the companions name is piper

pantheasblessing submitted to wearepjocrazy: Crossover AU Where Annabeth Chase is the Doctor and Percy Jackson is her companion. I don’t even know how to begin to write it, but maybe a better writer than me would like the idea.


Deep breaths

Where do I even start?

How about with a disclaimer. It’s been 2+ years since I have watched Doctor Who. My memories are shot and very limited, so a lot of the information I will be using is Out of Date, no flames okay? Also, I am not making her the Doctor, I am making her a time lord though


Annabeth was only on her second regeneration when she met the man

It was some time in 1950, a New York City paper boy with eyes like she’s never seen before

And an attitude unlike any other

He was only 15 at the time, bicycling down the city streets throwing rolled up paper at people’s windows. He ran straight into her TARDIS, which was in the form of a police box. Annabeth had chosen the disguise to reflect on the most famous Time Lord of All - The Doctor.

He broke down the doors and flew into her just as she was leaving for 2011. The snarky black haired boy demanded she take him back home. Unfortunately, they were stuck for some reason.

Percy was his name. Percy Jackson. She couldn’t find any records of him, she wasn’t interested in finding them anyways. They spent a year together, traveling from the dinosaur ages to a human colony 6.7 million years out from his birth-date, then she dropped Percy off in 1951 on his 16th birthday.

3 years later, she came across him again. Only it was 1976. He was 18.

By this time, Percy had a nickname for her - Wise Girl. She had complained about the name, Time Lords were not restricted to the gender roles most species were, but Percy pointed out that she could always change it to Wise Boy or Wise One later on.

He’s in a bakery, paying a loaf of bread, when she ran into him.

Annabeth was shocked. She dragged Percy off into a corner alley and demanded how he got there.

“Dunno, I just… kinda stopped ageing, I guess. Or, like, really slowed down. I’ve been 18 for at least a decade.”

Then some explosion/invasion happened and they were off again. This time he only spent a few months with her, then she dropped him off back where she had found him, in that small bakery

A couple of years passed again, and she landed in the roaring 90′s. A man stopped her while she was pursuing a serial killer.

Percy hadn’t aged more than a week. He recognized Annabeth from the news, he knew her just enough to know what she was here for.

“What is going on with me?” He sounded desperate. “My little sister just passed away and I have barely aged 3 years since I’ve met you.”

Annabeth couldn’t answer him. She had no idea what was happening to him. There was no council to consult, she was on her own.

She told him to wait while she went back to her TARDIS to go to a library. She spent a hundred years researching, travelling all over the universe. She could find no answers.

She landed in 2017. A man was on the news documentary. A man people called ‘a god’, someone who has been the same age since 1951.

She tracked down Percy. It was hard, he had disappeared off the grid, but she found him in North Nebraska.

Despite the 20+ years that had passed, Percy had only aged a half a year. His hair was bleached white, his skin a darker tan, in attempts to hide from the media.

“Well? What did you find? What’s wrong with me?”

Annabeth couldn’t answer that. She asked him for samples, tons of them. Hair samples, skin samples, blood samples, even semen samples (At this point, Percy wasn’t going to argue about that.)

Her results came back with 100% human. It made no sense.

Percy told her that he couldn’t keep living like this.

She knew only one thing to do.

She took him into her TARDIS and they set off again

This time, they traveled for a thousand years. He aged as quickly as Annabeth did - which was painfully slow. They had other companions come and go - A couple of teenagers named Jason and Piper who were from 2000′s Los Angeles, a brother and sister from 1920′s Italy, a half goat man named Grover who was from a far distant planet near the end of space and time, a girl with electric blue eyes who had been Percy’s old friend in the 1950′s, a boy with fire abilities from a mechanical planet that had died off before Earth formed, a hunter who looked like a Persian Princess from Ancient Greece, so on so forth. 

Annabeth even felt confident enough to tell Percy her birth name. He elected to call her Wise Girl instead, since it ‘sounds cooler than Annabeth’. 

They both looked 25 when Annabeth realized what was happening.

They were soulmates.

She waved the silly idea off. There was no such thing as soulmates… right?

Then they came across some magicians in Ancient Egypt. Magic wasn’t real, it couldn’t be, but they were surrounded by a magical layer of reality she had never heard about with gods and magicians.

She flirted with the idea a little. He was aging at the exact same rate she was, if you excluded the first 3 or so years.

She looked 18 when she met him. He was only 15 then. 

Annabeth kept silent about it. She needed more data.

They landed in 2100 C.E., and met a boy who could shape shift and a girl who could summon illusions from mid air. They were some experiments of a sub-cyborg race that had branched away from Cybermen. They were kidnapped and poked with needles, then somehow managed to escape.

They didn’t have names, so Percy dubbed them ‘Frank Zhang’ and ‘Hazel Levesque’

The four defeated the cyborgs and freed nearly 70 kids between the ages of 4 and 19 years old.

