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i just like this pairing way too much (it’s just arg so much drama and yet there are so many reasons to ship them based on their historical relations and their actually positive attidude towards each other till the october revolution 1917/the end of WW2 /Stalin came to power)

I’m honestly just procastinating bc it’s so hard to draw clear lines (i mean even here the hair is still messy as hell…
Anyway i’m just leaving this here and i’ll return to the things i actually want/need to do

Sorry for being away for the entire week, but uni has started and I was having a bit of a crisis 😅  I’m better now tho and decided to share my Greek Art notes with you, which also rn looks like is going to be my fave subject but we’ll see~ Hope all of you, who have also started uni are doing well! ✨  (btw. that weird twisted thing is my hair tie; I just liked that it matched the colour scheme 😂)

Cafe AU: Part 3

Fic Summary: Leorio has has absolutely no luck with jobs… which isn’t a very good thing when you’re a medical student living in a bustling, money hungry city like Zaban.

But things take a turn when he lands a job at a unique little café around the corner from his student apartment, where he meets three misfit kids and a very high maintenance boss, whose stuck up demeanour hides a colourful past…Leorio’s world changes forever when he joins this strange little family.

Expect cakes, chaos and curiosity.

Part 3… finally! Read the content warnings and other ships included in this fic, plus part 1 of the story here. If you missed part 2, it’s here

(Thanks again to jillua for being my beta reader, and for painstakingly somewhat Americanising this hell for me)

Thank you for all the support on Part 1 and 2, I hope this chapter goes down as well as the others! Again, if you enjoyed this please rebagel it. It would mean so much to me if you did <3 thanks again

Sunday: 8:30am

Leorio lay in his bed for god knows how long, idly watching the way the sunlight leaked through the blinds and cast lines across the grey carpet. A car horn sounded outside, and somewhere in the distance there were sirens. The constant noise of the city had kept Leorio awake when he first moved here, but now it only comforted him; it certainly wasn’t the reason he’d woken up so early this particular morning.

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Erik & Anya + Lemon for essyltinexile

I will be answering the palette meme requests a bit more slowly this time, because I still have commissioned work piled up. Sorry about that!

I should mention that I cheated and added some purple because this palette was horrible and also I know nothing about kids pleasedon’taskmetodrawkids