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Columbus Pride 2016.
“What does your sign mean?”
I was interviewed by the press four times, and they all asked the same question. At first, I didn’t know how to answer; how much more straight forward could it be? Stop. Killing. Us.
One woman asked me what message I was trying to get across. I stared at her, “Stop. Killing. Us.” I almost snapped as she shoved a microphone in my face for the third time that day, asking me the same question, none of them actually listening to my response. “But what does that mean?”
I took a breath, “It means I’m tired of being told to ‘be careful’ instead of 'have fun’ when I go to Pride events. I’m tired of seeing my community’s names as hashtags,” I flip my sign around. The back is covered in names of the Orlando shooting. All of them, “This is too many names,” I say to her, “And this is just one shooting. This number happens every day. Suicide of LGBTQ+ teens, murders of transgender individuals, bombs in bathrooms, Matthew Shepherd. Leelah Alcorn. These are just the ones who made the headlines,” I look at the reporter, “I want you to stop letting us die silently. Stop Killing Us.”
The Columbis Dispatch today has my picture in it. Underneath it is my name, 'She traveled from Cincinnati to celebrate pride!’ Is the caption.
I guess they thought that was safer.

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Hello. I know this might be annoying but could you tell me the whole story of twenty one pilots? I am a new fan and don't know much about it. Its for a english homework! Thanks. Someone said you know a lot, so every little thing is good for me.

oh boy *stretches fingers* we might be here for a while so im just gonna go ahead and put this under a cut

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IN THE DISPATCH…I didnt even know lol my grandma found the clipping!

After getting off work, Bree Meyer, 22, spends her evening hula hooping to the beat of classic rock music in Fred Beekman Park on Oct. 11, 2012. Meyer, who goes by the 

hula hooping name “Bevis McGuire,” has been hooping 5-7 days per week for the past three years. She says she hoops outside if it’s sunny, but she will find a place indoors if weather doesn’t allow it. (Dispatch photo by Adam Cairns) THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH
Asked if something was missing in the Blue Jackets’ dressing room – could he feel a big difference from the room in Chicago? – Saad gave a honest, reasoned answer.
‘The whole (Blackhawks’) dressing room – not just (captain Jonathan Toews) – is so experienced,’ Saad said. ‘They’ve seen it all, and they do the right things every day. It’s almost a self-sustaining room because of all those guys, and Tazer is a huge example for everybody.’
—  Aaron Portzline for The Columbus Dispatch

So I did this interview with The Columbus Dispatch over the phone about Pottermore last Wednesday and I just got an email saying it’ll run in the Saturday paper and they’re sending a photographer from the newspaper to come take pictures of me (and Pottermore) and they specifically want me to wear Slytherin clothes (because I ranted about how I’m in Slytherin and how sorting was a life or death situation).

Fresh Air TV critic David Bianculli shares his thoughts on the return of Downton Abbey and the secret to its improbable success:

As Season 4 begins on PBS, Downton Abbey is the most popular drama in the history of public television. When the whole of the TV universe is fragmenting, that isn’t just impressive. It’s almost impossible. But here we are.

And having seen the first seven hours of the new season, I think I know why. Julian Fellowes, the creator and writer of Downton Abbey, has crafted characters so well-rounded, so complicated and so interesting that we’re drawn to them no matter what the circumstances. The casting is first-rate — in many instances, perfect. The scenery and set design is beautiful to behold. And the many subplots are both rapidly paced and firmly telegraphed. When new characters or conflicts are introduced, their trajectory seems obvious – yet every so often, Fellowes throws in a twist so unexpected, and often so unsettling, that characters as well as relationships can change dramatically from one episode to another.

Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) via The Columbus Dispatch

Fic: Competitive Hangover

Pairings: Klaine, Sebastian/last night’s lay, Sebastian/his imagination

Note: Another sequel to “Cover Me,” this one from Sebastian’s perspective, inspired by comments and the Klaine Advent Day 22 prompt vodka. Sorry for the late post – I’ve been on the train and stuff.  You need to read the first two stories for this one to make sense: “Cover Me” (Part 1) AND “Belong” (Part 2). This one takes place New Year’s Day of Season 3; can be read as AU or canon-compatible. Thanks nachochang for her magic with words! NC-17, ~1,800 words.

Warning: Sebastian has issues with internalized homophobia and effemiphobia, but I think you knew that. 

* * *

Sebastian has no good reason to be at the Lima Bean.

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