Frank and Hazel tagged along with them as they traveled through time. He was 13, she was 10. When they were 18 and 15, Annabeth confronted them about her suspicions of Percy’s aging problem.

“It could be? Who knows, you two seem so happy together.” Hazel told them

Percy connected Jason and Piper and they were more than happy to keep Frank and Hazel in their ever growing household of former companions. Jason inherited all his dad’s money, a huge 3.7 billion dollar net worth, and Piper suggested this become a retirement home for former companions.

Annabeth’s first kiss with Percy was on his ‘30th’ birthday, in a super volcano operated by a criminal mastermind on a planet somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy. Percy disappeared shortly after that.

Wise Girl was guilt ridden. She should have been the one to turn off that machine, not him. She hadn’t been wise enough.

She went to the Grace mansion and collapsed there for a few months.

Then a man with green eyes showed up at their door a few months later, bewildered.

“I landed on some… paradise planet where they brainwashed everyone. Oh, by the way, this is Calypso.”

Annabeth slapped him, but was relieved to have him home.

But she was jealous of Calypso. Percy and her seemed so… attached. Like… dare she believe this - lovers.

Wise Girl stole some of Calypso’s cervix DNA, only to come across this weird thing.

They were brother and sister. Fully related.

But Calypso wasn’t from the right time frame. She was from 2003 Earth’s C.E. She was full blooded Ogygian. 

She confronted Calypso about this. She shrugged. “Magic, I guess.” the caramel haired girl said. “Who knows.”

Annabeth didn’t know. It was driving her crazy.

Percy invited Calypso into the TARDIS and then they were off again. 

Calypso was their first companion to die. It was in New New York, when she fell off of the 500th floor of the New Empire State Building. 

Percy didn’t come out of his sleeping quarters for months

Annabeth went in to comfort him and…


Tumblr is filled with 12 year olds, I can’t tell you the details

But nine months later, the Grace mansion had their newest resident - A little girl named Rose

Rose Tymaina Jackson

Percy loved her with all her heart. But…

She aged normally.

As the two time travelers went on their adventures, they ironically lost track of time. The next time they saw their daughter, she was off to college.

“I still love you, I understand you couldn’t be around, with work and all.”

Jason died shortly after

Slowly, as the two newly weds grew distant, their old companions got picked off. 




Rose was the last to die - and invasion of weeping angels had caused her wife to be sent back to the 1800′s and she died of broken heart syndrome.

Percy and Annabeth didn’t know until 80 years later.

They were older, much older now. Easily over 2500 years for Annabeth and about 1900 for Percy.

The Daleks came

Percy had the issues of an old person’s - He looked 70 and felt like 90. The lazr caught him in the back and he went down.

Their companions weren’t their to help them. They gave up on companions after Piper died. The Grace mansion was now a time hole, sucked into a room in the TARDIS, never aging.

Annabeth got him to the Mansion just in time to patch the wound up, but Percy was already loosing his life.

“I don’t want to lose you.” Annabeth cried.

“It’s okay, Wise Girl. It was a fun ride.”

He closed his eyes, his beautiful sea green pearls. Annabeth closed hers too. 

Then something strange happened.

A gold glow Annabeth was familiar with filled her body. She opened her eyes.

“No. No no no please no. Just let me die.”

She changed. She grew younger. Her hair turned bright red and frizzy, falling down her back. Her skin grew lighter, much much lighter. Smoother, but also covered in freckles.

She looked in the mirror and green eyes, serpent green ones. She was a ginger.

Then something was glowing silver in front of her.

Percy began to change too. His hair turned to a dusty blond, his skin smoothed out into a softer tan. He grew in height, his features changed.

Annabeth’s new mouth hung open and Percy opened his eyes.

“Who… who are you?” His eyes were the same sea green. Annabeth teared up.

“Wise Girl… Annabeth… You…”

“Annabeth?” He whispered. “You look so…. red….”

She let out a laugh. “You look 15 again.”

“So do you.” 

“You’re a soulmate.” She whispered. “We’re tied forever. I’ll live with you till the end of time.”

He laughed. His voice was different.

And that was okay.

She dubbed him ‘Seaweed Brain’. He started to switch between ‘The Red Dare’ and ‘Wise One’

They were happy. They went back to the counsel room

“Where do you wanna go?”

Percy pondered something for a moment.

“How does the 50th Superbowl sound?”

“Gods hope you never change.”

