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Go Big Or Go Home

Danny is not anybody’s gay yoda. He’d like to make that much clear.

Danny watches the Stiles/Derek relationship happen. And it is hilarious! 

When StilesDon’t-Invite-Him-He’s-The-Sheriff’s-KidStilinski asks Danny during Chem class whether or not he’s attractive to Gay Guys (like Danny is the officially elected representative for All Gay Men), Danny decides that discretion is the better part of valor and ignores him. He feels a little bit mean doing it, but everyone knows that Stiles has been mooning after Lydia Martin for the better part of ten years and Danny isn’t going to feed Stiles’ ego just because Scott Freaking McCall finally got himself a girlfriend.

The hot (and sporadically half naked), brooding man in Stiles’ bedroom gives him cause to reevaluate.

“My cousin,” Stiles says. “Miguel.”

It would be an obvious lie even if Danny didn’t know that the Stilinskis didn’t have any family left besides the Sheriff and his troublesome son. He briefly thinks about calling Stiles out on it but is distracted by the angriest strip show he’s ever had the privilege of witnessing.

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I have channelled my Episode Prompto feels for your enjoyment. Goddammit. Another installment in my Drabbles in Darkness, a complementary series to Nicolareed’s awesome Final Fantasy XV fic Not Quite Home In Darkness.

TW: PTSD, nightmares, ref to historical self-harm

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower being developed as movie series by Sony

Sony Pictures has found a franchise to sink his teeth into: the company has teamed with MRC to co-finance The Dark Tower, Stephen King’s novel series set in a world woven with magic and revolving around the gunslinger Roland Deschain. Sony will distribute what is planned to be the first in a series of movies. A complementary TV series is also being developed by MRC.

The new script is primarily based on the first book in the series, The Gunslinger, and the relationship between Roland and Jake. The film is a blend of horror and fantasy. The latest draft of the script is co-written by Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner. It was totally reconceived by Goldsman and Pinkner from the version that had been previously developed and which took root first at Universal and later at Warner Bros.

Honestly one of the biggest grievances in my life right now is the fact that “The Complementary Series” hasn’t been updated in almost five months.

It’s my favourite Sterek fanfic in the whole world and I’ve read it often enough that I can recite half of it, how am I supposed to go on without new parts about magical!Mama Stilinski and probaby-also-magic!Stiles and In-the-knows!Danny and In the knows!Papa Stilinski and What-the-fuck-is-going-on-with-her!Lydia