the colours are the same

Hoseok as a MLM Boyfriend

Jungkook | Namjoon | Hoseok

- he would have a picture of you two together as his lock screen and one of your selfies as his home screen on his phone

- very into PDA and basically letting everyone know that you were his boyfriend

- couple outfits,,,,,,,,,,,

- like you both wear the same coloured t shirt or the same pair of shoes on certain days of the week

- he’d be very into hand holding in public, the warm feeling of your hand in his making butterflies fly around in his tummy

- spending long nights at the dance studio with hoseok would be so much fun, the both of you making up your own silly choreography for each song

- he’d literally  s c r e a m  every time you do something remotely cute

- random hugs and forehead kisses,,, oh god im weak

- hoseok would love praising you all the time, the expression on your face when he did being one of his favourite sights

- speaking of sights 


- it’d be at night so fans wouldn’t harass the two of you 

- you’d buy each other cute unique keepsakes 

- literally he’d buy you everything that you thought looked cool

- then when you get back to the dorm you two would cuddle under 50 blankets on his bed

- you guys wouldn’t really spoon, you would just lay your head on his chest or in the crook of his neck and hoseok would have his arm around you 

- his favourite nicknames for you would be things like baby boy, bugbug, honey

- and your nicknames for him would be sweetheart, sunshine, baby 

- around the dorm, everyone would get so sick of how cute you guys acted

“hoseok, y/n, i get that you haven’t seen each other in a while but if you don’t fucking stop with all the mushy shit i’m gonna throw up onto the both of you”

“you’re just mad cause you don’t have a boyfriend to do this with, yoongi hyung”

- yoongi then retreats to the studio to lick his wounds and eat ice cream

- hoseok would brag to everyone in bangtan just how amazing and funny and sweet you are 

- this would mean that tae and kookie would get really interested and want to be your friends

- hoseok would invite you over to the dorm for game nights where all 8 of you would eat take out and have gaming tournaments 

- you and kookie would always end up as the final two and hoseok would 10/10 try and steal kookie’s controller or hide his eyes to make you win

- he’d just be so cliche and adorable and amazing and sweet

- hoseok would always be telling you how much he loved you, never ever wanting you to feel sad or unloved 

- because he loves you so so SO much and he’s never afraid to show it

i am in tears 

jimin is next !!!

anonymous asked:

that person ke/ki/stan/iref/ugee? that picture in their header? is that like a nazi thing or sth? bc ive seen the same colour palette w the four point clover thing in a way on another blog that said it was pro blm and stuff? could that have been fake or was that a coincidence? i cant find the blog ive seen that on atm, but for future reference, is that sth to look out for?

oh they’re def a nazi lmao, why else would they be so intent on defending white supremacist fascism and mocking refugee plight. yeah theres all these fake blogs that’re nazis from reddit and 4chan that’re like “pro blm, communist gay af antifa” etc. and then they go around like harassing people and shit. lmao theres so many of them too. same kinda people who say shit like “my gender is an attack helicopter you cis fuck” so on. you know the type 

anonymous asked:

it's so funny people go on about what louis wears but when i scroll through instagram, all the instagram models wear the same brands because they're copying kendall, gigi, stella maxwell etc. so actually louis' on trend rn but his haters will always find something to criticise -.-


You are correct, Anon. He is very much on trend. Someone did a comparison post of the pieces Kendall and Louis were wearing and they’re the same ones in different colours. Our boy is on point!

new poem my dudes (based on actual feelings btw)

Do you think I
Could colour the world?
Do you think I could paint
The stars and the seas?
Do you think I
Could colour the world?
Just my words and me?

Do you think I
Could paint laughter?
Love, desire, insanity?
Do you think what I 
Am chasing after
Is an impossible dream?

Tell me, do you think
I could paint lightning,
The moon or the rain?
Do you think this is
Or a reason to
Love me, all the same?

Do you think I
Could colour the world?
Could I make you smile,
Make you miss me?
Do you think I
Could change lives
Just through
The words that I breathe?


I love playing with my overdramatic friend.
Having a pocket lucio is not the same as a mercy or an ana…


i just like drawing jimin (photo cred)