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what do you think the missus would be like on social media? would they be as private as harry, barely post anything, or post mirror selfies with their bumps when pregnant

She’s a popular blogger so I imagine she’d be pretty active on social media, yeah. Sharing her photography and always taking photos when she’s out and about and enjoying her time out of the house, or out of London, or even out of England. Only sharing photos when she feels comfortable sharing them; and if they include Harry, sharing them if he agrees (which is most of the time because, even though he’s private, he likes to show her off and show people he’s happy with her) to her posting a specific photo. It’s usually the odd selfie that they take when they fancied taking a selfie or a sweet candid that she wants to show everyone because he’s just so damn cute. Her Instagram feed is incredibly flow-y. It flows in regards to colours and schemes and it follows the same filter and each photo has the same border and it’s very consistent - the kind of thing you’d see on a blogger’s Instagram, nowadays.

When they get married and become husband and wife, I think she’d be a little more active because they no longer have anything to hide from the public, but she’d still hold back on posting personal photos of the two of them because, even though people know he’s officially off the market, they still want a sense of privacy in their home-life. If they’re on holiday, she’d take a few for herself and post the best ones to Instagram; and he’d definitely be in them.

When she falls pregnant, I can see her posting sweet mirror selfies and OOTD’s and giving links and tags to the maternity brands that she’d be wearing on particular days. Sometimes Harry would be in them, sometimes he’d be in a towel, sometimes he’d be dressed and they’d do an OOTD together, sometimes his foot would be seen from the bed in the background, sometimes he’d pull silly faces and photobomb her from the bed, and sometimes he’d be really sweet and hold her and kiss her cheek from behind.

I think her photos would be included more on her blog-posts than her Instagram, in all honesty. More personal photos would be used on her blog rather than her feed. xx

Kiribaku ‘drabble-’ “Unspoken”

Bakugou had a thing for redheads, that much he’s willing to (reluctantly) admit.

Then again, that’s not to say that he appreciates every time Ochako and Todoroki give him a knowing look when simply any redhead walks in. What do they take him for? A fucking protozoan? He had standards dammit. Just because Todoroki was a half-redhead doesn’t mean he wanted to get in his pants (plus, that half white hair immediately disqualified him from being a redhead.)

There was someone specific he was looking for anyways.

At the end of the year, everyone who had turned eighteen received a hint as to who exactly their soulmate was. For Bakugou, he was told that his soulmate had the same colour of hair as his eyes, which sort of led the current redhead situation. When their soulmate was found, it would unlock the ability to communicate mentally. Bakugou was more excited about the Doctor Strange telepathy shit that he was promised with to say the least. The possibilities were endless.

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Your art is super pretty! And aesthetically pleasing, too! Something about the colors you pick reminds me of candy, for some reason? Probably because of all the pink you use; makes me think of bubblegum~

OOoOO YAEES THANK Actually that’s one reason why I liked drawing 5n@f !! I loved making the pictures party like! It was relaxing to me/made me happy,, And even though with cuphead I’m a Lil more lazier I still love playing with the colours!! I’m glad to hear someone feels the same about my colouring!! It really does mean a lot to me!! Tbh if I could I would just wanna colour simple head shots!! I love the colour pink!!

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