the complete fight scene


“You fucked the dairy goat?”

Iconic Heathers The Musical Moments

• Thus ending her hangoverrrrrrr
• There’s been a lack of girls climbing in my bedroom window
• I was having my period
• HAHAHA…..haha…….haaaaaaaaaa…oH MY GOD!
• oh look, she was reading The Bell Jar GASP
• Man, how many networks did she run to?
• So……you avoided date rape… volunteering ME for date rape?
• You’re making me sound like AIR SUPPLY
• oh my god, I just killed my best friend..
And your worst enemy
• Hellooooooooo, ssssssssslut
• I’m like oxygen, I’m everywhere
• I didn’t catch your name
I didn’t throw it
• I’m sorry, but I really had to wake you. I’ve decided I must ride you till I break you.
• Veronica? What are you doing in my room–?!
• Lick it up, baby. LICK. IT. UP.
• If I took a meat cleaver down the center of your skull I’d have two matching halves
• THERES NO ALCOHOL IN THIS! Are you trying to poison me?
• That was one heck of a fishing trip
• By the wayyyyyy………..You were my first
• Awe..Thanks, Heather. But I don’t really need to vomit right now.
• -The fight scene when he completely misses and JD just shrugs-
• That’s really sweet–OH SON OF A B****
• ..I don’t really like my friends
I don’t like your friends either
sorry, Heather…….
• I love my dead gay son
• If you were happy everyday of your life you wouldn’t be human, you’d be a game show host.

I was asked to give some spoilers for the new SERVAMP chapter, and well since I’ve summarized some points already I think I may as well put it here.

More images + summary under the Read more.

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does anyone remember that time in the walking dead when carl was sexually assaulted and then it was never brought up again? yeah rick murdered the prick but that doesn’t solve the emotional trauma on either character’s part??

I had to doodle something from the latest chapter of Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear cos it gave me so many goddamn feels and if you aren’t reading that fic then you are missing the hell out like you don’t even know ok


“When I take something from a man - his ship, his money, his life - I don’t hide behind a clerk. I don’t hide behind the law. I don’t hide behind anything. I look him in his eye and I give him every chance to deny me. That is legitimate.”



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Have we discussed this enough? probably  i think not.

Tarjei’s acting is a true blessing and every new clip keeps proving that. 

we got an entire season of his character, which was our chance to not only get to know Isak, but also kind of “value” Tarjei’s acting. When there’s such an important character with this incredibly significant story, choosing the right person is damn difficult. And then portraying this character, pouring your soul into acting and nailing it is even harder.

but Tarjei sandvik Moe did it.,

I could go on forever talking about how much of a great job he did in s3, but for now, i wanted to focus on this particular scene that you see in the gif above.

the fight scene

Not gonna lie, we didn’t see much of that. Julie left us with at least a thousand questions and even more theories to write. She decided not to reveal the mysterious reason yet and abandoned the fandom till the 22nd of May. So clearly the fight scene did nothing but completely messed up our heads without actually revealing stuff.

But then again, Tarjei’s acting said things that had a major effect on every one of us. 

okay. rewatch the clip and listen. Yes, the blood and the bruises on his face look pretty realistic but you guys.. He makes the pain so naturalistic that it’s almost scary. 

Isak literally just looks at his bloody hand realizing why the pain had hit him with so much force, he doesn’t even scream or yell, he kind of quietly hums/moans to himself, though that’s completely enough to make US feel a thousand things at the same time. We look at his injured face and we nearly sense his agony. it’s like every time we hit repeat to watch the moment, we go through exactly what Isak had to experience. we instantly feel this special connection to him which makes all of us want to hug him, to comfort him. which makes us want to cuddle Isak Valtersen in our arms, treating him with mini burgers and cheese sandwiches with Kardamome on top.

and then you register…

that it’s Tarjei.

that he isn’t REALLY hurt. He isn’t letting out those voices and he isn’t looking traumatized because he is. 

it’s just because he is an amazing actor.


I’m sorry. I kinda just sat here for the last three minutes completely slackjawed.

