the colours were so beautiful * *


Genre: Reluctant soulmate!au, angst, fluff.

Summary: After years of only seeing black and white, you finally meet Kyungsoo, your soulmate who brings colour into your life. You want him, but does he want you?

A/N: This is my first request! It’s kind of awful, but I hope I improve. Enjoy! :)

(n) a love returned in full.

I closed my eyes. I desperately wished, that when I opened them, colour would scatter the world that I looked upon. But it was just that. A wish.
Reopening my eyes, I sighed at the dull black and white that filled my vision. I longed to see the colours a few of my friends and family had told me of. Yellow flowers, green grass, blue sky, red cars. It sounded beautiful, and I had yet to experience it.

My shoulders slumped in defeat as my friend, Sehun, bellowed at me to keep up. I scurried after him, listening to him talk on and on about his lovely soulmate, whom he had met last year when he went for a stroll in the park. I had gone for many strolls in the park, yet I hadn’t met the person I was supposed to love yet.
You see, when you meet the person you love, beautiful colours surround you. Your world instantly goes from the gloomy black and white, to a colourful mess. That’s what I craved most. To love, be loved and witness the beautiful colours. When Sehun found his, he was over the moon. He rambled all about the world and how it looked much better, and how he loved his soulmate to the moon and back. He would only stop when he seen the glum expression on your face.
It’s not that you weren’t happy for him, your happiness was just acquainted with envy.

“It’s our one year coming up in a few weeks and I want everything to go spectacular. I have the night planned, but I must choose what to wear. What shirt do you recommend?”

“They’ll all just look black and white to me, Sehun. But honestly, if it’s going to be dressy, I know that white shirts are probably the best to go with.”

“You don’t need to see colour to tell me which design is the nicest. I’ll just tell you what colour the shirt and design is,” he commented. “I’ve thought this over.”

“Clearly not enough. Are you forgetting that I’ve never seen a colour before? It’ll be pointless telling me, you absolute birdbrain, Oh Sehun.”

“Oh,” he muttered. “I didn’t actually think of that. My sincerest apologies, best friend. I’ll just go with a white one. Now, onwards we go! I’m starving.”

We arrived at a small café, and ordered our food. While Sehun ordered a plate of food, I just went with a small coffee to waken myself up, seeing as Sehun dragged me out of bed at 8am, to bring me into town to help with an anniversary gift for his lover.

This was the best and worst thing Sehun had done.

You silently sipped your coffee, listening to Sehun mumble on about different things, and watched as he snapped pictures of his food and coffee. This was how your friendship worked. You were always the quiet, reserved, introverted type whereas he was talkative, sometimes loud and done most of the talking.
When you finished your coffee, you excused yourself to go to the bathroom. Standing up, Sehun was mumbling more things to you, telling you he would be finished soon and your next destination would be a new store that sold music – his friend owned the store and he wanted to try it out. You were so busy trying to listen to Sehun and walk at the same time, you didn’t notice the two boys in a hurry to get to the counter so you crashed into one of them.

“Oh,” you muttered once your body collided with one of the men. “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention and…”

You trailed off once you looked up, suddenly captivated by the man in front of you. Perhaps it was the fast beating of your heart, or the fact that you thought you could hear his heart beating just as he could hear yours, or maybe it was the calm feeling you felt as soon as you had touched, despite the fast beating of your heart. Although you knew this was the man you were supposed to love, as when you glanced up you were not met with the typical black and white, but instead a splash of colour all around you.

You wanted to look around and witness it all, you really did, but your eyes couldn’t leave the eyes of the boy in front of you. They were beautiful. They were so round, and the colour was captivating. You wanted to know if they were blue, or green, or brown. If you were being honest with yourself, you wanted to know everything about the man you just bumped into.
After what felt like at least five minutes, he finally cleared his throat and began to speak, and his voice was simply beautiful.

“Sorry, we were, um, walking too fast. We should have realised it was too crowded in hear to walk at such a speed,” He paused and jabbed his thumb towards his friend who was behind him, watching you both with a raised eyebrow. “My friend, Chanyeol and I have to get back to work soon so we were in a hurry.”

“It’s okay,” Your voice sounded slightly hoarse, or strained, so like he did before you, you cleared your own throat. You offered a small smile before continuing, “I should have been paying attention.”

“Yeah. Okay, well sorry again. We’ll just get going- “

“I’m sorry but,” You reached out and wrapped your hand around his arm and you could feel him stiffen under your touch. “Did you feel that too? Can you see what I see?”

You lowered your voice for the last part of the question, and your eyes searched his. You saw guilt and hesitation flash across his eyes, and that’s how you knew the next thing that through his lips was a lie.

“No. I didn’t feel anything.”

“But you can see colour now? Can’t you?”

Hesitating again he replied, “Yes. I can. Look, there must be a mistake. We aren’t soulmates. I didn’t feel anything, maybe something went wrong. I’m sorry but I need to go. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see colour, but this is a mistake. Goodbye.”

“Kyungsoo, I have our coffee. Let’s go.” His tall friend’s deep voice cut through the air making you look at him. He had a sorrow in his eyes as he looked at you, before turning away with the man whose name was Kyungsoo.

The name Kyungsoo made your heart hurt, and it took you a few minutes to process what had just happened. You had just been rejected by the man you were supposed to spend your life with.


You didn’t see Kyungsoo for another week after the accident. After it happened, Sehun had claimed he witnessed the whole thing, and after calling him an asshole, he had demanded you both go home to curl up on the sofa of your apartment and watch re-runs of We Got Married. You only left your apartment to go down to the store, feeling utterly broken and upset. You had often wondered if he felt the same way, before you snapped out of it and realised that he had been the one to reject you, so of course he didn’t feel the same way.

“Okay. That’s enough moping around, let’s go out. I still need to find a gift and you need to go further than the corner store. There are plenty of people in this world who don’t have a soulmate, and of the billions of people in this world, you aren’t letting an asshole whom you met 40 minutes down the street, stop you from meeting another lovely person.” Sehun threw you clothes, moving his hands in a movement that told you to ‘put them on.’ So, you did.

Sehun had helped you a lot within the last week, especially with your new-found colours. At least you had a colourful world now, so you could see what you had been missing out on. Sehun told you all the colours, so you were pretty sure you knew each of them now. Including the brilliant shade of brown that were Kyungsoo’s eyes.

You and Sehun wondered down town into the music store which his friend owned, after collecting a few gifts from other stores and he insisted this was the last stop. You were rather tired by now and wanted to go home.
As you got to the door of the store, your heart started to race and you instantly knew why. Sehun pushed open the door and standing in front of the cash register, was Kyungsoo.

Sehun hadn’t noticed him yet, and began to walk around the different aisles looking at the different music collections that they had to offer. You noticed Kyungsoo’s lanky friend, whose name you couldn’t remember, who was staring at you both, before nudging Kyungsoo. He looked up to shoot his friend an annoyed look, and followed his gaze to where his eyes landed on me.
Not long after, Sehun had soon caught on that Kyungsoo had worked here and asked if you wanted to leave, but you had brushed it off, stating you couldn’t hide from him forever, seeing as you both live in similar areas. Sehun finally chose an album and you made your way to the front of the store, meeting Kyungsoo’s eyes, which haven’t left your figure since he noticed you.

“Oh,” he started, in a dull tone. “It’s you.”

Your heart panged slightly at his tone, but you looked away from his gaze and muttered, “It’s me.”

He took the album off Sehun and began to put it through the register. You looked back at him to get a proper look at the rest of his features, such as his large, heart shaped lips, his cute plump nose and his short, messy black hair on his head. He was handsome. Had he rejected you because you weren’t enough for him? Were you too plain? You felt tears meet your water line

but you blinked them away when a voice called out Sehun’s name.

