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Things I won't forgive the writers of the Harry Potter movies for (part 1)
  • Not explaining how the Weasley twins got the money to start their joke shop
  • Not showing Neville’s parents in St. Mungos.
  • Not showing Harry and Ginny’s real first kiss.
    • While I’m at it, also not showing the real first kiss between Ron and Hermione
  • Not showing the fight Tonks had to get Lupin to accept her love
    • And the fact that it was Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour who basically got them together.
  • Deciding to show a completely different Final Battle fight scene for who knows what reason. (Because let’s face it. The Final Battle at the end of the novel was the best fight scene than any of the HP movie fights.)
  • Deciding to have Harry break the elder wand instead of returning it to Dumbledore’s grave.

and finally



↳ day two: best fight scene — gintoki vs jirochou

i heard that otose was keeping a crazy monster around. so you’re the shiroyasha? i never knew there was a freak like you following in my footsteps. however… a generation managed to survive the brutal battles of the joui war. there were plenty more like you out there.

get lost, watchdog. there’s nothing for you to protect here.


“You fucked the dairy goat?”

Iconic Heathers The Musical Moments

• Thus ending her hangoverrrrrrr
• There’s been a lack of girls climbing in my bedroom window
• I was having my period
• HAHAHA…..haha…….haaaaaaaaaa…oH MY GOD!
• oh look, she was reading The Bell Jar GASP
• Man, how many networks did she run to?
• So……you avoided date rape… volunteering ME for date rape?
• You’re making me sound like AIR SUPPLY
• oh my god, I just killed my best friend..
And your worst enemy
• Hellooooooooo, ssssssssslut
• I’m like oxygen, I’m everywhere
• I didn’t catch your name
I didn’t throw it
• I’m sorry, but I really had to wake you. I’ve decided I must ride you till I break you.
• Veronica? What are you doing in my room–?!
• Lick it up, baby. LICK. IT. UP.
• If I took a meat cleaver down the center of your skull I’d have two matching halves
• THERES NO ALCOHOL IN THIS! Are you trying to poison me?
• That was one heck of a fishing trip
• By the wayyyyyy………..You were my first
• Awe..Thanks, Heather. But I don’t really need to vomit right now.
• -The fight scene when he completely misses and JD just shrugs-
• That’s really sweet–OH SON OF A B****
• ..I don’t really like my friends
I don’t like your friends either
sorry, Heather…….
• I love my dead gay son
• If you were happy everyday of your life you wouldn’t be human, you’d be a game show host.

I had to doodle something from the latest chapter of Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear cos it gave me so many goddamn feels and if you aren’t reading that fic then you are missing the hell out like you don’t even know ok

My Top 10 Anime Ships/OTPs (spoiler alert for some of the shows)

10. Levi x Petra

Levi x Petra is a rather subtle/ambiguous ship. They might not even have had anything going on between them, but the subtlety is what I love about the ship. I didn’t even think of Levi as the kind of guy to have any romantic relationships. But the very first time I watched AOT, I thought that if they were going to write a romance involving him, this implied/subtle ship is a good way of doing it.

Besides, I seem to have a thing for angst.

9. Rock x Revy

At first, I didn’t think they’d make a good pair at all. I mean Rock was just this average guy who seemed kind of wimpy compared to Revy. It was the fight scene where he stands up to her that completely changes my opinion about him (and their relationship). As the show went on, we could see Revy looking out for Rock. A lot. It was nice to see her soft spot. It was nice to see that one of Roanapur’s deadliest mercenaries needed the innocence and kindness of a (not so average) Japanese businessman, and would risk her life just to protect him.

Also, that cigarette kiss.

8. Satoru x Kayo

They’re so cute! Yeah, I know about this ship being “pedophilic”, but I have to disagree with that statement. 

My first impression of ERASED was a man who has regrets over what happened when he was 10 years old. A man who has the memory of a lonely girl in a red coat lingering in his mind. So when Satoru goes back in time, I see it as a second chance. A second chance to be 10 again. A second chance to make things right. 

So I don’t see it as a 29 year old stuck in a 10 year old boy’s body. I just see it as a man who became 10 years old again, but with 29 years’ worth of memory. 

But…is it weird that I’m glad one of my favourite ships didn’t happen?

Okay. Lemme explain. As I continued to watch the show, I realised that the show was more about a boy becoming a hero than a boy-saves-girl kind of story. Even though I was really upset about the ending at first, I ended up accepting it, and even becoming glad about it.

