the coming of spring

too many bar chords and falsettos

I wrote another Noragami song! Inspired by Yato and Hiyori. I actually changed the melody completely just this morning so this is a super impulse-post but ahh!!! I hope whoever listens digs it. As always, sorry for whatever messiness you may find in this phone recording. 

I wonder if tomorrow you will know my name.
It’s always the same.
I know there will come a winter far too cold.
A spring I’ll spend alone.

Why are lifetimes
fleeting like the
smoke that comes after a flame?

I would keep time
like it was mine
so we’d have a place to stay.

A thousand years
have passed me by.
But for the first time I’m alive.

Between the shores,
in all my life,
you are by far the most divine.

I will cherish the gifts made with your bruised hands.
Can you understand
my wounds that sting from unfamiliar kindness?
I want to deserve this.

Can you hear me?
Don’t forget me.
I won’t let this be in vain.

Mortal heartbeat,
I feel the heat
and ignore all of its pain.

A thousand years
have passed me by.
But for the first time I’m alive.

Between the shores,
in all my life,
you are by far the most divine.

Tangled in red, tying our souls.
Starlight you bled will guide me home.

Lay me down beside your head.
Let’s postpone the season’s end.

A thousand years
have passed me by.
But for the first time I’m alive.

Between the shores,
in all my life,
you are by far the most divine.

anonymous asked:

I work at a retail store for my university so we only get 20 hours at max a week except during breaks, we can get 40. Well spring break is coming up and myself and 2 coworkers are the only ones available besides 2 supervisors. We were super excited because we needed the extra hours. Our supervisors, who can also only get 20 hours but get paid more, decided to convince our boss to let them both work all week all day together. Meaning they get 40 hours and we get about 15 each. We're all pissed.

oh, my summer girl,
warm smiles and warm hands,
the sun in the sky.
open windows, sitting in the grass.
my summer girl,
shorts and t-shirts,
happiness and laughter.
summer is my favorite season.

into autumn,
turning leaves and chilly mornings,
rain and rain and rain,
reading books by a window.
into autumn,
i feel you curl into yourself
and i miss you,
deeply, i miss you.

winter comes,
snow is outside and inside
your eyes there is ice,
quiet foggy mornings.
winter comes
and you are distant.
but i am here,
please come back to me.

now it is spring,
the flowers are blooming,
and once again your hand finds mine.
you kiss me sweetly
and it is spring.
i look to you,
and find my peace.
oh, my summer girl.

Well we got to watch a movie today since it’s the last school day before Spring Break (texts coming soon) but I was mad cuz we were watching a movie I didn’t want to watch so I pulled a Mystery Science Theater 3000 and complained about stupid things. I’m the worst person ever.


OMFG… When a hurricane comes to your land, when a wild beast springs out of bushes, what is your reaction? Tea drinking? Ballons setting? Open your eyes, they are not human (in our termins) - they are beasts, organized like a hurricane. Drop your tea, raise your fist - only this can make them stop. If not, they will continue to see you as weak plants and flowers, which have to feed/entertain them for free.

PS And don’t forget bringing peace back to the countries you destroyed previously. Nobody needs an alien land having some own one.

sonador-reveur  asked:

I picked some flowers for you💐🌸🌷🌹🌻🌺🌼🥀 'cause it's spring 😀

Well, since I apparently can’t sleep anyway, I may as well enjoy the lovely spring flowers that my effervescent (which I believe is a really big word for bubbly), kind, talented, and loving friend Shikha sent me.  Ah spring, probably almost everyone’s favorite time of year.  My mother’s birthday was in early May, as is mine.  Throw in mother’s day, and voila.  Fond memories of many years spending vacation around that time of year with family and friends.  Yes, I guess you could say I too love spring, that magical season when everything comes or returns to life.  Thank you!

Love to all,
Mike <3        

nomadicnerds  asked:

Hello Mark. I was just wondering how you were going to go about the new Tortall book that is set to come out this spring. Will you wait for the rest of the trilogy? Are you going to read it with us? (I put it that way because I think you will read it- you seem to like Tammy's works)

Hello! I haven’t figured out a set plan, namely because it’s very difficult for me to add things to my schedule at this point. I’ll figure it out, but yes, I’ll obviously do it for the site!

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Oh my god.. Thanks to you I've just watch bts billboard videos of Inu and dope... Holy s**t... Those white shorts, they're illegal... I was dying, I mean... Those shorts... And Jungkook, he was so damn hot... Omg, he's ruining my life... I'll never forget this video.. Omg! Right now I am really glad spring is coming, this means shorts, shorts and more shorts! 😏

ikr his fucking thighs in shorts hAH BYE and jungkook with that swept back hair is something that needs to come back asap even if it hurts like hell ahfogirejfdk

Spring's Child

“Come out come out wherever you are…let’s get this over and done with pretty lady.” Heavy footsteps of the bloodthirsty hounds gaining proximity intensified the eeriness of the deserted lot.