This scene, uh

holy shit

Greatest. Food fight. Ever.

My god it was only half way over


Look, that was kinda impossible to do a play-by-play liveblog. It was, errr

Seriously. Go scroll back up or whatever and click that link to watch the episode. It needs to be seen. Even if you’ve seen it already, go back up and watch it again.

This sequence was better than the entirety of Volume 1 combined.

Stop Looking at Him

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Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 2135

Author: The one who is completely obsess with Peter, Kate

Warnings: Um… Kissing? There’s a fight scene…

A/N: HECK YES GUYS!!! First, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to ‘anonymous’ for the PROMPT and requesting this fic! It’s my favorite one that I’ve written. Anyways… Guys! Can’t you tell how much better my writing is when I have a prompt? AND it’s not so fluffy that you’re suffocating in all the fluff… Okay, sorry, sorry go ahead and read the fic now… 

“Y/N!” Peter whispered. You were both in History class, in the computer lab, working on a research project that you had paired up with your best friend, Peter Parker for. Well, you were supposed to be working on the project, anyway. 

“What?” You breathed back through the pen that you were subconsciously chewing on, your eyes still focused on Daniel through the monitors. This was the only class you could secretly spy on your semi-crush without anyone catching your gaze. Unfortunately, Peter knew you better than anyone, sometimes even your self. And, he was also slightly jealous that Daniel was getting more of your attention than he was. A few months ago, he had started developing feelings for you, but then he got bit by that spider, and he couldn’t tell you. He just couldn’t put you in that danger of being in a relationship with a superhero.

“You’re doing it again!” Peter said, looking at you exasperatedly. You looked at him, biting your lip. You could stay on track most of the time, but you had completed today’s work yesterday, while Peter was out of class, for some reason. 

“Doing what?” You asked guiltily, knowing perfectly well what Peter was accusing you of.

“Y/N, you’re staring at Daniel! And we’re supposed to be working!” Peter looked at you with round eyes. You bit your lip harder, trying to contain a blush. You didn’t think that Peter would be watching you. 

“I’m not looking at him!” You insisted, cringing at your high-pitched voice. It always was higher when you were lying or mad. Peter titled his head to the side, laying on his unbelief very heavily. You huffed, and went back to your computer, checking that all your deadlines for the project were set. Finding nothing to do, you opened up the school newspaper online. Your article came up first under the title New York’s Very Own Masked Hero. Peter looked at your screen disinterestedly. ‘Another one?’ he thought. For weeks, he had been trying to dissuade you from following Spider-Man so closely, seeing as he loved you too much to put you in that danger of knowing that your best friend was the one under the mask. He wished he could tell you, but he wouldn’t until it put you in more danger to not know. 

Growing bored with your article drafts, you started zoning out, taking a peak around your monitor every once in a while to sneak another look at Daniel. Peter noticed your frequent head movements, and grew more frustrated with your behavior.

“Stop looking at him!” His tone caught your attention right away, it was full of annoyance at you, and it was quite obvious you were daydreaming, as normal.

“Peter, we’ve already finished our wor-”

“You like him, don’t you?” He asked, accusingly. You stuck your tongue out at him. Peter cracked, and a smile shone through his annoyance. You turned back to your computer, trying to focus and actually get this survey up online. Slowly, so you wouldn’t notice, Peter slipped a black notebook from your backpack. Though he wasn’t supposed to know what it was, Peter knew it was full of all your writing prompts and fanfics. On more than one occasion, he had found stories of Spider-Man saving you, and it had always helped him focus during long nights of stopping crime. He just wanted to check one thing. If you were having difficulty analyzing a situation, or you were very emotional about something, you would often write stories from multiple different viewpoints to help you calm down and remember exact details. He opened to the last entry he had read, and flipped through a few more of the pages. Just skimming the pages, he saw titles for ‘Daniel and the Dinosaurs’ which was apparently another one of your nightmares that “dream” Daniel had saved you from. There were also imagines about movie nights, and just becoming closer to Daniel. Peter mocked the name in his head, feeling more down by the second. He wasn’t included in any of these stories, where as before, he normally had a 1:3 ratio. 

