the complete crumb comics

“Twenty Two Comic Books Alan Moore Is Looking Forward To This Year” (Part 2 of 2)

From the interview with Mark Thompson printed in Amazing Heroes #145, 1988

12. “Nemo”, edited by Rick Marschall

13. “Eddy Current”, by Ted McKeever

14.“Taboo”, edited by Stephen R. Bissette

15. “Black Kiss”, by Howard Chaykin

16. “Concrete”, by Paul Chadwick

17. “Mr. Monster”, by Micheal T Gilbert et al

18. “American Splendor”, by Harvey Pekar et al

19. “Real World Stories”, edited by Joyce Brabner

20. “Puma Blues”, by Stephen Murphy, Michael Zulli et al

21. “Strip AIDS USA”, edited by Don Melia

22. “Wimmen’s Comix”

23. “Marshal Law”, by Pat Mills & Kevin O'Neill

24. “The Complete Crumb Comics”, by Robert Crumb

Why are there 24 comics in the list when the article clearly promised there’d be 22? I’ve no idea, and I don’t care. I’d rather know what Moore was interested in back then, and 24 clues are better than 22.