the colours are the same

Had a lot of fun just sitting around drawing with my friend @gay-mohawk yesterday, and decided to finish one of the doodles up proper!

Namely, Exy’s OC Fiore on the right getting a massive bear hug from Pidge. This was a lot more fun to draw than I thought it would be but remind me to finish changing Pidge’s design pls thank.

“I’ll keep your empty spot empty”
“Even if we walk on different roads, the time passes together. Even if the view we are looking at is different, we look at the same sky”
“Your colour on the canvas we drew together has not been filled on this drawing”


run me over

so…. i guess i have issues. although i gotta thank the babe for giving me the idea for the good part that i have yet to write. still typing. 

One week. That’s how much time had passed before got the courage to send Felix a message. Or rather, before Jack lost his mind not doing anything to get the man’s attention. He’d been thinking non-stop about Felix. And by non-stop, really, it was non-stop. Look up at the grey sky, above the clouds was sky probably the same colour as Felix’s eyes. It was raining out, wonder what Felix must look like with water all over him? Like… right after a shower…

It was probably wrong on some level. Unhealthy in others. But Sean could not help himself from thinking these things, among other things. So when it had been a week since the two had officially met, Sean decided it was time to make a move. A subtle move.

But what was subtle?

Sean was known for being a loud human. So subtle was not really in his vocabulary. There was a serious lack of skill in that department. No matter. He’d fake it till he made it. And Sean was determined to make it. So he opened up a new message tab on his phone and looked back and forth between the contact name and the empty message box. Now only to think of what to write…

Jack decided that perhaps it’d be better to send a picture rather than a text. So he went through the internet looking for different pictures. But none seemed good enough to send to Felix. Besides, what if Felix didn’t like memes? The terrible though occurred to Jack. If Felix didn’t like memes then he was surely screwed. Most of the things Jack did were meme related.

Sean decided to send a message asking Felix a question instead.

Do ya like memes? Sean sent. He put his phone down waiting for a reply.

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anonymous asked:

I completely forgot about the hair! Maybe he would have his natural hair = revealing his true self and not hiding behind a "happy mask" (though im pretty sure he was genuinely happy with Kaneki). What if Hide just wanted to dye his hair and accident happens, that why the face is blacked out. NOthing to worry about hahahahaa

ASDFGHJK I wish, anon.

That would certainly be interesting, the thing about Hide’s hair being his natural colour at the same time we find out who he is. Also, things with Hide are very bleak, I’d assume, so it would definitely fit the mood around him if he wasn’t as bright as we used to see him.


when you have a one night stand with a guy (or think you did) then disappear, only to meet again some time later, and finding out he’s your new boss …


Taylor Swift as ‘Stella Swan’ in Firelight.