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Lmao I just saw that ask from an anon saying that they'd reported u but like, if you want to stop fan translations, buy US ALL (the ones that CANT afford to pay) the comic and translate it for us, be my guest.


People forget that those who CAN buy the chapters are not able to due to their location and those who CANNOT buy the chapters can’t be necessarily blamed for not having any disposable income. I’ve heard people complain when I talked about these issues but it seems they can’t understand the circumstances of others (wish they read my post about Lezhin and COA thoroughly before commenting). Lezhin won’t go out of business because of people like me. In fact, Lezhin was one of the top 10 to have the biggest start-up funding in 2016, about 50 billion won (Forbes).

Manhwa is reading, no one should be denied to read (reading and having the content are two different things - you go to libraries to read a textbook but go to the bookstores to buy the same exact textbook). If Lezhin doesn’t want their pockets bare, they should really consider thinking about solutions to these issues. Can you point fingers at me for doing something the company cannot - reaching fans from all income level?

And to those complaining, please complain to me only after you left suggestions to Lezhin, talked to them about some of the issues in hand, speak about your fellow KS fans who are left stranded because of obstacles they have no control of (weak currency value, location like those in the Middle East with banking issues, political policies and unrest, student loans, and more).

I’ll even give you a list to send them:

  1. Puts ads on free chapters of the manhwa and a wait time, implement a “premium” service like Viki, Dramafever, Youtube, which will allow premium to skip ads and can get the translated chapters immediately (suggested by a lovely user).  
  2. Work with fan translators - put ads on blogs with fan translations and use the ad revenue to be given to Lezhin and the artists.
  3. Incorporate a fan translation corner like Webtoon Translate owned by Naver.  
  4. Include student seasonal passes and discounts like Microsoft, Photoshop, Amazon, ASOS, etc.
  5. Allow image overlay translations to work on Lezhin website so that fan translators will have to make readers buy the chapters to read fan translations! This solves the issue of waiting nearly 2 weeks for the English translations. 

Feel free to add to the list! 

Also, the phrases “you should just buy the chapters” or “don’t read fan translations” or “you shouldn’t read it if you can’t buy it” are incredibly outdated and miss the whole point of WHY I translate and WHY people read fan translations. Sure, these solutions won’t solve everything about fan translations and readers but at least giving the readers an option to read the content at Lezhin versus any other site, isn’t that a good deal?  

Koogi lives on a livable wage so she CANNOT be harmed, only helped (read about that here but if you can buy the chapters, please do so - Koogi receives a portion of the revenue) and Lezhin won’t be ruined by people like me (read about their recent success here and here), so stop worrying about the business and start worrying about the fans. 

Sorry friends, I have a little rant for you this morning. You can ignore it or whatever.

Basically, I’m a bit annoyed at the response to writing. This past weekend I posted 3 different fics that were requested from people. I spent hours writing them. I haven’t posted a fic that was my own idea or one that was completely something I want to do in over a week. (I know that doesn’t sound like a long time but when you post nearly every day, that’s a whole lot of writing that isn’t for yourself.)

Combined, those 3 things have under 150 notes. Now, I don’t have a shit-ton of followers (303 as of writing this, I believe). But this is… slightly annoying.

There was an anon who was searching for my work yesterday, who I just happened to find out about because I follow someone who responded to the inquiry. You know why that anon couldn’t find my work to reread it? Because they didn’t reblog/comment/like it. So it’s just by chance that I had any idea that someone liked it enough to read it twice, to search it out. I have no idea how many other people also like my writing, and just never say anything.

And when you spend 10-15 hours in a weekend writing things for other people, that’s really, really annoying.

The thing is, I would write this stuff either way. Not the prompts, but I have other ideas that I have shelved so I can write the things people have asked me to write. Meaning I’m not writing for myself. But proof-reading, formatting and posting on tumblr and AO3 - depending on how long the work is, that can take an extra 1-3 hours. Seriously. And I could save myself that step and just write what I want and fuck grammar and formatting. Plus, I have a post that I’m constantly updating with links and prompt info. I hate that post. It’s a bitch to keep up with. But I have to, because I’ve received over 20 requests in the last month.

I have noticed a small group of people who consistently like and comment and reblog, and I am so appreciative - I always check tags on reblogs, so I see all those things. I see when someone says they are saving my fic for later bc they know it will be good, and that makes me so happy. But when I spent hours, and it’s 1-5 people who do things like that? Makes me wonder if it’s worth it. I really, really appreciate comments. But it’s kind-of ridiculous that getting 1-2 comments or nice tags on a fic that took me hours is supposed to be, what… enough? I’m not getting paid, friends. And the frustration from seeing a lack of response nearly cancels out what I do get.

Anyway, I’m not really asking for anything in particular. I guess I just wanted to rant and make people aware that this stuff takes time, and for very little payback sometimes.

And in news that might be completely contradictory to everything I just said… I’ll have a moriel meta for you later tonight. It’s approaching 3k words and I know a couple of people are waiting for it, but I just… am not expecting much response, either way. I think I might close fic requests for a while; I have 9 in my inbox that I’ll still finish, but… I want to write for myself, eventually. Especially if people aren’t going to give much feedback. I might as well write something I’m super into myself.

