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“I’m telling ya, Johnny Kickstarter is the best loan shark in town, might be tied up with the mob, but he’s the guy to get us our cheddar.”

“He could be tied up with actual sharks for all I care, if he would just show up to this meeting.”

This has been a Johnny Kickstarter appreciation post.

Jackson Wang Masterlist

I will update this every time I write a new scenario ^_^

Text Message Conversations (Jackson x Reader)


my finished motion typography project 🕷


Back in 2015 between the end of #bighero6 and the start of #zootopia I worked on a short called #frozenfever . It was a fun little project and it’s where I got to animate #kristoff , #anna & #elsa for the first time! I was SO excited to animate this shot because of the fun mix of body mechanics, pantomime and comedy. Unfortunately it was revised in story before I got to finish, so it never made the final cut. This is my pencil test and my splined animation before it went back into story. Regardless, I learnt a ton about clarity, timing and spacing and I really enjoyed the process of problem solving this scene.

#trusttheprocess #animation #2danimation #2d #cganimation #disney #disneyanimation #frozen #snoogie #shot #penciltest #funny #lol #process #animationstudent #learning #educational #school (at Walt Disney Animation Studios)

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Unexpected || Stiles Stilinski Imagine *

Request: Stiles and the reader are friends but they are having a cuddling sesh and she keeps moving to get comfortable and accidentally gives him a boner then you can like do whatever you want for the ending lol

 A/n: This one might be a bit short, but i hope you like it. Btw request are open and don’t forget to tell me what you think about this imagine! Love you guys  

Warning: horrible grammar and slight smut ;) ;) ;) 

 You and Stiles always had your annual movie night. It was a way for the two of you to distract yourself from the horrible things that keeps happening in Beacon Hills. You barely got a break since you’re always helping your group of friends. 

 You were currently making the popcorn and the snacks before Stiles came over. “What movie are we going to watch?” Stiles asked as he sat down on the sofa. He grabbed the blanket that was next to him and draped it around him. You picked up the two dvd’s in your hand and showed him to it. “Comedy or horror, mhm good choice.” He replied while he was looking at the two options. 

 “How about we see both? We start with the comedy and finish the night by watching the horror movie.” He suggest with a smirk on his face. You turned around to look him and you wanted to wipe that stupid smirk off his stupid face. You shook your head and started the movie. 

 “I should’ve chosen a romantic one.” You mumble to yourself and Stiles burst out laughing. You glared at the boy and walked into the kitchen to grab the snacks that you prepared.

 “Is the baby going to get scared?” Stiles questioned in his baby voice. You let out a sigh and put everything down in the table infront of you. “Don’t worry, i’m here to protect you from the big bad monster.” He chuckles and you grab the nearest pillow and throw it at his face. 

 Stiles flinched and the pillow hitting him straight in face, making you burst out laughing. “Next time, don’t tease me because you’ll get worse.” You stated, winking at him and all he did was roll his eyes. “Scoot over, i have to sit.” 

Stiles moved a bit and you sat down next to him. He grabbed the blanket and draped it around the two of you. “You almost ruined my beautiful face.” Stiles whispered to you after a while and you looked at him raising an eyebrow.

 “What beautiful face? Your face is already ruined.” You joked and you see his face change in shock and hurt. He huffed out his irritation and looked back at the screen, ignoring you completely. “Stiles, i was kidding. You indeed have a beautiful face.” You told him but still he ignored you. 

 “Here’s where you’re supposed to be saying ‘i know’ “ You said after a while but he still ignored you and his focus was on the screen. The movie wasn’t your main concern anymore, it was Stiles. You were going to make that boy talk to you.

 You scoot over to him and layed your head on his shoulder, pretending to watch the movie. Stiles’ body tensed but soon after he relaxed. “Stiles.” You whispered in his ear and you can see he got chills but he covered it up and still ignored you.

 You rolled your eyes and looked at the screen infront of you, giving up at trying to make Stiles talk to you. After a while of watching the movie, you feel a hand around your shoulder and you looked up at Stiles, but his focus was straight ahead and you couldn’t help but stare at his face. He was indeed beautiful, with freckles all over his face and his beautiful brown eyes.

 Stiles moved his head down so he can look at you and when your eyes met, you could feel yourself becoming red so you quickly turned your head the opposite way. You pulled away from his hold and you can feel his gaze on you. You walked towards the closet to grab some more blankets but before you  could a voice stopped you.

