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Skittles and Soulmates (Reddie)

I got a request on my other blog that was supposed to go here, but I accidently posted a Reddie request advertisement on there yesterday, Whoops. Anyway, here’s the oneshot.

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Reddie soulmate AU! One where you are unable to lie to your soulmate, but that doesn’t start until you know who your soulmate is. So like maybe they also get matching tattoos that don’t appear until the two soulmates share a significant experience (like facing pennywise). Then when the tattoos appear that is when they are unable to lie to each other? Idk if that males since and you can tweak it if you need to. Thank you!!

Pairing: Reddie

Warnings: Swearing

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anonymous asked:

I’m the anon who requested the rainy day kisses and you totally delivered the goods. :D Thank you!! I hope it’s okay that I send in another request because I really enjoy your scenarios. ^^ For the chocobros: post-game happy AU where everyone has a family and the bro has a heart-to-heart with their teenaged kid (for this request: a daughter for Gladio & Iggy, son for Prompto & Noct) who asked the bro about the moment they knew their s/o was ‘the one’. Thanks!


Noctis walked into the training arena, watching his son warping from one end of the room to the other. He stood by the doorway, watching as Ferox panted, dropping his dagger to the ground with his hands on his knees.

“Giving up already?” Noctis called, and Ferox rose to his full height. At thirteen, he was almost as tall as his dad, stretching his back and allowing it to crack loudly before loosening up his shoulders.

“Mom said I should take combat training more seriously.”

Noctis snorted. “Sounds like something she would say.”

Ferox tried warping a few more times under his father’s supervision, but eventually gave up, collapsing in a heap on the ground with his arms and legs splayed out like a drunken starfish.

“This is too hard,” Ferox groaned, pinching his eyes shut. “I don’t get why she’s being so strict with me about this warping thing.”

Noctis came to sit down beside his son, nudging him until he sat upright. “Your mother has been through a lot in her past. She’s lost a lot of people, had to make sacrifices to save others. Warping is something that only those tied to the King’s magic can do. She knows that mastering it will keep you safe in the long run, so trust her on that.”

Ferox leaned his elbow on his knee, propping his chin up with his fist. “Is that how you met?” he asked.

Noctis shoved him lightly with his shoulder. “Maybe.” He sighed, remembering the day. “We’d met on the road one day. Magitek troopers had invaded the outpost we were visiting, and me and the guys decided to try and fight them off. But we were tired, careless. It had been a really long day. But then your mother came swooped in and basically took them all down single-handedly.”

Ferox’s mouth gaped. “Woah.”

Noctis nodded. “Yep. I knew then and there, as the dust settled, that I was in love with her.” He patted his son’s knee. “Enough resting. Wanna try again?”

“I guess I should,” Ferox conceded, rising to his feet. “Do you think Mom’ll spar with me if I ask her?”

“Hey,” Noctis teased, grabbing a pair of wooden swords from a bin. “You too good to spar with your old man?”

“You just said Mom was a better fighter,” Ferox countered, and yelped as Noctis took a playful whack at his shin.


Solis was lounging on the couch, flipping through old photo albums. He had found one that was labelled with pictures from a little over twenty years ago. He blew his unruly blond hair, a feature he’d gotten from his father, out of his eyes as he opened the pages and scanned over the images.

The photos in the album were varied. Some were of scenery, some were taken during combat (Why, Dad. That’s definitely not a smart thing to do), and there were quite a few selfies that made Solis chuckle.

“Whatcha laughin’ at?” His father’s voice made him jump as Prompto sauntered into the room and plopped down next to his son.

“Just looking at old photos,” Solis shrugged, flipping to another page. “Oh, hey, look…it’s Mom.”

Solis saw his dad’s face soften as he looked at the photo of the two of you. It was one that Prompto hadn’t taken himself—it was a candid shot Noctis had snapped of you at the Vesperpool by the water. It was right around the time you’d met, and you were standing too close together to be just friends. Prompto thought back to that moment, and chuckled to himself.

“Whatcha laughin’ at?” Solis mimicked, causing Prompto to burst into a fit of giggles. Even at sixteen, Solis was the spitting image of his father. Same hair colour, same lanky build. But he had your eyes and your smile, which were Prompto’s favourite features.

“Just thinking about the moment I knew I wanted to marry your mom.”

Solis scrunched up his nose. “Dad, I don’t know if I want to hear that story.”

“Guess who’s gonna hear it anyway?” Prompto tousled Solis’ hair, much to his chagrin.

“Dad! I’m not five anymore!” he whined, but settled into the couch to listen to his father’s story. “Go on.”

“Your mom suggested one morning that we go take photos of the catoblepas,” Prompto pointed to a different photo, one that illustrated the creature. “She insisted on getting up close and personal with them. She figured it’d be better for the picture. So I’m set up with my tripod and my camera about five or six feet away, and she’s holding these mushrooms to get them to come closer.”

Prompto mimed the set up with his hands, and Solis nodded along the way.

“I was ready to take the shot, and she was posing, looking all cute. But then the catoblepas got so close. I yelled to warn her, but when she turned, she reached out her hand and pet the damn thing. And it actually nuzzled into her palm. Can you believe it?” Prompto sighed, a dreamy look in his eyes. “A legendary creature, yielding to your mother. What a lady.”

Solis turned the page of the album and found the photo of you cozying up to the catoblepas. “One thing’s for sure,” he decided. “You’re both nuts.” He paused. “But I’m glad you found each other.”


Gladio knocked on Acacia’s door. Having a teenage daughter was not easy, and having a teenage daughter in full mood swings was enough to want to make Gladio pull his hair out. It reminded him of Iris when she was younger.

A muffled voice rang out. “Come in.”

Gladio opened the door to his raven-haired daughter lying face down on her bed, not even attempting to greet her father as he took a seat by her desk.

“Wanna tell me what’s going on?”

Acacia peeked an eye at him. “Nothing.”

Gladio folded his arms over his chest. “Didn’t sound like nothing according to Mom.”

Acacia sat up, apparently triggered by whatever Gladio had said, irritation clear as day on her features. “She’s just so over protective!” she huffed, hands balling into fists. “I just wanted to go away for the weekend, and she won’t let me because she said she doesn’t know who else is going.”

Gladio raised an eyebrow. “Seems like a decent enough reason to say no to me.”

Acacia groaned. “Not you too.”

He smirked at her, shaking his head. “Do you know the moment I realized your mom was the one?”

She blinked slowly. “I don’t see how this is relevant to what’s happening right now.”

Gladio continued. “When I was on the road with the guys, I met her. She was definitely too good for me. Way too smart, way too pretty. And for some reason, she gave me the time of day. After what happened in Lestallum and we lost Jared, she offered to stay and take care of Iris and Talcott until we got back.”

Acacia looked at her father expectantly.

“I knew then, when she decided to put her whole life on hold to make sure that my family stayed safe, the last remaining family I had, that she was it. She cared so much about these people that she barely knew, took them in like they were her own and kept them safe while the world fell apart around them. And now she’s trying to do that for you. She lost a lot of people in the ten years of darkness, sweetheart. Try and understand that she’s being protective of you because she doesn’t want to lose you, too.”

Acacia let out a sigh, slumping her shoulders. “I guess I owe Mom and apology.”

“Guess you do.”

She nodded and rose to her feet, slowly making her way to the door.

“If you want to go camping,” Gladio offered. “I’d be more than happy to take you.”

“Thanks Dad, but no,” Acacia replied, stepping into the hallway. “I’ve got better things to do.”

Gladio rolled his eyes. Yeah, he thought to himself. Just like Iris.


It wasn’t often that Ignis and his daughter got to spend a great deal of time together because of his duties at the palace and her school schedule, but he relished the moments they did get to share. They often cooked together, concocting new recipes side by side.

“How come Mom doesn’t cook?” Aurora asked, popping a cherry tomato into her mouth. “Is it because she can’t?”

“She’s not extraordinarily proficient, but she gets by,” Ignis stated, and Aurora marvelled at how skilled her father was with a knife even though he was blind. “Actually, it was our first evening in together when she decided to cook for me that I realized how much I loved her.”

“Aw! Dad!” Aurora gushed. “Tell me! I love these stories.”

Ignis chuckled and kept at the chopping.

“She’d planned this whole dinner for the two of us. She knew that I enjoyed the culinary arts, and wanted to give it a go herself. I told her that it wasn’t necessary to go through all the effort, but she informed me that I’d cooked for her on multiple occasions, so it was only fair.”

Ignis smiled to himself at the memory.

“She ended up burning everything.”

Aurora couldn’t help but laugh. “Dad! Why are you smiling? That’s terrible!”

Ignis could still smell the ruined dinner, the smoke coming from the oven and the shrill sound of the fire alarm beeping in the kitchen. He remembered the sound of your laugh, the sound of you swatting a broom at the alarm to get it to shut off, as it was just out of reach.

“She took such care to ensure that everything was perfect, but in the end, the meal being ruined hadn’t phased her spirit,” Ignis continued. “She ended up pulling out two servings of Cup Noodles, and we ate them together by candlelight.”

Aurora leaned her head against her father’s shoulder. “Dad, that’s so cute.”

“It was a special moment,” Ignis agreed. “I knew then that her resilience was something to be admired. I knew her before I was blind, as just a friend, and after I sustained my injury, she refused to leave my side. She’s always been more than I deserve, and she even gifted me with you.” Ignis reached out and wrapped an arm around Aurora’s shoulders, giving her a light squeeze.

“Love you, Dad,” she smiled, giving him a peck on the cheek.

Ignis went to go stir a pot on the stove. “There is one thing you have in common with that night, come to think of it,” a mischievous lilt to his tone.

Aurora glanced over at Ignis. “Hm? What’s that?”

“Technically speaking, you were an accident as well.”

For a blind man, he was quite skilled at dodging flying spatulas.


SUMMARY - With Steve on a mission and Bucky in a meeting , you decide to have a little fun sexting. Things get dirty when Bucky comes back from the meeting . 

WARNINGS- daddy kink .SMUT , NSFW GIF , oral (MR , FR), phone sex 

WORDS - 3k+

A/N - This was completely Taw @supersoldierslover idea . Thank you so much . You know I love you .And I am so fucking happy that you liked it . If any warnings should be added pls send me an ask . I do not want to make anyone uncomfortable.

[ insert Steve and Bucky image , since my stupid wifi wasn’t uploading a pic]

Walking around the tower , eating biscuits , listening to music , talking to few of the agents , you spend the last hour waiting for Bucky to come back from the meeting .

2 WEEKS . Two weeks since Bucky and Steve were sent on different missions . Two weeks since you had seen either of them . Two weeks since you had touched yourself . Two weeks since you were properly fucked . Two weeks filled with burning desire to be filled , and to orgasm . But you still remember the last words uttered by your boyfriends before leaving for their mission .

“No touching . Okay baby doll . Behave and you will be rewarded .”

There was no way they’d know if you did pleasure yourself , but you wanted to behave . You knew if you refrained until the time they came , you’d cum harder than ever .

But now Bucky was back home in the tower , but you couldn’t do anything . The meeting was sure to last another hour . So you decided to have a little fun of yours .

You went back to the room , put on your sexy matching lingerie that you knew both of them liked .

It was pink in colour . They liked it because you looks sexy and innocent at the same time.

You stood in front of the mirror admiring the way it looked .Picking up the phone in your left hand , your right hand under your panties , you clicked a picture and send it to the group chat that you guys created for the three of you . A little teasing wouldn’t hurt .

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8 | Tomorrow




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“Y/N are you listening to me?” Your mother snapped her fingers in front of your face at the dinner table, 

“You should stop putting so much salt on your food - it’s bad for you.” She spoke calmly in her soft voice as she took the table salt away.

You’d being staying at your childhood home with your parents just outside of town for the past 5 weeks as part of your bail condition. Unable to venture into the centre of town meant that you couldn’t go to work, not that you were welcome there anyway, you couldn’t see Belle, and you couldn’t go home. The once strong, independent, socialite you were was now entirely gone; you felt like a stranger to yourself.

“Two more days.” Your dad cupped your face and kissed your forehead,
“Two more days and then the world will see that you’re innocent in all of this.” He smiled kindly as he stood up from the dining table, taking the dishes into the kitchen.

Do you need a hand with those?” You shouted after him, desperate to find something to do.
Living back at home with your parents was great for the first three days or so, especially as your mother made it so you did barely any housework or laundry, but soon enough having no independence, nowhere to go and nothing to do got depressing.

“I’m okay Y/N. You go on upstairs, use my phone to ring Belle.” He shouted back. Anybody who saw him would be intimidated, he was a big guy with a loud voice and a constant frown, but he was easily the kindest man you knew.

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Impressive English Skills // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by defsouljb

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary; You’re a famous foreign celebrity. Jaebum has always had an undeniable crush on you - and upon GOT7 meeting you at the same interview, he manages to embarrass himself to hell and back.

A/N: Just a reminder that (Y/C) = Your Country and (Y/E/C) = Your Eye Colour :D

And can I just say that I woke up this morning to see our lovely Jaebum on V APP and I literally burst into tears. I’m so happy that he is recovering, but he will need to have more therapy before he returns to dancing. <3 Be strong Jaebum! You can do it!

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glow : hs

A/N: Was going to post this tomorrow but couldn’t wait! Couldn’t proofread since it’s like 3 am here but will do tomorrow! Check out my about me page to learn about what I can write for you ;) 

Picture credit

Pairing: Harry Styles x Y/N

Word count: 1,099

What you’re about to read: Y/N sees a picture of H and is determined to put highlighter on his face  

Requests open!

Wha’ you lookin’ at?“ Harry said under his breath, sweaty from the workout he’s been dying to do for weeks and fingers touching his oh-so-pink lips.

He was back from his afternoon session and was ready for a hot bath.

Y/N was having too much fun with the idea that popped up on her mind.

"Nothing,” she said despite the thoughts clouding her mind.

Harry didn’t care, to be honest. He was too tired to do so.

Sure, he always had time for Y/N but for now, he wanted to bury his body in the rose bath-bomb Y/N bought for him couple weeks ago.

“Yeh definitely up fo’ somethin’. Wha’s it?” He tried again. He let the trainers -the ones that looked so worn out and nasty-  drop on the floor and made a thud sound.

When she didn’t reply, Harry raises his perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Y/N was sat in the same position since Harry left her in the morning and played with her makeup. She knew she had papers to write but procrastination seemed more fun.

“You won’t like it.” She said, grabbing the heavy makeup bag and went to their bedroom, leaving the door slightly open for him to follow.

She was driving him mad.

“Either tell me or I’m off to bath” he left the gym bag by the king sized bed and gave her a one last look.

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Sirius x Reader: Pureblood

Warnings: argument with mum

Requested: yes (it’s so late I’m so sorry)

A/N: THIS IS SO LONG I HOPE YOU LIKE IT- GOOD TO BE BACK!!! Thank you all so much for the support! (Also 1,600 followers?! I love y’all) I hope you enjoy reading this my loves and that it was worth the wait!!xx

I posted ‘pictures’ of the dresses described which you can check out HERE or a few posts down on my blog!