“Ah, Sehun! It’s great to see you again!” A tall man with slightly gelled hair walked out and greeted Sehun, giving him a short hug. Sehun introduced the man as Yixing, who was Chinese. Yixing then proceeded to pull you into a quick hug.

“When I moved here to teach dancing, Sehun was once of my best students. He’s very talented. Oh! By the way, this is two workers of mine, Kyungsoo and Chanyeol.”

Chanyeol’s deep voice boomed a loud hello in return, whereas Kyungsoo gave a slight nod. You noticed Sehun shooting him a small glare, but Kyungsoo wasn’t looking at him. Your heart was going crazy under his gaze and you wanted to slap him, but also reach forward and grab him into a tight hug and never let him go.

Yixing broke your gaze with him by throwing an arm around your shoulders, and you thought you seen somewhat of a glare from Kyungsoo at his boss, but you dismissed it.

“So, do you have a job?”

“Uh,” you pursed your lips and told him the truth. “I did, but I left two weeks ago. It wasn’t the best place to work. I’ve started looking around though, for another.”
“Great! Today’s your lucky day, then. You start tomorrow, say 8am?”


You, Kyungsoo, Chanyeol and Sehun had all spoken at the same time. You, Chanyeol and Sehun speaking with shock, and Kyungsoo’s coming out a little harsher.

“I’ve been needing extra staff since the store has been getting more popular. So, this is perfect, you get a job and I get an employee! Now, I must be off. I hope you’ll take the job, it’s a great place and I promise I’m not bad to work for.”

“I’m sure she doesn’t want to work in a little old music store surrounded by boys. I think the mall was hiring, in one of those food shops. She could try there,” The voice you dreaded – but loved – to hear cut Yixing off before he had the chance to leave.

“Actually,” Your voice wobbled as you spoke, but you tilted your head in Yixing’s direction and finished with confidence. “I’ll take the job. Tomorrow, 8am.”

And with a cheer, a glare and two looks of shock, you wondered what you had gotten yourself into.

And so, you began, working at the store. You enjoyed it, and you soon managed to ignore the fluttering and the panging in your heart because of Kyungsoo. He wasn’t so welcoming, giving you occasional glares, sending you out on rainy days to fetch coffee, or yelling at you for knocking over his newly made music stand. You became fast friends with Chanyeol, who was welcoming and had a great sense of humour, never failing to make you laugh. You had only been working there for a few weeks, but you loved it and Yixing was great to work for.

“Have you seen Chanyeol?” Kyungsoo startled you, making you drop the few posters you were holding as he rounded the corner.

“He decided to do the coffee run today, to stretch his legs.”

“You’re so clumsy,” he said harshly, picking up the few posters and thrusting them at you.” I’m surprised no one has complained yet about a broken record. I’m nearly sure you’ve dropped everything in here.”

“Well, if someone would stop sneaking up on me every day, maybe I wouldn’t drop them.”

“Walking up to you and talking is hardly sneaking up on you.”

“You come so quietly! How am I supposed to hear you when you walk more silently than a damn turtle!”

“Maybe you need to get your hearing checked out because I don’t walk that quietly! You’re the only person who jumps when I speak to you! Maybe if you weren’t always lost in thought.”

At this rate, you were both standing pretty close to each other, with glares directed at the other person, when Chanyeol walked in.

“Interrupting something, am I?”

“No,” Kyungsoo said taking a step back. “You’re interrupting absolutely nothing. It’s about time you’re back.”

And with that, you both went about your day as you always did. It was near closing time when you heard Chanyeol and Kyungsoo talking, and what you heard made your heart shatter.

“Kyungsoo, what time is your date with Haewon anyway? Isn’t it like, your one month anniversary?”

Not wanting to hear the rest, you walked up to them with your head held high and told them you were finished, and were going to head home. Looking at Kyungsoo, you felt tears building up and you saw a flash of guilt cross his eyes before he turned away. You were dismissed.

What you hadn’t heard or seen, was Kyungsoo swatting Chanyeol with his hand. No matter what Kyungsoo did, he couldn’t get you out of his head. You were his soulmate, and despite how hard he tried, he knew he was falling more and more in love with you, even if all you did was argue.

You managed to keep your tears in until you reached your apartment. It was still early in the evening, but you felt exhausted so you headed straight into your bed, where you let silent tears fall down your cheeks, falling asleep late into the night.

Your head and eyes hurt the next day when you got up for work. You slept through your alarm and when you got out to your car, it wouldn’t start. You ended up catching a bus to work, and you were 20 minutes late. Yixing didn’t mind though, as you told him what had happened with your car.

“It happens,” He stated. “It’s been pretty quiet this morning anyway. Are you okay by the way? Your eyes look a little…”

“I’m fine, thanks. Allergies.”

With that, he left. You had successfully managed to ignore Kyungsoo for most the day, your heart still feeling sad from overhearing what his plans were last night. Was she prettier than you? Is that why he didn’t want you?

“Let me help you, with putting out the albums,” Kyungsoo cut your train of thought, and you felt heat rushing to your face as you silently nodded. You could feel his gaze on you as you both worked but you kept your eyes in front of you.
“You look tired,” He began.

“I am tired.”

“Did you sleep late last night? Is that why you were late this morning?”


“Chanyeol isn’t coming in today. He went out last night and drank too much,” He chuckled at his sentence. Your heart warmed at the sound, you almost smiled but you didn’t. “It’s just me and you.”

You nodded.

The rest of the day went like this, Kyungsoo being unusually sweet and making small conversation whilst you kept quiet and worked. You couldn’t wait to leave, as you were exhausted and Sehun was coming over tomorrow with his soulmate, and knowing him, it would probably be early.

Finally, the end of the day came and Kyungsoo said he would lock up, and you could head on home if you wanted. There were no more buses now, so you made your way to the side of the footpath to cross the road to walk home. However, you were so tired that you went to cross the road and barely noticed the car coming in your direction, however before it hit you, you heard Kyungsoo calling your name before his hand was pulling you into his chest, away from the road.

Your eyes widened once you realised how stupid you had just been, and if it weren’t for Kyungsoo, who knows what would have happened.

“Are you stupid? Oh, my god, you walked straight out in front of that car, what the hell. Do you want to die? Never, ever scare me like that again.”

Instead of saying anything, you hugged Kyungsoo tightly, which he gladly returned. You were still shocked but you managed to speak.

“Y-you saved me, Kyungsoo. I’m sorry, and thank you. That was so stupid, I don’t even…” Your voice trailed off and Kyungsoo hugged you even tighter and pressed his lips to your head.

“I’m sorry,” He mumbled.

“Why are you sorry?”

“For hurting you. You know… when we first met.” You stayed silent and let him continue. “It’s just, we walked into each other and I lied, I did feel it. I felt that spark, my heart was racing and there was so much colour. It was beautiful. You were beautiful. Your eyes… they were amazing. But I had met another woman, I thought I loved her. So, I rejected you, I lied and left. We met again and my heart, it felt like it was going to explode. I loved hearing you talk, looking at you, I just wanted to be around you. When I was with the other woman, my mind kept drifting back to you. I wanted to get to know you, I wanted to be with you instead of her. I broke things off with her last night. I couldn’t do it anymore, you’re the one I want. You’re my soulmate, not her. I’m falling in love with you, and until now I’ve just been so stupid, and I hope you can forgive me.”


“I don’t expect you to straight away. Can we just… start over?”

After silence, you looked into his beautiful eyes, before saying, “I would like that. Very much.”

“Hello,” He grinned, holding you out at arm’s length. “My name is Kyungsoo, and I believe you’re my soulmate.”

“The pleasure is all mine, Kyungsoo. I’m Y/N. Did you feel that too? I think I felt a spark.”

