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Because I have a weakness for Set the Egyptian God of Storm, Chaos, and Evil. And because I just want Jack to get someone who understands him somewhat. Even if it’s a dubious figure like Set who is mostly portrayed as the bad guy but once he was known to be a hero who fought Apophis on Ra’s sunboat as he traveled down to the underworld to face his nightly trials. I could go on and on but I’ll let the comic speak for itself.

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I can't remember if you've answered this before, but is there a reason you don't use Alphys's stutter? Has her time as a leader just caused her to overcome it?

Oh! I’m glad someone noticed!

You’ll get the answer in time. I suppose it’s not spoilers to say, but I want the comic to speak for itself

Stalking Is Such a Harsh Word

An Earth AU where Ahsoka Tano is a teenager with an abusive father and Anakin is the college kid who decides he wants a little sister. Obviously, trigger warnings for child abuse. 

She was young when it first started happening. Young enough that her mother was still in the picture, young enough that just a little more pressure behind a swat hurt more than it would have usually. She thinks sometimes, in the back of her mind, that it started as an accident perhaps. He didn’t mean to hit her so hard, misjudged his strength and her fragility, and then when he realized how much it hurt her he felt powerful again. In control.

Or maybe it wasn’t an accident and she’s just lying to herself.

She grows up poor and bruised, angry and sad. She gets in fights at school and cowers at home. The only touch she knows for years is rough and painful. She comes to school with bruised ribs, black eyes, cut lips, and no one seems to care. So she steels herself and lashes out because if they don’t care about her, she won’t care about them.

Then she meets Anakin.

He’s in college and she’s a freshman in high school and by all accounts they shouldn’t have met at all. But she gets into an argument in the public library and he’s the one that comes out to tell them off for being ridiculous. The other girl takes a swing at her and before she can dodge, Anakin catches the girl’s fist and snarls at her. Like a wolf. Ahsoka likes wolves.

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Quirky Cat Bakes a Cake

This is Shaun Spalding, co-writer/creator of the Catchphrase Dog Universe here. Welcome to the behind-the-scenes bloggy thing. I’ve decided that I’m going to write a stream of consciousness type-thing with each comic. I usually let the work I do speak for itself, but sometimes it doesn’t speak very well on it’s own so here we go! Thanks so much for reading the comic this week and in the future :D

When I started this comic, I wanted to have a few written and drawn already so we could launch with  2-3 of them and they would come out regularly, every Monday, even if I was lazy or sick or too busy with my day job. “Quirky Cat Bakes a Cake” is definitely my favorite of all of the ones that we’ve done so far.

Quirky Cat is so adorable, so excited about life, and so interested in making everyone around her feel good, I thought that starting with this one would get people to understand her character perfectly. QC is actually the main character of the strip as you’ll figure out over the next few weeks/ months. So even though it’s called Catchphrase Dog: Unleashed, you’ll start noticing that CPD actually doesn’t really appear all that often. 

So cute little Quirky Cat gets to be our eyes and ears in the world. I think that Andrew, one of the co-writers, has a crush on QC. That’s why I make sure that he reviews all of the script drafts to ask me if “this is something that Quirky Cat” would do.

Even though Quirky is a bit anxious sometimes and a bit unrealistic, there’s no way you can’t love her. That second panel with the eye-lights breaks my heart every time.


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I see your Mystixx stop motion comic and raise you…….this.

I think it speaks for itself TBQH