“MOTHER! I AM NOT WEARING THIS!” You yelled, looking at yourself in the mirror. A dark green gown with silver ruffles- Slytherin much? “When I walk in, roll your eyes to my mum- she won’t scream at you next mistake you make.” You whisper to the stylist stood behind you.

“Oh- Miss- I’m not sure what you mean.” She stuttered.

You winked at her and smiled before hiking your dress up and walking into the main room.

“Y/N, it’s the perfect colours.” Your mother said, smiling sourly at you.

“Mother, I’m not wearing it. Unless you want me to spend the party reminding everyone I’m a half blood.” You taunted.

“Find something.” She ordered, turning to the brown haired stylist behind you.

Your mother, Adia, had been ‘tricked’ by your father. When they first met, your dad thought she was joking about being a witch and ‘joked’ that he was also a pureblood from the North. So, long story short, she got pregnant and soon after found out your father was a muggle- quickly allowing him full care of you (the disgrace) once you were born and only seeing you when there were ‘purebloods and family’ parties. Like now.

You looked at the Slytherin green fabric hopelessly, not the best choice for a Gryffindor.

“Here.” The stylist said sheepishly, holding out mint green fabric.

You smiled and took it thankfully, turning into the small room to change.


“Calm down, it’s just a party.” You called, knowing it would irritate her.

You turned to the mirror one last time and took in your appearance. The stylist had given you a mint green, floor length gown, the beaded chiffon hanging elegantly from one shouler.

Your mother roughly grabbed your arm and immediately apparated to the party, “Tell anyone you’re a half blood, I’ll curse you.” She whispered in your ear before turning into the party, emerald cape trailing behind her.

You stood for a moment, looking at the purebloods before you and smiled- time for some good old pranks.

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Roomies; Part 1

Pairings: Steve x Female Reader

Warnings: Fluff, sarcasm, second hand embarrassment, wanting

Word Count: 3,450+

Blurb: Tony fucks up, causing half the tower to relocate – you get to bunk with Steve for a few weeks.

You were sitting in the dining room, along with a few of the other Avengers. You were all talking and laughing when an explosion on the other side of the tower rattled through the building. You heard people screaming, glass shattering and then everyone was up and running out of the room.

Steve was in the lead, barking to FRIDAY. Before you could hear her reply Tony came over the PA system.

“Before anyone freaks out, I fucked up” he said, the group slowed to a steady walking pace. “All non-essential personnel please exit the building, anyone who currently lives in the tower, can you please meet me in the conference room now.”

You all headed for the conference room. There were already a heap of people in there, talking, yelling and groaning when you and the rest of the team arrived. Tony was standing at the head of the table; Bruce was sitting just beside him.

“Stark, explain!” Steve snarled as he entered the room, people parted like the Red Sea so he could stand and face off with Tony.

“Well, Bruce and I were testing out a new chemical compound and well, things didn’t go so well,” he started, before explaining what the chemical was for, how it was going to be used, and then what had happened and why the explosion occurred. “Now FRIDAY has scanned the building, no one was killed or injured, but –”

“You’re one lucky sonofabitch Stark” Bucky said plonking into a seat and putting his feet up on the table.

“But what, Tony?” Steve said.

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WE DO Knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 17 Full Translation.

The Ceremony


pages 180-187

Soul Society.

6th sector - Kuchiki clan ceremonial shrine.

Many shinigami were gathered at both sides of the path extending between the gate of the shrine to the shrine itself. Some came rushing in their usual shihakushou, others wore their hair up and were dressed in beautiful kimonos.

Because there is no god in Soul Society, religious shrines or temples do not exist within the Seireitei. Many people revere the Soul King like a god, however he is only a King, not a god. In Rukongai, several temples have been built to enshrine the gods and buddhas that the residents had worshipped during their lifetime, and all of them are temples into which the residents had brought over their beliefs from the Human World. The Kuchiki clan have built a shrine in front of a mausoleum dedicated to the spirit of their ancestors, it is used as a venue for rituals and ceremonies. From family meetings to wedding celebrations and funerals, every possible Kuchiki clan event is held at this shrine.

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100 WAYS TO SAY “I LOVE YOU” | 64 + 89

Originally posted by j-miki

Pairing: Mark x reader

Genre: Fluff, drabble

Word Count: 1579

100 ways to say “i love you” ➞ 64. “It’s two sugars, right?” + 89. “I noticed.”

A/N: Wow this did not go as planned lol brain wyd

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Vanilla Twilight

A/N Based off the song by Owl City! @lampisimportant​ this was mostly written for you but like that’s sappy so I’m just gonna tag you and stop rambling okay bye.

Pairing: moxiety (Morality/Anxiety)

Genre: fluff, AU, human AU, long-distance relationship

Word Count: 1340


Ann can’t sleep, but he can’t exactly text his boyfriend either. Instead, he chooses to miss him.

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Shipping Out For England - Bucky x Reader - One Shot

Originally posted by buckybass

AN: Realised I actually haven’t touched upon 1940s Bucky, plus I can actually write about a british girl without worrying too much, wahey. The song is We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn

1940s Bucky x Reader -
When Bucky found out he was being deployed for England, he couldn’t help but be excited to see his girl again, the one he had spent so many months writing to. If only he had more time.

Warnings: Fluff, some angst

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Request: Hi! So, I had this idea and I know I can count on you to write cause I love your writing! Here: Sirius&Reader have a 3yo daughter and she and Reader are drawning, then she gives him her draw. The next day they are supposed to visit the Potters and while his girls are there he left and when he is back he shows his new tattoo: his daughters draw in his arm. [+You dont need to put this: Reader’s name in his cheast (something little) and she does the same (just their names!)] Sorry & thank you!

Sirius was sitting at the end of the long dining table, working on a report which he brought home from his office. That was his least favourite part of his job - he enjoyed to be an auror, but writing long pages about what, when and where exactly happened was boring and more exhausting than being outside and chasing dark wizards all day. 

The soft giggles which came from the other side of the room made him to smiling into his work, not even realizing he scribbled down the same sentence twice in row. Forcing himself to concentrate, he realized his mistake, so with a deep sigh, he leaned back on the chair and loosen the collar of his white shirt, rolling up the sleeves.

He could feel as his breaths slowing down and all of the stress and tension leaves him while he’s watching her, lying on her stomach in front of the fireplace on top of a fluffy rug, with their daughter next to her, sitting above a parchment. Colouring pencils and crumpled papers are scattered around them while his two girls are drawing; the smile of his wife and the laughs of his daughter melt his heart and fill it with some kind of joy that Sirius could never imagined he’d be able to feel. 

Her gaze met with his when she looks up. She doesn’t know when he abandoned his work and decided he’d rather just gazing them in silence, but she smiles back at him before she turns to her daughter, whispering something in her ear which made the little girl giggling.

Sirius narrows his eyes but the smile stays on his lips, wondering what the girls are up to. A couple minutes later he gets the answers when his little daughter suddenly jumps of from the ground and run over to him, clutching on a parchment.  

“Daddy! I made this for you!” - She yells while Sirius catches and lift her up. She sits on his knee and looking up at him while Sirius examining the parchment.

“A dog.” - He says in amusement, throwing a half glance at Y/N, who spoke up loudly when their eyes met. 

“A big, shaggy black dog with pink collar, do you like it?”

He looks back at his daughter. “It’s beautiful! Why haven’t you told me you’re an artist?”

