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BTS Reaction to you getting a “love yourself” tattoo-

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When you showed Jin your new tattoo of “love yourself” tattooed in small cursive letters on your wrist, he held your arm close to his eyes for a solid minute while he examined it. “It looks painful! But so pretty, I really like it baby.” He said with that sweet smile.


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You had gotten your “love yourself” tattoo underneath your right breast as a small reminder to yourself to do just that when you ready yourself in the morning. Yoongi saw it after a few days and was in a total happy shock. “Wow baby it’s super cool on you. You look good.”


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When Hoseok caught glimpse of your new “love yourself” tattoo, his eyes widened while he brought himself closer to your right shoulder blade. “Did it hurt, babe? You know that’s permanent right? Not that it doesn’t look really good just..know that it’s there forever now!”

Rap Mon-

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After showing namjoon the new “love yourself” tattoo on your thigh and telling him that he was absolutely the inspiration for it, he became super blushy and shy like. “I love it so much, it looks amazing on you baby really.”


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After showing Jimin the new “love yourself” tattoo right underneath your left collar bone, he stared intensely while smiling widely. “Your voice in serendipity totally pushed me to get this, baby.” “Ahh you’re making my heart go crazy, stooooop!” 


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You showed Taehyung your new “love yourself” tattoo on top of your forearm and he envied how cool and good a tattoo looked on you. “So pretty but check this skin art out,” he said jokingly pointing up at a small pimple on his cheek.


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Jungkook pulled you closer from behind to examine the “love yourself” tattoo you had just gotten done at the top of your spine. “What?! Babe it’s so cool!”

[INFO] Super Junior’s Official 8th Album ‘PLAY’

Super Junior’s official 8th album ‘PLAY’, that will be released on the coming 6th of November, is a combination of two meanings; “replay the music” and “play excitedly”. It is a harmonious combination of tracks that will widen Super Junior’s musical spectrum much more as it contains tracks that you can easily replay whenever, popular tracks that you will be able to listen at ease and tracks that stand out with Super Junior’s unique cheerfulness. 

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GOT7 Korean songs: Meaningful lyrics, beautiful music video, pretty concepts, relatable, beautiful melodies, etc.

GOT7 Japanese songs: SWAAAAAAAAGGGGG!! Common’ fam lets turn up time to parTAAAYEEE! Got7 more like LIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTT7 sis! No one in the corner GOT swagger like us!! TURN UPP!!! *dabs, whips, and nae naes 7 times in a row for choreography*