‘Maybe she would like me better than him if she knew I was Spider-Man.’ Thought Peter, as he saw yet another Spider-Man fan page. He slipped the notebook back, and rested his jaw on his crossed arms, trying to ignore his thoughts of revealing his secret.


Finally, school was out for the day, and History class had been moved to the black depths of your memory. You skipped up to Peter’s locker, a pencil behind your ear, and your notebook in your arms. 

“Hey, Peter! Guess what!” You laughed ecstatically. He looked up from his backpack, which always seemed to be stuffed, even on the days you didn’t have homework, and smiled. Your conscious noticed the smile didn’t nearly reach his eyes, like they normally do, but you shook it off.

“What’s up?” He asked, focusing back on his locker.

“I totally nailed our Algebra test!” You grinned. “Guess all that tutoring paid off, huh, Parker?” He smiled an answer, and this one was sad, too. You were about to ask what was wrong when your phone beeped an alert from your police scanner app.

“Armed robbery on 13th.” You read out loud. MIdtown wasn’t far from there, and if your hurried, you might be able to get some pictures of Spider-Man in action.

“I’ve got… I’ve got to go.” Peter sputtered, pulling on his backpack quickly.

“Yeah, me too.” You clicked your phone off.

“Y/N, don’t go to the robbery.” Peter said quickly.

“And why not? What if Spider-Man is there? I can get some great pic-”

“Just… don’t. It’s dangerous. What if you get hurt?” You didn’t get to answer; Peter was already gone.

“Spider-Man will make sure I won’t.” You smiled, pulling a battered camera out of your backpack. You tried to run fast through the streets, bumping into multiple people who threw dirty looks at your back. Slowly and cautiously, you rounded the corner of 13th, and snapped a few shots of the police barricades. You continued round the mob of people, and surreptitiously slipped through the police. The bank came into view, and you heard a loud voice echoing through the building. You silently slunk through the doors, and squatted, your camera at the ready. 

“So, Spidey, looks like your all webbed up.” A coarse voice laughed. Again, you moved silently closer to the action. You expected to see the burglars stuck in webs, as was normal. Instead you saw your hero plastered to the wall in a net of webs that looked significantly different from the formula that you had spent months memorizing. Spider-Man was stuck. You gasped, and 3 men wielding guns and daggers turned at the sound. The eyes on Spider-Man’s mask widened with the proportion of his actual eyes. 

“NO! Y/N GET OUT OF HERE!” Peter yelled, his chest rising rapidly. You turned to run, but the biggest man with a dagger caught your arm, and twisted it painfully behind your back. Your eyes filled with terror as you felt the cold metal of the dagger push your throat. Peter was going berserk. He twisted back and forth through the web, trying anything to get to you, to save you.     

“Look at that, boys. Spider-kid has a girlfriend!” The robber laughed, pressing the dagger even tighter against your throat. Your breathing was uneven and shallow as you felt the skin break underneath the pressure.

“Please, please don’t hurt h-her. Do whatever you want-t to me, but don’t hurt her.” Spider-Man pleaded as he saw a bead of crimson blood roll down your snow white neck. Peter searched his mind frantically for anything, anything that would help. If he tried to cut open the web, you would die. If he tried to web the dagger, you would die. An idea came to him as he saw a tear roll out of your crystal blue eyes. He had installed that frequency emitter next to his web shooters. It would emit a sound frequency that would shock the villains into a neurological stupor until the police came, and he could reach it the button. He looked at you again, and realized it would affect you too. And he had never tested it before to see if the effect was permanent.

“WHY YOU LITTLE BRAT!” The villain holding Y/N screamed. You had twisted your head to bite his arm, and you also stepped on his foot to try and release his grip. He loosened his grip slightly, and you twisted out of his arm, but his dagger caught the flesh underneath your shoulder deep. You tripped, and one of the other robbers caught you, pressing his gun into your cut. Tears filled your eyes as the gun rubbed the wound. The man you had bitten pulled out a pistol, and aimed in straight at your forehead.