General PSA: if you’re looking for a well written shonen with good characters, excellent character development, the ability to handle a large cast, interesting powers with power levels kept consistent the whole way through that I, a fairly harsh critic, have very few issues with, allow me to turn your attention to Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia if you haven’t already seen it

The second season’s coming out soon and it’s a pretty good series in general

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How do you think about the discussions that Nathan shouldn't have won 4CC? Some Hanyu fans are being quite advocate for it.

I’m staying out of it. Far, far out of it.

We’ve seen this before. Different skaters, different competitions, same complaints.

But it is interesting to see to what length people do go to prove their points.

I read those posts like

I love Yuzu, and I like it when he wins, but other skaters are damn fantastic, too.

There’s always a next competition to aim for, that’s just how the sport is.

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in regards to the 'sin' thing, i know you're not trying to be harmful, but it's the outcome that's important, not the intent, and the outcome is hurting people

Hi if you’re the same anon I’d gladly explain why I added this caption if you message me as I see you’re super kind and patient. I really don’t think this post is that offensive though.

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I just want to say how much I love your blog, and I really want to see more people who aren't spreading hate. I made a recent post about Karamel, and I feel like it was a mistake due to hate I received. I also had someone assume I was a straight girl because of it even when I specifically identified as a member of the LGBTQ community before they even commented. I also don't understand when people say the ship is abusive. I have been in an abusive relationship, and Karamel is nothing like it!

Hey! Thank you, love! I’m so sorry that happened to you. I know it sucks. And I’ve encountered Karamel shippers from all genders, races and sexual orientations. I mean I’m bisexual, for instance. So assuming we’re all straight white girls is just ridiculous. So in light of all the complaints Karamel shippers have been making about receiving hate, I decided to tell you of the best ways to avoid hate in this website (these are just suggestions, of course, you do you):

  1. this one is kind of obvious, don’t tag other ships in your text posts, even if your post isn’t trying to antagonize anyone and you’re just trying to defend your ship or ask for peace or whatever, don’t do it! There’s a 90% chance, you’ll get hate for it. And it’s useless because you’re not going to change their minds. So don’t upset yourself for nothing; 
  2. still on the subject of tagging, I personally only tag my text posts with “karamel” and that’s it. I don’t even use the characters’ names; 
  3. don’t respond to hate. They want to get a reaction out of you and to upset you. Don’t give them that pleasure. Also you’re feeding the hate and making them relevant. And once again, you’re not going to change their mind. It’s almost impossible to dissuade someone from hating something because hatred blinds you. They won’t care about your arguments. Their mind’s made up. And if you feel too upset and you think you may not be able to stop yourself from responding, log off Tumblr and go out or do something else to keep your mind busy and when you come back, your anger and that urge to lash out will have subsided;
  4. stay positive and never stop being vocal about how much you love the ship. It makes people feel better and it drowns out the hate. Just focus on those who are positive and supportive and on how much Karamel goodness we’re getting from the show. You can always send me a message when you’re feeling low and I will cheer you up with fangirling and nice words!

I’m a gifmaker and my content is out there for the Supergirl fandom to see and god knows they see it and they reply to it very often. Follow my example, when someone tries to start shit with me, I’m just like

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going through the descent and it bums me out how few people talked about it, beyond the usual dwarf fans

beyond the complaints of “ugh it’s a slog” (and it is), like…there wasn’t much engaging in the lore presented to us other than ‘omg dwarf mages!!’

which I’m still vaguely bitter over lol. can’t be interesting unless ~magic or elves, I guess

idk. I’m just grumpy over this and it’s telling me that I really need to do something. make a dwarf headcanon blog, collect meta, whatever.

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Which tablet would you recommend to me? I've drawn digitally three times on a wacom bamboo and it went okay, since I had the owner of the tablet to help me. Other than that, I'm a complete newbie ~ flufferdufferslytherin

wacom bamboo is an excellent tablet for start! it was one of my very first tablets too, I think you should be alright :’) it’s fun and it doesn’t cost a ton, it’s great to have if you’re just starting with digital art imo

I upgraded to wacom intuos after, which is brilliant and I used it for years - the pen tip is noticeably more pressure-sensitive than on bamboo, and all in all a very comfortable tablet to draw on, I have zero complaints

and last year I told myself ‘fuck it’ and bought the tablet I was pining after - wacom cintiq 13 HD and boy, let me tell you. my life improved by +9000 points. I’d not recommend it as a starting tablet, not because it’s bad, but I think some of the features may be redundant or lost to a beginner, no offence meant. also it’s pricey as hell - i managed to get it with nearly a 50% discount so I was hella lucky.   

I haven’t tried any other brand than wacom, so I can’t say if there are tablets of the same quality for lower price, but if anyone knows then please feel free to share!

What you can do

File a complaint with the BBC.

I don’t know how much use it will be but they need to know that they’re giving money to people who at this point purposefully shit on a certain portion of their audience in the cruelest fashion imaginable. So I feel like it’s reasonable to let them know that what Mofftiss just did on Sherlock is not ok.

