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i just want the french team @tarranzeiguane and @rikkachloechan to see this

and sorry it’s way shorter than i planned to… but i had so much fun writing it ( also i’m messing with you and won’t publish the translation of everything Sirius says before an hour or so… i want to see you trying to figure it out )

Sirius and Remus were walking hand in hand in the common room, making their way to the dorms for a cuddle session. The punk rock Gryffindor was staring at his lover’s ear, amazed by the way his curls fell around it. Not that all the other parts of his face weren’t absolutely stunning, of course, but tonight in the light of the candles his ear appeared exceptionally…

Too absorbed by his loving mental rambling, he didn’t notice they had reached the stairs and he gracefully tripped and fell on the ground.

Merde” he swore. He got back on his feet, blushing, trying to pretend it was all meant to happen. He looked at Remus, expecting him to be laughing at him, but instead the young boy was looking at him in complete bewilderment, his mouth slightly open.

“Er, Moony ? You okay ?”

Remus frowned and asked : “What did you… what did you just said ?”

Sirius tried to play the scene again in his mind - blushing again at his own clumsiness - and to remember what exactly he had said. Then he realized, and everything made sense.

“Oh sorry ! That was a french word. Sometimes I just… Happen to use one without realizing.”

Remus face changed to something Sirius didn’t completely recognize, but was certain was very positive. “You speak french ?”

Sirius, seeing what he could do now, grinned. “Mais bien sûr, mon amour ! You didn’t think one could be from the Ancient and Noble house of the Blacks and not be fluent in french ?”

Remus stayed quiet and still for an entire minute, before to suddenly grab his boyfriend’s hand and drag him in the dorm. There, he locked the room and wrapped his arms against Sirius’s waist and whispered : “Say something else in french ?”

Sirius saw the lust and desire in Remus’s eyes and started to feel a bit of pressure on his shoulder - and changes in some other body parts as well. He hesitated, and said : “Um… On a un contrôle en Transfiguration demain ?”

He mentally slapped himself. Of all the things he could have said, he chose to talk about that ?? He was no stranger to dirty talk, but the added pressure of the other language was making him say the most random stuffs. But Remus seemed to be pleased with it as he slowly started to kiss his boyfriend’s neck, making his way to the shoulder. “More…”

“Um, yeah, um… “ But then he grabbed the whole potential of the situation, and grinned again. “Hier je t’ai volé ta brosse à dent parce que je savais pas où était la mienne.”

Remus moaned and started to move his right hand to the zipper of the shorter boy’s trouser, but stopped his motion just above it.

“Speak again.”

“Well… J’ai mangé ta dernière tablette de chocolat ce matin. Et j’ai accidentellement renversé de la sauce tomate sur ton lit, et j’ai du remplacer tous tes draps. Et une autre fois j’ai fait tomber un de tes livres dans le lac. Je l’ai nettoyé, mais l’odeur de boue est restée pendant un bon moment.

Remus stared at him again, burning with desire. He slowly kissed his boyfriend, biting his lower lip, and whispered :

“Pads, that has to be the sexiest thing I have ever heard in my entire life.”

Overtime the Slytherin students have extended their common rooms and dorms.
- The dorms are bigger with proper closets,
- There are lots of rooms with hidden entrances for more privacy,
- They have rooms for practicing their charms, transfiguration, duelling,
- They found a way to gain access to the Ravenclaws infinite library, each closet has a personal access point.
- 2 potions labs that Snape has safety wards all over and there is always a house elf watching over everything, they never interfere unless to protect a student or ward the area around a cauldron when it spills over or explodes. One of these is strictly for advanced fifth years, sixth and seventh year students.
- There’s a kitchen for the students who bake and cook when stressed, also hot chocolate
- There are a few rooms used for art
- A room for dancing with a bar and mirrors

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Slytherins and birthdays?