She giggles and bury her face on her dad’s arm, murmuring “I’m an artist” before she jumps down and hurry back to continue her drawings.

“Sirius, we’re going to be late!” - Y/N said, standing in the hall while her daughter tries to open the door, because as always, she can’t wait to go somewhere. 

He runs down and stops in front of her, placing a hand on her arm. “Actually, I need to do something first. You just go, see you later.”

“What? Were are you going? Please, James will probably cry if you skip this.”

“It’s a surprise.” - He winks at her and press a kiss on her forehead before he’s already rushing back upstairs. - “Tell Prongs I love him too.”

They arrive back early on the afternoon, but Sirius still isn’t home - at least for another hour when the fire’s colour finally change, forecasting that somebody will come in the next seconds.

“Hello, love.” - He said, stepping out from the fireplace with a grin on his face. 

She raised her eyebrows. “I started to think you ran away.”

He growls, walking closer. “You won’t get rid of me so easily.”

“I hoped so.” - She closed the gap between them, placing a soft kiss on his lips. - “So, where have you been?”

He took a half step back before he starts to roll up his sleeve on his left arm, revealing the newest tattoo on him - a familiar picture of a dog with a pink collar.

She gasps and steps closer again, staring his arm for a second before she looks back up at him. “Sirius this is the sweetest thing, oh my god…”

“Do you like it?” - He asked in a low voice, cupping her cheek. 

“I love it!”

He kisses her again slowly, but stops when he hears the tiny footsteps on the wooden floor, which making him pull back and bend down, showing the tattoo to his daughter too. In the moment she realized what she saw, she took a loud, sharp breath in and widened her eyes before she quickly clutched her little arms around Sirius’ neck. “Do you like it honey?”

“Mhm.” - She mumbled, still not letting go of him. 

“I have another one for you.” - Sirius said after the little girl just fell asleep on the couch, turning to Y/N.

“Another what?” - She asks with a confused face, so he just quickly takes his t-shirt off. Y/N raises her eyebrows and stares his chest, trying to find anything new on the so familiar body when she finally sees her own name with tiny letters. - “You really want to make me cry today? This is so cute.” - She says, running her fingertips through his skin.

Sirius embraces her shoulder and pulling her closer, pressing a kiss on her temple. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” - She says, resting her head on his chest. - “Maybe I’ll do something too. Your name. Or the Canis Major? That’d be pretty.”

“Everything is pretty on you.” - He said. - “Or off you.”

She rolls her eyes and bit her lip, but can’t suppress the satisfied grin on her face as she sitting there with his arms arounds her, with their daughter sound asleep sweetly next to them.


Veep Style (or my longest post ever)

The way Veep uses costumes to demonstrate character has interested me for a while, and so I’m diving in to the subject just this once.  Everything I learned about ‘reading’ costume I learned from reading Tom and Lorenzo’s Mad Style recaps (if you’re a Mad Men fan who’s somehow never encountered them, go forth and read).  Needless to say, this won’t be anywhere near as comprehensive, and in fact will be chiefly focused on one character, which is Amy.

There’s a simple reason for this - Amy is the most dynamic dresser on the show.  Which isn’t to say that she’s necessarily stylish - Selina knows how to dress to convey very specific messages (as does Dan), something Amy mostly doesn’t do (with one hilarious exception).  But there are two reasons why Amy’s style changes so much more than anyone else’s over the course of the show.  

Within the world of the show, Amy starts off as a comparatively young woman (say approximately 30 at the beginning?), and one who has never felt particularly comfortable with her own beauty or confident in her ability to attract men.  She also desperately wants to be taken seriously in an environment that is not particularly friendly to her.  Outside the world of the show, Anna Chlumsky has had two babies - which means her body has gone through far more dramatic changes than any other member of the main cast.  (Reid Scott and Timothy Simmons’ receding hairlines don’t really compare).  

So let’s look at season one.

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A Visit To The Teacher.

Request - Happy with an art teacher?? Lots of freedom:)

I’m not sure this was exactly what you were thinking but I hope you like it all the same! :) - Red_w00dy xoxo


Leaning back into your chair with a heavy sigh, you lifted your head to stare out at the empty classroom in front of you, with the exception of Abel Teller. You were an art teacher at the high school in Norco, California and Abel was proving to be one of your more difficult students. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have any talent, in fact he was probably one of your best students, but he also had a habit of losing his temper for no apparent reason. Lately he had been drawing a lot of disturbing images during class, something that worried you which was why you were sat here after hours waiting to have a meeting with one of his emergency contacts. It wasn’t the first time, you’d had many meetings with his mother, Wendy, and his other guardian, Nero, but they had been unable to make it due to work engagements which meant they were sending someone else. A man named Happy Lowman.

A knock at the door broke you out of your train of thought, calling out a tired ‘Come in’ to whoever was in the corridor. The door opened to reveal an incredibly good looking man chewing on a toothpick, the tattoos that covered his arms making you just that little bit more attracted to him. You pushed yourself up into a standing position after Abel grunted in acknowledgement, gesturing for the man to take a seat on the chair next to you. It meant Abel couldn’t see what was on the desk in front of you, and therefore delayed the inevitable tantrum that he’d throw when he saw what you were showing his parents’ friend.

“My name is Y/N Y/L/N, I’m Abel’s art teacher” You held your hand out for him to shake, wincing a little when he gripped it tightly before sitting down next to you.

“Happy,” He replied gruffly, his deep tone sending shivers down your spine as you pulled Abel’s art folder towards you. “So what has he done now? Wendy says this ain’t the first time you’ve called a meeting”

“I haven’t done shit,” Abel defended from the back of the classroom, his arms folded over his chest and his eyes narrowing in your direction. “She just enjoys getting me into trouble for no fucking reason”

“Stop swearing, kid. It ain’t big and it ain’t clever” Happy snapped, glaring at the blonde haired boy and therefore rendering him silent. You were gobsmacked. You had never seen anybody manage to shut Abel up so quickly before.

“Abel, perhaps you’d like to go to the cafeteria while me and Mr Lowman talk? Or maybe the metal workshop, I know Mr Stone is eager to talk to you about some motorcycle he’s working on” You suggested, your eyes following the lanky teenager as he pushed himself out of his chair and slung his backpack over his shoulder.

“See you later, Uncle Hap. Don’t listen to anything she says, she’s full of shit” Abel scowled, squeezing the older man’s shoulder before exiting the room with the door slamming behind him.

A silence fell between you after the boy’s departure, unsure of how to start a conversation with the man next to you. Upon closer examination, he was more attractive than your first impression. His deep brown eyes were swimming with a combination of mystery and darkness and he had various scars that contrasted against his tan skin. It was his tattoos that drew you in though. The way in which they all merged into each other to decorate his body, a mixture of several different colours causing the black outline to accentuate the design perfectly. It may have been the fact you were a fan of Japanese culture but your attention was immediately captured by the lotus flowers tattooed on his wrists, confirming that they would be how the conversation started before you put a dampener on your meeting by showing him Abel’s disturbing artwork.

“Are you interested in Japanese culture then?” You said slowly, receiving a confused look from Happy in response. “I noticed you have two of them on your wrists, I just assumed…”

“Oh right,” he chuckled deeply, his gaze flitting to where his hands rested in his lap before returning to stare back at you once more. “I guess I like the spiritual meaning behind them, the whole purity and harmony stuff”

“I get that, I have a couple lotus flowers myself” You grinned, pulling your shirt back to reveal the Japanese themed sleeve tattoo that covered the majority of your right arm.