“I definitely felt it. Now, how about I walk you home? We can get to know each other and maybe fall in love? Shall we see where this journey takes us?”

“I would like that very much.”

“Then, what are we waiting for?”

gladioli | yoongi

genre: floof
warnings: language??? thats abt it
word count: 2.8k

a/n: this is sooooo long overdue, but i’d gotten a request from one of my cutest most wonderful friends to write this forever ago, and finally got to do it! u know who u are nd ily

The sound of a bell twinkling drew your attention from the bouquet of flowers to the door, watching as a customer walked in. You smiled bright in greeting, your hello returned only with a small nod and a cast glance. The man, you saw, was clearly deep in thought and unwilling to be drawn out of it, so you decided to give him his space and admire him from afar. Bleach blond hair fell into his eyes as he stood there, staring at the white gladiolus flowers, and you sighed softly to yourself. You had noticed during your time working here that people seemed to be drawn the flowers that described their situation, ones that they could apply to themselves. You’d find a cheerful man picking up gardenias for his lover, a message of secret love communicated by the flowers without the customer even realizing it. A woman would walk in and sorrowfully grab a bouquet of purple hyacinths for her significant other as an apology, unaware that the flower meant just that. It was something interesting you’d noticed time and time again and, while not always accurate, it was certainly something that you were curious about. 

That’s why your interest was peaked when the man, a handsome one at that, gently rubbed the petal of the gladiolus in his hand, clearly taken by their beauty. The flower symbolized strength, but also infatuation — receiving even one meant that you had pierced the heart of whoever had given it. The man gingerly picked up three, eyeing them, before continuing to look around the store. You watched curiously as he softly stepped towards the baby pink balsam flowers, also known as Touch Me Nots, and picked up another three. He had communicated not only infatuation but ardent love as well through six flowers, and you watched. If only someone loved you as much as he loved the recipient of this bouquet. 

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positive lady characters meme: hürrem sultan + hair porn/wardrobe porn (requested by @elisabethwoodville)

I’m going to Paris on Friday and was inspired by the idea to convert the CL beret for toddlers. The original colours were horrendous (sorry EA), so I also recoloured them in this beautiful palette. They now come in 36 colours, and you don’t need CL for them to work! All LODs should work just fine.


EA for the original mesh

vexhelps for the colour palette


Please feel free to recolour, I can’t wait to see your beautiful recolours

No paysites and do not claim as your own pls

If you want to recolour, please don’t include the mesh

If you use these berets I’d love to see your toddlers in them, so use the tag #playwithlifesimblr

Thank you for showing an interest in my stuff!

Download: simfileshare

ps. this is my first time meshing EVER, so please be kind, and let me know if there are any issues <3


Based on this image from @gladiocats
Gladio x Reader, drabble

Of all the places you’d traveled, Cape Caem was probably one of your favourites. It was calm and peaceful. And after the Empire attack on Insomnia and the death of Jared, that was definitely something that you needed.

You were wandering around the lighthouse, taking in the view along the horizon. From your perch, you spotted a patch of wild flowers growing down closer to the road. You wandered over, looking at them with awe.

There were so many colours–pinks, purples, yellows. They were so beautiful, you figured you’d pick a few and find a makeshift vase to brighten up the house. Once you’d picked a sizeable bouquet, you made your way back to the old cabin to keep them fresh.

As you were searching the kitchen for a vase or a pot, you heard a throat clearing behind you. You turned to see Gladio standing by the threshold, arms crossed, an amused smirk on his face.

“What are you doing?”

“What’s it look like?” you replied cheekily. “If I don’t find something for the flowers, they’ll wilt.”

He nodded and meandered over. “What kind of flowers are those?”

You shrugged. “A few pansies, some lilies, and look–” you grinned. “Even a gladiolus.”

He rolled his eyes as you winked at him. And then you got a great idea.

“Can I put it in your hair?”

He did a small double take. “What?”

You pouted, giving your best puppy-dog-eyes impression. “Please, babe? Don’t you love me?”

He rolled his eyes even harder this time and lowered his head so that it was easier for you to reach. You clapped excitedly and took the flower, gently placing the stem behind his ear so it sat right at his temple.

“You look beautiful,” you gave him a genuine smile, cradling his face in your hands. He surged forward and kissed you, and you felt his lips curve upwards against yours. He pulled away, leaving you breathless.

“I love you, you dork. You know that?”

You blushed, feeling the heat creep up your neck. “I love you too, big guy.” Your eyes briefly wandered around to the other rooms of the house. “I wonder where Prompto is. I wonder if I can steal his camera. This can’t go undocumented.”

Gladio playfully groaned, but then suddenly you were swept off your feet and hauled over his shoulder. You shrieked, and he swatted your ass as he easily carried you upstairs.

“You can find him later,” he said dismissively. “You’ve had your fun, and now it’s my turn.”

You giggled. “Fine. But you have to keep the flower in your hair.”

Without hesitation, he replied, “Deal.”

You’re something special ♡ Grayson

Request: ‘‘Heeyy your ims are so deep🌊 I don’t even know how to call em in other interpretation. BTW can I have a G im where he watches her every action imagining how badly he want her to be his girl, and in one day he just tell her all the things he want (And pls don’t forget about kisses u describes em soo f👑 amazing)‘‘

Response: Thank u lovely! That’s so sweet ^.^ Okay guys, so this imagine is honestly one of my favorites I’ve written, I think, (hope that doesn’t sound cocky lol) but yeah, I think this one turned out pretty okay :) so let me know what you think xx

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

Graysons POV

My eyes almost hurt when I look at her. She is so beautiful. She looks like an angel, and she doesn’t even have to try. It may sound cliché, but I admire everything about her. Since I saw her I can’t stop thinking about her. She is so gentle, the way she talks and the way she treats people… I wish I could tell her all these things, but I don’t want to her to think that I’m a desperate stalker, trying to get attention from girls.

It’s a normal day of school and I’m sitting in class. When the bell finally rings, I look at my phone and see that it’s almost three o’clock. Normally around this time on Friday Y/N is in the library, looking for books she can read in the weekend. Or just books to help her studying. Don’t even ask me how I know this, because it’s actually embarrassing. I grab by bag, leave the classroom and rush into the library.

I silently open the door of the library. It’s almost empty. Of course, it was Friday. Not many people went to the library at school when it was almost weekend. I walk through the library that is stuffed with bookcases, peeking my head around every corner to see if she’s here.

And when I see her my heart skips a beat. She’s sitting at a table with a few books around her, reading one of them with the tip of her pen in her mouth and her hair up in a bun. I quickly grab a random book and walk to the table where she’s sitting. I sit down and open the book, glancing down at her. She looks up and her beautiful red lips curl into a sweet smile. It only last like two seconds, but it felt like an eternity. I smile back, probably looking really goofy.

When she starts reading her book again I try to look as if I’m reading mine too, but my eyes keep flickering back to her. She looked incredibly pretty today and smelled so nice. Even from where I was sitting I could smell her perfume; vanilla with a touch of something sweet, maybe flowers. She didn’t wear a lot of make up; just a bit of mascara and something on her lips.

Her eyebrows were full and her cheeks were a bit chubby, but I actually thought that that was really cute. And even if she did wore a lot of makeup I’d still adore her. She could even throw on a garbage bag and still look gorgeous.

I look at her rosy cheeks and the freckles on her nose and wonder how her skin would feel like. Probably very soft. And her eyes… they were so friendly and had the most beautiful colour. I could stare into them forever. I wanted to touch her and wrap my arms around her with her head resting on my chest. I wanted to make her feel safe and loved.

I lick my lips at the thought of how her naked body would feel pressed to mine. But not even in a sexual way; we could just lay together, feeling calm and at peace. I would love hearing her heartbeat and her warm breath against my neck. I casually stroke a hand through my hair when I feel my cheeks burning. If she could only read my mind… I just couldn’t stop thinking about her, I wanted her to be mine so bad.