 “Where are you going?” He asked and you smiled at the fact he talked to you. 

 “Ahh, so he speaks.” You teased him and he rolled his eyes, turning his body back away from you. “I’m going to grab some blankets.” 

 You came back with the extra blanket and you layed your head on Stiles lap and your body stretched across the sofa. Stiles inhaled deeply, tensing a bit but that quickly went away. You knew what you were doing was wrong and that you could ruin the amazing friendship between you and Stiles, but right now you didn’t care. 

 You moved a bit trying to get comfortable and you can hear Stiles taking deep breaths trying to calm himself down. You giggled at the fact that this was working and you continued watching the movie.

 “Can you stop moving?” Stiles asked through gritted teeth and you looked up at him, batting your eyelashes at him. He groans and stared back at the screen infront of you. You moved a bit again and this time he pushed you off him. 

 “What the hell!” You exclaimed as you stood up straight on the sofa. Stiles mumbled something under his breath, ignoring you. “Why did you push me off?! I was enjoying the movie you know!” You told the boy, your eyes wandered to his lap and that’s when you noticed it. He was hard.

 “Did i do that?” You asked shyly after a while. Stiles gulps and looked over at you. He opened his mouth and closed it again, not knowing what to say. Your eyes stayed focus on the huge bulge in his pants. You scoot over closed and layed your hand on his chest.

 “Do you need any help?” You asked him, biting your lips. Your hands slowly traced his chest and you can feel him shuddering at your touch which made you smile. You liked Stiles for a while and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t want this.

 “I need to hear you say it Stiles.” You said looking him straight in his eyes. “Tell me you want this or i’ll stop.”

 “Shit.” He cursed when you palmed him through his jeans. “I want this. I want you so badly.” He whined jerking his hips, trying to get as much friction as he can get. You moved closer to him, moving your legs on each side of his body, now straddling him. You stared at his beautiful face before you leaned down and captured his lips in a sweet and passionate kiss. 

 “I want you too, Stiles.” You mumbled against his lips and you can feel him smile. He grabbed your face in his hands and smashed his lips onto yours. This time the kiss was needy and sloppy. All you wanted at that moment was him, all him. 

 You pulled away due to lack of oxygen and smiled at him. “You sit still daddy.” You instructed and Stiles let out a loud moan which made you want him more. You wanted to hear them making those sounds again. You tugged at his shirt, trying to take it off. You whined as you struggled with the stupid shirt. Stiles smirked at you as he leaned forward and took his shirt off, throwing it somewhere in the room.

 “Do you like what you see, baby girl?” Stiles asked you and you bit your lip, taking every inch of his body in. You nod you head and leaned down to kiss him again. But before it can get heated you pulled away and start kissing down his jawline to his neck. 

 Stiles wrapped his hands on your ass, gripping it tightly which made you moan at the contact. You sucked and kissed his neck, probably leaving some nasty mark that would definitely stay there for a week or two. “What do you want daddy?” You asked innocently, playing with the end of your hair. 

 “You’re killing me woman.” He groaned and his hands made his way into your hair. “Do as you please, baby girl.” You pulled yourself off him and went on your knees. With a smirk on your face your hands slowly unbuttoned his jeans and he let out a frustrated sigh. Stiles hand reached his jeans so he can pull it down, but you quickly swatted it away. “You stay still, let me do the job.” You barked, eyeing him sternly. 

 “Fine, but please go faster. This is torture, ya know.” Stiles said, closing his eyes as you finally pulled his jeans down his legs. You threw his jeans somewhere behind you and your hand immediately went to his crotch. Stiles squirms in the seat when you start to palm him through his boxer, putting more pressure each time. 

 “Do something! Please!” Stiles exclaimed with his eyes shut closed. You mumbled sorry under your breath as you pulled his boxer and threw it with the pile of clothes that were laying on the floor. You can feel yourself getting aroused by just staring at his member. 

 He moans when you finally wrap your hand around his bare cock. You didn’t want to tease him anymore so you started to stroke his member faster and Stiles was becoming a mess. You looked up at him and his eyes were shut closed and his face was with pure pleasure and you would lie if you say that that didn’t turn you the fuck on.

