won’t, I won’t do it. Not ever.”

    “We’re your best friends.” They cooed sarcastically.

    “Not if you don’t know my fucking birthday. Dan, we’ve been dating for two years!”

    “You’ve known Phil for you whole life!” Dan defended himself, throwing his best friend under the bus.

    “I hate both of you.” You sat back down on the bed, composing yourself. “You’re both dead to me.”

    “That’s sad.” Dan mumbled. You took his tally board and erased all the red tic marks he had, doing the same with Phil’s and throwing the boards on the ground.

    “That symbolizes the erasure and destruction of our friendships.”

    Dan hooked his arm around your neck and pulled you back onto the bed, moving tickling hands around your body, Phill covered his mouth with his hand and you screamed. “Phil! Help!”

    “I can’t help I’m dead to you, remember?”

    “You’re not dead, you’re not dead!” you pleaded.

    “I love you.” Dan cooed, ducking his head to avoid your flailing arms. “Say you love me and I’ll stop.” Dan bargained, talking above your screams and shrieks.

    “Okay!” You gasped.

    “Say it, love.” He spoke sweetly and you wanted to deck him in the face.

    “I love you!” You shouted, pulling your legs up to cover your body so he wouldn’t keep tickling you. You sat up, all but panting and the boys squished you in a hug. “I can’t stand either of you.” You muttered.


The asphodel meadow, for others the meadow covered with ashes, is according to Homer the part of the Underworld where the souls of those who lived neutral lives go- those who were neither heroes nor evil- after they drink from the water of Lethe. Here it reveals itself to us in the interior of the shops out of business in Athens in the crisis. In the night time we are lingering, its appearance is only possible through the lens of the camera as darkness obstructs visibility with the naked eye. The resulting images are portraits without subjects: what is left is only the stage of the drama, a shell, and this is what is recorded. Empty walls, garbage, abandoned furniture compose a former, dead activity as the merchantman or the merchandise are absent. The intention of this recording could be to acquire Lethe herself: to travel through this asphodel meadow and, by the repetition of its stimulus, to experience this reality and then to deconstruct it, casting away the fear that we may also get to live into this frame.

It’s a sunday night, a night never to be trusted for emotions. So, a lot of you guys are gonna head home and either receive texts in the dead of night or actually compose them that are not going to be fully representative of how you feel for the rest of the day, for the rest of your week. Then you’ll be reaching out, and if you’re not reaching out you’ll have someone else reaching out to you. And your friends, and your brain, and your morals, and your conscience have all trained you not to respond. But I’m gonna go against the grain and I’m going to suggest that the next time you get a message from the one you love, the only person in the world you love and can’t talk to, that you respond. And you just write back when they ask you if you’re up, and you’re up, just write back, “Yup, come on over.” Cause life is just too short to keep playing the game. Cause if you really want somebody, you’ll figure it out later. Otherwise, you’ll be laying in bed with a Blackberry on your chest staring at it, doing nothing for the rest of the night, hoping that it goes, “Prrr, prrr, prrr.” If you love someone, if you love someone. If you love someone, if you love somebody. If you love someone. Don’t say a word, say, “don’t say a word, just come over. Just come over, just come over, don’t say a word, just come over. Let me cry all over you, let me wish that you were someone different.” If you love someone….
—  John Mayer’s intro to Edge of Desire (Hollywood Bowl)

tuning my instrument at home: utter perfection, faultless pitch all round

tuning in orchestra: strings snap, bow flies away and stabs conductor, entire instrument bursts into flames, dead composers pop out of ground, music war breaks out, the trumpets conquer europe, cellists play pachelbel’s canon on repeat, clarinets cursed to squeak eternally, a rogue army of bass drums kills us all. 

“Don’t Objectify Me” Dean x Reader

Hi guys! So, I know I’ve been very, very absent lately, and that is entirely my fault.  Remember when I said that Junior year was kicking my ass, well, now it has gone from kicking my ass, to killing me dead.  With homework and rehearsals every day, I haven’t really had much time to do anything other than eat, sleep, rehearse, and do school work.  

Nevertheless, here I am.  So, I entered @jalove-wecallhimdean’s ‘Do It Like Dean’ challenge, and I got the iconic, “Don’t objectify me.” So, I remembered that it was due today, and, because I am me, I have waited until the last minute to write it. 

I’ve been sick for the last few days, and you better believe that I need some Dean fluff right now.  So, here goes.  

Happy Reading!

Pairing: Dean x Fem!Reader

Words: 1977

Warnings: None 

Excerpt: “But you gotta sleep on your own pillow,” he said with a small smile, roping his arm around your waist, though you were fine to walk and had told him so several times.  

“Why?” you whined.  “You’re such a comfy pillow.”

He shook his head. “Don’t objectify me.”

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Things that annoy music majors

-stems going in the wrong direction
-do re mi fa so la ti
-practice rooms are full
-parents question why your wardrobe is 99% black
-when 99% of your wardrobe is black but nonE OF THEM MATCH
-needing to practice on your off day
-when the weather messes with your instrument
-when it’s really cold and your fingers forget how to move
-having to leave the music building for a non-music class
-having to pay for so much music
-being really confused in theory
-people who wear white socks with black shoes
-when the composer hasn’t been dead long enough for the piece to be on IMSLP
-getting really thirsty after double tonguing
-vocalists trying to sing and conduct at the same time
-playing a piece that’s really modern so it sounds like you’re screwing up but that’s how it goes
-anything with more than 5 sharps
-‘you’re studying music? Wow that must be so easy!’
-when you have so much class and rehearsal that there is no time to stop for coffee


when you were younger, you
would curl up under your mother’s
piano, listen to the thunder
of music overhead. a heartbeat
of notes, the resurrection of
a dead composer’s dreams.
melody was always a mystery
to you, the still black marks
on paper breathed to life under
her fingers. some magic
beyond your reckoning, like
the wonder of birds in flight,
caught by nothing but air.
—  music || a.s.w.

Guys I can’t handle this it’s too much

This is from the Wikipedia page on the 8th string quartet:

“The Borodin Quartet played this work to the composer at his Moscow home, hoping for his criticisms. But Shostakovich, overwhelmed by this beautiful realisation of his most personal feelings, buried his head in his hands and wept. When they had finished playing, the four musicians quietly packed up their instruments and stole out of the room.”

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Paper Crane is such a complex and interesting baby and honestly I cannot tell whether he's smart or dumb sometimes XD

Eh, he really is, I mean, he’s really intelligent at many point but he have an obvious lack of understanding at many point, especially when it comes to communication… and I shall not forget about how his attention deficit is due to the fact he is composed of a legion of dead people that think as one. And well… tons of other tiny fact… and there’s so much thing I haven’t talk about of him yet…