Your POV

You couldn’t believe that Grayson Dolan, your crush since freshman year, was sitting in front of you. You always thought he had been a cute guy, but you knew he didn’t read and you found it odd that he was in the library. Sitting in front of you. On a Friday afternoon. With his book upside down. God, he was so adorable. The book he was holding looked so small compared to his large hands. He had such beautiful hands. You wondered how they’d feel holding yours.

‘Enjoying your book?’ you ask with a little smile, while you catch him looking at you. He blinks and immediately looks back into his book. ‘Me? Eh yeah, it’s pretty good,’ he chuckles nervously. ‘It’s upside down, you know?’ you giggle and turn a page in the book you had been reading. His cheeks turn even more red than they already were and he turns the book around, so that he could actually read the thing. A few minutes pass and you feel him looking at you. Whenever you look back at him, he quickly looks away.

After about half an hour you’re done with your studying and as bad as you wanted to stay in the library with this beautiful human being, you really had to go home. You grab your stuff and stand up from your chair. Hesitantly you put your bag around your shoulder, not knowing if you should say goodbye or not. Why not? you thought. ‘Bye, Grayson,’ you say and walk towards the exit of the library. Grayson quickly stands up too.

‘Wait,’ he says and before you know it he grabs your hand and stops you from walking. You look at your hand holding his. It looked so tiny compared to his hand. He lets go of you, looking a little embarrassed. ‘Yeah?’ you encourage him, looking up. ‘I know that we don’t talk that much, which is why I completely understand if you say no, but I think you’re a really nice girl and I was wondering if… if you would maybe want to go on a date sometime? Are you free tonight?’ he asks with a sweet voice.

You inner self starts screaming, but you remain to stay calm. Was this a dream?! ‘Yes… Of course,’ you answer, shrugging your shoulders. You never really had plans for the weekend, except if you counted watching Netflix with a bag of Doritos. He looks relieved and smirks. ‘Nice! Should I pick you up tonight? At seven?’ ‘Sounds great,’ you say happily.               


The date had been perfect so far. He had picked you up at your house and brought you to a chic – but not too chic – restaurant. The food tasted amazing and the whole atmosphere was just so lovely. There were candles burning on the table and the interior was very cute. There was even a live band playing in the background.

You guys got to know each other better and just talked about everything and anything that crossed your minds. It actually felt like you had known each other your whole life, which was a very nice feeling. After dinner you went to go to the cinema. With his hand on your thigh he looked at you during the entire movie. And when you looked back at him you expected him to kiss you, but he didn’t.


He stops the car in front of your house, steps out and walks to the other side of the car to open the door for you. He sure was a true gentleman. You take his outstretched hand and together you walk to the door of your house. You turn around so you faced him, and realise you were actually standing really close.

‘Thank you for tonight,’ you whisper. He smiles and strokes a hair out of your face. ‘Thank you. I had a very nice evening. Maybe we could do it again some time?’ ‘I would love that,’ you say, almost drowning in his brown, husky eyes. ‘I should probably go… Thank you, again. Have a nice weekend, Y/N,’ Grayson says. But you don’t let go of his hand.

‘You could come in for a minute, if you want. My parents aren’t home, so…’ you say, trying to look innocent. ‘Yeah, sure,’ Grayson says, his eyes growing a little wider. You open the door and walk to the living room, with Graysons hand still holding yours.

You sit down on the couch, with Grayson next to you. Again, his face was just a few inches away from yours. You could see his little moustache hairs and smell his minty breath and cologne. It sent shivers down your spine. Slowly he leans closer to you, until his nose is touching yours. And when you think he’s about to kiss you, he pulls back. You stare at him, a little confused. Did you do something wrong?

‘Y/N, I want to say something to you…’ he says, looking down at his shoes. ‘Yeah?’ you say, placing a hand on his thigh. He looks back at you, with the cutest smile on his face. ‘It will probably sound very cheesy, but… I am so happy that I met you, honestly. This evening was just perfect. At least for me it was perfect. I like everything about you, every little thing, and I think you were meant for me,’ Grayson says. Your heart flutters at his words and a big smile appears on your face. ‘Grayson…’ you start, but he stops you. ‘Wait, let me finish this, before I forget what I want to say,’ he chuckles.

‘All I can think about lately is how much I want to kiss you. You’re the only one I want. I love your laugh and I love the way you make me laugh. I want to be the constant in your life, if you let me… you’re something special,’ he says while he cups your face with his large hands. ‘Oh Grayson,’ you whisper while your smile grows bigger. ‘That’s so sweet. I – I’ but he interrupts your stutters by gently pressing his warms lips against yours.

He opens your mouth and slides his tongue between your lips. You let him dominate you however he wants. You gasp for air as his hands slowly trail down your body, from your back to your waist and then to your thighs. You close your eyes while his kisses are getting deeper and rougher and he starts kissing your jawline and neck.

You dig your nails into his scalp, trying to contain the pleasure. His fluffy hair strokes against your cheek while he pleases you. He tenderly starts sucking your neck and you feel him smirking while he listens to your soft moans. After a minute or so you slowly start pushing him away, before it got too intense.

You wanted to take things slowly, since this was your first date with Grayson. You never even kissed on a first date, but oh well, Grayson Dolan was an exception. He pulls back and looks with loving eyes down at you. ‘I can’t wait for the days when I get to kiss you every morning and every night,’ he whispers while he entwines his fingers with yours. You giggle and you couldn’t even describe how perfect this moment was.


“Won-ah, if I end up growing old alone, you have to come visit me often.”

Enamored | [ PART 3 ]

“I know Luke, and I know that deep down he needs someone like you. I know you’re not talking right now and I also know that I barely know you but I know you can make him stable and help him come out of his shell. You can make him, him again, because he needs that, he really does.”

Word Count: 1.7k

Summary:  Or, the one where in an alternate universe it’s not out of the norm to be buying humans-especially sex slaves-for auction. Luke Hemmings, a very high profiled boss in one of the best selling businesses in the world, just so happens to buy the most cheapest sex slave there is, that makes the media go wild and follow his every move.

Aurora Palvin is the sex slave who has been in the auction since she turned sixteen, thankfully she has been bought by the Luke Hemmings and to say she is scared is an understatement. She has to learn to deal with the pressure of society and Luke’s strict rules.

Now what happens when two different worlds collide? Find out in  Enamored.

part one | part two 

Aurora walked around the house, going into every room that she seen previously before. She let her fingers dance around every piece of furniture, every unusual object that perked her interest or anything shiny that came across her vision. She had wonder everywhere on the first floor; her bare feet gliding amongst the heated wooden floor as she let her eyes continuously trail around the empty space around her.

Her feet carried her towards a window to the left side of foyer where she stared outside, her lips hanging open from the gorgeous view in front of her. Aurora never got a good view of the backyard, she only caught little glimpses of it, and even when she did she knew that it would look beautiful and she wasn’t wrong.

The grass was cut low and a very alluring green colour, there was also a ton of trees that covered the expense of the yard, and enough gave privacy due to the huge windows surrounding the house. Even after the long lean trees it was the swimming pool and hot tub that sparked so much interest in Aurora. It was so beautifully sculptured and stunning that Aurora couldn’t help but feel excited, she couldn’t wait until the day where she would be able to dive into the pool and wonder through the trees as the short grass tickled her feet.  

“Aurora,” A soft voice said in the quiet atmosphere that caused Aurora’s head to turn away from the window and turn towards the voice. The woman that brought her food yesterday night was standing before her with a small smile on her lips.

“So that is your name?” She spoke again before taking a few steps towards her; Aurora let a small smile tug on the ends of her lips as she turned away from the window and twisted her body towards the woman.

