the coming of spring

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Is there any sort of significance to spiders? I saw a teeny one on my arm earlier and I saw a few more tiny ones scuttling around.

None that come to mind. Its also spring, so spiders are starting to lay eggs?

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I'm scared for Monday cause if the egos come out I'm known holidays........

Let’s hope he doesn’t spring another ego on us. I don’t think the community would be able to handle it this time

We need more than a week or two to recover ;-;


Look. Look where we stand. Once pawns in the great game, we have risen above them all. And we will rule them all. Queen in the North and Queen in the South. Nothing will defeat us. When the long night comes, we will stand side by side in the great war against the Others. And when Spring comes again, the Seven Kingdoms will blossom under our rule. You and I, dearest Sansa, heart of my heart, would you like that?

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Why is Orion your favorite constellation? Also what are some others that you enjoy?

I dunno, it just kinda happened. I just recall looking up at him one night and thinking that I loved him. Probably because he’s the most recognizable in the sky to me (his “belt” is unmistakable) - every fall I get really excited for when I get to see him again, and I get sad when spring comes around because I won’t see him for another six months or so. 

I have this plan to punch the constellation into a tin can that I’ve painted dark blue with lots of other little white stars, and then put a tealight in the can, then when I light the candle, Orion can still glow for me even when he isn’t in the night sky. <3

Who wants to listen to Filthy whine about nothing SURE YOU DO

I put out a suet cake feeder for the birbs back in winter and nothing showed up for ages. Eventually the cake would be picked away but I rarely saw the culprit and that’s ok

So come Spring and BOOM birbs all over and here I am being a fuckin bleeding heart making my own suet cakes because they’re fresher and better for the little innocent birbs and their babies and WE CANT HAVE STALE BIRD FOOD IN THIS BITCH


and now theres a thistle feeder for the finches, and my god they’re cute little yellow poofs and my heart can’t deal, as well as a regular bird feeder

well Vamp and I had to leave town for a week which meant the feeders had to be pretty empty except for the store-bought suet her brother was replacing for us

and now all week I’m like BUT THE BABY BIRBS

nevermind that birds have been capable of feeding themselves just fine since time began I FEEL GUILTY

so we come home and I refill everything and theres grackles and a fat momma squirrel bein a shit and I’m just like :|

so I’m looking up what deters grackles because they’re scaring off the smaller precious peeping birbs and one of the things is avoiding corn and putting out only thistle

so I’m like OH and put thistle seed in the regular food feeder and put it out

and I wait

and out comes this tiny peeping sparrows so happy that their feeder is filled only to pause at the feeder like “??????” and peeping angrily

and I’m like “wait no!” but I think “maybe they’ll still eat it for a little bit while we wait for the grackles to get bored and leave…?”

but one after one the sparrows come to the food and look at it and fly off frustrated

and some are from the nesting box on our porch and I just


so my bleeding heart dumps the thistle back into a bag within MINUTES and refills the feeder with normal seed and waits for the happy tiny sparrows to go back to peeping and eating

and that is the story of how I’m controlled by tiny peeping poofs

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My legs are tired and sore from sitting cross legged in my desk chair but like if I don’t, I’m swatting ants off my legs every 5 minutes because it’s SPRING and that means ANTS and they come in RIGHT UNDER MY DESK and just ugh.

Also, I have pretty severe sensory issues and it takes one ant on my legs for me to feel like there are hundreds of ants all over my body so that’s a thing.  My anxiety meds calm it down some but not enough my dudes. Plus it’s a constant game of ‘Is that a real ant or a pretend ant” and it can be pretty hard to tell when your body is swarming with ants both fake and real.  My dudes.  Send help.

So apparently the people that worked on Bangtan’s upcoming comeback song are highly anticipating it. According to them, it’s not just going to capture the fans’ attention but the attention of the general public as well. 

They’re saying this is going to be the best comeback yet. ©


Rejoice! ‘Tis the Loki of Spring here to bless you with his bushy beard and smol size!


봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)

D.Va and the Leviathan

For some reason I’ve been thinking about D.Va a lot lately - there’s just something about someone tackling such crazy odds with her attitude that’s a lot of fun

Also bonus close-up so you can see the detail in that kaiju-bot: