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ASTRO, November 10 comeback confirmation..return to sensibility in autumn


Boy group ASTRO is making their comeback on November 10th with a new mini-album.  Their agency Fantagio Music announced on the 25th that ASTRO will come back with their third mini-album on November 10th.  Additionally they added that there will be a press showcase at City Hall(?) on the eve of the album’s legitimate release, starting on the 9th at 14:00, to rush the album’s activities.  The first mini-album ‘Spring Up’ was followed by second mini-album ‘Summer Vibes’, which is to be followed by the third mini-album 3 months after it’s release. Spring, Summer brought ASTRO with a lively appealing character, calling them ‘soft stone’,’cider(?) stone’ and with this new concept they hope to bring the curiosity of new fans. Fantagio Music said, “ASTRO will have a new appearance suitable for autumn in their comeback next month, and I am going to expect much interest to knock.”

In the last days ASTRO had their first successful overseas showcase on the 14th and 22nd, starting with Japan then Indonesia.  Starting next month, with their new song on the album they announce to meet actively with fans both domestic and foreign.

*translated by Admin M // this is a very rough translation*


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