 “Put your mouth on my cock.” Stiles demands and even though you wanted to be in charge for once, you still complied. Stiles let out a groan when you wrapped your mouth on his member.  You started to rub him up and down his shaft as you swirled your tongue around his tip. You hollowed your cheeks as you pushed him further down your throat. 

 He grabbed a handful of your hair as he tried to push you deeper on his member. You looked him through your eyelashed and moaned at the sight of him. “Shit.” He groans as he bucked his hips up but you pushed down on his thigh so he can stay still on the couch and you can do your work.

 You pushed yourself away from him and began pumping him. You pumped him harder and faster, and then slowed down. He shudders at the feeling and you had a smirk on your face because you were doing this to him.  “I-i’m close y/n.” He moaned, looking down at you. You stood up with your hand on his member, still pumping him and you kissed him hard. He kissed you back eagerly. 

 “Are you going to cum for me, daddy?” You asked him innocently and he nodded his head. You sank back to the floor and you placed your lips back around his tip and immediately deep throated him. He cried out at your sudden actions as you bobbed my head up and down.

 You felt him twitch in your mouth warning you that he was about to cum. You sucked harder and you pumped the part that couldn’t fit in your mouth. He moved his hand down to your head and pushed himself further down my throat, making me gag. He bucked his hips up  before he stay still.

 “Ah, fuuck!” He cursed loudly as he came into my mouth. I swallowed all of him and then I sat up and wiped my mouth and made myself look half decent. ”How was that?” You asked him as you sat next to him on the couch. 

 “I fell even more inlove with you.” He stated with a smile on his face and you can feel yourself starting to blush. You intertwined your hands with his and he brought your hand to his face and kissed it, which made you giggle. 

 “Sooo… Am i going to get the same treatment now?” You asked shyly and Stiles eyes shot open and looked straight at you wondering if you really wanted to take things further with him. You slowly nod your head in approval that you wanted him. Without saying anything Stiles picked you up and carried you to the bedroom.

“I’m going to return the favor, baby girl.” Stiles said as he dropped you in his bed. “And i’m going to make you scream my name.” Stiles pulled you closer and he smashed his lips onto yours, kissing you with pure lust. Stiles pulled away and slowly made his way to your crotch. 

 Oh, it was definitely going to be a long night for you two.

 (I’m not going to make a part two)

Language Barrier Pt. 2

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Pt.1 - Pt. 2 - Pt. 3

Yoongi x Reader

Three Shot


A/N: SOMETIMES I HATE TUMBLR SO MUCH. I LITERALLY FINISHED THIS PART IN AN HOUR AND A HALF AND WHEN I WENT TO CLICK A GIF, IT COMPLTELY ERASED EVERYTHING. I’M SO MAD RIGHT NOW. Anyway, I’ve turned this into a three part story because it would be too long otherwise. Here’s part two, enjoy. (I’m mad it’s not as good as what I originally wrote but it’s alright) ~Yosei

Language Barrier:

     “I’m sorry, I’m going to do what now?”

     B/F/N smiles. “You’re going to sing and rap for us! The boys have been really looking forward to it.”

     You shake your head. “I don’t think so. I’m not ready for it and I’m not that good!”

     “Oh come on, Y/N. Don’t be so modest! You’re the best rapper in Chicago and you literally won the best singer in Illinois!”

     You lower your voice into a loud whisper. “Would you stop telling people that? It hasn’t been proven that I’m the best in Chicago and the only reason I won that competition is half the contestants had gotten food poisoning from the buffet they were serving! There were only three of us left!”

     She whispers back. “You would have won that competition anyway. And I’ve heard a ton of rappers in Chicago and literally none are as good as you!”

     “That doesn’t make me the best! I doubt you’ve heard every rapper in Chicago!”

     Rap Monster steps next to you, also whispering loudly. “We can still hear you two, you know.”

     You stick your tongue out at him. For a moment, he’s taken aback. But quickly recovers and sticks his tongue out back at you, making the boys laugh.

     “What’s so funny?” You ask confused.

     Jin says something to you in Korean. Rap Monster translates. “He said it’s funny seeing you do that. Most fans wouldn’t dare try something like that around us. They see us as kings or Gods. They’re always calling us ‘Oppa’ even if they’re older than us. Always asking if they can get us something, telling us that we’re the best, always putting other people down just for an opinion. We love our fans but sometimes we just want to be treated like any other normal person in the world, not as Gods.”