“Hey they’re pretty cool,” he commented, his fingers wrapping around your wrist to pull it towards him and examine your tattoos closely. “You need a few of these touching up though. Not in a mean way! I’m a tattoo artist, I notice these things”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it,” You shrugged, covering your tattoos with your shirt once more and flipping Abel’s art coursework folder. “Anyway we’re here to discuss Abel, not my poorly done tattoos”

Happy laughed a little at your comment before falling silent at the sight of Abel’s drawings. To say they were troubling were an understatement. The pair of you spent the next fifteen minutes flipping through the folder, pausing at the more disturbing images to take in the amount of detail that had been put into them. There was one of a blonde haired man holding a gun, a cigarette dangling from his lips and blood coating his face. Another consisted of a slightly overweight man lying on a bench outside, his eye and several fingers having been removed horrifically judging by the blood and bruises that surrounded them. The most alarming one had to be his most recent piece of work though. It portrayed a thin, dark haired woman slumped against a blood splattered wall, a carving fork embedded into the top of her head whilst a considerably older woman wept in the corner, surrounded by broken crockery and a gun that lay discarded by her feet.

“As you can see, they’re pretty horrifying” You declared once you had finished looking through, slipping the folder into a drawer in your desk and turning to face the bald man, his eyebrows knitted together with worry.

“Um yeah, just a little,” he stuttered, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously whilst figuring out what to say. “I assume you know the shit that he went through when he was younger?”

“I’ve read his file. I know all about his adoptive mother and his father’s suicide if that’s what you mean,” You flashed him a sympathetic smile, knowing that he’d been close to Abel’s Dad when he’d been alive. “What concerns me is the amount of detail, like he witnessed all these events first hand”

“I can assure you that he didn’t, it must just be something that he’s imagined. I’ll talk to him though, see what’s going on with him and try to sort it out” Happy said honestly, pausing as if he wanted to say something else but obviously thinking better of it.

“Feel free to say what you like, Mr Lowman,” You urged, knowing it’d be likely that you’ll probably see him again in the near future. “If it can help Abel then I’d love to know what you’re thinking”

“I was just wondering whether I could take that first drawing? It’s of his dad and I know my friends and I would really appreciate it if we could have it” He asked cautiously, his eyes searching yours for any indication of you turning denying his odd request.

“But of course, Mr Lowman,” You nodded, opening the drawer and removing the picture he’d been talking about, handing it to him and accidentally brushing your fingers against his. Your eyes met his at the conact, unable to deny the spark of electricity that had coursed through you when you had grazed his calloused hands.

He shot you a grateful smile as he stood up from his seat, nodding at you whilst tucking the drawing under his arm and exiting the room with a slight swagger in his step. You let out a frustrated sigh once the door had closed. You couldn’t believe that you had been so stupid as to let him leave without your number, especially when you were so attracted to him. You spent another five minutes in your classroom before making your way out to the lot, not catching sight of Happy leaning against your car until you stopped rummaging through your bag in search of your keys.

“Mr Lowman…” You began, stopping in front of him when you finally reached the beat up Sedan that you’d had since you were seventeen. “Is there something else you’d like to ask about Abel?”

“Call me Happy. And no, actually I wanted to speak about you. I was just wondering whether you’d want to hang out sometime, maybe go for a drink or something?” He smiled, raising his hand up to take a drag on his cigarette as your eyes flitted to where Abel was sat waiting on the back of a Harley Davidson, shaking his head in disbelief.

“I’m not sure whether that would be appropriate, Happy,” You sighed, although deep down you were feeling like an excited teenager all over again. “I don’t usually date one of my student’s guardians, even if they do have as many as Abel does”

“I’ll pick you up on Friday after school, don’t forget to bring a helmet. I’m all about that health and safety when it comes to riding bikes” He winked as he clearly ignored your previous comment, giving your hip an affectionate squeeze and making his way over to his motorbike where Abel high fived him triumphantly.

As you climbed into your car, you couldn’t fight the smile that had crept onto your face. He looked over his shoulder at you one more time before he pulled out of the lot, flashing you one of his lop-sided grins as he kicked the bike stand with his heel and set off at an alarming speed. A small chuckle escaped your lips at his amount of attitude. It looked like you were going to have to go buy a motorcycle helmet on your way home.

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Jonsa Fanfiction

Okay so I randomly made up a story for an ask that I answered today and I thought maybe I should better it an turn it into a proper fic. This is my first venture into fanfiction and I am a very impatient writer LOL!! So do tell me if you like it and how I should improve it. I said I’d never write fanfiction, but don’t they say Never say Never… LOL. Thank you @kitten1618x for thinking I should write fanfic. And @accuritefish for encouraging me to turn this into a fic. Love you all!!



JON SNOW got out of his black and white Maserati, parked at a safe distance from the Book store he planned to pay a visit to. It was late August and the sun shone brightly in his eyes causing him to squint a little. He undid the button of his black silk shirt that he wore under his Grey Suit as he tried to read the name of the book store from a distance. Damn, he’d forgotten his glasses. After a lot of squinting he finally read the words painted in silver…


Jon smiled slowly thinking how much Sam would’ve appreciated the name. He then braced himself for doing something he partially hated doing, but he knew it had to be done. One of the Hospitality companies he owned had bought all the three blocks adjacent to this shop for his new Hotel project and he needed to buy this store because it was facing the main road and was built on a prime location. The book store owner had turned away three of his employees politely and Dolorous EDD, his friend and the vice-president of his company informed him that apparently they all came back telling how it was such a bad decision to buy out her store. This lady had never lost her cool even once while talking to his employees and had them wrapped around her little finger in a matter of an hour; three of his BEST employees. Jon then suddenly remembered that he knew nothing about the lady who owned the store and had requested EDD to send him her file. He took out his phone, irritation creeping into him at this lacuna in knowledge. He always liked to do his homework before meeting his nemesis. And if this woman was half as good as Edd had heard she is, he was going to have to use all the tricks in his playbook to get her to agree to sell.

“EDD, you’ve not yet sent me this bookstore lady’s name and details..” Jon barked into his mobile phone irritably as soon as EDD came online “How am I supposed to convince the lady to sell her store to me, if I don’t even know her name?” 

EDD mumbled something about messaging him the details in just a while and Jon cut the phone with a huff as he entered the store. The store was bigger than he’d expected it to be. They walls were painted grey but everything else, especially the book shelves were all as white as snow. At the back end of the bookstore a beautiful weirwood tree with its fiery red leaves was painted artistically on the wall and suddenly Jon had to literally hold himself back from rushing to the tree and tracing it’s branches with his fingers. This Lady was definitely a northerner, Jon made a mental note. Could he exploit that connection? There was no one in Kings Landing who could know or appreciate the beauty of the weirwood tree like he could. Surely the lady and he had one thing in common, at least. As Jon slowly looked around, he realized that the book shop was so tastefully decorated that he almost felt bad that he was going to have to arm twist the owner into selling the shop to him. But he knew it had to be done. He was going to have to offer this woman a deal she couldn’t refuse.

Jon straightened the jacket of his steel gray suit and ran his hand over his curls which were tightly secured in a man bun of sorts. Jon decided to pretend to look through the collection of books. He had to buy some time till his office sent him all the details. He passed rows and rows of books stacked neatly in the snow white shelves. The children’s books section was the only one which had rainbow coloured shelves and a small play area where children could read and play. He imagined that a lot of book readings and story-telling sessions must happen in this very area. He paused when he saw the Harry Potter series and a sense of nostalgia washed over him. He picked up the first book in the series, Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone and many memories that were kept hidden on purpose, threatened to come back to him. What a positive impact this series had had on him when he was growing up! He felt so connected to the characters especially because there were so many similarities between his life and Harry’s.