It would be unrealistic for Hinazuki to wait 15 years for Satoru. She’d be wasting the life he gave to her. But just because she married someone else, doesn’t mean that she ever forgot about the boy who saved her. He still remains a very important person in her heart. And he always will. 

In the end, I can only remember SatoKayo as a moment in time. A short, sweet time in their lives when they meet the person who will change their lives forever. It’s a kind of bittersweet beauty for me.

So I am glad about the ending. In a sad-glad kind of way.

7. Hitsugaya x Hinamori / Ishida x Orihime

I can’t choose between the two.

Anyone who’s seen my blog knows that I ship Hitsuhina. It’s a cute-angsty kind of ship that I wish I could see more of. 

Uryuhime is a painfully underrated ship. I know that some people ship IH because they love Orihime and want her to be happy. Well, I love Orihime too. But that’s why I can’t ship her with Ichigo. Yes, Ichigo does try to protect her, even to the point of turning into a monster to fight Ulquiorra (though he was also thinking about protecting Uryu). But that’s kind of his number one goal - to protect others. One of the things that made me not ship IH is the way Ishida looks at Orihime. It’s different from the way Ichigo does. He’s the one who knows her, protects her, understands her, and loves her. I think he’s the best guy for our princess.

6. Fakir x Ahiru

Aka the only ship I ship that breaks the first girl/guy rule. I’ve never seen a lead-girl-ends-up-not-with-the-main-guy kind of ship done so well. I can go on and on about the reasons why I ship Fakiru. 

But you know what, GO WATCH PRINCESS TUTU!!

5. Minato x Kushina

NaruHina? NaruSaku? SasuSaku? Forget about the shipping wars, this is my OTP from Naruto. I think what really got me into them is how Minato loved Kushina’s red hair, which she thought was ugly. For someone to love the very thing that you hate the most about yourself, the part of you that you feel is the ugliest, I think that it’s a beautiful thing.

4. Ichigo x Rukia


Screw you, Tite Kubo.

3. Roy x Riza

Picture says it all.

2. Ashitaka x San

This is my favourite Ghibli ship. Hayao Miyazaki’s films were what got me into anime in the first place. 

I’m not sure what it is I like about San and Ashitaka so much. I guess it’s the same reason I love movie - their scenes. Nope. These scenes are not the shoujo, lovey dovey kind of scenes. They’re powerful scenes that not only define their relationship, but also the movie itself. 

When Ashitaka first sees San, when he calls her beautiful, when she takes him to the Forest Spirit, when she feeds him, when he talks to Moro about her, when he tries to save her from Nago, when she stabs him and he responds with a hug…I can go on and on about this ship.

I’m not as passionate about this ship anymore, but I’m putting them at no.2 because of the impression they’ve left on me.

1. Soul x Maka

I think this is the first OTP I really fell in love with in anime. Ever since I saw how Soul protected Maka from Crona, I’ve been spiraling deeper and deeper into SoMa hell. I love their bond. I love how they argue but care for each other deeply. I love how they’ll support each other no matter what. I love how they’re always together. I love how they truly are partners.

SoMa even gave me the standard for my other favourite anime ships, namely Royai and Ichiruki. I’ve heard that your OTP reflects what you actually look for in a relationship.

Well, this is what I look for in a relationship. I don’t just want someone who will make butterflies flutter in my stomach. I want someone who will understand me. I don’t just want romantic dates or kisses in the rain. I want someone who will be there for me through all the hurricanes in my life. I don’t just want someone who will throw romantic gifts at me. I want someone who will truly care for me, and I for him. I want someone who will go together with me on this adventure we call life, someone a can share a real bond with.

Sorry for the long rant. And thanks if you managed to reach the end of this post.

I’m tagging @herprettysmile to make a top 10 anime ships list (if you have time or if you haven’t done one already)

I was asked to give some spoilers for the new SERVAMP chapter, and well since I’ve summarized some points already I think I may as well put it here.

More images + summary under the Read more.

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does anyone remember that time in the walking dead when carl was sexually assaulted and then it was never brought up again? yeah rick murdered the prick but that doesn’t solve the emotional trauma on either character’s part??

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Got back from the Kingsman double bill a bit ago and am trying to put my brain into words even though I’m very tired and a bit numb and I smuggled five hours’ worth of gin into the cinema in an Evian bottle so I’m as drunk as Harry at breakfast time.


