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Hello Nala. You probably don't know me so y e a it me. Hi. I am Ankita. From India. My fav colours are blue, purple and black. My fav ship is johnlock (now my secret is out oops) I love chocolate flavour ice creams. And butterscotch. And I don't have any cats but I will love to have a dog someday. Now i should hide in a cave because I shared so much personal information with a stranger.

Ahhh It’s nice to meet you, since we’ve never spoken before! :D 

i am 11 and i am sat next to a british
girl in maths class,
she tells me about her ancestors who were miners going on strike
and protesting against their working
conditions and wages,
my jaw falls,
i am in awe of their bravery.

i am 12 and i understand now what
britain’s colonialism did to the
i realise that they starved us,
forced us to speak english and beat
anyone who dared speak any of
the tongues belonging to their

i am 15 and i realise that europe’s world famous museums house
exhibits created by my people,
a symbol of our strength, courage
and culture they exotified and expolited.

i am 15 and it dawns on me that her ancestors shot mine in amritsar in 1919.

i am 15 and it dawns on me that her ancestors slaughtered mine in peshawar in 1930.

i am 15 and it dawns on me that my culture is running out of my veins and that my heart is beating today because of the resilience of my people and that i share the blood of life with this land and that my brown-skinned ancestors were braver and stronger than that girl’s could ever dream of being.

—  august 14th, august 15th // independence

Annakut celebrations - Kolkata, India 

People in Kolkata wait below a temple as part of Annakut, or, “heap of grain” celebrations. For this celebration, a mound of rice is cooked and offered to a Goddess. After this, the rice is offered to the devotees. 

tw most of this article is white non-swers speaking over swers of colour.

Sex workers’ groups in India say not all women in the trade are victims or trafficked sex slaves
By Nita Bhalla

NEW DELHI, Jan 31 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Sex workers in India have slammed a global conference on the abolition of prostitution, saying campaigners for the end of the sex trade failed to recognise some women were prostitutes out of choice and not due to coercion, trafficking or force.

Participants at the Delhi conference - including former sex workers from South Africa, Canada, India and the United States - have been sharing stories of sexual slavery and calling for an end to prostitution by punishing clients, pimps and traffickers.

But sex workers’ groups in India said there was a difference between voluntary sex work and sexual exploitation, and that not all women in the trade are victims or trafficked sex slaves.

“We are against anyone who does not recognise us as human beings who can take our own decisions,” said Kiran Deshmukh, a sex worker from Veshya Anyay Mukti Parishad, a collective of sex workers from India’s western state of Maharashtra.

“Making us victims with no agency is a violation of our human right to work in sex work. By ‘abolishing’ us they are not helping us - they are ignoring our need to work and earn a living with dignity.”

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