“Hope you don’t mind, Spidey, but I’m going to have to kill the girl.” He said, cocking the gun. Peter slammed the frequency button, hoping against hope it would do something. Time seemed to slow as Peter watched the trigger being pulled, and then everyone collapsed in their spots. Peter cut the web, and fell on the floor, terrified to see what state you were in. You were sprawled on the ground, a tear still midway down your cheek. Peter anxiously held you to his chest, checking your forehead for any wounds. The trajectory of the bullet had been messed up when the robber fell, and had grazed the skin just above your right eye, but it wasn’t deep. Peter breathed for the first time in a minute, and picked you up like a baby.


You woke up suddenly on a small bed. Your heavily bandaged arm ached from the muscle spasm of regaining consciousness, and you felt extremely dizzy sitting up. You fell back onto the bed.

“Y/N. You’re awake. Thank goodness you’re awake.” A blurry version of Spider-Man’s mask swam into your eyesight. You mouthed a question, but no noise came out. 

“Y/N. Y/N. Do you remember me?” Spider-Man asked in a very familiar voice.

“How-how do you know my name?” You asked, your head throbbing. That was Peter’s voice, but he couldn’t be Spider-Man. You were just hallucinating. 

“I-uh. I’ve read your articles about me.” The hero obviously lied, turning his head down just like Peter normally does. You looked around as your vision cleared. Peter’s room. You were in Peter’s room on his bed. Why would Spider-Man be in Peter’s room? You reached up to the mask with shaky fingers. Peter instantly froze at your touch. It felt like a zap of electricity through the mask. You bit your lip, and pulled the mask off. Your hand fell back to your side as Peter’s face was unveiled. A thousand, no a million questions raced through your mind as gibberish stumbled out of your mouth. Peter’s eyebrows knit together in guilt.

“Peter? You’re Spider-Man?” You croaked. He nodded solemnly. You started laughing as it all came together. The missed classes, the sad smiles, the dog-eared Spider-Man fics in your notebook, the secrecy…

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Peter was very concerned at your abrupt laughter.

“Ugh. I feel so stupid! Please tell me you weren’t the one that was reading my Spider-Man stories! Peter!” You giggled at his smile. 

“You, you’re not mad that I didn’t tell you?”

“Peter, I’m so mad that I could kill you, but can we save that for later when I have full use of my arms?” He smiled, and your melted at the sight of your protector. Your Spider-Man. Your Peter. Your best friend. All the same person, the boy that stole your heart. 

Neither of you could say exactly what happened in that moment, but your hearts started beating as one. 

“Peter, I think I love you.” You whispered. Slowly, Peter leaned closer to you, until his breath tickled your lips, his arms supporting his weight of either side of you. You tilted your head up until your lips connected. Peter melted into your touch. His arms wrapped under your back, and you felt his biceps flex as he sighed against your neck. 

“So, do you like me better than Daniel?” He mumbled. You didn’t answer until he lifted his head to look into your eyes. You sighed at the sight of his warm brown eyes so close to yours.

“Remember when you told me to stop looking at him?” You asked him, and he smiled, awaiting your response. “Well, I guess you were right, because I like looking at you a lot more.” He leaned in for another kiss, and your lips smiled against his. 