“Uh yes, that’s my name,” Aurora said, her head bowing slightly as she turned her head towards the ground, her chestnut hair trailing behind her.

“No need to be shy dear,” The woman said before reaching Aurora, and taking her hand in hers. “My name is Sofia, but you can call me Sophie.” That made Aurora’s smile become wider, her gaze flicked up from off of the around and towards Sophie, a gentle smile was also plastered on her lips.

“Why don’t you come with me,” She said, her head nodding towards the kitchen, which only made Aurora nod her head gently before following Sophie to where she was taking her.

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🎲 Cuphead Fanfiction ~

{ This is the second Chapter of another fiction I wrote and it’s very long, wow-!
I have to say I had a lot of fun writing this chapter so I hope you all will appreciate it, and everyone can suggest me ideas and plot twists because it can be interesting, I accept every kind of advice.
If you want you can visit my AO3 profile }

Pairing: King Dice x Neutral! Reader
Rating: Orange (some thematic in this story can be considered blasphemous and harsh)


Wicked Game  [ second part ]

«Mother… Mother….Where are you? », you searched for your mother all over the house, with a little bouquet of violets in your hands that you wanted to donate to her. They were so colourful and beautiful, a sweet fragrance caressed your nostrils while you ran and some petals fell down to the ground leaving a trace of your passage. You kept screaming but none answered at your call so maybe your mother was not at home and you were talking with the air. This air was a dirty air; it smelled like dust and mould, because your mother did not pay a lot of attention to the home cleaning and so many times, you have to think about it doing the cleaning jobs for her.
Actually, you did not consider yourself like Cinderella because for you it was not a weight or a torture, you loved cleaning your house and it was still your home and living between the spider webs and rats did not make you feel comfortable. Then, you could distract and be alone with yourself. Cleaning was the only leisure you could have since, in her opinion, you should have spent all your free time reading the bible, praying and doing any activities that concerned religion and, how anyone could understand, they were not activities with which a child could have fun. The cleaning jobs helped you to escape from your Christian’s duties and maybe it was something more useful than praying or speaking with God.
Your mother was nowhere to be found and maybe she was vanished into thin air, so you called her name again, «Moth—», when your voice fainted suddenly, hearing a voice. Her voice.
«Oh, God! », your mother yelled at the top of her lungs and you remained immobilized in front of her closed door so you posed your ear on it trying to hear what she was saying but her voice became a sigh and it was difficult to understand the words that came out from her lips. You supposed she was praying, this was one of the activities she practiced the most. She was devoted to God, but she was devoted in ways you could not even imagine…
«Oh, Lord, you live in the Kingdom of Heaven, bless my soul…», said your mother with solemnity but there was something else. You opened, trying to be more careful and silent possible, the door, slowly. Shivers of fear were crossing your spine, you were not allowed to be here, and if your mother had found it out it would have not been a good surprise for you.
Your mother was laying on the bed and it seemed she was too concentrate to her prayer to notice you. Her breath was heavier and from her mouth came out heavy breaths and sighs and you started worrying, thinking she had spams. She needed your assistance – thought your innocent mind- so, when you were going to show up yourself to help your mother, she spoke again with a louder voice and there was something strange in her voice that, at first, you did not recognize.
«My Lord, take me, I’m yours… Bring me to Heaven! », with your eyes wide open, incredulous in front of the scene that appeared in front of your sight, you held a gasp. That strange sensation, the origin of her screams was relating to lust even if you did not understand well the nature of her action because you were still an innocent child who has not experimented the sin of lust yet, but your instinct told you your mother was sinning. This was an awful truth to discover and you were shocked, tears fell down from your eyes while she was still screaming God’s name with her sinful mouth.
«God, my Saviour. I’ll be your forever! », she was touching herself, lifting her long skirt to show her slim and deformed legs that seemed the legs of a puppet or a branch of a tree. She opened her legs, inserting her own fingers inside her intimacy while she screamed the lord’s name in vain until her spasms became more luxurious and louder, you did not believe your eyes. Your violets were drowning under your own tears, which you were unable to hold back.
«Oh, God, please…Come inside me… Yes! », your state of mind was so devastated that you were unable to decipher her words or her intentions. Everything just appeared so wrong in your eyes. So macabre and obscure and you refused to see this scene one more minute.
For all the rest of that day, you hid yourself in your room and, the moment you locked your door, you could hear the ultimate scream of your mother. Her yells of ecstasy echoed in the house as if they were ancient ghosts that paralyzed your body; your hands covered your ears, while she thanked God again.