     You have a shocked look on your face. You’ve never thought of it like that. You have noticed a lot of ARMY do take things too far sometimes, but you never really thought they see it. Now you know they really do pay attention to their fandom and what goes on.

     Jimin then says something in Korean to you and Rap Monster translates again. “He says that he would really love to hear you sing. We’ve heard how amazing you are and we’d like to hear it in person. It’s also nice just hearing someone perform for us since we’re always the one’s who perform for others.”

     You bite your lip, thinking. You really didn’t want to screw up anything in front of them. They do this for a living. ‘What if they don’t like it? I’ll have humiliated myself.’

     “I-I don’t even know what to sing.”

     “It doesn’t have to be in Korean. We know plenty of American songs.” Rap Monster gives an encouraging smile.

     You swallow the lump in your throat and nod. “O-okay. Well, I guess I’ll sing ‘We don’t talk anymore’ by Charlie Puth.”

     Jungkook and Jimin smile excitedly, knowing that they also did a cover of that song. You breath slowly trying to calm your anxiety and open your mouth to sing.

We don’t talk anymore,
We don’t talk anymore,
We don’t talk anymore
like we used to do
We don’t love anymore
What was all of it for?
Oh, we don’t talk anymore, like we used to do

     Suddenly, Jungkook comes up next to you, smiling, and joins in singing with you. You look surprised but continue anyway. You’re anxiety starts to calm down a little bit, having him singing with you. You give a small smile back.

I just heard you found the one you’ve been looking
You’ve been looking for
I wish I would have known that wasn’t me
Cause even after all this time I still wonder
Why I can’t move on
Just the way you did so easily

     Jimin then comes stands on the other side of you and also joins in singing. Your smile grows wider as you sing. Your anxiety completely diminishes, giving you the confidence to continue.

Don’t wanna know
What kind of dress you’re wearing tonight
If he’s holding onto you so tight
The way I did before
I overdosed
Should’ve known your love was a game
Now I can’t get you out of my brain
Oh, it’s such a shame

     The three of you finish the song together. You stand there with a huge smile on your face, your cheeks dusted with a hint of a blush.

     “Oh my god, that was amazing! Thank you so much!” You bow your head to the boys.

     Jungkook smiles. “You’re really good singer.”

     “That was fun!” Jimin bows his head and smiles also.

     The rest of the room claps and says how amazing you are. You smile at everyone, so happy it turned out really well.

     B/F/N claps her hands. “If you think that was amzing, you haven’t seen anything yet! Time for you to rap, Y/N!”

     You groan and shake your head. “I don’t even know what to rap!”

     “It’s alright. Again, it doesn’t have to be in Korean.” Rap Monster explains.

     “Oh, don’t be silly! I know you’ve been learning Yoongi’s part to Cypher pt 3!” She grins, a little too much. Suga’s ears perk up after hearing that.

     Your eyes widen. “Are you out of your mind?! I haven’t completely gotten the correct pronunciation down!” You hiss at her.

     “Please, I’d like to hear,” he says,to your surprise.

     You look at him surprised. ‘What do I do?! I don’t want to disappoint him by not doing well!’ You know Suga is very protective of his music. The last thing you wanted to do was royally fuck up one of your favorite songs in front of your favorite artist.

     You groan and nod your head. “O-Okay. I’ll do it.” You breathe slowly once more, trying to calm your heightened anxiety. You open your mouth to start rapping.                                                                       

SUGA a.k.a Agust D du beonjjae ireum
gilgeorireul georeo danimyeon sugundae nae ireum
daegueseobuteo apgujeongkkaji kkara noheun nae biteu
jeon segye sabang gotgot sara sumswineun
nae eumakdeurui saenggi
naneun biteuran jakdureul taneun
aegi mudang, that’s me
TVsoge bichineun moseup baneun
kagemusyain geon ani
neoui sechi hyeoro gaekgi buryeobwatja
geugeon rapping hogaek haengwi
nompaengideurui ppaengkkireul hyanghae ttaerineun
mukjikhan nae paewangnaebui paegi
geonbang tteoneun rapper deutbojapdeureul jabada
nongnaksikyeobeorineun nae flow job, gojak
geu ttawi mallo nal geukdilhaebwatja
nan deo ganghaejyeo bulgasaui
nan nideurui sigi jiltureul meokgo jaraneun bulgasari
aldasipi nae moksorin jom kkollim
namjadeun yeojadeun raebeuro hongkongeul
bonaeneun yuyeonhan nae hyeonollim
i meogisaseul wi
nan hangsang jeongsang wiui jeongsang choesangwi
meomchuji annneun ttolkki

    Your anxiety getting the best of you, you stop. Your voice started wavering at the end of that verse. Your fists clench and you close your eyes, trying to hold back your tears. Your favorite part was next and the last thing you wanted to do was fuck it up.