okay, but legendsfam + movie night

  • It all starts because of Jax (what a cutie pie).  He used to have movie nights every Friday with his mom, and sometimes with his football team.  Some of those memories are a little bittersweet now, but he still carries that association and that makes it feel weird for him to be on a team and not have movie nights.
  • Jax recruits Ray and Kendra first, because he figures that out of the rest of the crew, they’re the most likely to agree to the idea.  Much to his surprise, not only do they agree, but they’re as enthusiastic about the idea as he is.  Kendra is a big sucker for Bonding Activities (she probably tries to arrange those little ‘get to know you’ games during dinner, like “wow guys, it’s awfully quiet.  I have an idea! Let’s all share something about ourselves–”), and Ray loves anything that gives him a chance to cuddle or marathon TV and movies, so of course, he is so excited.
  • Sara overhears them discussing it and inserts herself into the conversation.  She highkey is in love with the idea–like Jax, she used to do movie nights too, with Laurel and Quentin, and is 100% willing to help them orchestrate their little scheme.
  • They all drag Stein into it next.  Martin is rather resistant, at first, because, well–”that’s rather pointless, isn’t it?  plus, aren’t we supposed to be focused on stopping Vandal Savage? We can’t let ourselves get distracted–”.  But Stein really is a softie at heart, and all it takes is Jax beginning to talk about how he and his mom used to do movie nights and how much he misses it for Stein to start to crack, and before he even knows it, he’s entirely complicit in their plan.
  • Convincing Snart is possibly the biggest ordeal, his initial response to the suggestion is to close the door to his quarters in their faces.  They’re forced to resort to guerrilla tactics (which is to say, having Jax reprogram Gideon to lock Snart out of his room until he agrees).  Snart grumbles a lot about it at first, but the others are pretty sure that he’s actually rather pleased to have an excuse to participate without seeming soft.
  • Mick doesn’t even take any convincing–it goes like this:
    ”Hey Mick, do you want to watch some movies with us?”
    ”…sure.” (though, the only people brave enough to sit in his personal space are Ray and Len)
  • They extend an invitation to Rip, but he doesn’t respond. so they’re not really sure if he’s going to come or not.  Much to their surprise though, as soon as the movie starts, he’s slipping into the room and settling on the floor by Sara’s feet.  
  • Eventually, the movie nights do become a regular thing, which can be problematic because they all have very different opinions as to what movies they should watch
  • Ray loves fun scifi movies and thinks that the rest of the crew should too, considering that they’re–you know, time travelers.  His tastes are hardly the worst of the crews, but if he tries to make them all watch The Fifth Element again, they’re probably going to strangle him.
  • Stein likes war movies, though to his credit, he knows they’re not for everyone and doesn’t really try to push it
  • Kendra likes two types of movies–cute romcoms, and (a taste that she shares with Mick) action films, complete with utterly unnecessary explosions and violent (but well-choreographed) fight scenes that Sara criticizes endlessly.
  • Rip is endlessly fascinated by documentaries, particularly the ones about animals.  To him, it paints an interesting picture of the past, gives him a perspective on the past that he never really got while working as a Time Master in the 21st century.  It drives the rest of the crew crazy, especially because Ray and Kendra sulk like children every damn time a predator  kills a deer or a rabbit or something .
  • Sara is a proponent of horror movies and heart-wrenching tragedies.  Not because she has any particular fondness for them (they’re okay, but not her favorite genres–she lives for chick flicks like Legally Blonde and Mean Girls) but because, through force of will, she is able to remain stonefaced and emotionless while watching them, and she rather enjoys seeing the rest of crew (well, maybe not the Rogues, but definitely the others) wince and get weepy during the most extreme of her picks.
  • Snart, true to form, likes crime and heist movies–well, that’s not necessarily true.  He claims to like those movies, and those are always the ones he suggests.  Does he actually like them?  Will the rest of the crew ever find out his actual favorite type of movie? No one knows.
  • Jax doesn’t actually have a favorite type of movie–he honestly likes them all, and is down for whatever the rest of the crew wants to watch, which often makes him the deciding vote when they’re torn between two or three films.  It also means that, generally, when Jax wants to watch a film, they do.
  • There are some movies that they decidedly can’t watch.  Rip (being the ultimate Time Dad) probably checks IMDB’s parent guide to make sure that there’s nothing that will upset them–because they’ve learned a hard way that any films that involve the death of a significant other (or just romantic tragedies in general) are not fun for Ray, and that films that involve child abuse are an absolute no-go for Len.
  • When they first start movie nights, its probably really awkward.  They’re not quite sure what to do with themselves.  But by the time they have their third or fourth movie night, they don’t even care anymore.  Kendra makes them all fancy coffee drinks.  Rip and Stein probably team up in the kitchen to whip up one of Clarissa’s fancy dinner recipes, and then they probably all try to squeeze into the couch.  Ray usually ends up snuggled between the side of the couch and Mick, with Len sitting sprawled on the floor in front of them (eventually, they both become desensitized to Ray’s habit of clinging during films, though the first two movie nights are laden with withering glares and awkward apologies).  Jax and Sara usually push their way onto the couch as well.  The assassin has a habit of propping her legs up on the other occupants of the couch, which is kind of annoying until they get used to it.  Stein  gets the loveseat to himself, on the excuse that trying to squeeze  into a seat with him probably will not have a positive effect on his continued health.  There’s really no argument against that.  Rip usually ends up sitting on the floor in front of Sara (because nobody else can tolerate her habit of using human heads as armrests), and Kendra more often than not will end up on the floor too, between Rip and Snart.
  • Then they all eat M&Ms and greasy pizza and drink cute coffee drinks and are cute and hAPPY