  • When celebrating their own, they tend to like smaller, more intimate parties with just the people closest in their life. 
  • They love planning birthdays for their friends because they take pride in throwing the perfect party. 
  • They never listen when someone tells them not to bring a gift. 
  • Definitely the friend that gets you a stripper one year. 
  • Always stays after to help clean up after the party. 
  • Won’t go out to eat on their birthday because they hate it when the server sings to them. 
  • At Hogwarts, the entire house throws a small party in the common room for each student’s birthday. 
  • Agonize a little bit over finding a present for someone’s birthday because they have to find the perfect one
  • Love to throw surprise parties.
  • Hate getting surprise parties.
  • Definitely texts you at midnight to wish you a happy birthday. 
Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: Reader and Steve dance to Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You (Steve’s version of this fic)

Warnings: Unless you hate horrible dancing and writing

“I guess getting beaten up in alleyways and in the backs of diners was worth it.”

Steve said as he shrugged. Pouring himself another glass of wine, he met you in the dim lights of the quiet common room. It was a non eventful Saturday night in the tower, a three day weekend off from missions and superhero duty was what you, Steve, and the team needed, so you and the super soldier decided to celebrate by talking, drinking, and relaxing.

“God, that must’ve been so hard for you.” You replied. “Y’know, if I were actually alive in your time, I’d help you and kick those people’s asses.” You tipped your glass to him as you criss crossed your legs, facing Steve on the couch.

Steve chuckled in response. “Yeah, that’s alright though. I had Buck with me most of the times to be the savior he was and help me with those problems.” The two of you sat listening to a random playlist FRIDAY turned on before he spoke again. “But enough of that. I’m here now and if all of that didn’t happen, the things in present time wouldn’t be happening now.”

“So tell me, what was it like in the forties?” You asked him, feeling the buzz kick in as you changed the subject to lighten the mood. “Were things easier? A lot has changed I bet…Do you prefer those times over now?”

He raised his eyebrows at the questions that were darted to him. Downing his third - maybe fourth glass of wine, he placed the empty glass on the table.

You gasped at the song that came on and an idea came up in your head. “Dancing must’ve been a lot nicer and romantic, I bet!” You said, excitement filling your veins.

“Oh, man. Dancin’ has changed so much since then.” Steve said as he saw you get up, dancing to the bass of the alternative song. “I’m still trying to get used to this generation and their slang, let alone music, even though I’ve been alive for how long..” He chuckled.

You scoffed playfully as you continued to dance, swinging your hips. “Yeah, I’ve seen your text messages.” You laughed. “But I like how you’re so vintage and old school, unlike people now.”

“I wish I was born in your year. I would’ve loved to dance with you.” You climbed onto Steve’s lap, pursing your lips as he held your waist in his hands.

“That would be fun, although we can still dance like I did back then.” Steve assured. You gave him a questioned look. “C’mon, get up.”

You got off of Steve’s lap. Taking his hand, he led you to an open area of the room where the walls were all glass. The scenery of the city was dimmed in the low lighting of the tower, 12 A.M Manhattan greeting the two of you. “Ohh, no, no, no, Steve.” You giggled as he stopped in the middle of the room.

“What? I thought you wanted to dance with me?”

“Steven, I don’t exactly know how.” You laughed out. He walked over to one of the speakers where your phone was, looking through your Spotify app to find the right song muttering, ‘i’ll show you.’

You questioned if you could actually dance to Steve’s liking, hoping you wouldn’t embarrass your half-drunk self in front of him. You heard the song skip and you silently gasped to the tune that played:

Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You.

Steve slowly walked towards you as your hands crept to your mouth, covering your laughs. He gingerly moved his head and hips and mimicked the words, seeming like he would try to awfully seduce you. He took your hand and placed it on his shoulder, the other held his tightly. His right hand was on your waist to guide your movements.

“Follow me.” He whispered. You felt his damn smirk creep on your ear to the nape of your neck as you felt goosebumps on your spine.

“If I step on your foot, don’t blame me.” You smiled.

Slowly moving to the serenading and picturesque lyrics, Steve smiled down at you as you shook your head in response, silently telling him, ‘i hate you.’

“Here come’s my favorite part.” He said.

“What par- Steven, n-“

You started, but Steve was too quick on his feet. Twirling you around, he had you in a tango position. His hand was cradling the small of your back, your arm around his back, chests touching ad your free hands were held straight in front to guide direction.

Laughter filled the air as you and Steve slowly walked to one side of the room on the instrumental part of the song before the chorus.

“Here’s the dramatic part. You ready?” He asked.

“Not necessarily.”