You’ll have to answer a couple of questions before you can write your complaint and unfortunately that has a word limit so make it precise and to the point but I guess it’s better than nothing?

Click on Make a Complaint.

The BBC fucked up. They fucked up so bad and they know it. Their plan is falling apart at the seams. Yes, this is a plan. 

They have more footage. It comes out Sunday the 29th (or not at all). “It’s not a trick, it’s a plan.” – a poorly executed plan.  They wanted to recreate the social unrest from The Final Problem of 1893, except they’re failing at the one goal they wished to accomplish. 

They wanted every audience member on board with the romance coming to Sherlock series 4. This is why they marketed the “I Love You” scene in the trailer and went to social media to proclaim “Sherlock is in love, but who with??”. It was a direct bait in their marketing scheme to get people to anticipate the romance. They needed to get everyone on the same page with who Sherlock loves – that is where this all fell apart, and I can tell you exactly how and where in the series this happened. 

 In The Lying Detective, Moffat and Gatiss made the unwise decision to include Mary Watson as a figment of John’s imagination. This is where everything went wrong. The audience sees her and forgets she’s not real – they think she’s speaking as herself or that John loves her so much he can’t bear to be away from her. This is not true in the slightest. John calls it “self-loathing” because he is torturing himself with her memory.  He conjures her in order to punish himself. This is explicitly stated. He does not miss her – he forgets her as soon as “the game is on” with Sherlock in the TD-12 room.  This is explicitly stated, as well. We saw John (as Mary) call Sherlock “My Monster” and “Posh Boy”, we saw John argue with himself about Sherlock over and over and over again because he can’t stop thinking about him. We saw John get outrageously jealous of Irene Adler, which has been happening for five years straight. We saw John practically beg to know about Sherlock’s sex life. We saw John break down about not being honest with himself about what he’s always wanted in a romantic partner, therefore causing devastation to everyone he holds dear. Many people in the audience saw this and thought “John loves Mary!” which is the exact opposite conclusion the audience needed to reach at that very moment. John loves someone, he’s always loved someone, and by not having the guts to be honest, he “lost his chance”.  He is talking about Sherlock. The things he wanted to say in episode 6 – that’s what has been eating at him for years. He never took the chance. He wasn’t honest with himself. And the audience missed this important piece of information because they couldn’t separate Mary as John from Mary as herself. 

Moffat and Gatiss thought the audience would ban together at this point and see the characters’ love arcs as almost complete. “Sherlock is in love, but who with??” – this should be obvious after The Lying Detective, but it wasn’t. “Romantic entanglement would complete you as a human being.” This should have made the entire audience go, “Ooooo Sherlock is going to confess his love in The Final Problem”, but because the audience didn’t fully understand Ghost!Mary’s role in The Lying Detective, they couldn’t see anyone loving Sherlock back. This is not at all what the writers thought would happen. 

The Final Problem was meant to be one gigantic queerbait. They explicitly made the villains queer. They had a John-sized coffin with “I love you” smashed to bits. They used Freddie Mercury’s “I Want to Break Free” as a villain’s anthem. They ended the song at the phrase “I’ve fallen in love” precisely at the word “love”. They made Mycroft “here to see the queen” Holmes a heterosexual romantic (TLD and TFP). They didn’t give John and Sherlock even five minutes alone in TFP. They made a mockery of “The Three Garridebs”, a Doyle story about Watson seeing “the depth of loyalty and love that lay behind the cold mask”. They told us “Who you really are doesn’t matter”. 

The problem with this is because viewers didn’t fully understand what was told to them at the end of The Lying Detective, not a huge amount of people were upset with the lack of romantic closure. The queerbait was wasted on the general audience but felt horribly by queer people. Now many don’t believe queer people when they claim there to be deliberate homosexual intent/subtext written in the show. The audience still doesn’t see it. This is why Gatiss came out to confirm that they had indeed purposefully put in homosexual subtext repeatedly as a joke. He wants people to see the queerbait for what it is. He wants this to be discussed. 

Now the BBC has a huge problem on their hands. The queer/ally audience is upset over representation and everyone is upset over quality of the episode itself. The main complaint the BBC thought it would get would be the queerbaiting allegations. However, those allegations aren’t large enough. The outrage isn’t loud enough. It would have been if they projected John Watson’s inner thoughts in a better way. 

Now the BBC is sweating. The plan isn’t working. The audience is still divided. 

How do you rile up a crowd? How do you get everyone who’s upset about The Final Problem and all of its flaws to focus on the one thing everyone should be thinking about?

You tell everyone who will listen that Sherlock was never, ever a queer show because there is absolutely zero proof of homosexuality ever hinted at on screen. You tell the biggest lie to anyone who will listen, regardless of what they asked about. You tell lies that have been previously contradicted by the writers themselves. You plant the idea for the audience, because they didn’t reach the conclusion themselves. You wait silently, fingers crossed, that an angry crowd will take to social media and promote your story. You hope to stay relevant because you fucked up so, so badly. 

Somehow, in the attempt to make television history, BBC Sherlock managed to alienate its most dedicated queer fans. 

There’s only one thing I can say about this: