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It’s actually a good one! 


First Look: The Audi Q2 Edition #1

Audi is upping the ante at the market launch of its new compact SUV with a particularly sporty model. The Audi Q2 Edition #1 features an exclusive quantum gray paint finish, black and Manhattan gray exterior details, 19-inch wheels and a long list of standard equipment. Customers can place their orders beginning in early September, 2016.

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i feel the underphase blog mod has not been asked a lot, How are you doing azenz?

Im doing as well as i could be :O thanks for asking.

This new cooleg semester is what my cooled call a compact semester so everything is like, my semester only last from like sept-early december.

which means deadline projects ,exams, quizes and such are very close to each other xD  *edit : the compact semester happened because next year i am forced to study abroad in china ! so yeah thats gonna be something.

I also have my part time work as video editor owo; and that takes up some of my time.

so uh… yeah im sorry i’m not updating as frequest as i should uwu;; im trying my best to atleast force myself to update once or twice a week tho :O))


More details on this release:

MASONNA / Alchemy Masters Collection - The Best of MASONNA (CD)

20.SEP.2017 on sale

1.Ejaculation Generater (Chapter 1-7)
2.Vestal Spacy Ritual (Chapter 1-6)
3.Live Action 20170527+20161009 at Namba BEARS(Unreleased live take)
4.Mademoiselle Anne Sanglante Ou Notre Nymphomanie Aureole (Chapter 1-7)
5.Super Compact Disc (Short Edit)
6.The Ultimate Masonanie (From Noskl in Ana)