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⇁ tessellate (preview)

⇁ jhs x reader x jjk
⇁ preview; 3k (roughly 20% of chapter)
⇁ proofread by otlcat ; inspo from nana
⇁ warnings; cumplay, public indecency (i am sensing a theme here)

Triangles are supposed to be the strongest and most stable of all geometric shapes. You wonder how true this statement is if applied to real life situations. The way you see it: triangles aren’t a reliable structure for relationships, especially if the parties you’re involved with find commitment to be a foreign concept.

or : a fuckboy’s guide to polyamory

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It was a beautiful scene, wasn’t it? We were quite cold and that just breaks you down to be completely present in the scene. Under those circumstances, you either fight against the physical difficulties and you can’t concentrate because your body’s shaking or you are completely thrown into it and believe every moment quite easily. I think that was one of those moments where it was quite comforting for Lucy and I to be next to each other… It was so sweet, very sweet actually. What I loved about that’s scene is that it shows the love between the characters.


“When I take something from a man - his ship, his money, his life - I don’t hide behind a clerk. I don’t hide behind the law. I don’t hide behind anything. I look him in his eye and I give him every chance to deny me. That is legitimate.”

My American Satan Review

So I will place any spoilers below the read more line for those that have either already seen the film or don’t plan on seeing it. 

I have been waiting for this movie to come out since it was announced. Clearly, I am a bit bias by the fact that I’m a huge Black Veil Brides fan, but I really was interested in the plot. I went and saw the film last night (in cosplay), and I have to say I enjoyed every second of it. It’s got its faults, and it’s clearly and indie film but it’s one of the best indie films I’ve ever seen. 

I’ve decided to make a list of the pros and cons of the movie, so here we go.  


  • The storyline is absolutely incredible. There is so much thought put into even the smallest of details. It’s one of those films where each time you watch it you pick up another little detail. The concept of rock bands/musicians making deals with Satan is a very popular one and it’s honestly shocking this movie hasn’t been made before. It follows the story of Job where the devil and God fight it out over who Job will ultimately follow.  Andy’s character ‘Johnny’ is clearly based off Job. Clearly it also follos the story of Faust (aka why the main character is Johnny Faust) who makes a deal with the devil in exchange for knowledge and success. 
  • There are actually plot twists that I didn’t see coming (see spoilers) 
  • Booboo Stewart  is a gorgeous man.. like seriously 
  • I like that there are clearly things that happen or aspects of the film that are based off of Andy’s actual experiences moving out to Hollywood 
  • There are some really funny parts to the film,  but also some VERY dark parts. 
  • Ben Bruce is actually an incredible actor 
  • My expectations for Andy’s acting weren’t too high and there were some parts where it  was kind of poor but overall he channeled the character and the character’s emotions very well
  • The ending leaves open the possibility that the story isn’t over  
  • Remington was a PERFECT choice for vocals, the soundtrack and songs made for the movie are amazing. Seriously if you watch it the song ‘Let Him Burn’  gets a whole new meaning
  • Since there are actual musicians in the film, it really does paint a very accurate picture of what the life of a rock star is really like. The film doesn’t shy away from the pretty horrific side of it. 
  • Mr. Capricorn plays an amazing devil holy shit, he was  the perfect choice
  • The casting was done very well, everyone’s character is very believable 


  • There is WAY to much story packed into two hours. The film follows the band from their start then over their 2 years rise to fame. It would often times get confusing as to how much time had passed. There weren’t dates included in different scenes so it was hard to follow the progression. Especially when it came to the drugs, rehab, court dates, etc. It didn’t feel like two years had passed.
  • There were some major plot holes where it felt like things were left out. For instance (minor spoiler) the band knows automatically that Mr. Capricorn is the devil right after meeting him. To me, it would take a bit more than just one talk with someone to go from not believing in the devil to thinking that you’re sitting with him. 
  • Gretchen’s character and Johnny’s mom weren’t that good
  • There were some parts that were not believable, won’t get into them but some things would happen and I would go “yeah right” 
  • The news interviews were kind of cheesy 
  • Johnny’s rehab scene was incredibly unbelievable (more in spoilers) 

All in all, though the film was very well done. The acting was, for the most part, good and the movie LOOKED good. I would recommend it if you’re into the emo/rock/metal scene or like Asking Alexandria/Black Veil Brides. It’s not so much horror/thriller but darker. I would also recommend it if you like films with deeply religious themes or important lessons.The film makes you think which I like. My mom went to see it with me (she also liked it) and we’ve both spent the whole day just going over parts of the plot.  I liked that the ending isn’t exactly ‘happy ever after’ as well. And what really won me over was just the amazing plot and writing. I plan on maybe even seeing it again and I’m for sure going to buy it when it comes out on DVD. I do feel like if this film was done by a major movie company it would become a cult classic. 