His mother Lyanna Snow had been a single parent and Jon had never known who his father was. When he was 11, he was called a bastard by someone in his class and somehow the name stuck. No one befriended him. He had been alone and an outcast until the Starks had moved back to Winter-fell from Castle Black. Robb Stark strode into school like a rock star and with his good nature and drop dead gorgeous looks had become the most popular boy in school overnight. When Ramsey Bolton had called Jon a bastard in front of Robb, he got punched so hard in the face by Robb, that no one had ever dared to call Jon a bastard for the rest of his schooling days. For Robb stark had become his Ron and the Starks had become his Weasleys. Jon used to practically live in Robb’s room. Ned Stark and his mother had been classmates and had gone to Winterfell high together. So Robb’s dad and his mom doted on Jon. Arya had idolised him. She had mimicked everything Jon did which would amuse him greatly. Bran was too mature for his age, but Jon had loved him dearly and Rickon was everyone’s baby. Only Sansa had remained elusive and withdrawn from him. Jon squeezed his eyes shut to will these memories away.

“Why do you like Harry Potter?”

Jon was so taken aback by the sudden delicate voice that seemed to come out of nowhere that he almost dropped the book he was holding. A little girl of probably four or five was staring up at him with icy blue eyes from a little pink chair that she was sitting on. Jon cleared his throat and looked around to see if the parent of the child was around but it looked like the girl was sitting there all by herself. He was already slightly impatient with the amount of time EDD was taking to get back with the information. It was so unlike EDD. In the meanwhile he thought talking to this sweet child may just be what he needed. So Jon grabbed a bean bag that was lying nearby and dragged it near her chair to sit down next to her.

“I like Harry Potter, because it’s the story of an ordinary boy doing extraordinary things!” Jon replied almost extremely tempted to ruffle the girl’s curly mop of black hair which looked so much like his when he was a child.

“What is extraordinary?” The girl asked him with a slight pout that reminded him so much of a girl he once knew. Sansa Stark…..

“Well the dictionary meaning of ….” Jon started to say but caught himself when he realised to whom he was trying to explain this to. He smiled slightly at his own folly as he saw the little angel’s pout change into a brood, which looked pretty much like his own childhood broody pictures. He remembered Catelyn Stark’s words. “You brood too much, Jon Snow” So he crossed his arms and leaned forward slightly. “Well, extraordinary means when you do something that no one thinks you could’ve ever done.”

The little girl’s brain seemed to process this information that had come out of his mouth. She imitated Jon’s stance folding her hands in front of her chest and leaning towards him. “Have you done anything extraordinary?” 

Her question stumped him momentarily. Jon wondered how he was going to answer. Where should he even begin? Jon had lost his mother when he was just fifteen. Ned and Catelyn Stark had insisted that Jon come and live with them. Robb and Arya had had his things packed and brought over to the stark mansion before he could even say a yes. When he was 21, he had started from scratch with the Angel investment Ned Stark had made in his company eight years back. He owned more than thirty companies in the Hospitality sector today. He had managed to create, build and grow all his businesses into a massive empire worth $340 million. Jon had been lucky enough to appear in Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30. But how does one explain all this to a child without sounding like someone who brags? He cleared his throat. “I’ve built a few hotels.. ummm… buildings… I mean errr.. Skyscrapers so I guess, I’ve done a few extraordinary things” He replied to the girl who was watching him with great concentration, not knowing if he was making any sense.

“My uncle can turn me into an airplane and make me fly!” The girl stated with obvious pride in her uncle’s skills and Jon instantly broke into a grin. “I think that’s very extraordinary.” continued the little girl, he blue eyes sparkling.

Thank you for the lesson in humility, love, he told her in his head. “And what about your Dad?” Jon asked without giving a second thought but the second the words came out of his mouth, Jon knew he had made a mistake. The child’s face fell like her favourite toy had been taken away from her, forcibly.  

“I don’t have a Daddy.” the girl looked like she was close to tears and Jon felt like he was the worst kind of monster. This was not a good state of mind to be in before negotiating a difficult deal.  Jon was at an utter loss for words.

“Mummy says she’ll tell me about him when I’m older” The little girl’s face lifted a bit slowly  “But I have four uncles, an Aunt and Grandma and Grandpa and six cousins. We’re a big family.” Her face fell a little again “But sometimes I wish I could call Uncle Robb “Daddy” just like Sarah, Ben, George and Lilly do.”

The mention of an ‘Uncle Robb’ did various things to Jon’s heart at once, none of which he was willing to explore at the moment. He’d lost touch with the only family that was truly ever his because of one single mistake that he had unknowingly committed. But he’d always sent them Christmas cards but never got a single one in return. Five years had gone by and he missed them every single day. He never had a father, just like this little girl and his heart went out to her. His palm automatically went to cup her cheek. 

“What’s your name, darling?” He asked her wondering if it was strange that he thought he could see so much resemblance between her and his childhood photos. It had to be the hair, he told himself. All kids with a dark mop of curly hair look similar.   

“Lyanna ” said the girl and Jon suddenly had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. ‘Uncle Robb’ first and then ‘Lyanna’ … this was getting ridiculous. The girl cheerfully continued “But you can call me Lya. That’s what Mummy and everyone in my family call me. I’m named after my grandmother.” 

Jon heaved a sigh of relief. The girl’s grandmother was called Lyanna. It had nothing to do with his mother’s name. The girl said she had a grandpa and a grandma. His mother was long dead. Jon smiled at the girl. “So what does your Grandpa call your Grandma, if both of you have the same names.”

“He calls her Cat!” Lyanna looked at Jon incredulously as though he was thick-headed or something and Jon felt like all air had beeen sucked right out of his lungs. He could not be hearing this right. It was impossible. He stared at Lyanna like she was probably not real, like he had conjured her out of thin air.  

Lyanna who was oblivious to the emotions that were going through Jon, continued talking while kicking her legs back and forth playfully . “My Grandma is called Catelyn, my ‘grandmother’ is called Lyanna and no one gets confused because Grandma Lyanna is in heaven. She doesn’t come to visit us, ever.” Jon saw it then, as clear as day. Lyanna was his spitting replica only with the exception of her blue eyes which she had no doubt inherited from her mother. The very thought of her mother, now made his blood boil and set his pulse racing.

For the sake of your good health Sansa Stark, he sent out a prayer into the universe, I really really hope this is not what I think it is.

Jon was now gritting his teeth to keep the anger that was exploding inside him under check. There was still a good possibility that he was over thinking this. “So, you have an Uncle Robb, an Aunt Arya, an Uncle Bran, an Uncle Rickon, a Grandpa Ned and a grandma Cat, who is the fourth uncle?” He asked her as gently as he could.

“It’s Uncle Gendry!” Lyanna exclaimed and then looked at him suspiciously, “How do you know all their names?” She asked him frowning at him with narrowed eyes looking very similar to her mother, he suspected. So Arya had finally come around and married Gendry. But he hadn’t received an invitation for the wedding. Why would Arya exclude him from her wedding? Why would Robb not tell him that he was now a father of four??  He glanced back at Lya who was still frowning at him and realisation dawned upon him.

Of course he got no invitation for the wedding or news of the births of Robb’s children. No wonder the Starks had shut him out. They were all hiding a secret. A secret, that had everything to do with him. Jon was so livid he felt his ears becoming hot.  Just then his phone beeped. EDD had sent him a message. 

“Her name is Sansa Stark. She’s 24, unmarried and a single parent.”

Jon kept staring at his phone unable to move a muscle aware that the little girl next to him probably thought he was mad and it was not going to earn him a first good impression if he was what he thought he was to her. So he smiled and sweetly asked her the last question that he thought was necessary. “How old are you, Love?”

“I’m four.” She asked inching her chair away from him and he instantly regretted the coolness of his voice. The math unfortunately fit perfectly in his calculations and once again Jon felt like he was being hurled down a cliff, rescued then hurled down again. 

His phone beeped again and brought him out of his trance. EDD had sent him another message.

“Ummm… Is this ‘your’ Sansa Stark?”

Jon shut his eyes in an attempt to get a reign over the various emotions that were raging within him. EDD sent him another message and this time he practically growled but he read it anyway. 

“Well, She is your Sansa. I double checked twice, so that makes is four times. Hence I took so much time. Jon……. You’re so fucked buddy!!!”

I posted a chat post about Licht having a playground crush on Hyde and expressing it in the worst way. I liked the idea that wrote a little AU on it.

“Now, what did I say about fighting with your friends?” Mahiru lightly lectured the middle schoolers and the two boys mumbled a half-hearted reply. Licht had his arms crossed and his lips were set in a stubborn line. Beside him, Hyde had an equally defiant expression. Mahiru had to sigh at the two. Never in his life had he known two children that fought as much as Licht and Hyde did.

“He’s not my friend.” Licht said and threw Hyde a scowl. A fire sparked between them and Mahiru quickly intervened before they could fight again. Even though Mahiru was only a volunteer, he was often called upon whenever the two fought because he was the only person that could deal with them. He placed a hand on both of their shoulders and spoke softly to them.

“You two are classmates at least. If you two have a disagreement, you should use your words to work it out. You’ll never solve anything if you’re too busy fighting with each other. Now, tell me what this is all about and we’ll find a solution together.” Of course, that was easier said than done because the two immediately started screaming over each other.

“He stole my crayons!” Licht cried. “I was using them and he took it from my hand without asking!”

“They belong to the class!” Hyde was quick to shoot back. “And you just hogged them all.”

“This is about crayons?” Mahiru groaned but he tried to keep his voice calm. “Licht, you need to learn how to share. Those crayons are for everyone to use. Hyde, you cannot take things without asking. Even if he said no, there are a lot of crayons in the bin and you could’ve found another colour.”

Mahiru heard the door open behind him and he turned to see a man enter the small classroom. He recognized Kuro easily because he picked up his brother whenever he got in trouble— which was very often. Hyde grinned widely when he saw his older brother and ran into his waiting arms. He stuck his tongue at Licht from the safety of Kuro’s arms. “I get to go home first. I win.”

“Can’t deal.” Kuro sighed when Licht tried to kick Hyde and Mahiru had to hold him back. He turned to Mahiru and bowed slightly to him. He forced Hyde to lower his head as well. “Sorry about my brother, Mahiru. I’ll have Wrath talk to him when we get home.”

“Maybe you should talk to him. Hyde loves you and respects you so you may get through to him.” Mahiru suggested and Kuro didn’t look convinced.

“If this little troublemaker loved me, he wouldn’t get into fights so I can stay home for once.” Kuro pointed out and playfully ruffled Hyde’s hair. The small boy puffed his cheeks at his brother’s teasing and tried to mess up Kuro’s hair in revenge. Mahiru had to smile at their banter because it was blatantly clear that they loved each other.

“You complain about having to pick me up but you love seeing Shirota-sensei! You should be thanking me—” Kuro quickly covered his brother’s mouth and tried to salvage the situation.

“The things kids say these days!” Kuro laughed shakily with a blush. Mahiru nodded in agreement and giggled. Seeing his smile, Kuro’s heart jumped a little and he did the only thing one could do in that situation. He ran. Still covering Hyde’s mouth, he turned away and said over his shoulder. “Well, we need to get going before Hugh starts to wonder where we are. Bye, Mahiru.”

He waved bye to the pair before he turned back to Licht who was sulking. He knelt in front of him so they were eye levelled with him. “I’m sure your mother will be here soon. Do you want to do something while we wait for her? We can finish colouring that picture you were making for her. Hyde’s not here to steal your crayons so you’ll be able to get it done.”

Licht nodded and ran to his desk to take out his drawing. His parents were often busy because they were famous performers. They loved their son but their jobs didn’t allow them to be with him as much as they wanted. Mahiru would often stay behind to watch over Licht. He sat next to Licht as best as he could in the small chair and looked at his drawing. “That’s a handsome angel. Your mom will love this picture of you.”

“It is me.” Licht beamed, happy that Mahiru quickly recognized what he drew. He tapped a doodle in the corner of his picture. “And I’m protecting Mr. Kitty from this demon.”

“… That looks an awful lot like Hyde.” He frowned but Licht innocently nodded. Mahiru knew that boys often fought with each other when they were young but he couldn’t let them continue. “Licht, why can’t you try to be friends with Hyde?”

“Because his face is stupid and it makes me feel weird.” Licht told him but Mahiru noticed the small blush he had on his face. “He’s just dumb in general. Remember the time I fell and hurt my knee? He hugged me instead of getting you. Somehow, he made my stomach feel weird like there were butterflies. He made me eat butterflies! I don’t know how but he did.”

“He didn’t feed you butterflies.” Mahiru couldn’t help but laugh. It was obvious that Licht was experiencing his first crush but he was too young to understand his feelings. He also concluded that Licht was one of those kids that picked on their crushes without knowing better. But Mahiru knew that it would be best to curb that behaviour. “I think Hyde was trying to comfort you.”

“He was?” Licht looked up at him but then shook his head. “But he’s a demon.”

“Do you want to know how to purify a demon?” Mahiru whispered, as if he was about to divulge a secret, and Licht listened intently. “All a demon need is friendship and kindness. How about you try to get along with Hyde from now on? I’m sure you’ll become close friends. Of course, that will mean no more fighting. An angel and a reformed demon will make a great team, don’t you think?”

“… It is my duty as an angel to purify demons.” Licht said tentatively and Mahiru smiled knowingly. “But I don’t know if Hyde likes me.”

“He does.” Mahiru said reassuringly. “How about we start out with small steps? When you get home, you should write him a letter telling him how you feel. It doesn’t have to be long but you should be honest. If you feel shy about giving it to him in person, you can leave it in his cubby.”

“A note…” Licht mumbled and then smiled. “I’ll tell him exactly how I feel!”

“Sensei!” Hyde ran to Mahiru with a piece of paper clutched in his hand. He held it out to him and said, “I found this in my cubby today! I don’t know who put it there.”

“I think I have an idea.” Mahiru tried to contain his smile as he took the note from Hyde. He was glad that Licht took his advice and wrote Hyde a note. Hopefully, this would mean that they would stop fighting. But when he read the note, his hopes were dashed.

I want you to get out of my school.

Licht, no! This was pretty short but I had a lot of fun writing this. I was going to make Lily the school teacher but he’s Hyde’s brother and would be bias to him. And having Mahiru would let me insert some KuroMahi :P

Speak Now

Dylan O’Brien x Reader

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A/N: I wrote this so long ago and now I’m finally creating the courage to publish it here. I hope you all enjoy. And please, let me know. Feedback is everything.

Warnings: a little bit of cursing and lots of fluff. slightly angsty. also, this was based on the song “speak now” by taylor swift. 

Word Count: 1400

“I’m out for five months and when I finally get back, he’s about to get married?” I shrieked, shaking my head in disbelief.

