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Hi there! I've just recently started teaching myself spanish, and I was curious; what mistakes do you often see people learning Spanish make? Thank you!


Well, there are so many kinds of mistakes.

I think the most common mistake of all time is to forget if a word is feminine or masculine. But I understand this can be difficult and even advanced students still get some words wrong, but they correct themselves right away.

Related to that, adjectives also have gender and number. Remember the adjective goes after the noun, most of the time.

And… articles, and possessive adjectives also have gender and number.

Articles: un, una, unos, unas (a, some); el, la, los, las (the).
Possessive adjectives: mi, mis, tu, tus, su, sus, nuestro/a, nuestros/as.

Remember the important thing here is the noun, and the adjectives, articles and possessive adjectives will change depending on the noun.

For example:

  • Tengo una flor bonita. - I have a pretty flower.
  • Tengo unas flores bonitas. - I have some pretty flowers.
  • Mi amigo es simpático. - My friend is nice.
  • Mis amigos son simpáticos. - My friends are nice.


The word problema. This word ends in “a” but it is a masculine word. So we say:

  • el problema - the problem
  • un problema - a problem
  • muchos problemas - many problems

I made a post of the most common words that end in “a” but are masculine. here.


The word gente (people). In English the word “people” is plural, but in Spanish “gente” is feminine and singular because we use it as a group of people. So we say:

  • la gente - the people
  • mucha gente - many people
  • poca gente - few people

I also made a post about this here. :)

Remember it is:
¿Cuál es tu nombre? - What is your name?
And not: ¿Qué es tu nombre? (X)

In English, when you have two nouns you just put them together, as “action movie” or “orange juice”.

In Spanish we need de in between these two nouns. For example:

  • película de acción - action movie (movie of action)
  • jugo de naranja - orange juice (juice of orange)
  • clase de piano - piano class (class of piano)

Also with people:

  • el hermano de mi amiga - My friend’s brother (the brother of my friend)
  • la madre de mi novio - My boyfriend’s mother (the mother of my boyfriend)

In English you can say “I eat breakfast” or “I have breakfast” but in Spanish we have a verb to say this, So we don’t need the verb “eat” or “have”.

desayunar: to have breakfast

  • ¿Qué desayunaste? - What did you have for breakfast?
  • Esta mañana desayuné huevos y jugo de naranja. - This morning I had eggs and orange juice for breakfast.

We also have:

  • almorzar: to have lunch
  • comer: to have lunch/dinner (In Spain and Latin America the main meal is in the afternoon, around 14:00 to 16:00)
  • merendar: to have an afternoon snack
  • cenar: to have dinner

Visit my post related to this.

Many students get confused by these pronouns because in English you say “at school” or “at the party” but a is not at.

We use a when someone or something is going/moving to somewhere.
We use en when someone or something is located somewhere.

a = to
en = in/on/at

So we say:
Hoy fui a la escuela. - Today I went to school.
Estoy en la escuela. - I’m at school.

Voy a ir a una fiesta. - I’m going to a party.
Hay mucha gente en la fiesta. - There are a lot of people at the party.

See my post about this.

Remember it is:

Gracias por _____ - Thank you for ___
Perdón por _____ - Sorry for ___

When we want to say that we like something, we always need an article before the noun.

  • Me gusta el chocolate. - I like chocolate.
    Me gusta chocolate (X)

  • Me gustan las películas. - I like movies.
    Me gusta películas (X)
    Me gustan películas (X)

Remember “gusta” changes to “gustan” when the noun is plural.

When we want to talk about someone else’s likes. We use le.

le gusta / le gustan

And we also need A before the person that we are talking about:

  • A ella le gusta el café - She likes coffee.
  • A mi hermano le gustan los dinosaurios - My brother likes dinosaurs.
  • A mi amigo le gusta el fútbol - My friend likes football

(I think I should make a post only for “gustar”)

These are Spanish words that look very similar to English words but have different meanings.

See the post here.

I don’t know why some beginner Spanish students just skip these verbs or they take too long to learn them. We use them all the time and knowing how Reflexive Verbs work will help you understand many common phrases as:

¿Me veo bien? - Do I look good?
Te quiero ver. - I want to see you.
Nos vamos a la playa. - We’re going to the beach.
¿Cómo se dice? - How do you say it?

See my post: Introduction to Reflexive Verbs.
And here’s a video :)

I think that’s all for now!
People make all kinds of mistakes depending on their level and their first language. But these are the mistakes that I see repeating over and over again in all kinds of students.

However, don’t let mistakes stop you from talking. We can’t be perfect and we were not born knowing everything. And besides, people understand and they are glad to know you are making an effort learning their language.


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The assumption that Gillian arranged the paparazzi on both occasions and was able to buy the pictures is just that -- an assumption. Your judgement of her is based on that. If you were to see the situation without that assumption (which might very well be incorrect), how would you feel then?

I have never made the assumption that GA has been offered the pictures afterwards. My judgement is not on her, but on the situation she is a part of. There is no reason for me to make thought experiments and so on. I have no doubt that the pictures were ordered work. Who has ordered them, I do not know? -and I will never get that knowledge!

With regard to Portofino, it could be her agent, PM’s agent, their PR agency, PM or GA who ordered the pictures. The newest pictures who look like a similarly procedure could have been ordered by GA, her agent or her PR agency. But ordered they are! Especially with regard to the last pictures, with her children. How exciting is it to follow a family on vacation? Once you have taken the sweet, beautiful and cute pictures, you stop! You do not sell more of the same kind. Unless they are not to be sold, but ordered work. Remember, to take candid shots, is a work. They must also survive! But to follow a mother with two children for several days, to take holiday pictures, do not give that good a salary and is not that good a scoop. Look at the many times there have been candid shots of DD, his kids and so on (it’s obvious to pick him because we are part of the XF fandom where he is also represented. ) Here we usually see and find 3-4 pictures and in very extreme case we can find 10-20 pictures. And lately, mostly videos. Videos because you can take pictures from that and upload live visual material to webpages.  

Even the royal house that represents the country in which I live, has never had that amount of candid shots. They are extremely popular and also abroad, but they have never had so many candid shots. In addition, Italy is not a mecca for candid shots, Portofino is, but not Italy as such. So ask yourself how can there be over 100 and over 500 images when it’s GA? She is not so popular, even if we all really want her to be that popular. In addition, she is not stupid, she knows what she’s doing and has always known. We must stop seeing her a flawless goddess. She works in this industry and knows what she’s doing, and she has people who take care of her interests and is helping her. Using candid shots is a very common thing. 

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