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Ever think about how groundbreaking and just really inspirational canon Supercorp would be and just sob in the middle of the night? A female superhero in a with another kickass, powerful woman; saving the world together in their own, yet complementary ways? Letting kids know that falling in love with your best friend happens, it's totally normal, nothing to freak out about? That everyone has hope for the happiest ending, regardless of the shitty background we have? Way more than token gay ships.

a Luthor and a Super?????

I’m getting really tired of seeing articles and posts with people saying the equivalent of, “WOW! You Won’t Believe Your Eyes! Ugly Duckling Child Actor/Actress Becomes Good Looking Adult!”

And one of the reasons i’m tired of these kinds of articles and posts is because they were children.

They’re kids, they’re made with literal baby fat, they have stubby little legs, round faces. They look like kids, and they’re not supposed to be attractive.

They weren’t ugly because they looked like a kid, then grew into an adult that you can legally sexualize all you want.

And I really don’t see how that’s supposed to be a compliment to said actors/actresses.

‘You were such an ugly kid, good thing you’ve got good genetics and those hormones kicked in!’


And even if they worked at it, even if they hit those awkward teenage years and didn’t magically poof into adulthood with a chiseled jaw or legs that go all the way down to the floor… even if they had to work out and diet to reach their goals, it’s still bullshit to treat them like that.  It’s bullshit for them, and it’s bullshit for all the people who grew up with these kids being our idols, being wizards or fighting robots. It’s bullshit for the younger people, who are just waiting for that magic moment where their ’ugliness’ will shed away, and they too can be the attractive adult praised across the Internet.

I’m tired of it. I’m tired of seeing people actually fall apart when it doesn’t happen to them, because it’s advertised as some magical transformation you don’t have to work for. I’m tired of seeing young adults grow more and more miserable because of this. I’m tired of seeing pictures of kids–being kids–compared to a picture of an adult—being adult-like—because growing up beautiful is their 'best’ achievement, and insulting their childhood while praising them is really classy.