“They rule with an iron fist - but they also take care of you whenever you need their support.”  - housekeeper & butler - for chelsie-carson

[11: 3rd gym] moments

“I’d understand if the photos were flattering…” Akaashi mutters, index finger pressed to his chin.

“Bokuto is picking his nose in that one,” Tsukishima points to a photo of oblivious Bokuto investigating the depths of his nose.

“Well, it’s called the wall of spontaneity for a reason,” Kuroo justifies. His phone is the perpetrator of all photos scattered across their bedroom wall. There’s one of Tsukishima’s gaze lingering on a vintage dinosaur toy before Kuroo’s bought it as an ironic gift for his birthday. There’s a photo of Akaashi, taken from frog perspective, as he stands over a pile of week-old dishes looking hopeless. There’s Tsukishima and Bokuto engaged in a philosophical pillow fight with Akaashi’s foot photobombing the scene. One photo’s completely blurry and Kuroo holds it dear though he doesn’t remember what was on it. Another photo is of Bokuto forcing Tsukishima to re-enact the Titanic scene by using a bathtub as a ship.

Kuroo’s chest fills with fondness at the sight of these photos. These are his boys, always at their best while being themselves, even if they don’t know it.

“How come you never put up photos of yourself we’ve taken?” Tsukishima asks, noticing Kuroo’s obvious absence from all of them.

Kuroo ponders. “None of them are spontaneous enough.”

This never bothers him. The next morning, he walks into the kitchen to find Tsukishima and Akaashi making planes out of newspaper to entertain Bokuto while he’s tossing scrambled eggs around a pan. It’s tranquil, safe. Kuroo snaps a quick photo and retreats into the bedroom.

He’s about to scan the wall to find a perfect spot for the new addition when he notices something is off. At the heart of his photo-wall is a photo of him. Of him sitting on the kitchen floor, light soft on his face as if it’s only dawn, with a bottle of milk and a jar of cookies in his lap. There are crumbs on his pajama pants but his eyes are closed and he looks out of it.

At the bottom of the photo, it says:

early to bed, early to rise, a kitty ate my cookies, what a surprise~


From kitchen, laughter.


It was a beautiful scene, wasn’t it? We were quite cold and that just breaks you down to be completely present in the scene. Under those circumstances, you either fight against the physical difficulties and you can’t concentrate because your body’s shaking or you are completely thrown into it and believe every moment quite easily. I think that was one of those moments where it was quite comforting for Lucy and I to be next to each other… It was so sweet, very sweet actually. What I loved about that’s scene is that it shows the love between the characters.

So I (finally) bought a copy of Lumberjanes To The Max and it includes the original pitch and character designs and they’re full of all kinds of canon and non-canon info about the girls and the camp and I thought I’d share some of my favourite bits here:

  • Jo’s nails have been painted black since third grade (and she bites them when she’s thinking which annoys April no end)
  • Mal is the definition of neutral good
  • Molly is the most competitive (and the bravest)
  • Ripley has the worst luck of the group
  • Jo is a world class cynic
  • April writes roses-are-red style poems
  • At some point in the planning phase the camp was called “Miss Quinzella Thiskwhin Penniquisqul Thistlecrumpets Finishing School for Ladies” (with a “Camp for Hardcore Lady Types” sign tacked on the side)
  • April is the youngest (by six months) so she hasn’t hit her growth spurt yet
  • Molly is the best at dealing with animals and adults
  • Molly is a fighter (this is so completely non-canon oh my god, find Molly in any fight scene - I guarantee she’s being defensive or non-violent)
  • Ripley plays the drums
  • Mal is terrified of spiders
  • Rosie is secretly training her scouts to defeat the “Big Bad” once and for all
  • Jo’s hobby is stargazing
  • April has a shameless love of teen pop music
  • It’s very important that Molly prove herself to be the most hardcore
  • Jo cut her hair to chin-length just before coming to camp and now she’s always annoyed that she can’t tie it back
  • Ripley loves to dance
  • Jo would object to being called “bookish” because it’s not hardcore enough
  • The original pitch mentions a “mysterious Canadian on a moose” and I have no idea who that is but I love it
  • Jo wears a lot of hoodies because her overbearing father wanted her to be able to stay warm at camp
  • Mal got sent to camp because she came out to her parents as a lesbian and they flipped (pretty certain this has been given to Molly in canon but regardless – oh Mal…)
  • Ripley is loyal to her friends to the point of blindness
  • Molly has Mary-Poppins style pockets and she is constantly pulling useful items from their infinite depths
  • Molly is skeptical of everyone’s motivations unless they’re in her inner circle
  • Jo is the first to question the larger purpose of the Lumberjanes
  • Bubbles is possible rabid
  • Mal likes to draw
Updates on Scheduled Works


  1. Mafia Jaehee  NOTE: Is in the making, have first scene completed but stuck in a rut
  2. Fighting and making up RFA + Uknown HC NOTE: Have not started yet but plans are in motion
  3. ZEN x Jumin x Male MC  NOTE: Need to do the final fluff scene and it will be completed
  4. Elizabeth and Zack hanging out NOTE: Probably will not be long but has not been drafted
  5. 707 x Zack NOTE: Has not been started yet
  6. Tokyo Ghoul RFA + Unknown NOTE: @slymadlycute Jumin’s portion is done (however I feel like the ending is in need of editing. Seven’s is in a drafting phase. Would you like it for me to post all of them in one entire post? Or would you like it separate? 

Regular Stories:

  1. Welcome to Paradise NOTE: Have not even started :( 
  2. Male MC Mysme ZEN NOTE: I have the title lol and the word “Zack” and that’s it
  3. Kissed By the Baddest Bidder NOTE: Blehakfhejvbkvjfiajk working on it
  4. Mystic Messenger Turmoil Apocalypse AU  NOTE: Will probably be seeing a lot of this. 

And another note from me. I am so sorry I don’t post right away with requests. Sometimes I’m just too tired or busy to write and I have to admit I will write a paragraph and get distracted. But I do appreciate and love all of your guys’s support. I’m going to try and stay on top of these as much as I can but know that I’m never ignoring you or blowing you off. I’m working on these every chance I get. Thank you all so much for your patience :D 

Juicy Bits And All

Request: can u do one where sebastian is on set for civil war and y/n is his personal assistant, its her first day and they fall in love:)

Words: 983

Warnings: None

I thought this idea was super cute! It’s our first time on a Sebastian fanfic but we tried! Hope you like it! <3 Emma Xx

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32 minutes to go

Jumping out of bed and twizzling up my hair into a messy bun, I sprinted across to the bathroom and began to run the shower. How had I let myself be so late!

Whipping away my clothes and jumping into the instant heat, I lapped up the soothing yet refreshing warmth. The steaming hot water trickled down the small of my back and washed away any ounce of tiredness from within me. It was going to be one hell of a day.

28 minutes to go

Pumping out some foundation and tapping my face violently with my sponge, I hurried to get my makeup on. My eyebrows were barely combed through and my eye shadow was practically invisible. It was my first day on the Civil War set and of course, I would wake up late! I just would.

I could just imagine Sebastian’s disappointed face if I was late. Sure he is lovely, as I’ve heard, but he would definitely be annoyed. I mean, I am his personal assistant.