I’m giving the film two ratings before I go into spoilers. One from the perspective on an indie film and one for overall.  

Overall:  3.5/5
Indie: 4.25/5 

Spoilers below 

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[Translation] QLAP November 2017: Ryosuke Yamada x Fumihiko Sori Interview (Fullmetal Alchemist)

We welcome our newest member in the blog @iohourtime​ (CeliaSee on twitter) for her first translation in this blog! Special thanks to weibo草莓要配白巧克力 for the clear scans of the magazine and instagram user aya.ry5912 for the Yamada x Sori images. Enjoy this translation!  

A Superb Work of Entertainment That Can be Sent Out to the World

— Since last summer’s filming and more than 1 year of post production, the movie “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST” is finally completed. First of all, please tell us your impression of the completed work.

Yamada: Although I am saying this about a movie I am in, I saw a truly wonderful work. I had a similar feeling when I saw “Harry Potter” for the first time. I think that a superb work of entertainment had been made; one that should not just stay in Japan but should be sent out to the world.

Sori: My heart was full of [emotions] when it was finished. There was CG after shooting, and the production was very hard…. It was finally completed! Also, I think I have no words to describe [my feelings].

— Which scene left the most impression on you?

Yamada: I was struck by the scene where my character, Ed, was fighting with his brother Al.

— It was the scene where the guilt-ridden Ed clashed with Al, who became a suit of armor due to a tragic incident in the past.

Yamada: Yes. Actually, while we were shooting, I did not expect that to be such a good scene. Al was full CG, so I could not visualize on set how it would eventually look; [during filming,] it was the scene with Tucker (Yo Oizumi), the researcher on chimera, that was the most gut wrenching and heart-rending for me. But once you add Al and the music… when everything converged in that scene, my heart was shaken.  The theme of the movie, “brotherly love”, was overflowing; it was an exceptionally good scene that touched my heart.

Sori: That scene should be written in the history of world film! I had a picture in mind during filming, so when I saw the finished product, I was also very impressed. Isn’t it strange for the film director to be touched by what he filmed himself? Although you can think of it as this, because Al was created by CG, he was not on set. So, as a director, I could watch the scene with fresh feelings. Well, I also did the CG myself though (laughs). Regardless, it was a nice scene that stuck to my heart.

Yamada: It took two days to shoot, and honestly, it was a seriously difficult scene [to film] (laughs), but the director had been battling with the CG production and editing it for about a year since then. While I still think I could have done more to make the film [even] better, the love the director poured into this film was immeasurable. Sori-san was good as a director, on the contrary, I cannot imagine anyone but Sori-san to make this live action adaptation possible.

Sori: Likewise, I don’t think anyone but Yamada-kun could play Ed. It was because of the actor Yamada Ryosuke that the project was able to start, and the live action adaptation became reality. Without Yamada-kun, this movie would not be made.

Yamada: Thank you very much! I am very happy to hear you say so. Since I am a fan of the manga, so of course I respect the original, but I did not just want to replicate the original faithfully. [Aside from that,] I also wanted to perform with care to convey the meaning of the work. I do not want to play [the role] by [consciously] erasing myself when building the character, rather, I would ruminate on the reasons why for which I was chosen for the role, I wanted [to show] that because I am Ryosuke Yamada I could play Ed.  So, I made it a goal to observe what was happening spontaneously on set and learn how to purposefully react to them.

Sori: Yamada is really a movie star. Even when we were together, I did not feel anything commonplace from him, his presence as an actor was not of an ordinary person. That was why he was playing Ed and he brought out the imagination in me and our staff. He himself did not think so, but because the extraordinary actor Ryosuke Yamada was there, we could make such a movie. I am very grateful for Yamada-kun.

Yamada: No, I’m so happy (looking at him). I also reconfirm that it was a lot of fun making this movie with Director Sori, I learned a lot of things….. The director’s shooting style is slightly sadistic (do-S), isn’t it?

Sori: Maybe so (laughs).

Yamada: Even if he had to cut the part where the actor was crying, the director absolutely did not waver. I think that is a very important thing in the project. When the director is steadfast, the actors and staff can keep up with ease. Director Sori did not waver in his vision of Ed, he held onto the core concept, and I think that the film was made because he held the role of a director.