Your vision blacked out and you came back to this reality, the sweat wet your forehead and your breath was heavy and irregular. It was as if you were emerged from the oceanic abyss. It was the abyss of your mind. Of your memories that did not stop to torment you, you shivered like a leaf on a tree during an autumnal night.
You forgot where you were, what you were doing, all the audience made of abominable monsters that surrounded you, and they perceived your fears. They laughed of your fears and your terror was their primal source of nutrition.
«Our guest seems distraught», as you heard his voice, your state of mind got back sober even if this reality was too absurd to accept and you were so confused that you just stared at his green eyes without saying a single word.  At the contrary of what you should have thought, Dice was not angry with you and he appeared so calm and relaxed while you were as tense as a bungee cord that was about to crack.
«Do ya want to make a prayer before the game starts? », remarked Dice, noticing the particular pendant you wore, it was a golden crucifix and it was a gift your mother gave you to have God always by your side. This detail made the dice man a little disappointed but he seemed also so amused because it was rare seeing a believer in a place like this. He asked himself if you were a sort of lost sheep and he would have been glad to show you the right path to follow. Actually, his thought was not completely wrong because you were so unsure about your faith. You were not an atheist and you were not even a sinner, but you were alarmed and sad, alone and lost in this mad world.  
«Did they take the wrong way? The church is on the other side! », said a monster and everyone laughed at his joke and you felt so embarrassed. This made your situation more complicated than before.
You held your crucifix tightly as if it could help you for real but you were sure that praying was useless. It was useless in everyday life, much less in a demoniac place like this and you supposed sacred items lost their power in this place and maybe you were not even allowed to wear them here.
After a long silent and everyone supposed you became mute, you answered, keeping your head down, «No, I don’t! », and Dice was glad hearing it from you since nobody here had the patience to hear a sermon or some moralist declaration.
«Oh, well! Let’s get this show on the road! », proclaimed Dice and all the crowd went wild. You just nodded not so sure about what was going to happen. An intense flash blinded you, as everything appeared so psychedelic and abnormal in your mind and the environment became so illuminated and effervescent that you asked yourself if you were in the same place.
In front of you, there was a big game table, King was staring at you with malice, curiosity, his figure, compared to yours, appeared so majestic and fearsome, and you questioned to yourself if he was the true Devil but you were just a lost soul in this Calvary. You held your breath trying to stay calm or, at least, appear calm since you were freaking out from your head to your feet.
His smile was wide open, he was as if he was swinging to the rhythm of your beating heart, you kept your head down concentrating your vision to the table that was very huge, and coloured with words and numbers written on it and you had no idea of the meaning of all of this. Everything appeared just like a mysterious and alien symbolism for you.
«It’s such a shame a pure creature like you ended up in a damned place like this, have you lost your way home? », asked Dice, and his gaze never left you so you tried to look through his eyes but you found yourself caught again. You were not sure if you had to say the real reason why you were here.
You took a deep breath before you answered, «I’m here by mistake, I just got lost», none in this hall was so stupid to believe your little lies, and King shook his head, showing a disapproval expression but it vanished instantly and his wicked smile appeared again.
«Pure souls don’t tell lies», Dice smirked but the fact that you were not a complete candid soul was a gratification for him. You have still stolen your mother’s money and it was not a pure action, this fact came back to your mind and you understood lying was useless here. You were going to lose your soul, to disappear from this awful existence so you had no more secrets to keep or lies to tell. Everything was unworthy at this point.
«Pure souls don’t exist…», with your eyes still lowered, you confessed your inner thought. Nobody in this world was total good or total bad. Just like the ancient Chinese philosophy said, the yin and the yang could not live without the other. This was the equilibrium of the universe, the basis of life.
«Well well, you have finally decided to speak. See, ladies and gentlemen, they’re not mute. », all the crowd applauded like if they wanted to encourage you to talk about your story or philosophy of life even if you were not so enthusiasm to tell your thoughts and memories to them, so you decided not to answer keeping your mouth closed while you looked at the void in front of you.
«Ah, they’re so shy, why don’t you fellas be quite for a moment. They will never confide us their secrets if they are afraid so…», his eyes went wide open and he put his hand under his chin, observing you like if you were an object and not a person. You were a form of entertainment and people here could not get bored because of your lack of cooperation so Dice decided to make this game more interesting. You were still silent and impassive.
«Let’s make this bet more stimulating», his voice made you worried and you swallowed some saliva as the light became more dazzling and you had to cover your eyes with your hands.
Everyone was waiting for your answer even this time, so you said «What? », you did not want to know in what way this game could be more interesting and you were so sick of everything.
«You don’t have a lot to say, we’ll help you to open up a little more, darling», said Dice with a soft tone that scared you to death because it was obvious his intentions were not gentle. Then, he kept speaking again, « For every victory, you have to confess something about your distressed soul to us, are you in? », Dice was still sure your soul was pure despite your little theft and it was a theft he would approve and he could not wait to listen to your little secrets. It might appear not so useful for him but he would have obtained your soul anyway, so it was better to have fun as much as possible.
You were not a lucky person so you did not hope to win not even one time and you would have brought your secrets with you in your grave. This game was strange, you did not understand what Dice’s real purpose was, and maybe he just wanted to play with your little mind to entertain himself and all this audience.  
«Ok, I accept…», with the usual insecurity of your voice, you said and whatever would happen you were designated to lose some part of your dignity.
«So, what do you offer for this match? », you really did not want to offer your soul, it was too odd and the instinct for survival told you to protect yourself. Yes, you wanted to leave your mother but you wanted to live too, despite you were so sad and confused, this was an instinct every human possessed. Then, you remembered the money you stole from your mother and maybe they could be useful for your aim and this was still a Casino, here cash flew but you had to be parsimonious and smart if you did not want to lose everything and then you would not have anything else to offer, other than your miserable soul.
«I have this…», you said showing your cash even if you have not even counted it and you were not so attached to money, you were not a materialist person. Your mother always spoke about humility, you had to be careful not to be tempted by the sin of avarice, and you still did not understand since she was the one who possessed money and not you. Your mother was so greedy and the only good actions she did possessed always an ulterior motive since her charity was a mere ostentation of her fake generosity. More you thought about her and more you understood how she was a true sinner.
«Looks like our guest doesn’t joke», from your appearance, nobody could say you were a rich person, and you did not wear designer clothes. Dice could understand something was wrong in you and he felt more curious than before, he chuckled before he continued, «Where did you steal all this money?» , the crowd remained surprised and so many people started saying that maybe you were not that pure and you were going to burn in hell for all these sins. You just ignored them and you did not know how to answer to him because he guessed right and he could find out if you lied so you had to be careful with your words.
«I took them from my mother, she didn’t know but I intend to give them back to her quickly.», the crowd started mocking you saying how your heart was gold, you were worried about your mommy, what a precious child you were.
«Oh, but they are a lot of money and you have still stolen them from her. Are you sure to win? », King found you too amusing since you appeared so naive and he did not define you like a true sinner. Your action was just an infantile prank but your next phrase convinced him about your innocent mind.
« Uhm, but they’re just pieces of paper…», you have never understood the true value of money, you just knew they were used for buying things and most of these things were useless, in your opinion. It seemed that your mother had booked a suite in Paradise if she had all that money aside, there were so many banknotes of 100 $ and some of 500 $ and maybe they were the saving of months since she was greed and she did not spend so much her money. It was absurd she wanted to give to the Church all this money but it was more absurd that you were going to lose all of it for a gambling, and she always said that gambling was the Devil’s work. You were committing the greatest sin of your life and you felt a little guilty for your mother, you had to admit even if she was worthless for you.
Then, Dice’s heart has softened hearing your comment because you were too naïve and he said, «It could be true, dear, but this world still turns around money, ya know! » his tone appeared so paternal and soft that you almost melted and you felt a little stupid. You realized you did not know a thing about this world and how could you win this game without not even know who you were or in what you believed.
« Cut to the chase, darling. We’ve job to do and ya have to make your move! », he said smirking at you with his usual lascivious smile but you had to admit you got used to it. The entire crowd was staring at you but you did not care and you kept your cold behaviour. It seemed the time was frozen for you, and you had to start and push your luck –if it was present in you and you doubted very much-.
You had to launch your dice, hoping for some good result but you were still inexperienced in this game or in life in general. You did not know the sense of it and you supposed you were destined to lose.
After a reflection, maybe you just wanted to lose time waiting for something or some help from God or some other divinity who could hear your prayer but nothing happened and everyone was still waiting for your move. Therefore, after you placed your bet, it’s your come out and you throw the dice. Your mind was so concentrated and immobilized that you saw the time moving in slow motion and your sight became foggy, it was like you were in another dimension or in another universe. While the dice rolled on the table all the crowd was screaming; the ones who bet on you and the ones who wanted to see you lose but maybe these lasts would have been dissatisfied. It seemed Lady Luck smiled at you this time and you did not even realize since your mind was still wandering in the land of confusion.
«Look at that, you got 11! », the crowd applauded you and you did not even realize you won this first part and you have been lucky. With you, all the persons that have bet on the pass line have won with you while the others have lost their money but for now since it was the first round and nobody could say if you would have been lucky a second time.
You were just too incredulous to comment and even Dice was smiling at you but his grin was different, it was less malevolent and he was curious. He was sure yours was all some beginner’s luck and he has not forgotten the new rules about the game. Since you have won, you had to tell a secret. Maybe you forgot this little detail.
«Is it ok…? », you asked with a calm and innocent tone of voice that he found adorable and he was almost sorry for you, that you had to confess your intimacies to this audience of monsters but a bet was still a bet. There was no coming back. He smiled at you with a malicious tenderness and you got worried.
«Yes, it’s good. Maybe you are luckier than you thought, but we’re lucky, too», and then you remembered the new clauses of the game and you started freaking out.
If you did not lose your money or your soul, you had to lose your dignity, at least. You would not get out from this place safe and sound and without any scars because you knew the inner scars were the most painful and terrifying than any other visible wounds.
«Pretend we’re your friends, darling. Here none of us wants to harm you, we’re playing for fun, it’s all a game, just trust in me. Nobody is going to hurt you. » , you lost yourself staring at his green pupils and his soft and alluring voice was bringing you to Paradise and it gave you peace and serenity, you could tell to this man all your secrets. King was hypnotic like a sin and a temptation.
«Uhm… What should I say? », you asked trying to find yourself but it was so difficult and you did not want to recall your awful memories about your mother.
«Everything, darling. Everything…», the more you looked into his eyes and the more you desired to confide to him all your darkest thoughts and you felt trapped. You ran away from a cage to find yourself in another cage and it was not luck but only a miserable wicked game between you and him. 