They were off again

  • Companions react to Soul having a punny name.
  • Hancock: Surprisingly, he doesn't make any puns about Soul's name himself, after all, he's the mayor of a settlement called GoodNeighbor, and everyone is so quick to make their own shitty puns there, so when Soul mentions how sick they are of puns, he laughs and says me too.
  • MacCready: Oh he is just living it up and makes all the worst puns. Some of them probably don't make any sense but he makes them anyway. He finds this all very hilarious
  • Danse: Doesn't really see the big deal, but also doesn't make any puns himself and when he does, it's almost on accident and he has to do a double take on whether he actually said it or not, upon realizing that he has, he laughs to himself
  • X6: He makes no mention of the fact that Soul has a pun in their name, and this leads Soul to believe that they are safe from shitty puns around him. But as they come to find out, he only waits until only the absolute best opportunities arise before he makes a pun.
  • Nick: He may not crack as many puns as the others, but he sure as hell makes the best puns. Not even Soul can be mad at his puns
  • Curie: Doesn't really understand puns to begin with, so she has a few failed attempts at first, when she finally makes a good pun she's so proud of herself. As she should be, because it was a really good pun
  • Cait: Makes a lot of shitty puns, she does it more to rile up Soul than anything else, as she finds it both adorable and hilarious that they could get all huffy over a pun.
  • Deacon: When he first hears Soul's name he has to do a double take, because theirs no way, no freakin' way that's their name. Because there is no way he could be this lucky. He has awaited this day with baited breathe. He treats every pun he makes as if it is a hand wrapped gift from God. Soul is never safe from his puns.
  • Piper: She's a lot like MacCready with how often she makes shitty puns about Soul's name. Although hers are generally a lot worse.
  • Preston: he may crack a pun every once in a while, but he doesn't make a habit out of it, he does find the ones that everyone else is making to be pretty funny though.
  • Strong: What the Hell is a Pun.
  • Dogmeat: Well Dogmeat can't talk so Soul is safe from Shitty Puns with him.
  • Codsworth: He slips in little puns between calm moments, and he can't help but chuckle a little when he makes them.

did u know the fo4 companions are named after what they do? preston “pressed on” after horrible trauma. piper will always “write” the truth. curie goes about “curing” bad things. mac…maccready is ma-greedy. danse danses. hancock’s hand is always on his


Curie: oh you know she is the top student of Ravenclaw, no one can come close to her perfect A+ grades. Can often been seen conversing with other house members, she likes learning about the differences between the houses.

X6: Slytherin, he only has to take one step towards the sorting hat for it to sort him. Sorting hat sure as hell ain’t messing with that. Ends up being the prefect, everyone is terrified of him. Has a small soft spot for the house elves, will never admit to it though, and if anyone brings it up he will deny it.

Piper: Gryffindor, and you know she’s the head of the school newspaper, makes sure everyone has a copy, will report on ANYTHING. Spends more time working on the paper then on class assignments, so she’s actually behind in some of her classes.

Hancock: Gryffindor, no one understands how, but he somehow managed to become a prefect, is super chill with everything though. His best class is potions class, and at the same time, teachers don’t trust him in potions class.

Danse: Slytherin, member of the Quidditch team, he’s one of the beaters. Is super strict when it comes to rules and makes absolute sure that everyone is following them as well.

Cait: Gryffindor, Captain of the Quidditch team, is an absolute beast on a broom. Keeps her grades at just the bare minimum needed to still be allowed to play.

MacCready: Hufflepuff, somehow has an endless supply of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, no one has any idea where he gets them, refuses to share.

Strong: Slytherin, is big and mean and gives X6 a run for his money for being the scariest student, is the other beater for the Quidditch team, TAKES FAR TO MUCH ENJOYMENT OUT OF BEING A BEATER.

Deacon: No one knows which house he is in, he is every where and nowhere, somehow has a uniform for all the houses and it drives both the teachers and students crazy. Biggest Prankster in school. Freakin’ Deacon.

Preston: He’s the Captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, is always super caring about everybody, and always makes sure everyone has what they need. Has a large collection of chocolate frogs cards.

Codsworth: Hufflepuff, he is the absolute best Prefect ever omg everyone loves him, or at least no one has anything bad to say about him. He takes care of everyone, not just those in his house

Nick: Prefect for Ravenclaw, is the person everyone goes to when they are missing something, does pretty well in every class, has a large interest in muggle items, especially the mystery novels.

Dogmeat: FLUFFY, is Hogwarts new mascot, everyone loves Dogmeat, Dogmeat loves everyone.


Maxson: Slytherin, actually came pretty damn close to being the prefect, and you know he hates X6 for it. Is the Captain of the Quidditch team, and goddamn he plays ROUGH. Everyone goes home with bruises after a game with Slytherin.

the-gr3y  asked:

There was another character revealed at the con, yes? I think it was Piper? Is there any image of her or what did she look like?

No image what I know or can find. 

The next companion we are introduced to is named Piper, a sharply dressed female character in a red jacket and grey cap, who resides in Diamond City.

Shes a reporter for the Diamond City.

She wears a trench coat that looks a little big on her, and a different color from the mysterious stranger.

She wears a cap, like that of a British Golfer or newspaper boy.

She is distinctively female, but isnt amazingly attractive.

She also has quite the personality.

Her accent is 90% sass.

Srsly though, it was a new England accent if I remember right. But with sass.