the competition

Competition time

I made this blog in an attempt to try and get my work out there. I figured this would be a good way to push my work, because you get something from it and who doesn’t love free stuff. 

First prize: 

A custom drawing of you as a trainer, you can choose your Pokemon, your pose and your outfit. (Maybe a simple background)


Second Prize:

An A3 print of your choice from the following:

Third Prize:

An A4 print of your choice from the following:


  • Must be following this blog
  • Only reblogs count
  • One reblog = one entry
  • Multiple reblogs count
  • Winners will be chosen at random
  • Must be willing to give me your address 
  • Prints will be posted anywhere in the world
  • Winners announced September 30th 
  • Winners must reply within 48 hours of annoucments

Good luck.

anonymous asked:

But... Bellamy has blamed tones of stuff on Clarke and Octavia? What was the anon's point again? "This is on you princess" "If you had just listened to me" "People die when you're in charge" Also he made Clarke cry, cuffed her to a table and tried to take her to Pike in the matter of five minutes which horrifies me every time. And in Bellamy's own words "this is who I've always been"

That anon is still in my inbox. I’ve never dedicated this much time to a person I clearly hate.

My favorite part is that apparently I’m in denial of my hate for Asians, because y'know…disliking a poorly written, one-note, abusive, genocidal, and white washed fictional character on a mediocre show absolutely equates to the hate of a few billion people just because of their race. That makes all the sense in the world. I bow down to that flawless logic.

Dear Hollywood,

I present to you with the first crippled crutch girl to walk down a red carpet… with heels

With love,
Ninja Natalie Duran


showtime mamamoo x gfriend ep 8 | fav moments


Carla Acácio

“ The Devourer of Kingdoms “

Comic for the composition competition 2016

The story was inspired by Finding Dory.
Despite the fact that Disney repeatedly stated that “Dory” fish should not be held captive, for it could lead to its extinction, people have fished for it regardless.


Pokemon Set of the Day- Mega Steelix (RU):

Steelix was a Pokemon ripe for a Mega Evolution, and Mega Steelix finally shows us the true potential of Steelix. With the right set up, Steelix is extremely capable of “steel-ing” some wins for your team.

Item: Steelixite
Ability: Sturdy/Sand Force
EVs: 252HP 4ATK 252SP.DEF
Nature: Sassy
Gyro Ball
Explosion/Stone Edge

- Mega Steelix is built primarily as an offensive tank Pokemon best at beating out offensive threats. Maximum HP and Special Defense EV investment with a Sassy Nature allows Steelix to take hits from Special Attack oriented Pokemon. Steelix’s Attack and Defense are already high, and will be further boosted by Curse. Sturdy is the ability of choice for regular Steelix, as it allows Steelix to guarantee an Explosion if necessary.

- Gyro Ball is the Steel type STAB move of choice, receiving a power boost for Steelix’s Attack and Speed drops from Curse. Earthquake is the Ground type STAB move of choice, dealing strong and consistent damage. Explosion is a 250 base power move, at the cost of fainting yourself. Because Explosion is a hard to time move, Stone Edge is another option to provide coverage against niche Flying types. Finally, Curse is the boosting move of choice as it allows Steelix to boost both it’s Attack and Defense with a negligible speed drop.

- Mega Steelix is a tricky Pokemon to utilize, since it works best in the late game as a way to guarantee victory. It’s important to recognize what Pokemon threaten Steelix, and take them down accordingly. Mega Steelix lacks reliable recovery, and has a hard time proactively dealing with Pokemon who can hit Steelix for super effective damage. Steelix struggles to deal with Mega Steelix pairs very nicely with Jellicent, Slowking, Hoopa and Tangrowth as a way to deal with these weaknesses both defensively and offensively. Mega Steelix is often best on Balance and Semi-Stall teams, often acting as a game-ender for those teams.

How did you like this set? Have a Pokemon you want me to make a set for? Let me know!

A competitive economy doesn’t need antitrust laws to function well.

Dominick Armentano approaches this thesis from moral, theoretical, and practical perspectives, gives a short history of antitrust law cases, and takes questions from the audience:


J-just to be safe though, make sure you bring sunscreen so your skin doesn’t burn and a first aid kit in case somebody gets hit with a volleyball. You should join us next time and experience it yourself, Eona. Now if you will excuse me, I have some matters to attend to. 

M!A: Beach gear: 3/3 END


Here’s my entry for the contest– I originally did a version in watercolors, but unfortunately, my jittery little hands are not skilled with brushes and there is no Ctrl-Z in real life. So. Here is the New and Improved piece, featuring an intrepid fisherwoman off the coast of Mutton Island.

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