 "Shit.“ You cursed as more blood oozed out of your gaping gash. "Well, I did this to myself.” You muttered in annoyance, if it weren’t for a moment of sheer stupidity that struck you, there would not have been a slightest chance for those brainless pile of muscles to impede your otherwise seamless plan.

 It’d be much harder for you to assassinate that cunning fox of a man now that he is well aware of what you had in mind for him. The only escape route available now is if you dash past the men, through a rain of bullets, and into the woods, they would never find you there, provided if you actually make it past them alive.

 "Show yourself now and I’ll make it an quick and painless for you lady, I’d hate to see such a pretty thing suffer a long, painful death.“ You tightened your grip on your guns, drew in a long, shaky breath and braced yourself for the worst. 

"Here goes nothing.” You muttered. You stood. You shot. You ran. Gunshots followed as you fled into the thick woods. So many times you had tripped on the ensnaring roots of the trees and you found it more and more difficult to summon the strength to get up, worn out mentally and physically. 

The men were close at your tail, you had no choice but to continue running. The world closed in and spun, throwing you out of balance and you collapsed, body slamming hard against the trunk of the tree.

 "Someone help me, please.“ You whispered weakly and blacked out. 

Taehyung watched in amusement at gang of men chasing this one girl, popping berries into his mouth as he dangled off the branch of a tree.

 "My my, this girl sure has many men courting her.” He paused for a moment when he saw the girl had fainted right beneath him. The men had caught up to her, one of the men aimed his gun at the unconscious girl. 

 "That’s not what you’re supposed to do to a girl you’re courting isn’t it.“ The young boy pondered. Usually, Taehyung never cared enough to meddle with mundane matters of your world yet today he behaved rather oddly. 

 The ground shook violently when Taehyung’s fist collided with it while the leaves stirred up a tempestuous storm. He smirked as the men’s face contorted in shock and horror, dusting his hands off. 

 "Wh-what are you doing!?"The man stumbled on his words, trembling in fear. "Just being a gentleman.” Taehyung kneeled down and secured one arm around the girl’s waist, supporting her limp body with ease. 

 Taehyung raised his other hand slowly, emitting light containing such power it had blinded the men, their mouth opened to scream yet their shrieks of terror were not to be heard.

 With a flick of Taehyung’s wrist, vines slithered around the men’s limbs, flinging them to the other end of the forest. Taehyung smirked at how far he had managed to toss the men but stopped when he noticed sticky blood trickling off his hands, your blood. 

 "Let me in.“ He whispered before vanishing into the tree that led him to a paradise he calls his home. 

 You stirred as you felt a strange tingling sensation around your abdomen. Disbelief struck you and your eyes grew wide as you assessed the situation .

 A boy was busying himself under your shirt, smothering a peculiar paste on your wounds, sparks shooting out of his hands as he hovered them above your gash. The slash across your abdomen patched itself up miraculously and your skin looked smooth as it did before, not a hint of blood, no scars, nothing. 

Screaming, your leg swung and hit his face as he inched closer.

 "I was expecting something more along the lines of ‘thank you’, but then again I ought not to expect too much from someone who just regained consciousness.” The boy huffed. 

 "I’m sorry?“ 

 "Nice to meet you, I’m Taehyung, . The boy extended a hand towards you and winked. 

 "So…are you like some sort of nymph?” Taehyung laughed and shook his head, laying a platter of really odd looking puffballs in front of you, which rose one by one, drifting towards you. 

 The both of you sat cross-legged on the floor, you were still gaping at the floating delicacy in front of you while Taehyung urged you to eat one but you were hesitant. 

 "I’m a really great cook, take it from someone who’ve had thousands of years of practice- And no, that is not an expression, it’s literal.“ "They look like chocking hazards." 

You covered your mouth with your hands and Taehyung slapped them away. He grabbed snatched one off the air and shoved it in your face. 

 ”Look at this, look at how excited they are, just begging to be eaten, it’s the first time they ever had guest before.” Taehyung pouted, allowing his cuteness to do all the convincing. 

 The relentless boy scooted closer to you, you gulped when Taehyung’s face were inches apart form yours, you were close enough to see the moonlight dancing in his warm brown eyes, the small bumps on his face, his moist lips - you could see everything. 

 "C'mon open wide, ahhh…“ When he nudged your lips with his thumbs, your whole body went numb. He swiftly slipped the puffball into your mouth whereas you were yet to recover from his touch.

