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Finally finished Part 2 of the comic I made for @skaylanphear‘s short story, Pick-Up and Chase, in which she embraces the mantra, WWCND (What Would Chat Noir Do), Aka. Pun the heck out of everything.

(The background for some of the panels is just an edited screenshot of the school from the show, because laziness)

Here’s Part 1.

Attention fellow comedy lovers: If you have access to a cable subscription that gets CNN I highly recommend you check out A History of Comedy on CNNgo. I just finished their second episode called The Funnier Sex about women in comedy. As someone who has written papers and done numerous presentations on the subject, I can personally vouch for the credibility of this episode. It’s broad without glossing over essential comediennes, and thorough without spending too much time on one woman, film, or tv show. It’s only 42 minutes long and yet it covered so much that it feels like a two-hour documentary without dragging. It’s a very well-balanced piece that seamlessly combines interviews and clips. I’m still not over it, I’m so glad I watched it.

Another preview because I spent waaay too much time on this and I’m kinda proud!!

It’s gonna be a comic of like 7/8 drawings, so it might take a while for me to finish the whole thing(especially If I put this much effort into all the frames oooops) so please have patience with me guys!!

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College AU?

Title: Double-O Cheesecake
Rating: Teen
Genre: School/Comedy
Characters: Yuri Plisetsky and Otabek Altin
Notes: talk, finishing up homework, hypothetical talk, secret agents, and cheesecake, dorm roommates

    The dorm life was everything that Mila said. The occasional three a.m. cockroach as you tried to take a leak while fighting zombies in your sleep was real. Yuri kept a running tally of the encounters, and the number was on the verge of entering into the two-digit zone. The cheap ramen fixes from the nearby general store helped during the times of famine, i.e. late night studying with a hint of scraping an essay together at the last minute. A few chicken noodle soup packets were tucked neatly under Yuri’s study table, courtesy of Otabek and his need in keeping things organized.

    Perhaps the truest thing that Mila told Yuri before his college years started were these final words: “You are your roommate are going to have these moments where you both look at each other and the randomest things spew out.” At first, Yuri dismissed the words during the first few months rooming with Otabek. The stern giant didn’t talk much during his chill time at the dorm, and he was mostly typing away on his laptop anyway. Busy with homework, projects, and building up a work resume for after graduation. And then, there was Yuri.

    Cat stickers plastered across his laptop’s back, a shiny keyboard because of his sweaty fingers, and his poor battery was twenty percent of what it used to be. Didn’t matter to Yuri. The laptop was his chilling laptop, so it didn’t matter that he played Candy Crush on it for hours after dinner while Otabek dutifully played soft classical music as he prepared business presentations for a freshman that he was tutoring.

    Late one night while Otabek was showering, Yuri cracked his fingers as he stared at a blank word document. It’d be ten minutes, and his fingers were still hovering over the keyboard. The word document stared at him, taunted him. Why was this word document acting like it owned him. Time was against him. In less than twelve hours, Yuri would be trooping with his tail behind his legs to his literature class if he didn’t submit this essay in time.

    Yuri growled at the word document. It didn’t even flinch. The blinking cursor just looked at him, begging him to type something down. Yuri managed a sentence before he erased the entire line and began the staring game again. What was the prompt? What book was he supposed to read but didn’t read? What was the page requirement again? Yuri flipped through his brand new calendar, hoping that he scribbled something down in the neat little boxes on each page. Well, there was a reason why the calendar was clean. Yuri never bothered to take it out of its wrapping in the first place.

    Just as Otabek emerged from the bathroom, Yuri switched onto his facebook and messed with Candy Crush. Slouching on his bed, Yuri occasionally glanced up from his screen to make sure that Otabek was occupied with whatever he was occupied with. In this case, it was getting dressed.

    “Remember that you have an essay due tomorrow morning.”

    Yuri flinched, but it was all expressed in his fingers. Calmly matching a row of candies, Yuri adjusted his imaginary glasses.

    “Already finished it, thank you very much.”

    Otabek cocked his head, and Yuri pressed his laptop closer to himself. If he didn’t make eye contact, everything was going to be okay. Switching back to his empty word document, Yuri moved his thumb around the touchpad while Otabek climbed crawled into his bed and pulled his laptop onto his lap. Both boys glanced at the other from across their side of the room. Glasses pushed up the bridge of his nose, Otabek dug through his notes for a specific piece of paper as he drew charts and tables. Yuri just…screwed around with his touchpad as nothingness filled his thoughts.

    He couldn’t exactly go on a text-craze now. Otabek would then know that he was lying, and his roommate will never let him live it down. Stay calm. Even so, Yuri’s hands shook and random characters danced across the blank canvas that was the word document. Would the teacher accept random scribbles as an essay? Yuri didn’t want to think about it.

    “If you were an agent and someone was forcing information out of you, would you speak after they threatened to shatter your knee cap?”

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Basically I tried to start working on a romcom-style trailer for TFTBL and I think I’m giving up on it because it’s a lot more work than I realized it’d be. So have one of my favorite bits I edited so far in gif form because Tumblr wouldn’t upload the video of what I’d finished for… Whatever reason.

Will this project ever be finished? Probably not. But who knows, maybe I’ll pick it back up at some point  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