Steve twirled you once more, your loose sweatshirt flowing as he spun you, finishing with a rather dramatic dip as the song stopped. The two of you were breathless, smiling at each other before he helped you up to your former position.

“Steven, you’re something else.” You laughed. He smiled and rested his forehead on yours, lightly kissing the tip of your nose.

“To be fair, you did want to know what it would be like to dance with me then. I was a little rusty, but I was probably better than Bucky.” He winked.

“You call that rusty? I practically stepped on you five times.” You shook your head as Steve rocked your bodies back and forth as the song finished.

“I love you baby, and if it’s quiet alright - Dance, doll.” Steve sang as the alcohol kicked through his veins. You closed your eyes as you listened to his soft hums, resting your head in the crook of his neck.

Smart Boy (Draco Malfoy x reader-- drabble)

A/N: this one is short af i’m sorry ://
#4- “C'mere, you can sit on my lap until I’m done working.”

word count: 161 (oooof)
warnings: none

You sit across from Draco, doing homework in the Slytherin common room. Well, watching him do his homework. You’d finished yours, ages ago and refused to give him your answers. You’re starting to regret that decision now. He’s taking such a long time. A part of you thinks he’s doing it on purpose to torture you. “Dracooooooo!” You whine, burying your face in your hands.

“You’re the one that wouldn’t give me the answers.” He rolls his eyes.

You groan. “If I gave them to you, you’d never learn anything!”

He just shakes his head at you and goes back to his textbook. You continue whimpering with every flip of a page. He sighs. “C'mere, you can sit on my lap until I’m done working.”

You jump up, smiling, and set yourself on top of him. “M'smart boy.” You ruffle his hair. He shakes his head once more before pressing a kiss to your neck and turning back to his assignment.

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Hi can i get a ship here?I am really smol gryffindor, my love are movies, reading and drawing. My passions is making ppl feel like they are loved, and organization cool events. I hope to get marauders and golden trio ship Thanks and have nice day


Marauders Era: James Potter

You had organised a party in the Gryffindor common room after the last Quidditch match of the year. Gryffindor had a fifty-fifty chance of winning the cup, if they won against Ravenclaw by more than thirty points they would win, anything less than that they’d come second. Either way you figured people would at least want to celebrate the end of the coming school year.

You sat in the stands as you anxiously watched the game unfold. There was an eerie feeling on the red and gold side of the pitch as the game started, Gryffindor would have to be at least thirty points ahead when the snitch was caught; you only hoped that your boyfriend James was going to have a good game.

The Gryffindor common room was filled with cheers that night as James and the rest of the team held the silver cup that had red ribbons tied to its handles. Your decorative banners hung from the walls as James proudly placed the glistening cup on the mantle above the fireplace.

The stores of butterbeer you had retrieved from the kitchens earlier were exhausted half an hour into the party. You saw Sirius making out with a seventh year in the corner as you walked over to James to congratulate him on the game.

“You played well Potter, here they are the last two left.” You said to him and handed the last of the butterbeers to him and Remus who were pigging out at the food table you had set up.

“Did McGonagall really let you take all this food from the kitchens?” He asked surveying the entire table full of platters and drinks, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you close to him so there was no room between you two.

“No, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” You winked at him as Remus let out a chuckle.

Later that night McGonagall broke up the party which was still raging at two in the morning, giving both you and James detention for organising the party - he didn’t actually have a hand in planning the celebrations but he didn’t want you to have to go to detention by yourself.

Golden Trio Era: Seamus Finnigan

You and Seamus had one thing in common; you both had a knack for blowing things up. Whether it was in Potions or Transfiguration you both managed to ignite small explosions every now and then.

Both being in Gryffindor and in the same year, you watched each other clumsily blow things up every year. There was this silent recognition between the both of you that you had the same aptitude for messing things up.

“How about you pair up with Mr. Finnigan, if you feel like blowing up something today at least you can do it together.” Snape snarled as you picked up your cauldron and joined Seamus at his bench with Dean.

Between the both of you - quite remarkably - you didn’t cause any explosions in that Potions class. It was the first time that you had conversed in a lengthy conversation with each other, even though you had spent four years in the same classes.

After talking you found out that you had much more in common that you had originally thought; both having an artistic side, loving drawing, taking walks through the grounds and curling next to the common room fire. You started dating just over a month from that Potions lesson when he asked you on one of your strolls near the Forbidden Forest.

When the time in the Battle of Hogwarts came, Professor McGonagall asked you and Seamus to blow up the Wooden Bridge.

“I know we’ve attempted not to blow things up for a few years now, but this is the time for our big hurrah!” He said as you both ran over to the bridge, Neville following in your wake.

You watched the bridge blow up in a blaze of yellow flames, Professor McGonagall was right, you both did have an aptitude for pyrotechnics. But you knew that the Death Eaters would still find a way to the castle even without the bridge there. Thankfully you both got through it unscathed.

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What is your favorite thing about the Hufflepuff common room?

That’s a tough one. I like how cozy it is and how we get sunlight but are sheltered enough from bad weather that you hardly hear a thing. However, there is one factor I think is the best: location. It’s right next to the kitchens!

And because the portrait conceals the whole corridor, we never will get caught being out of the common room after dark on snack runs. Our late night study sessions are fueled by the goodies from the kitchens. 😂

softbutchhiccup  asked:

My head cannon is that many Slytherins taught sign language to the rest so they could communicate secretly and then they taught it to the merpeole who swim past the window every so often.

I completely agree with this! It all started when a hard of hearing slytherin student taught it to a few of their friends so that they didn’t have to wear their hearing aids all the time. It slowly spread around the house until it became a tradition to teach it to all the first years, even years after this particular student left. They would have a night every week when the common room would be dead silent because everyone only signed to each other in an effort to practice. It was only by chance that a student saw two mermaids mimicking the signs. Soon, they reach out and started to teach the mermaids as well, using diagrams and pictures to explain what signs meant. 

{worldly inspiration}

  • civ vi england x
  • civ vi china x
  • civ vi japan x
  • civ vi india x
  • civ vi russia x
  • civ vi france x
  • civ vi germany x
  • civ vi egypt x
  • civ vi arabia x
  • civ vi greece x
  • civ vi rome x
  • civ vi sumeria x
  • civ vi kongo x
  • civ vi spain x
  • civ vi brazil x
  • civ vi norway x
  • civ vi america x
  • civ vi poland x
  • civ vi aztec x
  • civ vi scythia x
  • japanese instrumental x
  • chinese instrumental x
  • korean playlist for studying x
  • jewish folk music x
  • french accordion x


  • animal crossing i x
  • animal crossing ii x
  • mozart lullaby for babies x
  • studio ghibli music collection i x
  • studio ghibli music collection ii x
  • studio ghibli bossa nova x
  • studio ghibli music box x
  • super mario galaxy x
  • calming nintendo music x
  • legend of zelda x
  • relaxing video game mix x
  • song of the sea ost x
  • kpop piano x
  • disney piano x
  • kingdom hearts x
  • music box i x
  • music box ii x
  • misc japanese bgm i x
  • misc japanese bgm ii x


  • chopin collection x
  • beethoven collection x
  • tchaikovsky collection x
  • mozart collection x
  • brahms collection x
  • schubert collection x
  • debussy collection x

{star wars}

  • episode i x
  • episode ii x
  • episode iii x
  • episode iv x
  • episode v x
  • episode vi x
  • episode vii x
  • rogue one x
  • dagobah yoda’s hut x
  • tatooine dune sea x
  • hoth i x
  • hoth ii x
  • coruscant apartment x
  • kashyyyk at night x
  • endor at night x

{harry potter}

  • the philosopher’s stone x
  • chamber of secrets x
  • prisoner of azkaban x
  • goblet of fire x
  • order of the phoenix x
  • half-blood prince x
  • deathly hallows part 1 x
  • deathly hallows part 2 x
  • hogwarts library x
  • diagon alley x
  • hogsmeade x
  • forbidden forest at night x
  • dumbledore’s office x
  • hogwarts great hall at christmas x
  • weasley house x
  • ravenclaw common room i x
  • ravenclaw common room ii x
  • gryffindor common room i x
  • gryffindor common room ii x
  • hufflepuff common room i x
  • hufflepuff common room ii x
  • slytherin common room i x
  • slytherin common room ii x


  • game of thrones x
  • amélie ost x
  • jurassic park ost x
  • pride & prejudice ost x
  • bossa nova cafe music x
  • sound of the shrine x

I’m reading up on chocolate frog cards in the Harry Potter universe, for reasons, and-

“Came up with the ever changing floor plan.” 

Really, Ravenclaw? Really?

“You know what this school needs? To not make any sense-”

“Rowena, I don’t think-”

“Exactly, you don’t think. I’m brilliant and this is perfect. Moving staircases, walls that think they’re doors-”

“But how will the students get to class?”

“They’ll have to figure it out.”


“Everyday. They will figure it out everyday. My students will live in a tower and navigate these stairs every time.”

“The stairs move! This doesn’t seem safe…I think I’ll put my common room in the basement, Rowena.”

“Ditto. I think the dungeons would be safer…”

“…My kids will brave these stairs. I’ll take the other tower.”

So eighth year and McGonagalls put everyone that came back to finish up their last year in the third floor corridor or in the tower under the owlery.

But that part of the castle’s been abandoned for years so the heating charms are completely naff and it’s always too cold.

One night both Draco and Harry are in the common room after insomnia, for Draco, and nightmares, for Harry, kept them from their beds. They’ve pushed a couch up next to the main fireplace but it’s still fucking freezing.

Draco cannot stop shivering and is sitting right on the edge of the couch and holding his hands out to the fire. Harry’s leaning back, just wearing an old jumper and jeans he threw on, looking completely at ease.

Draco gives him a nasty look and Harry chuckles and jokingly opens his arms, “Want me to warm you up, Malfoy?”

What passes for rational thought in Draco’s head at this point is something like, You pompous fucking arsehole, fine see how you like it and he shifts over and lays on Harry’s chest thinking he’ll just do it for a minute to make Harry uncomfortable and then mock him mercilessly for it. But the boy is a furnace and Draco just relaxes into him like a fucking cat because he’s finally warm.

Harry is super uncomfortable for a bit until Draco just melts into him and wraps his hands around Harry’s back and they’re so cold. SO he just stays there and maybe dozes off.

This happens over and over again. When they meet in the common room and when they snuggle up together they both sleep better than they have for months and it’s just too good to give up. Eventually, they start to lose barriers between one another, start talking about the past and the war. Harry absently brushing Draco’s hair back leads to him touching it all the time and Draco likes to lay his head on Harry’s chest and listen to his heartbeat.

No one knows they’re doing this.

Then, one winter day, it’s cold enough to snow outside and the wind is blowing, chilling the castle and the eighth year’s rooms especially. Everyone’s gathered in the common room to pool their warming charms. Harry’s reading, laying on a large couch back against the wall that only he wants because boy is a furnace and doesn’t mind the chill from the stones.

Draco tromps down from his rooms wrapped up in a sweater, robes, his winter cloak and a blanket over his shoulders and still looks miserably cold. He spots Harry, immediately goes over to him, pushes his book up and snuggles up on top of him, pulling his blanket over his head as Harry sets his book down, propped up on Draco’s back.

And everyone’s staring like, what the actual bloody fuck?

Finally, Hermione asks Harry, “Are… you dating Malfoy?”

Harry brow furrows and he tugs up the edge of the blanket, “Are we dating?”

Draco thinks about it for a second, he leans up, kisses Harry and says, “I guess so,” then pulls the blanket over his head again.

Harry looks back at Hermione, “Looks that way.” and just goes back to reading.

some slytherin dormitory headcanons

  • slytherin common rooms that have large hearths every 20 feet with plush high-backed arm chairs and ornate blackwood tables around
  • slytherin common rooms with connecting smaller study and hang out rooms for smaller groups of people, with chandeliers and plush rugs to just sprawl on infront of the fire
  • slytherin common rooms that are furnished with art, tapestries and marble sculptures with little shelves beneath them for information on the famous artists and their process and history to fame.
  • slytherin common rooms with a beautiful vintage record player that selects songs based on the overall mood of the room, whether they’re muggle or wizarding.
  • slytherin common rooms with random enchanted ceiling to floor windows that show the hogwarts grounds around them while still maintaining the ethereal glow of the lake above them.
  • slytherin common rooms that change its architectural layout every 6 months like sometimes its baroque or victorian or italian renaissance or modern contemporary
  • slytherin common rooms with the best views in the castle of the vast and mysterious underwater creatures swimming by, and during nights, bioluminescent plants on the windowsills act as nightlights for the students.
  • slytherin common rooms with a 24/7 snack counter in a corner for kids who get peckish and want a nice hot mug of tea with biscuits.
  • slytherin common rooms that have two extremely large and long corridors that extend in opposite directions of the central room, showing the girls and boys dormitories, and unlike old-fashioned Gryffindor, slytherin places no restrictions on boys entering the girls rooms.
  • slytherin dormitories being the most comfortable after hufflepuffs with pillows and armchairs everywhere and even the occasional beanbag in the rooms to casually catch up on reading/talking/planning
  • slytherin students staying up late at night to hotly debate about the market statistics of various independent enterprises in the wizarding world and fight over the economic state of wizarding britain with wildly differing methods on improvement
  • slytherin hosting an intra-house quarterly competition for the best business strategies, or most innovative improvement to an already existing spell, or something of that sort and the winner gets to pitch their ideas to The Wizarding Times.
  • slytherin alumni discreetly visiting their old common room to help the current students network and build ties to people outside the school for better advancements after graduation.
  • slytherins basically not giving a fuck that they’re living in the dungeons because they’re the only house to be able to dig and expand their common rooms into the biggest in the castle, even airier than the ravenclaw common room and live it up in the grand dormitories.

Ilvermorny Common Rooms 

 Horned Serpent: A library growing out of a tranquil, moonlit marsh. Comfortable beds, complimented by your chest, wardrobe and nightstand, are scattered and sequestered around a large, central pond. The entrance is secretly hidden within the statue of the Horned Serpent in the Entrance Hall. When a Horned Serpent is near, the statue’s horn will shine, and it’s voice will speak to you in your head, repeating the first phrase it ever spoke to you. It will move aside to reveal an opening in the wall and an ascending staircase. 

Thunderbird: A nest of maps, journal scraps and photographs in the tallest tower. Beds are in the form of hammocks, knotting their way up to the top of the tower. Climbing up the jungle of ropes to claim your bed is right of passage for Thunderbirds. Wardrobes are inlaid in the walls next to each hammock. The ropes have spells enchanted upon them to keep intruders out of your bed. The entrance is on the ground floor. Most students pass under the giant hole in the ceiling by the kitchens without ever discovering what it means. But Thunderbirds know all too well. It’s a house rule to make sure no one catches you as you sneak under the hole, and let the hole vacuum you all the way up to the common room. Be sure to grab a rope on your first try, it’s a long way down and back up! 

 Wampus: A forested clearing forming a sturdy obstacle course and training arena. There are two large tree houses in each of the seven greatest trees that surround the clearing. Beds are divided by year and gender, similar to the Gryffindor common room at Hogwarts. The common room is accessed through a secret entrance in the gardens behind the castle. Present a bush, the one magically trimmed into the shape of a Wampus, with this week’s password and he’ll twist his vines to reveal a descending staircase. 

 Pukwudgie: A warm, underground chamber, magicked to resemble a cozy burrow. Cauldrons simmer around the soft floor, brightly lighting up the rows of shelves lined with bottles of ingredients and volumes of recipes and potions. Small doors lead off here and there in the walls to small tunnels that wind down to the bed chambers. There’s a painting of a Pukwudgie on the third floor of the east wing. If you describe to him something or someone you care about, his frame will swing open, revealing a hole. It’s a large tunnel slide that glides you down to your burrow common room. When leaving, the tunnel glides you back up. 

 Just a few ideas…

Imagine falling asleep next to Sirius on the couch in the common room and waking up to him looking at you. There would be something strange in the way he looked at you, something warm and caring, but as soon as he noticed you looking back at him he’d put on his usual cool attitude.
“Pity that I had that much fire whiskey, I’d love to know how I managed to get you fall asleep next to me”


Although the floor is made from stone in the Slytherin Common Room, the Slytherins, with their secretive natures, have developed quite a “hide things under the floorboards” culture. The first Slytherins to think of it developed a series of spells to raise and hollow out stone to serve as caches under the ground. These spots can be found all over the Common Room; and indeed, they have been found and the spells improved upon as the years go on. Older Slytherin students find it easier to transmute the stone, while younger Slytherins rely on the centuries-old spell mechanisms already ingrained in the stone.