 "That’s my girl.” He smiled and ruffled you hair when you down the puffballs. Surprisingly, the puffballs were really good, and did not choke you to death. Taehyung clapped in delight as you finished them all. 

 "Told you I was a great cook.“

 Hours passed as he showed you around his house, or rather, tree. He lived inside of a tree, it looks way bigger on the inside. There was a room that was completely submerged in water with unknown species swimming freely, yet you could walk through the waters without getting soaked. That was your favourite room.

 "I’ve been collecting, things, from the outside world.” Taehyung took out his treasures from a box and laid it out on the floor, a dirty plush toy, an earring, seashells and some coins. He liked the old school stereo best.

 "I still can’t figure out what this does.“ He muttered while toying with the stereo and so you explained to him what it was and he seemed amazed.

 Taehyung looked at his treasures like he would to a lover, he was more human than you were. You felt your pendant cool on your chest and decided he would cherish it more than you did. 

   "Taehyung, you can have this if you want to.” You removed your necklace, and placed it in his hands. Taehyung looked back and forth between you and the necklace. 

 "R-really? You would let me keep this?“ His face lit up with joy and excitement. You nodded.

 "It’s so beautiful.” He whispered and caressed the cool pendant. “It’s made out of jade." 

 "Thank you, so much.” Taehyung snuggled into you like a puppy leaving you at a loss of words. Gingerly, you wrapped your arms around him, brushing through his lustrous hair. 

 "Let’s go see the sunrise.“ Taehyung looked up from your lap suddenly and spoke. "It’s only about half an hour from now.

” “Where?”

 "Up.“ A hint of playfulness crept upon his smile. 

 He stood up and grabbed your hand, ushering you to a humongous flower that you never paid attention to before during his house tour. 

 "Sit.” Taehyung instructed, bouncing on his heels in excitement and so you complied and sat on the big, big flower. 

 "Close your eyes.“ The petals closed in on you and the next thing you knew you were elevated high up in the air. 

Chills crawled on your skin, before you could scream you heard a familiar soothing voice. "You can open your eyes now." 

 The urge to shriek returned as you realized that your legs were dangling off from a tree, you were so high up you couldn’t even see the ground beneath.

 "Don’t worry, I got you.” Taehyung was seated right beside you and hooked his arm around your waist. The frosty air nipped at you and you shuddered, Tae pulled you closer to himself who was radiating warmth. 

 "Tae, what are you?“ You closed your eyes and leaned on his shoulder, trying to erase the possibility of you falling to death from your mind. 

 "I’m a human, I mean I do look like your species, just a little different I guess." 

You snickered. A little? You haven’t seen humans with powers like his.

 "I haven’t seen humans with flowers crowns floating above their heads, especially a boy." Taehyung pouted and flicked your forehead. 

 "What’s wrong with that, I thought I looked rather ravishing.” He smiled and straightened his flower crown. 

 He was good looking, but way too pretty for a boy, his eyes were big and nicely shaped, but you liked his boxed smile most, you thought it was adorable. 

 "What about your family then? Are they all like you? With superpowers?“

 "The tree is my only family, it gave me life.” He patted the tree proudly. “So it’s your Mother? So are you like some sort of plant?"You laughed when you pictured him as an actual tree, with twigs as arms. 

 "No.” He narrowed his eyes at you and continued. "It’s my life force, as long as this tree blossoms, I’m alive.“

 "So this tree is like a power bank?” After a long night you had yet to have a clear grasp of the idea of Taehyung. 

 Taehyung sighed, he had intended to make things sound more whimsical but you ruined it with your modern-day talk. The both of you were quiet for a while, just to let everything that had happened last night sink in.

 "Don’t leave me.“Taehyung said out of the blue. His eyes held such sincerity and seriousness when he spoke. 

"Don’t go back, I’ll miss you to much to do anything if you do leave." 

 "I’m not sure if I have anything to go back to.” You smiled bitterly. Taehyung didn’t comprehend and raised an eyebrow quizzically at you. 

 "I’m not, a good person, Tae. I kill. Just like those men.“ 

 "Why? I don’t think you’re that evil, you haven’t killed me yet, or at least tried to.” He chuckled, fiddling with your fingers.

 "I was born and raised that way Tae. All my life all I’ve known was to kill, but I don’t want to live like this anymore.“ As you spoke the sun was already rising in the east, no more was there darkness, only hope. 

 "Then you can start a new life here, with me.” Taehyung held you face in his hand, and looked at you hard, leaning closer and closer until just before your lips touched.

 "Stay with me.“ He whispered against your lips. 

 Your answer to Taehyung was as simple as a kiss.