the company letterhead


Y/N? You heard Jin’s voice ringing through the intercom system on your desk as you scanned various memos on your desk. The weeks that had passed were beginning to show, you had bags under your eyes, you spent most nights sleeping on the uncomfortable couches in your office, and your pretty sure the oil from your scalp was enough to grease a pan. You sighed as you stood up and looked at your reflection, this job seemed impossible for one person. You pressed the button to the intercom.

The door is open. You murmured through the speaker, resting your head on your hand and watching the door open, you heard Jin laugh lightly.

Long day? He asked as he quietly picked up various pieces of paper that were strewn about the office, you looked at him, your makeup was barely there, your shirt had wrinkles, and you were pretty sure your skirt needed a deep cleaning.

Try long week. You mumbled as you sighed heavily. So what do you need? You questioned, looking at Jin with a bit of fear that he would place another stack of papers on your desk. He pulled out his cell phone, scanning the contents before looking at you. His suit was crisp, he looked like he had gotten a full night’s sleep, and his hair looked perfectly and effortlessly styled. Jin seemed like he had his entire life together, while you looked like you could barely keep your name straight. Jin stared at you for a moment, before sitting down in front of you, a flash of sadness casted over his eyes as he looked from the phone back to you.

Uhm, we need to go to the hospital. Just you and me. He muttered. Suddenly, your tired eyes shot open, the fear from earlier was now replaced with concern.

Is everything okay? You asked, already standing up from your spot behind the desk and quickly collecting your things into your purse. Wallet, keys, sunglasses. You went through the mental checklist as you scanned the desk.

I would bring a notebook, and a couple sheets of company letterhead. Jin murmured. You looked over your shoulder at the elder employee, placing those things and a couple pens in your purse. I’ll explain more in the car, but we need to move. Do not say anything to the other department heads. Jin explained and you nodded, following the assistant quickly out of the office.

Everyone was standing around Hobi’s desk, looking over various product developments, when you and Jin walked past, they all watched skeptically.

What do you think that’s about? Tae asked as he nudged Jungkook. Jungkook and Namjoon looked at one another then watched you follow in suit.

Do you think he’s going to fire Y/N? Hobi asked and Yoongi rolled his eyes.

She’s been garnering more of a profit AND a buzz just by being delegated as CEO. The Board of Trustees is more than happy to see her take on the position and they are expecting a jump in female consumers. Yoongi rattled off statistics and Jimin scrunched up his brow.

What about one of us? Why did she get picked over the rest? Jimin asked and Namjoon looked at Hobi, then Yoongi. The three of them stayed quiet, but Jimin noticed the small interaction and knew something was being hidden. Excusing himself from the conversation, he walked back to his desk and began a little investigation of his own.

You followed Jin into the hospital and walked up to the front desk.

Hello, Helen. Everything still okay? He asked and the nurse blushed, smiling up at the beautiful man.

Yes, everything is still alright. He’s awake now. She murmured and looked over Jin’s shoulder at you. Is this the girl he keeps speaking about? The nurse inquired, but Jin smiled at her.

We will be going in to see him, do not allow any other visitors to come in. He said, avoiding her questions and turned to you. Let’s go this way. He murmured and you followed him, holding the strap of your purse on your shoulder. You hated hospital rooms, they always reminded you of illness and death, and as you walked into CEO Bang’s room, the smell of medicine and the beeping of machines made you shudder.

He was lying in bed, staring off to the side as he seemed to contemplate life. Jin knocked lightly on the glass pane next to the door.

Sir, Y/N and I are here. He murmured and closed the hospital door. CEO Bang turned his gaze to them, when you saw him, he had lost weight, but his happy eyes were still there. He smiled lightly at you as he motioned for the two of you to come closer.

Come, sit down. His once bellowing voice was now much softer as you slowly made you way to the chair next to the bed.

Jimin sat at his desk, peeking his head to look around at his colleagues, they all separated from their little gossip circle and had gone back to their respective offices. Jimin looked at the distance from his office to yours, his eyes scanning the length between. Grabbing a stack of papers, he walked passed Tae and Namjoon’s offices towards the copy machine. Namjoon looked up for a moment from his computer, before looking back at the illuminated screen. Jimin quickly slipped into your office as he closed the door behind him.

You sat down next to the ailing CEO and gave him a small smile.

How are you feeling? You asked looking at all of the machines and feeling incredibly uncomfortable sitting in the sterile hospital room.

I’ve been better. CEO Bang said with a twinge of sadness. Y/N, there is something I want to tell you. I don’t see myself getting any better, the doctors keep giving me less and less time to live so I want you to know this before I pass. You looked at him with pools forming in your eyes. To think that CEO Bang would die soon was almost too difficult to bear as he reached out for your hand. He was the first fatherly figure you truly had in your life, you grew up with a single mother and she tried her best, but nothing could really replace the need for another guardian in your life. He took you under his wing at the firm when you began as an intern during college, and then he continued to build you up. Seeing him in this sickly state was too much for you to comprehend.

Jimin looked through your desk. Covered with papers, he sighed and shook his head.

No wonder she barely sleeps, she’s horribly disorganized. He murmured to himself as he scanned images of you and your mom when you were growing up. From the looks of the photographs, you were very close to your mom. He smiled at the images of you, with pigtails and a bright pink frock on, while your mother stood beaming, her eyes gazing down at you lovingly. Jimin continued to look around the couches now, finding some of CEO Bang’s photos. Then his eyes widened.

I know this might be a bit of a shock. CEO Bang murmured, his voice a little hoarse from coughing and he looked around. But there’s a reason I made you the CEO, there’s a reason I helped you so much when you came into the company. He continued and you looked at him skeptically. Usually in a company like this, the CEO would give the power to their next of kin, if they were knowledgeable enough. He murmured and you nodded.

Right, but you don’t have any children. You mumbled.

Well. CEO Bang said in reply and it confused you.

Jimin brought the photo to the desk, sitting in the leatherbound chair that sat behind the mahogany desk. Grabbing a photo of your young self, standing next to your mother, he held it up to the photo of a young CEO Bang standing with his arm around the waist of a woman. The resemblance was outstanding.

Oh, my, god. Jimin said quietly.

I do have a daughter. CEO Bang murmured and your eyes shot open. You looked over your shoulder at Jin, who nodded lightly. Y/N. CEO Bang said quietly and you looked at him.

She’s his daughter! Jimin exclaimed and looked at the images. Now Jimin noticed your smile was similar to CEO Bang, the way you would constantly click your pen, and how you would try to make light of even the worst circumstances.

You were CEO Bang’s daughter.