14 minutes to go

I released my hair down from my hair tie and flung it infront of my shoulders. It would just have to do. My hair wasn’t especially straight, neither curly. Just ok for me.

My bad, from Disneyland embarrassingly, was stuffed to the brim with tissues and medicine, hair brushes and hairspray. Anything I thought a star would need.

Maybe I was being stupid. I couldn’t possibly tell.

6 minutes to go

Hauling my bag into the boot of my car, I jumped into the drivers seat and sped away before I was behind schedule. The cast and crew all seemed to be based in Chicago except for me, who luckily or not, lived in the suburbs of Atlanta.

The scorching hot sun seared through the window, my heart feeling sorry for the cast who would have to complete fight scenes in such torrential heat.

3 minutes to go

Speeding round the corner and into the car lots where many of the trailers were being dragged away, I parked up against the far wall of hedges and lept out of the car in a jiffy.

Glancing around, many people seemed be preparing something or other for shooting or sets. Camera, boom poles, sound systems, CGI wall boards. I recognised them all. I scooted round to the front of set where all the directors and actors were gathered. And there, in amongst all of the commotion, was Sebastian. He was mingling pretty well with the rest of the cast, standing at the sturdy side of Anthony.

“Ah! You must be Y/N!” called Sebastian, weaving in and out of the people.

“Err, yeah! It’s me! God of assisting. Not to mention personally!” I joked, laughing as I walked casually at the side of Sebastian. He chuckled slightly before nearing over to his trailer, marching up the steps and up to the door.

“Come with me, this is my trailer.” Insisted Sebastian, leading me up the steps by his hand.

“Haha. Thank you.” I smiled, dipping through the door and opening up to admire how large the trailer actually appeared. “Oh wow! It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be!” I exclaimed, marvelling at the full kitchen right next to me.

“That’s exactly what I said when I started on The First Avenger! I must admit though, they seem to get bigger and better each time!” he smirked, leading me into the seating area. Perching down with my bag still on my shoulder, I smoothed down the pleating of my dress and fiddled with the small hem beneath it.

“Is there anything you need now?” I asked, trying to spark up some form of conversation.

“Haha. No thank you. You aren’t my slave anyway. If you were I’m sure you’d being saying my lines!” Sebastian chuckled, leaning for a jug of water to pour. His eyes squinted so cutely as he gleamed over towards me. Alright, I was going to have to admit it, he is pretty hot. And cute!

“So tell me about you then…”


“Y/N, tell me about yourself!” he exclaimed, taking a sip of water as I began.

“Well do you want the fun stuff or the boring stuff?” I asked, chuckling slightly as I lowered my bag down to the ground.

“Only the fun stuff! And all the juicy bits in between!” he laughed, his smile immaculate.

“Well. I have skydived 3 times if that’s something fun! And I totally failed my Physics exams. I got a U!” you laughed, glaring up to his icy eyes. “Erm… I am the best at basketball so if you ever need someone to lose to then you know where to come!” you exclaimed, Sebastian instantly bursting into hysterics as you finished.

“Haha I look forward to changing that idea!”

“What about you then? Juicy bits and all!” you insisted, shuffling backwards in your seat.

“Well… erm… I can speak fluent Romanian but I suppose that’s a bit boring!” he began, looking up briefly to meet your eyes. “I had to do some gay scenes a couple of years ago! That was different!” he chuckled, pulling an awkward face as he did so. “Oh! I absolutely love tequila!” he leaned back, pointing to the already open bottle on the table.

“Haha you have scenes to shoot!” you replied, pointing at him like he was your son.

“I suppose!” he whined, standing up with you as you wandered out of the door.

“I have to go. Need to talk to the directors. I’ll see you later!” you spoke, leaning in and pecking him on the cheek. And by crazy surprise, a huge tingle shot through your whole body. One piece of contact and you were trembling.


You couldn’t.

Not Sebastian.

The actor.

You couldn’t have a crush on Sebastian Stan.

Especially when you work for him.