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The KKK is planning to ramp up recruitment in several US states

  • The Ku Klux Klan, America’s oldest and most well-known hate group, is reportedly planning a major recruitment push and hoping for a big resurgence. 
  • In an interview with the Columbus Dispatch published Thursday, Amanda Lee, the “national imperial commander” for the Loyal White Knights of the KKK — a KKK subgroup — said the white supremacist group is planning to distribute more pamphlets, hold more public rallies and increase recruitment across several U.S. states in the coming year.
  • “When things start going wrong, it’s time for us to start retaliating,” Lee told the Dispatch. “It’s time for us to get active.” Read more

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‘Pokémon Go’ player at Ohio’s Capital University allegedly assaulted by Trump supporters

Brittany Daughenbaugh, a student at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, was out playing Pokémon Go on the night of Nov. 9 when she was allegedly attacked by two Donald Trump supporters, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

The attackers were allegedly white men in their late teens or early 20s. According to the Columbus Dispatch, Daughenbaugh was punched in her arm and face, fell down and was knocked unconscious when her head hit the pavement. On Facebook, she recalled the scary phrase her attackers whispered.

Columbus Pride 2016.
“What does your sign mean?”
I was interviewed by the press four times, and they all asked the same question. At first, I didn’t know how to answer; how much more straight forward could it be? Stop. Killing. Us.
One woman asked me what message I was trying to get across. I stared at her, “Stop. Killing. Us.” I almost snapped as she shoved a microphone in my face for the third time that day, asking me the same question, none of them actually listening to my response. “But what does that mean?”
I took a breath, “It means I’m tired of being told to ‘be careful’ instead of 'have fun’ when I go to Pride events. I’m tired of seeing my community’s names as hashtags,” I flip my sign around. The back is covered in names of the Orlando shooting. All of them, “This is too many names,” I say to her, “And this is just one shooting. This number happens every day. Suicide of LGBTQ+ teens, murders of transgender individuals, bombs in bathrooms, Matthew Shepherd. Leelah Alcorn. These are just the ones who made the headlines,” I look at the reporter, “I want you to stop letting us die silently. Stop Killing Us.”
The Columbis Dispatch today has my picture in it. Underneath it is my name, 'She traveled from Cincinnati to celebrate pride!’ Is the caption.
I guess they thought that was safer.
Formerly Homeless Man With 'Golden Voice' Back On The Airwaves
Ted Williams, whose striking baritone went viral in 2011, is now co-hosting a daily radio show in Columbus, Ohio, The Columbus Dispatch reports. It's his first full-time job since 1993.

This is Mr. Williams, if you need a reminder:

Asked if something was missing in the Blue Jackets’ dressing room – could he feel a big difference from the room in Chicago? – Saad gave a honest, reasoned answer.
‘The whole (Blackhawks’) dressing room – not just (captain Jonathan Toews) – is so experienced,’ Saad said. ‘They’ve seen it all, and they do the right things every day. It’s almost a self-sustaining room because of all those guys, and Tazer is a huge example for everybody.’
—  Aaron Portzline for The Columbus Dispatch

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After getting off work, Bree Meyer, 22, spends her evening hula hooping to the beat of classic rock music in Fred Beekman Park on Oct. 11, 2012. Meyer, who goes by the 

hula hooping name “Bevis McGuire,” has been hooping 5-7 days per week for the past three years. She says she hoops outside if it’s sunny, but she will find a place indoors if weather doesn’t allow it. (Dispatch photo by Adam Cairns) THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH

So I did this interview with The Columbus Dispatch over the phone about Pottermore last Wednesday and I just got an email saying it’ll run in the Saturday paper and they’re sending a photographer from the newspaper to come take pictures of me (and Pottermore) and they specifically want me to wear Slytherin clothes (because I ranted about how I’m in Slytherin and how sorting was a life or death situation).