•so many smiles

•he rarely smiles with others and normally expresses himself through his eyes but with you he can never stop smiling

•he gets nervous sometimes when he meets new people because he thinks they will judge him based on his past

•so when he first met you he actually didn’t speak to you once

•he made ten go get your number for him

•he now relies on you so much when meeting people as just having you next to him calms him down and reassures him that everything is ok

•lots and lots of back hugging

•you’re washing dishes? back hug

•brushing your hair? back hug

•leaving the house? back hug

•when he back hugs you he rubs his nose in the gap just behind your ear and sometimes if he’s feeling affectionate he plants a little kiss there too

•he borrowed jaehyun’s clothes on your first date because you had mentioned that you like how jaehyun dresses

•expect him to be needy after practice

•even if he is soaked in sweat he will trap you in hugs and fall asleep on you without saying much because he is so tired and just needed a cuddle

•”taeyong you stink get off …get off of me…. taeYONG i sWEAR”

•kissing taeyong can range from being really soft and delicate almost as if he isn’t even touching you to heavy and desperate with him holding you really really tight

•you once accidentally found a box of his sketchbooks under his clothes rack in the dorm

•lots of them were of you in different forms like some where realistic some were cartoon some were sketches some were coloured 

•there were so many and they were all beautiful 

•you’ve never seen him run so fast after ten told him that you were grinning at his drawings

•he changed his name in your phone to “your visual ;)”

•flirty flirty flirty 24/7

•this involves him saying embarrassing and sometimes x rated things when you’re with the other members just so he can glance at you to see your reaction

•his weakness is you playing with his bangs

•even after dance practice when he’s sweaty and tired you always bring a hair brush so you can sit in his lap and brush his messy hair

•if he could purr he would when you brush his hair he turns into a smiling mess

•taeyong never blushes but once he overheard you telling johnny how important taeyong is and he swore his cheeks were on fire

•he’s very protective but very lowkey about it

•like he won’t ever get in your way of talking to someone or get physical if someone is being overly flirty but he will definitely make it clear that he’s your boyfriend 

•if something upsets you he gets really riled up and doesn’t know how to handle it so just paces about the room ranting about how you don’t deserve to ever be hurt by anyone

•he also can’t handle you crying it’s the worst thing for him and if he sees you cry his heart breaks so he just pulls you into his neck or chest or any part of him so he can hold you 

•“tae where did you put my phone”

•“tae have you been on my phone”

•“oh my god taeyong why the hell did you take three thousand pictures of your leg on my phone”

•taeyong is a weird cuddler sometimes he wants you to be the one to tangle your arms around him and kiss his back while he falls asleep but other times he’s really dominating and practically cages you into his chest so he can wrap himself around you while you curl up against him

•he has that alternating little spoon big spoon complex

•the first time you stayed over at the dorm he planned on sleeping on the floor and letting you have the bed but he fell asleep beside you while you watched movies on his laptop

•you once bought him a pair of spongebob boxer shorts on your second date as a joke and he still has them

•you call him his full name when you’re mad and secretly he finds it really funny and cute so his heart swells whenever you say it

•”lee taeyong” “[taeyong dorky smiling and blushing like a baby]”

•since he doesn’t like mess he is constantly cleaning your house

•sometimes he just gets up during a movie and gets a cloth and just wipes the tv screen 

•he actually loves cleaning your room he found so much more about you by tiding your draws and finding an old photo album or trinkets you forgotten even existed

•you find him sat in the middle of your bedroom floor once smiling up at you because he had laid all the old things from your childhood he had found so you could look through them together

•he drags the others out with him whenever he is looking for a present for you because he never has a clue what to get

•"taeil what flowers would they like" “ok but doyoung would this look good on them” “ten put that back they would hate that” “oh fucking hell mark why would you even pick that up” “jesus christ where has yuta gone”

•he normally settles on a plushie and picks your favourite drawings from one of his sketchbooks to put in a frame

•when he’s away he doesn’t call much as he’s bad at voicing his words so instead texts you constantly

•he also video calls you whenever he can

•once during the encore of one of the smtown shows everyone thought he was taking pictures of the crowd but really he was video calling you

•"look where i am" “taeyong you’re literally on stage get the hell off Skype”

•he once asked to do your hair and forced you to go out for dinner with your hair however he styled it

•you ended up eating in a restaurant with twenty three pink bows pinned in your hair and an entire can of hairspray holding it in various weird shapes

•he tries to keep up his cool image in front of others but when he’s with you it has always melted away

•he even bakes cakes for you both sometimes

•his lockscreen is a picture yuta took of tearing kissing your nose on your 100 day anniversary 

•the same anniversary where taeyong tried to keep up his cool image by giving you his jacket while you were walking but he ended up getting the zipper stuck in his hair so you had to spend ten minutes trying to pull it out

•which worked out pretty well for him since you were so close to his face that he took it as the chance for your first kiss

•it was so quick you weren’t even sure it happened but you looked up to see him staring at you before he leaned in again and kissed you again

•his favourite thing to ask the others is “who’s gonna win the fight to be best man at our wedding”

•which always ends up with hansol smacking the back of his head for being cheesy

•like johnny he is always scared of upsetting you he would never do anything to hurt or upset you because you mean the world to him

•but this basically means he will always hold your hand in public and not a soft gentle hand hold a “taeyong my fingers are actually about to fall off you’re holding them so rtight” hand hold

•you once scratched your knee slightly by tripping accidentally and taeyong was so worried he carried you the whole way from the store back to the dorm before bandaging your knee with gigantic bandages when really the scratch was the size of a small coin

•he keeps his emotions inside when he isn’t with you so whenever he is away or he bottles up his feelings until he can see you again

•and when he finally does see you he just likes to lay beside you holding your hand explaining what had upset him and why

•he realised he had fallen in love with you during one of these moments

•he also realised he was in love with you when he saw that you started carrying around hand sanitiser or a small pack of wipes for him so he can clean his hands if he ever feels his phobia creeping up on him

•you’re surprisingly close to the younger ones 

•you once dozed off with jisung and jaemin against each of your arms cuddled into your sides during a movie and you could just about see taeyong tucking you all in with a blanket before whispering “you’re going to be the best parent to our kids aren’t you”

•or maybe you were dreaming?

•or maybe you weren’t

•dating taeyong is like dating your best friend and expect him to treat you like the most precious thing in his life

anonymous asked:

Hi~! I'd been reading through your blog and all I can say is that I love it! So, um... may I request an HC where MC is into extreme sports and RFA+V & Saeran tries it with them?

A/N: Why thank you! i love y o u your wish is my command! god i wish i had someone to do these sports with me  ;A; THEY’RE SO FUN?? ~Admin 404





           -He was interested in what hobbies you were into!

           -When you told him you were into some sports, he was excited to try it out with you!

           -Wanted to prove he was more than just a gamer! He can be manly and play some sports, too!

           -Does… screaming… on the way down from the top of the bridge count as manly??

           -When the two of you are back with your feet on the ground, he’s a blubbering MESS


           -Never wants to do this again!!!! He respects that you have fun but please be careful!!! So scared for your safety but absolutely cannot bring himself to do it again


           -Listen,,, he was an adrenaline junkie back in the day too

           -So an extreme sport? No problem

           -You suggested some rock climbing! He was down!

           -“That’s not very extreme, MC”

           -That is… until you brought him to this wall…

           -That wasn’t…. produced…in a factory


           -He’s got a lot of upper body strength, but are you gonna be okay??? WORRIED

           -When the two of you get to the top, though, he’s exhausted!!! You made it seem so easy!

           -10/10 would do it again though, he loves making it a competition though he loses almost every time?


           -You’d often come home with bruises and it worried her so much!!

           -So you decided to take her to one of your roller derby matches!

           -CHEERED SO LOUD!


           -You offered to let her practice with your team sometime

           -She…LOVES IT


           -She’s really good too, omg! lowkey imagines some of them are elizabeth and jumin

           -Immediately offered a position on the team, and accepted!!!