The main character that makes you think “I want to follow [him]!”

— As I am talking to you, I feel that you two respect each other very much. How was this trust established?

Yamada: It was during the Italy location shoot, while we were in the car, the two of us bonded over conversations about the magnitude of our love for “Hagaren”. Anyway, our love was enormous!

— What did you talk about?

Yamada: I do not remember exactly, but the director told me, “Hagaren is a work I have always been interested in”, and then told me, “Only Yama-chan can play Ed”.   In response to that, I answered, “I won’t let anyone else except me to play Ed”.  Since I also love the original, at first, I had resisted playing the hero of my favorite manga, but I did not want anyone else to play it even more! It was a strong feeling. That was what the two of us talked about. It was short, but it was passionate!

Sori: It was passionate … (laughs). In that conversation, I felt Yamada-kun’s passion and masculinity. I knew of his acting but I did not know the real Yamada-kun.  Is he cool [and distant]? When I talked to him, the word “man” came to mind.

Yamada: I do not know if it is because of this face, but I tend to look cool [and distant]. But that was not the case… was it? (Laughs)

Sori: No, it wasn’t (laughs). I’d say he was full of humanity, so I felt that he would be able to express Ed, and I looked forward to him using his wonderful acting skills to compound the enjoyment of the movie. I sensed his youthful passion and my instincts told me that he would be okay with anything.

— So, is that why he [Director Sori] is do-S on set? (Laughs)

Yamada: Is that so?! (Laughs)

Sori: Maybe so (laughs). Since he would meet expectations perfectly. However, Yamada-kun was not someone who would do whatever I said without making a face. He would just do it while giving me a look of disdain (laughs).  He would say “Eh?!”, then the next moment, he just went for it. He was full of manliness, it was really cool.  So, it led me to think “should I have asked for more?”  

Yamada: Ahahahaha! I really tried not to show [my distaste] on my face.  It came out anyway (forced laugh).  But, [I could do it] because there was a relationship of trust with Director Sori.

Sori: Yeah. I like that feeling very much. There are not many actors who would give the director the stink eye.

Yamada: (Laughs) As I mentioned earlier, because Al was full CG, I was filming the scene where only the director had the complete picture in his head, so during the shoot, I felt that I had to work at a level beyond the director’s imagination! I was driven by not wanting to lose to the do-S demands… (laughs). Maybe because [our styles] matched well, we were able to complete the film.

Sori: I was most surprised by the opening fight scene. There was a cut that required him to dash 25m and then leap from a spot several meters high. It was so tall that my feet trembled as I stood there, but Yamada-kun did not even rehearse and just leaped. And he did it in one take. What kind of person is he?! The staff was also stunned. Yamada-kun said that he followed me, but I think it was the opposite. Yamada-kun’s performance drove what happened on set. He was a lead who made me think “I want to follow this person!”

Yamada: I’m really glad to hear that. Actually, there was a time when I asked myself, “What is the meaning of being the lead?” At that time, I was watching the movie “The Great Gatsby” and I suddenly realized, “ah, the lead actor should be like this”. Although Leonardo DiCaprio was the lead, he did not appear until 20 minutes into the first half [of the film]. When he did appear, the first words he said were, “I’m Gatsby”. Even though that was all he said, I thought “ah, he is the star”.

— It was an overwhelming presence.

Yamada: That’s right. Perhaps until now, I had not been able to do it, but I wonder if I could do it this time.  Even though there are some areas where I lack confidence as the lead, I have confidence in this film.  I would like everyone to see it soon!!

Message from Sori (to Ryosuke Yamada)

Your intuition is very sharp, there is nothing more I could say to Yamada-kun, whose performance is more than I could ask for.  I am not the type who make few requests of the actors, but I didn’t even have to ask and you completed [the task] perfectly in 1 try.  I would like to talk with Yamada-kun about doing the sequel if the film is well-received by the audience. There are lots of scenes that I want to include! I am expecting that desire!

Bonus Corner: Do-It-Yamada-Self

I like crafts such as making snow globes (domes), but recently, I did not make anything.  Right now, I am interested in shoes.  Picking the material, the colours, etc and then get it custom made, then I will have [a pair of shoes] that is my own design.  Perhaps boots that can be used in the fall / winter season.

Stewed hamburger:
I still cook as usual. What I would like to attempt is stewed hamburger.  I have made ordinary hamburgers before, but I have never tried to make a stew.  Stewing is easier than grilling, so I look forward to making it in winter.

Translated by @iohourtime