     Suddenly you feel a hand on your shoulder. You turn your head to see Suga smiling at you. He says something in Korean. You look to Rap Monster for the translation.

     “He said that you’re doing fine. Just breathe. He’ll count to 4 and after 4, start the last part.” He smiles at you.

     You look back at Suga, who nods his head. You nod back and wait for him to start the countdown. “1, 2, 3, 4.” You start the next verse after 4. But to your surprise, he continues with you.

nuga nae dwieseo nareul yeotmaegideun
nideuri chyeonol ttae urin segyeilju
naireul heoturu chyeomeogeun haengnimdeul
nae gijuneseoneun neodo aegi sujun
naega mwo wackideun naega mwo fakeideun
eojjaetdeun jeojjaetdeun gayogye sae gijun
i raebeun kkondae gwittaegie
ssaerineun pokpung gwissadaegi
chop chop chop

     You finish the verse, your breathing heavy. You stand there, just staring into Suga’s eyes as he stares right back. It’s dead silent. You snap out of your trance and look around to see all the boys with their mouths wide open in shock.

     “Was it that bad?” You whimper.

     Rap Monster is the first to snap out of it. “Dude, that was amazing! You could have totally been an underground rapper!”

     V bounds up to you, taking your hands in his and smiles his box smile. “We do together! Cypher is my favorite!” He says in broken English. J-hope practically screams in agreement.

     Jin walks up next to you. “We would sound good together. We should sing.” Jungkook and Jimin agree with him, also wanting to collab with you.

     You never thought you’d get this kind of reaction from them. You smile wide, hearing all the boys talk about what they want to do together.

     “I told you all she was amazing! Don’t ever doubt a word I say again.” B/F/N grins triumphantly. You roll your eyes. “Now, Namjoon, can I speak to you for a moment?” She pulls Rap Monster to the side for a private conversation.

     The boys talk to each other about what’s going to happen. The only one who hasn’t said anything is Suga, who is just staring at you. You start fiddling with your necklace which is a nervous habit you picked up. His eyes travel down to your neck. He catches your hand in his and moves it out of the way. He points to your necklace.

     “My name?” He tilts his head in curiosity.

     Your eyes widen. ‘Shit! I forgot I was wearing his necklace today! God, I look like such a creep!’ You could die right then and there from embarrassment.

     He then points to himself. “I’m your bias?”

     Before you could answer anything, you hear B/F/N clap her hands. “Alright everyone! So Namjoon and I decided that we are going out to dinner tonight. All of us together. Now, if we could all head back to the dorms to get ready. We’ll meet for BBQ in about 3 hours. Sound good?”

     Without waiting for an answer, she grabs you by the hand and literally drags you to the door. You wave goodbye to the boys and head back to the dorm to get ready for dinner.

taz spoilers not really more just me being a crybaby

the finale was basically 3 hours of Closure every thread was tied and every character got what they deserved. its such a happy ending the heroes win the evil is defeated everyone goes on to live their best lives and are reunited w their loved ones and filled w happiness and satisfaction and determination and love. but really the whole campaign is such a good hearted story from start to finish. idk the mcelroys brand of comedy and general message they endorse seems to always be the most kind and good hearted and uplifting which shines through everything they make. and in the adventure zones case its also just a fucking amazing story and journey to be brought along for. im so thankful like ill always be thankful for it

anonymous asked:

So, a theatre major, esp passionate about scenography and costume, and will work her and others asses off to ensure a show turns out no less than Amazing. Wiccan passed down through family, enjoys traditional painting and doing fun craft projects in spare time. Knows how to play a SICK harmonica solo, and will undoubtedly bring it out as a "fun" party trick, at every, single, party. Tends to speak louder than intended. Would secretly like to pursue a career in comedy one day. Odds at EU?

