the competition

camilaskara  asked:

ok so like. i know i'm spamming ur inbox but imagine this au. kara being the new rookie for the USWNT and lena is best friends w maggie who is Obsessed with soccer (yes bc lena needs friends in aus and maggie/lena would be the ultimate brotp) and like kara is Mega Bi and dresses like a total daddy with her adidas warm up joggers and yeezys and a tshirt and she's fucking ripped and lena sees her warming up before a game and has a gay meltdown

don’t ever apologize for spamming me with AUs i live for this.

askdfhjasd i can just imagine Lena hating sports and only going to the game bc of Maggie, bc Maggie’s gf’s sister is playing.

when Lena complained about sports not being her thing and fans being too loud Maggie was like “okay but u like girls so…” and Lena was like okay true, so she went there but already prepared herself that she’s gonna absolutely hate it there.

but then Kara shows up on the field and waves in their direction bc Alex and Maggie and she starts stretching and Lena fuccin loses her shit and wow i highkey wanna write this fic now

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'i spent the majority of 2016 with another person...dan howell...' and dan's smile when he said that....aaahhh my heart is going to explode!!!

in the one video that shows his back side you can see him do a little shoulder shrug thing and it looks as if he’s mouthing “what are you doing !!” dan had no idea he was going to do that can you believe phil lester invented surprising ur bf in the most amazing way

Alexander Gideon Lightwood was going to purposefully throw the game because he wanted to get rid of the sad look on Magnus’s face and knew it wasn’t worth it.

Magnus Bane freaking hustled Alec on the first date because he knew that Alec could handle it and would rise to the challenge.

They are going to be so in love and I can’t believe this is real.