the colouring on this is slightly better


Well… I’d say it was worth the time to make this. 

Also I saw the post about Nathanael being Jewish, (which was during the sketching of this comic), so I tried to change his wording so it could stay true to that. Hopefully saying Happy holidays is slightly better for Nathanael, just know I’m not trying to offend anyone :3

I hope everyone is having a good Holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, and thank you to everyone who helped me through this semester of school. I’m on my last week, so know I will be drawing a lot once it’s done! Whoohooo!

Oh and the colouring style is inspired by @zhdskanf10 on Twitter

Dragonair Sprite Ratings


The original. Absolutely terrifying. Barely recognisable as the beautiful noodle we all know and love today. 1/10 


An improvement! Taking the shape of the soft dragon we now have. But very angry, probably because that orb takes up her whole neck and squishes her throat. 3/10 


There we go! Getting close to he modern colour pallet! Anime inspiration is clear. A gentle, serene noodle. Slightly scrunchy face. 6/10 


Elegant, energetic noodle. Looks ready to go. Cute and twisty. 7/10 


Same pose, Crystal more muted. Not better, still a twisty noodle. But looks angry again, like a rattlesnake. 4/10


A good ribbon, orbs now distinctly different in shade to the body’s blue. Cute like Gold but not as much personality 6/10.


Similar to RSE, improved posture, looks longer and more elegant, smaller face. Looks down to FITE. So angry 5/10


Thicker body like in Gen I, but cute and Inquisitive! Slightly blocky head. 5/10 


!!!!! Beautiful, wonderful!! An elegant, soft, gentle noodle. Looks so serene an cute but also confident. Look at those ear wings! 10/10 

Black/White/Black 2/White 2: 

Darker than past gens, back to the obviously different colour orbs. Looks shortened. Cute, shy expression. What a sweet baby. 8/10

X/Y/Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: 

Cute and elegant. Pose shows off her noddleness beautifully. Soft but alert ear wings. Sadly dulled pallet from past gens and a little expressionless. 7/10

Hanzo finally makes Jesse retire one of his old plaid shirts. It’s an ongoing disagreement of sorts that they’ve been having for months now. The shirt in question is heavily faded with a few tears and missing a few buttons and “You have so many others in much better condition. This one cannot be worn as clothing anymore,” Hanzo argues. Jesse finally relents.

And then when Jesse’s away on a mission and the weather at the watchpoint changes, Hanzo procures himself new pjs: the plaid shirt. It’s down to his knees almost, already a larger size plus being stretched from years of wear. The elbows have random patches of slightly brighter colour from where Jesse continuously had the sleeves rolled up.  But its super soft from being well worn, as well as smelling of his boyfriend, so it makes the shirt perfect for sleeping in.

When Jesse comes back, he also thinks the sight of Hanzo wearing it is pretty damn perfect.

Imagine Harrison and Jesse being like family and their reactions to your crush on Cisco.

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Bellamy Blake Appreciation Week Day 3: Favourite Scene - 3.15

This plan will work.

how to put two gifs on one canvas (◕‿◕✿)

Hey guys!! I’m making a tutorial on this because i couldn’t find one and its actually kind of complicated :)))

This is the gif i’ll be showing you how to make:

please like/reblog if helpful  ❤

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anonymous asked:

Hello :-) I just rewatched Megamind in German and noticed some translation differences. Instead of asking if his present is a puppy he asks if it is a 'four-coloured ball pen'. Instead of calling Roxanne temptress (one of my favourite parts dammit!!!) he calls her 'demoness'. I think it has a slightly different ring to it. I don't understand why they changed it, because it wouldn't have interfered with the lip sync either way if it was translated literally.

wow really? Jesus I had no idea they actually changed some words in the dubbed versions.
Like yes, I’ve noticed that they switch out some words in some parts. Like when the characters starts to sing and shit– to make it rhyme better. But damn I had no idea they would actually go as far as replacing the whole word into something else.

Now this actually makes me really curious if theres other changes in other dubs as well.
I should probably watch Megamind in swedish and look for differences there but OH MY GOD. That dub makes me cringe SO HARD

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Name: Ian.
Nickname: (I do not know if I have one).
Gender: male.
Star Sign: Leo.
Height: 6′0″
Sexual Orientation: Ace (I think).
Hogwarts House: ravenclaw.
Favourite colour: Orange.
Favourite Animal: Lizards and turtles. I cannot pick between them.
Time right now: 1:11 AM PST
Cat or dog person: cat slightly more than dog but I like both.
Favourite fictional character:  Kvothe, son of Arliden.
Favourite singers/bands: I do not have one that I can think of except Weird Al.
Dream Job: Video game developer.
Current number of followers: 16.
What made you decide to make a Tumblr: My friends have it.
Why did u pick your URL: I was attempting to get a cool name from a random name generator. With parameters it would not give me anything good. First no parameter name I get is Ianian Taletreader. It has stayed ever since.

I tag… anyone who wants to be tagged in this. I can think of no one who I am certain would want to do this and has not already been tagged. 


Collection of works by Gunta Stölzl 

Gunta Stölzl was a leading textile designer during the Bauhaus art movement, in particular with the medium of weaving. As the only female master at the Bauhaus, Stölzl created distinct designs that ranged from pictorial to more industrial works later on. 