You’re stolen away before you’ve finished the first harmonica solo at the orientation party. You return the November of your senior year, cloaked in red and silver, having seen wonders and won favors beyond belief. You primary concern will be that in your absence, the changeling wearing your face has gone ahead and majored in business.


                                                          [ ✦ ]

As I promised, here is the introduction of my fanfic. It’s a bit simple, but it says a lot about what will happen in the story and its theme. I hope you enjoyed.

As soon as I finish translating a comedy oneshot about Ink, I will start writing the fanfic’s prologue, which will be called A Requiem for a Miracle.

See you around ~

Last night my boyfriend, who has been really sick, was asleep and did… A REALLY long fart. Like Adam Sandler’s idea of comedy kind of long.

So, he finishes farting and then, in his sleep state, either seemed to want to cover it up or thought there was a danger associated with this long, violent rumbling so he mumble half yelled “who’s dere!?”

Before promptly falling back into sleep and awakinh with no knowledge of the dangers he had allegedly faced.

Project for Awesome 2016 Perk Fulfillment

Hello! This is the post we will be continually updating as we start fulfilling all the perks, so bookmark it and refer back here to see if your perk has been sent out! As of right now, these perks have been fulfilled:

  • P4A Recap Video Shoutout (12/13/16)
  • A Very Gideon Christmas EP (12/21/16)
  • Themed 2017 Calendar (shipped 12/28/16)
  • Nerdfighteria Activity Book (1/5/17)
  • Flula’s Dope Personal Compliment Song (1/9/17)
  • Tessa Violet’s First Video (1/11/17)
  • LFA Fingerless Mitts Pattern (1/16/17)
  • Rob Scallon’s Album Sneak Peek (1/18/17)
  • John & Sarah TFiOS Commentary (1/25/17)
  • Destin Sandlin’s Cellfies (1/27/17)
  • Mike Rugnetta Edits Your Essay (Connected 1/30/17)
  • Exclusive Dear Hank & John (1/31/17)
  • Josh Sundquist Adv Signed Book (2/1/17)
  • Nerdfighteria Penpal Club (2/7/17)
  • Project for Awesome Poster (shipped 2/8/17)
  • Thought Café’s Stream Poster (shipped 2/8/17)
  • Cartoon YouTuber Portraits (2/17/17)
  • Crocheted DFTBA Decoration (shipped 2/21217)
  • Phil Plait’s Meteorite (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Signed Dave Fish Balloon (shipped 2/22/17)
  • The Financial Diet Mug (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Grace’s Shirt (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Buddy System Script (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Buffering (Signed) (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Signed Copy of Nightblade (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Signed P4A Polaroid (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Signed Men in Blazers Jersey (shipped 2/22/17)
  • Craig & Joe Movie Commentary (2/23/17)
  • Dinner with Dr. Doe at NerdCon: Nerdfighteria (NCNF weekend)
  • Hank Plays Undertale (3/2/17)
  • Project for Awesome Coin (shipped 3/2/17)
  • Tessa Violet’s EP (Signed) (shipped 3/2/17)
  • BlinkPopShift P4A Zine (3/317)
  • Tessa Violet’s Shirts (3/8/17)
  • All I Know Now (shipped 3/8/17)
  • Signed Phil Plait Book (shipped 3/8/17)
  • Signed NerdCon: Stories Poster (shipped 3/8/17)
  • Signed “Love Yo’ Faces” Poster (shipped 3/8/17)
  • Grace & Style (Signed) (shipped 3/9/17)
  • Grace’s Guide (Signed) (shipped 3/9/17)
  • You Deserve a Drink (Signed) (shipped 3/9/17)
  • Custom Beanz Shotglass (shipped 3/9/17)
  • A Shaker (flask) from Mamrie (shipped 3/9/17)
  • Table Talk Wooden Sign (shipped 3/9/17)
  • Smarter Every Day Patch (shipped 3/10/17)