Frustrated with my response, Julia O’Brien sighed, dropping her shoulders in defeat. She had been the one imbued with the responsibility to tell me the news. But I simply couldn’t believe what the girl had told me. I mean, it all happened so fast! There’s no way my poor head would be able to assimilate it. In fact, it never even occurred to me that I’d lose the love of my life. No, no way.

I should explain how my life came to this mess, right? Oh, well, it all began with me having to go away so I could help my sister out; she had just given birth, to a eight pound baby, yes, poor woman, and needed someone to take care of her, mainly because her husband was this huge wanker and refused to his job as a partner. This, alongside my mother’s constant preaching, made me feel bad, which means I ended up accepting it. Of course I didn’t want to leave my life behind, but I refused to be the bitch who wouldn’t lay a hand to her own flesh and blood. 

Do I have to say it was extremely stressful? Fuck, I can swear that I never hated my name more in my entire life. “Y/N, watch out for Jimmy!”, “Y/N, bring me tea!”, “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N!”. I must admit that, for a brief second, I fantasized about killing my sister. Or kill myself. Who knows? It would be a lot faster and I could leave a note blaming my sister for the whole thing.

Alright, I’m done with the acid comments.  

The real problem was, actually, that she lived in a small town far away from London. It was so isolated that I could pretty much say she lived in a farm. And I couldn’t just be travelling all the time, therefore its location forced me to move there. It would only be a few months, so I didn’t see why I shouldn’t do it. Who would have guessed that, in the meantime, my boyfriend, or so I thought he was, whom I loved and trusted deeply, would get engaged and would be about to marry another woman? Oh, God, he is even at the church right now! 

“Y/N, it wasn’t his wish to be marrying her. He loves you more than anything in this world. You know that.” Julia argued, her brown eyes trying to persuade me. "Still, my parents forced him to do it. She’s the daughter of a big ass business man who works with my father and-” 

"Stop it right there!” I quirked a brown, narrowing my eyes, clearly infuriated. “Dylan is grown man, he doesn’t need anyone making his choices for him.”

"Yeah, Y/N, but you have to understand he wasn’t given much of a choice…”

“I don’t want to, and I won’t, understand this, Jules.” My voice was strangled, I could feel the tears welling up on my eyes. “I can’t do this.”

Oh, fuck no!

I would not let my gorgeous pumpkin tie the knot with someone else without at least explaining to me what the hell was this entire thing about. Clumsily standing up from the couch I was sitting on, I ran out of the house, not even giving a word to my former sister-in-law. I needed to act quick, otherwise I would lose him forever.

I’m not a kind of girl

Who should be rudely barging on a white veil occasion

But you are not the kind of boy

Who should be marrying the wrong girl

Julia had said that the church was close to their home, so I didn’t bother to get my car and drive there. It was time to put into practice all my years of jogging. It didn’t take long for me to spot the beautiful arranged place. The same one his parents got married. 

Due to my running, the short sundress I had on was drenched in sweat; not that I cared, though. I could only set my thoughts on the lots of people who were coming in and out of the church. By the looks of it, the ceremony was yet to start. 

I stealthily walked in, watching the guests buzzing around me and trying to recognise them; but they were completely unknown. That was until I found his best friend standing next to the old looking priest. Tyler had a tired expression on his face, like he rather be anywhere else but here. I saw his other friends as well; they were seated on the front row, mirroring Posey’s traits. No one appearing to be happy. Not even her parents, who set it all up.

I sneak in and see your friends

And her snotty little family all dressed in pastels

As I went a little deeper into the church, I heard someone loudly complaining in the back. I quickly recognised the grumpy person as Britt Robertson, Dylan’s ex. He had told me about her a few times and I never really pictured her as the obsessive type. I was obviously wrong. 

Britt was yelling at one of her bridesmaids, clearly quite annoyed by something the poor girl had done prior my arrival. But, as much as I was delighted to hear her in such a bad mood, I still wanted to find Dylan in that sea of people. In my mind, I thought I could convince him to ditch this whole thing and run away with me.  

Nevertheless, before I could find him, the nuptial march started to play in the background, announcing the wedding’s beginning. Despite it being a joyful sound, I started to feel nauseated by it and a few disgusted shivers went down my spine. 

From behind a curtain, I watched her slowly walk inside the church, so full of herself, looking like a freaking model. My mind screamed that I should be the one in her shoes. Wearing a white gown, moving happily towards the man I loved, not her. Not someone who treated him like a prize. 

And the organ starts to play

A song that sounds like a death march

And I am hiding in the curtains

It seems that I was uninvited

By your lovely bride to be

She floats down the aisle like

A pageant queen

When she got there, everyone sat down and I was finally able to see him. Dylan was standing next to the priest, looking handsome as ever in a black tuxedo. His brown hair messy, his pink lips in a straight line and a ghost of the scruff I loved so much against my legs were there, brightening him. Everything seemed to be unchanged. Except for his eyes. The beautiful whiskey coloured eyes I fell for had lost the sparkling beam I saw every time he looked at me. They seemed tired. Sad. Which should make me happy, but instead, I was saddened, a sinking feeling reaching my stomach as if I had been punched. 

Fear crept through my form completely, making my hands shake and making me forget what I was supposed to say. Should I really disrupt this marriage? Would I be this kind of girl? The answer was clear in my head: Yes, I would. Despite being selfish, I needed Dylan in my life. I could not afford to lose him. 

I bit my bottom lip, sitting down and deciding to wait for a while. It wasn’t the time to speak up. No, I’d wait for the priest’s words, then I would act. Yes, it sounds like a good plan.

Do not say yes, let’s run away now,

I’ll meet you in the aisle of the church by the back door

Do not wait, or say a single vow,

You need to hear me out,

And they said speak now

The minute I heard him say “speak now or forever hold your peace”, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to stop this bloody joke right now. So I rushed to the church’s entrance, walking down the red carpet until I was in front of the couple. In front of him. He seemed surprised when our gazes mingled together, but it swiftly faded away, being replaced by tenderness. Only then his lips curled into a smile. Plus, in that moment, I didn’t care how crazy this was, I just went and linked our mouths together, fully aware of the horrified looks everyone was shooting at us. I couldn’t care less, though. 

I pulled away, locking my gaze on Dylan’s. Suddenly, it all felt right again, despite my awful bad timing. He gave me a reassuring look, squeezing my hand and making me feel unique, like he always did. Oh, damn you, O’Brien!

“Don’t this to me please.” I quietly begged, not bothering to understand Britt’s angry squeals. “I love you so much, Dyl.”

“And I love you, Y/N.” He then looked at everyone inside the church, his eyes apologetic. “I’m so sorry, but I can’t marry. Not when I love her. This was a huge mistake.”    

I hear the preacher say

‘Speak now or forever hold your peace’

There’s a silence, there’s my last chance,

I stand up with shaky hands

All eyes on me,

Horrified looks from everyone in the room

But I’m only looking at you

I never really believed in fairytales or happy endings. It just wasn’t my thing. However, from time to time, they do happen. And as I firmly intertwined Dylan’s slim fingers on mine, running far away from that dreadful scene, I was sure that I would never again doubt that true love existed. 

Not ever. 

And you’ll say” let’s run away now,

I’ll meet in the aisle in my tux by the back door

Baby, I did not see myself,

I’m glad you were around

When they said speak now

You don’t own me part 3

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Excerpt: Have you ever heard about the phenomenon called “Love”?”, Baekhyun arised from his seat. “It makes you weak. It makes you vulnerable. This will be our chance.”

Word count: 1818 // I tried…I’m sorry…

Warnings: A little bit violence and angst ;)

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