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*SANSPO Article November 20, 2017: The 4 Members will Enlist Coming Spring… BIGBANG Promises to Come Back Even BIGger

*excite news, November 20, 2017: BIGBANG Open Curtains for their Japan Dome Tour the 5th Consecutive Year. “Don’t be sad. The Day we Meet Again Will Come Very Soon.

*Sport Houchi, November 20, 2017 (online article): BIGBANG Start Their Big 4 (Cities) Dome Tour, the Fifth Consecutive Year Being Their Last Due To Military Service. Reunion as Early as 2020.

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The Signs As Musicals
  • Aries: Spring Awakening
  • Taurus: Matilda
  • Gemini: Newsies
  • Cancer: Waitress
  • Leo: Heathers
  • Virgo: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
  • Libra: The Phantom of the Opera
  • Scorpio: Something Rotten!
  • Sagittarius: Falsettos
  • Capricorn: Dear Evan Hansen
  • Aquarius: Come From Away
  • Pisces: Dogfight

So apparently the people that worked on Bangtan’s upcoming comeback song are highly anticipating it. According to them, it’s not just going to capture the fans’ attention but the attention of the general public as well. 

They’re saying this is going to be the best comeback yet. ©

General musical descriptions

Dear Evan Hansen: Ben Platt looking into the audience with a sad expression for like 2 ½ hours

(bla bla bla) Great Comet of 1812: simple plot surrounded by a kinda easy plot surrounded by a lot of other crap (but still somehow managed to be amazing)

Hamilton: over hype: the musical

Falsettos: oh the GAYNESS of it all

Charlie and the chocolate factory: we say we’re family friendly but we also show a child getting ripped in half. (Very underrated)

Sunset Blvd: it’s like a really fucked up beauty and the beast.

Phantom of the Opera: sInG oNcE aGaIn WiTh Me OuR sTrAnGe DuEt

Cats: a two hour tourist trap

School of Rock: talented children+ Alex Brightman + Sierra Bogess= a show I wanna see!!

Something rotten: Shakespeare was a prick

Come from away: WELCOME TO THE ROCK

Spring Awakening: don’t have sex: or you’ll get pregnant, and die

Wicked: you already know

Heathers: it’s like if Caty just fucking KILLED REGINA.

Carrie: rated R Matilda

Matilda: R E V O L T I N G C H I L D R E N

Once on this island: Moana?

Sweeney Todd: Worst. Haircut. Ever.

Newsies: boys jumping for 2 hours

Book of Mormon: Repress your emotions woooo!!!!

Waitress: sad and pregnant + pie!!!

(these are jokes I love all of these)


Rejoice! ‘Tis the Loki of Spring here to bless you with his bushy beard and smol size!


봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)

we need more universal musical theatre memes. i felt the need to propose some

•every time there’s a picture of nic rouleau just pretending he’s a really important member of the mormon church (ie: “this is a picture of Brigham Young, one of the og mormons”; or “meet Thomas Monson: the president of the mormon church”)

•never saying lin’s name. just replace it with He, Him, His, etc. lin is god. 

•any musical that closed is now required to be bleeped out (gr**t c*m*t, etc)

•every year on march 21st (the first day of spring) everyone forgets that any musical except spring awakening exists

•this isn’t new but yall have gotta keep up with the “this is not amelie” bootleg names. fantastic. 10/10

•whenever people are partying describe it like “they’re behaving like they’re at the ballet”

•whenever someone is asking how to pronounce something/is pronouncing it wrong just go “actually it’s pronounced barFAY”

•whenever something confusing is happening be like “welcome to the rock”

•sentences in the style of “elsa from frozen? no, she’s maureen from rent” to describe people

•pretending jeremy jordan is an actual dog

•photoshopping christian borle’s face onto everything because he’s been in literally every show

•saying “hey guys who’s down to write a(n) ___ musical with me” except the ___ is replaced by something that should NOT be made into a musical (ie: “hey guys whos down to write a “the old man and the sea” musical with me)

