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“ Cardio, Abs & Obliques - Muffin Top ”.

(So I’m gonna post some workouts like this.. I don’t own any of this, but I’m sure as hell these will help us). Stay Healthy. All the love.


“Maybe I wasn’t that bad”

Okay but can we talk about this:

As far as I can tell there are only a few possablities  on what could have caused Yuri’s nosebleed. 

1) It’s sponatious, however I think this is very unlikely.

2) It’s because he’s thinking about something dity, however, again I don’t think this is very likely.

3) He got it from impact, either by running into someone or falling into the ice. (most likely) If you look at his head it is clear that he is very red, now this could be fever but it is more likely the start of a bruse. By what Yuri is wearing it seems most likely that this is during his competion and not during a practice or warm-up. My prediction is that Yuri fell onto the ice hard, before getting back up and finishing his routine.

Although terrible to think about, if true I think that this will have alot of impact (pun not intended) The old Yuri would have given up.  however the new Yuri continues… He’s got more passion for skating now than he ever had before and I think that shows just how much Victor has changed his life. Even with all the pain he keeps skating and I think that’s beautiful.

“Mind the Thrills, Marlon!” by Adrian Bamforth for the October art competition.

Every month you have the chance to win a 2000 AD graphic novel, as well as a chance to vote for your favourite entries! There’s also a special "2000 AD Droid’s Choice” chosen by a creator from the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic and a prize for “Tharg’s Choice” picked by The Mighty One himself!


Comedy in 2000 AD!

Art Comp Rules:

- You can enter as many times as you like but bear in mind it will split your vote!

- All entries have to be constructed specifically for this competition!



Enter on the forum here or by posting on the FB wall here

Mikleo: What were you saying, Sorey? Did I notice what?
Sorey: Did you taste anything funny about that coffee you had at my house this evening?
Mikleo: No, it tasted alright.
Sorey: That’s what I mean. It wasn’t alright.
Mikleo: You put something in it?
Sorey: I put in some soda. *dramatically* About the same amount of soda I would have used if I’d wanted to use poison!
Mikleo: :/ Well, you don’t say. I never tasted a thing. Of course I might not have noticed the soda….
Sorey: You’d notice the soda more than you would the poison! For all you knew, you might just as well be dead now.
Mikleo: *rolls his eyes*

We are not proud because we think we’re better than you.

We are proud because we have developed such an intense understanding of ourselves. We questioned who we were and who we loved until there was no longer any question about it – we’re here and we’re queer, and nothing can ever change that.

We are proud of ourselves for being brave, for standing up to a world that wants us dead and pursuing happiness regardless.

We do not celebrate to spite you.

We celebrate because we’ve spent so much of our lives trying to be what western culture idealizes, and we’ve finally escaped. And we keep escaping every day.

We are not loud to demand special attention.

We are loud to let others know it’s okay to stand up for themselves. To let them know that they are not alone and not hated.

We are loud in hopes of reminding the world that good things need not be identical.