           -The two of you will marvel at all of the bruises you get together, they’re like little sometimes painful trophies!


           -He didn’t think scuba diving was an ‘extreme sport’

           -So when you told him you like to participate in said extreme sport from time to time, he was visibly confused

           - Assistant Kang, explain to me why scuba diving is extreme

           -He decided to indulge in your hobby!

           - damn trustfund kid takes you to some private island he owns or like bora bora or something

           -Didn’t know that you had to sign so many insurance forms?? Is this truly that dangerous?

           -When he was under the water, though, he realized why you loved it so much

           -The colours of the coral, seaweed, and fish were all so bright and beautiful!!

           -The way the sun shone through the water and onto you was BREATHTAKING okay but did you not think the same about the amazing fish, juju???

           -Seriously this is now something the two of you do very very often and you never get tired of it!!


           -Come on MC!! Let me go with you just this once!!

           -Just wants to see what you do in your spare time!

           -So you tell him to show up in some shorts and a t-shirt! But…..why?

           -You had him meet you on the second floor of some parking garage

           - okay mc this isn’t…weird…at all?

           -When you just smile at him before breaking out into a sprint and jumping off of the second floor to the street below, he PANICS

           -Runs to the railing and watches you take off down the road, jumping on and off various things, cart-wheeling, and flipping, he was surprised but cheered you on before trying to catch up!

           -From then on, it was a competition to see who could do cooler moves!

           -“MC! LOOK! HARDCORE PARKOUR!!!!!”

           - trips over a park bench onto his face


           -The two of you were visiting a beach!

           -Loved taking pictures of you!

           -Hair blowing in the wind, sun shining on your skin, BEAUTIFUL



           -Panics if you wipe out though!

           -You offered to teach him! But the first time he tried on his own, he wiped out

           -2787654/10 loves riding on yours! He can get close ups!!

           -The one time he takes selfies instead of pictures of just you

           -He’s determined to learn to ride on his own!!!! Private lessons! Wants to impress you! PLEASE MC!!


           -He knows how to ride a skateboard

           -He knows that YOU know how to ride a skateboard

           -What he didn’t know was that you??? Were?? So??? Good??

           -Like, you can do so many tricks!

           -Grinding the rail? Perfect. Nose grab? Amazing. Saran wrap? Wait. Why did you keep calling him by this skateboard trick??


           -TEACH HIM ALL OF THE TRICKS, MC!!!!!!

           -He’s seen other people fall and really hurt themselves doing some of the tricks he’s seen you do

           -SO WORRIED but also, hey, EXTREMELY IN AWE

           -Secretly takes pictures of you on his phone because??? You look so bad ass!! He loves it!!!!!

My moon, sun and stars

Pairing : Rap Monster (Namjoon) x you

Genre : fluff

Summary : Your boyfriend, Namjoon, doesn’t have any inspiration so he hangs out with you to find some.

Word count : 914

A/N: okay so I was going to write an nsfw version but I wasn’t getting anything good so I wrote something quite fluffy instead. This is honestly trash, it will give you toothaches. I’m sorry anon I don’t know if this is really what you wanted but I tried to be as descriptive as possible and everything >< I might write an nsfw version of this, tell me what you think ! The quote at the end is Cummings’ :) Enjoy !

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colours- soulmate au

i am a slut for soulmate au’s. idea from this post 

Lily Evans had only ever seen the world in black and white. Once she was old enough to understand, her parents sat her down and explained to her that once she touches the person she is destined to be with, the whole world will flood with colour. After then Lily was desperate to meet her soulmate, she wanted to see what colour the sky was on a clear day or what colour her favourite dress was or what colour her hair was. Her mother told her it was a fiery red but she didn’t know what that was.

When she arrived at Hogwarts she was practically yearning to find this person and just touch their hand because she was sick of seeing in black and white. She was also sick of James Potter asking to give her a hug because he was positive he was her soulmate. It was around fourth year when quite a few people began to see in colour, Marlene McKinnon rushed into their dorm one day practically gleaming. “I can see! I can see!” She was crying tears of pure joy. “Oh Merlin, Lily! Everything is so beautiful.” When asked who her soulmate was she began to laugh hysterically, it was the one and only Sirius Black. Marlene had been walking down the hallway to get to the common room when Sirius had pulled on her arm for her to stop so he could speak with her. “You should’ve seen his face, I bet you mine wasn’t much different though!

By sixth year, more and more people began to see in colour and Lily could not even deny the fact that she was jealous. For hours she would sit by the fire with Marlene and beg her to describe the colours of the houses flags or the colour of the couches they were sitting upon.

Lily was rushing through the corridors to get to the Great Hall when it happened, she was constantly bumping into people and profusely apologising afterwards over her shoulder. She approached a big group of students and said a silent pray she would make it out alive before diving headfirst into the sea of students. Within the midst of people she saw James Potter, the boy who had began to make her stomach flip and heart burst, shooting her a grin and an ’Alright, Evans?’ as he pushed through people and went past her. Lily felt her shoulder bump with somebody and suddenly the hallway burst with colour. Lily stood still within the crowd of students and watched as everybody’s robes filled with colours, different colours. Colours she couldn’t even describe but they were so beautiful. Little did she know, a few feet away from her James Potter stood shockingly still as his world around him engulfed in unfamiliar shades. Shades he couldn’t even dream of.

Lily immediately ran through the crowd of people and without looking back she bolted right to the door. Outside all different colours flooded Lily’s eyes, at last she could see what Marlene had described to her millions of times. Lily pulled a mirror out of her bag and opened it up, previously she had saw a rather boring reflection but now she could see the fiery red hair that her mother described and she could finally understand what she meant. She could see her eyes staring back at her, bright and green like the grass beneath her feet. The freckles that scattered her pale skin and the colour of her Hogwarts tie. It was all so amazing Lily began to feel the tears leaking from her eyes.

After sitting outside in the warm sun for an hour absorbing all of the colour surrounding her, Lily decided she needed to tell her friends. As soon as she saw her friends in the common room she sprinted towards them, yelling the same words Marlene had only two years before, so loud everybody in the room looked at her. Lily ignored them however and Mary, Marlene and Dorcas stood up to give their friend a hug to congratulate her. “So who’ is it?” Mary had asked and Lily froze in sudden awareness that she didn’t know who her soulmate was. It was a big crowd of students, it could’ve been anyone. “I have no idea.” Was all she muttered and her friends shot her confused looks until she sat them down and explained what happened. Lily briefly mentioned that she saw James just before it happened and her friends spent the next twenty minutes endlessly teasing her with the idea that it might be him.

A little while later, the Marauders came bounding down the stairs from their dorm, James was looking a little bit dazed and his eyes kept darting around the room like he was seeing for the first time. “What’s wrong with James?” Dorcas asked when the boys joined them on the couches, James was still in his own world. “Oh, he can finally see in colour.” Remus explained as James decided to join his friends with a smile and Marlene began to choke on air. “That’s odd.” She said. “So can Lily.” Sudden realisation dawned on both James and Lily, their eyes snapped up to look at each other with a look of shock and relief on both of their faces. Lily could hardly hear their friends laughing and cheering around them because her mind was full of pure disbelief, after all this time of James jokingly saying he was her soulmate, he was actually right.

From then on Lily and James spent the rest of their short lives seeing in colour together, up until that faithful night when their lives were sharply taken away from them. As Lily barricaded herself in the room, she heard James’ body hit the floor and suddenly the whole room turned black and white again. All the colour she had seen since she was seventeen had vanished. And she spent the next few seconds of her life desperately trying to remember the hazel of James’ eyes as she would never see them again, in colour or not, because he was gone. Just like all of the colour in Lily’s world.

Lily never even saw the green of the curse that ended her life.