  • Signed John Green Book (shipped 3/16/17)
  • Hank & Fish Coloring Page (3/21/17)
  • Penny Passport (shipped 3/22/17)
  • Pressed Pennies (finished shipping 3/22/17)
  • Project for Awesome Tote Bag (shipped 3/23/17)
  • Sam Bashor’s Cardboard Cutout (shipped 3/27/17)
  • On the Other Side (Signed) (shipped 3/30/17)
  • Felicia Day Book (Signed) (shipped 3/30/17)
  • Project for Awesome Quilt (shipped 3/30/17)
  • Pizza John Cross Stich (shipped 3/30/17)
  • Sara Sandoval Pizza John Art (shipped 3/30/17)
  • GMM Prop (Signed) (shipped 3/31/17)
  • Buddy System Prop (Signed) (shipped 3/31/17)
  • Sara Sandoval P4A Skateboard (shipped 3/31/17)
  • Personalized Self-Care Bunny (4/4/17)
  • Private Message from Andrew Huang (4/11/17)
  • John’s Shirt (shipped 4/14/17)
  • Hank’s Shirt (shipped 4/18/17)
  • Project for Awesome T-Shirt (shipped 4/19/17)
  • Signed Hanklerfish Postcard (shipped 4/21/17)
  • Wizard School Uncut Sheet (shipped 4/21/17)
  • Signed Script (shipped 4/26/17)
  • Phil’s TATINOF Drawing of Dan (shipped 4/26/17)
  • Dr. Doe’s Body Painting Art (shipped 4/26/17)
  • Dr. Doe’s Body Paint Leggings (shipped 4/26/17)
  • Dr. Doe’s Body Paint Tank (shipped 4/26/17)
  • P4A Socks (shipped 4/27/17)
  • Part of a Thing John’s Writing (5/8/17)
  • John Sends You a Tweet (5/8/17)
  • Nerdfighter Art (finished shipping 5/12/17)
  • Signed Canvas Picture of John and Hank at VidCon (shipped 5/17)
  • Signed Nerdwriter Mug (shipped 5/19/17)
  • New Dads Comedy Podcast (5/22/17)
  • Mystery Perk (finished shipping 5/26/17)
  • Rosianna’s Compilation List (5/31/17)
  • Alli Speed Video Shoutout (5/30/17)
  • Art by Hank (shipped 6/9/17)
  • Hank Reads His Book (6/13/17)
  • Hank & Katherine Play Super Mario Bros. (6/14/17)
  • Playlist of Awesome Music (6/15/17)
  • “Stuff Your Face” bundle (6/16/17)
  • Minute Physics Drawing (shipped 6/28/17)
  • Pat Rothfuss Tweets You (7/8/17)
  • Project for Awesome T-Shirt (finished Shipping 7/13/17)
  • Winning Sperm Art (shipped 7/13/17)
  • Team SciShow/Crash Course Movie Commentary (7/17/17)
  • You Get a Cookie (shipped 7/17/17; video sent 7/21/17)
  • Emily Graslie’s Planet Earth II Commentary (8/4/17)
  • SciShow Pin Pack (shipped 8/9/17)
  • SciShow Pin Pack + Dave the Fish Pin (shipped 8/9/17)
  • Rosianna’s West Wing Commentary (8/22/17)
  • YouTuber Tea Towel (shipped 8/25/17)
  • John Green’s Compilation List (8/31/17)
  • Lex’s Gilmore Girls Commentary (9/14/17)
  • Book from John’s Home Library (shipped 9/20/17)
  • ASMR Bundle (9/27/17)

If you ordered a digital perk, make sure to add to your contacts so it isn’t sent to spam.


Happy Birthday smartalexy!

We are sorry to be posting this late, but we wish @smartalexy a happy birthday on the 7th of September. To help celebrate, the lovely @booksrockmyface has written a special Everlark fic just for you! We hope you enjoy it :)

Title: The Whole World Could Change in a Minute

Gift for: smartalexy        

Rating: M (alcohol use, mild language, and talk of a sexual nature)

Trigger warning: There’s some vodka drinking involved.

Author’s note: I hope this friends to lovers fic finds you well on your birthday! Happy happy day! Title comes from the Sugarland song Want To.


Peeta let out a frustrated groan as he followed Katniss into the next store. She didn’t like shopping much either, but Prim had made some very specific requests about the dress code for her wedding party. Being the supportive best friend he was, Peeta had agreed to accompany Katniss on her search for possible dresses. This was the fifth store.

“Is this periwinkle?” Katniss asked as she picked up a dress from the nearest rack.

Keep reading