Stölzl is well known for her graphic, brightly coloured wall hangings from early on in her days working at the Bauhaus, however I think that my own work relates better to what she made later on in her life, when she returned to Zurich in 1931. These examples show how her colour palette became slightly more muted, having been made in the 1960s. I think that their sense of order, which differs from the random placement of the shapes in her earlier wall hangings, lend themselves to my own exploration into types of brickwork and the repetition with that. 

The final image reminds me of how I could reference the stone walls that appear in Georgian architecture. I particularly like how she has taken something that doesn’t appear to have any order and has presented it in a way which doesn’t appear cluttered and where each element works harmoniously with one another. 


“ Llama in Meadow is both the ugliest thing he’s ever seen and also the first thing he wants to see every morning. It’s awful in the most beautiful way. It’s black and white, mostly, with the meadow flowers sudden explosions of colour, all of which clash with each other. The llama him/herself has slightly wonky legs but a proud stance. It looks like it’s winking, but that could just be because the eyes aren’t painted level. It’s llama facial expression is challenging, like it might charge out of the frame. The background has both stars and the sun. “ 

When I read this description I just HAD to make this a reality!

Find the rest of this (honestly) amazing story by @leblonde here

(Bonus: I almost like the unframed version even better)


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Name: Rachel

Nicknames: Rache, or my full name. There are a lot of Rachels at my school.

Star sign: Libra

Height: 5″7

Sexual orientation: Not entirely sure atm

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Favourite colour: Maroon, but it changes a lot

Favourite animal: Blue whale, manta ray, or jellyfish. Or penguin. I’m bad at choosing favorites.

Avg. Hours of sleep: anywhere between 3 and 10 hours

Cat person or dog person: Ever so slightly more of a cat person!

Favourite fictional character: Jamie  from SU.

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

Favourite singers/bands: Panic!, Pentatonix, Troye Sivan, The Fray

Dream trip: Francefrancefrancefrance

When was this blog created: Mm… sometime in may 2016

Current number of followers: 79

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Name: Sam

Star Sign: Virgo

Gender: non-binary [slightly less androgynous than I’d like to be :(]

Height: 1m 70cm (ish)

Sexual Orientation: I don’t really know anymore, possibly pan but I haven’t thought about it for a while

Favourite Colours: Black and blue

Time Right Now: 21:13

Average Hours of Sleep: About like 7 or 8 on an average night

Lucky Numbers: e

Last Thing I Googled: “tcas”, I’ve been watching loads of Air Crash Investigation recently and tcas stands for Traffic Collision Avoidance System (according to Wikipedia!)

Number of Blankets I Sleep with: I just use a duvet, anything else is too hot or too cold

Favourite Fictional Character: I love robots and mechanoids, I especially love K2SO from Rogue One, but Kryten from Red Dwarf is my favourite

Favourite Bands/Artists: Muse, Maximo Park, Against Me!, Billy Talent, Rammstein, Enter Shikari, I would continue but this section would be way longer than the rest of the post!

Dream job: Chemical Engineer (which I am on my way to doing right now!)

What I’m Wearing Right Now: 

Apologies for the picture being blurry af and also not being blessed by the god of photogenics. I am wearing a big blousy drape thing from H&M, black skinny jeans, an Against Me! t-shirt and a faux leather collar.

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Gender: Female

Star Sign: Gemini

Height: 5'6″

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Hogwarts House: *whispers* I’ve never read nor seen any HP so I don’t know..

Favourite Colour: Black

Favourite Animal: Cats or dogs

Average hours of sleep: 7

Cat or dog person: I love (and have owned) both. Dogs probably edge it just slightly

Favourite fictional characters: Kylo 

Number of blankets I sleep with: Just one quilt

Favourite singer/band: Ghost

Dream trip: Travelling across the USA and Canada

Dream job: Lady of lesiure. Failing that, something working with dogs maybe

When was this blog made: About a year ago 

Number of followers: No idea, this is the first time I’ve logged in in months

What made you decide to create this blog: I am all about the compartmentalisation and wanted to keep the Kylux separate from my main blog (which I’ve since abandoned anyway)

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1)Relationship status: Forever alone…rip

2)Favorite colour: Everything except for miserable shades of beige and off-white. Navy also slightly bugs me. I feel if navy was a person it’d be an arrogant asshole. Don’t ask me why😂

3)Pets: I have two doggos, Annie and Sheldon and they’re gross and I love them❤ I also have two cats Lola and Coco who I love v much but Coco hasn’t been seen in awhile:(

4)Last song I listened to: My dad was playing a song at dinner, something about a girl named Luca, don’t know the name

5)Favourite tv shows: Okay so, Sherlock, Gotham, Black Mirror, Dr.Who (haven’t watched it in ages but I still love it), It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, Voltron, Adventure Time, Bobs burgers and Brooklyn 99. Fair amount lmao

6)First fandom: Cringey af, but my first fandom was Dr.Who and then I become a superwholockian. You’ll be glad to know I’m far past that now😂

7)Hobbies: Horseriding, Girl Guides, drawing, and ps4

8)Books I’m currently reading: Atm I’m rereading The Martian:)

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