•ben platt is an alien. we have no idea where he came from. he just showed up on earth today and decided to bless us with his presence and voice. you are now a secret agent whose task is to figure out where he came from and if there are more of these blessed beings

please feel free to add more. we need these in the broadway fandom

reasons to stay alive:
  • all the beautiful things waiting for me, when im no longer in agony and i already love me. the things that are meant to compensate the years of my suffering. the calm after the storm. the very feeling of having the chance to say, “i finally did it. im here. im glad im here.”
  • movies to be produced, technology and computers to be created, artworks to be made, and the mere existence of the future. will it be as technologic as i imagined it to be? i want to know. i want to see it myself
  • the delight and simple joy of seeing the sunrise; will it be as orange as yesterday? or will it be a little more pink? painting, taking snaps, and enjoying the scenery without having to worry about anything. the beauty of nature. i want to feel it every day.
  • the coming of the seasons. the smell of lavenders and sunflowers on spring. the ombré colors of the streets on autumn. the warmth of the summer sunshine. the coolness of snow on my winter skin. the concept of having to experience the cycle every year. the clothes i must wear on such. every little thing about everyday.
  • the pets i love. i wouldn’t want them to wake up and wonder where i am one day. i know what it’s like to be so alone in this place full of strangers. and i know it will break their hearts. the plants i keep. i dont want them to wilt and die bc nobody would water them miraculously as much as i do. i dont want them to lose themselves the way i lost me.
  • the books i haven’t read. the museums i haven’t been to. the songs i haven’t heard. the people i haven’t met. the simplest things that i haven’t done. i want to feel what it’s like to meet new things once again. i want to feel what it’s like to feel appreciated and to appreciate something one last time.
  • and the redemption. i want to be me again. i want to remember what it’s like to be me a few years ago. i want to wake up without groaning because i didn’t lose it last night. i just want to be new, to be reborn, to be beautiful one more time. and that will only happen if im alive. and that simple string of hope is what keeps me going. and i believe that simple string of hope will keep me breathing for the longest time. :)
get you a musical who can do both
  • Hamilton: I catch a glimpse of the other side. Laurens leads a soldier's chorus on the other side, my son is on the other side! He's with my mother on the other side! Washington is watching from the other side! Teach me how to say goodbye, rise up, rise up, rise up, Eliza... My love, take your time. I'll see you on the other side.
  • also Hamilton: I'm a general! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • Spring Awakening: All things he ever lived are left behind. All the fears that ever flickered through his mind, all the sadness that he'd come to own.
  • also Spring Awakening: Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. Totally fucked
  • Spelling Bee: I think Dad is angry, Mom, and I do not know what to do... I think he takes out on me what he wants to take out on you. Mama, Mama, Mama! How I wish you were home.
  • also Spelling Bee: My unfortunate erection is destroying my perfection
  • Next to Normal: Do you wake up in the morning and need help to lift your head? Do you read obituaries and feel jealous of the dead? It's like living on a cliffside, not knowing when you'll dive. Do you know, do you know what it's like to die alive?
  • also Next to Normal: Valium is my favorite color
  • Dear Evan Hansen: I guess I wanted to believe, 'cause if I just believe, then I don't have to see what's really there. No, I'd rather pretend I'm something better than these broken parts. Pretend I'm something other than this mess that I am, 'cause then I don't have to look at it.
  • also Dear Evan Hansen: iF i sTOP SmOKInG CrACK-
  • Falsettos: What more can I say? How am I to face tomorrow, after being screwed out of today? Tell me what's in store. Yes, I'd beg or steal or borrow if I could hold you for one hour more.
  • also Falsettos: I'm bitching, he's bitching, they're bitching, we're bitching, bitch bitch bitch bitch funny funny funny funny bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch
  • Great Comet: So easy to close off, place the blame outside. Hiding in my room at night, so terrified. All the things I could have been, but I never had the nerve. Life and love I don't deserve!
  • also Great Comet: says the mean old man in his underthings
  • In the Heights: "Alabanza" means to raise this thing to God’s face and to sing, quite literally, “Praise to this.” When she was here, the path was clear. And she was just here! She was just here...
  • also In the Heights: he's packing a stretch limousine
  • Groundhog Day: I thought the only way to better days was through tomorrow, but I know now, I know. Yes, I know now that I know... nothing.
  • also Groundhog Day: suck my balls i'm out
Musical Boots

-Hey so I decided to upload all my bootlegs to a google drive, here’s the link- 

message me if you have any problems (or if you just wanna chat im down)

Here are all the boots included (I’ll try to update this regularly):

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Narcisse Snake Dens

The dens are the winter home of tens of thousands of red-sided garter snakes (Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis). These pits are the largest concentration in the world of this particular type of snake. Their winter dens are subterranean caverns formed by the area’s water-worn limestone bedrock. In the spring, they come up from their dens to the snake pits, where they engage in mating rituals. Then they disperse into the nearby marshes for the summer. The conservation area is open to the public. The snakes are most active during the spring and fall - in late April to early May, which is the mating season, and also in early September, when the snakes slither back down to their winter dens.

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