the colouring on this is awful im sorry


“I did it for you.”

worship, an epiphany, and hair


“We need to clear up a rumour spread by certain Mr. Noel Gallagher who claims that your first lightsaber fight as Obi Wan Kenobi was actually with him. Can you confirm or deny this rumour?”

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i just got to know sorry. im so intrigued. why do you hate the kingsman so bad?

It’s classist, racist, misogynistic and the morality is awful like I don’t even know where to start this would take a fucking day.

Like the only two people of colour in the movie being the villains (one of whom is very visibly disabled which is used as a weird gimmick). Also the main villain is an extreme ecologist (with a speech disability) whose evil plan is supposed to stop climate change and who takes an asshole white republican under his wing while the good guys blow up Obamas head (and those of a shit ton of other people in a really disgusting scene while we’re supposed to CHEER THEM ON with celebratory music playing in the background and it’s supposed to be hilarious?) THIS MOVIE IS LITERALLY SO DEEPLY CONSERVATIVE IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY)

AND the memorable last scene which is the princess of Norway or Sweden or smth offering our (possibly underage??) protagonist anal sex because he saved the world (the movie literallly ends on a shot of her naked ass). Needless to say that the….three? female character get little to no characterisation and are either killed or completely sidelined

Not to mention how insanely classist it is? How the whole “hero journey” our protagonist takes is to become like a member of the british upper class?? Like what the fuck?

Or that ten minute scene where our mind-controlled “good” guy slaughters a shit ton of also mind-controlled innocent people in a church in incredibly graphic ways with again celebratory music in the background. Please let that sink in we’re supposed to enjoy and cheer for out hero being mind-controlled and slaughtering other mind-controlled innocent people. And actually literally every single time people are being gratuitously slaughtered (which happens A LOT this movie is like 70% gratuitous violence) there’s happy party music playing in the background. ALSO READ THIS ENTIRE REVIEW THERE’S JUST SO MUCH OFFENSIVE SHIT IN THIS GARBAGE MOVIE. 

SO yeah I’m not a fan lmao.

today wasnt a very good day, and neither were the ones that preceded it. having chronic depression is like knowing you will inevitably end up going in a new tunnel without knowing when you will get out of it. it’s very tiring and frustrating and sometimes it makes me feel like trying is pointless. but i guess today felt worse than usual.
im constantly hyper-critical on what i do and what i draw, and while i try to look confident most of the time, i find myself having to face the extent of my own mediocrity and limitations on a daily basis. my anatomy, balance, colouring, style, inking, everything seems hopeless; my hand just cannot realize the pictures in my head. i look at my art and im just overwhelmed with the realization that im not good enough, and probably will never be. 
yes, i know that hard work is what makes you get better. i know that because its what ive done to get there, and im thankful for it. i just feel like theres a block thatll never go away no matter how much i improve; it makes me feel awful

BTS reaction to their GF dyeing their hair an awful colour or getting an ugly haircut

Request: Can I request a Bts reaction to their girlfriend dying her hair an awful color or doing an ugly haircut and panicking/crying (sorry for my English, but I think I make sense, I can’t think straight bc I just died my hair and destroyed everything doing it 😔)

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A/n: Okay I know I said im on a hiatus until after my fianls but like i finished most of the work already so 😂 I dont have to do much so im off my hiatus now lol i couldn’t stay away

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That guy, I’m standing right behind him and I’m holding the frying pan. But I can’t move. He shoots you, and then he turns and looks straight at me. He’s gonna kill me. I can’t make it stop. It’s never gonna stop. 

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oh my gosh my friend typed that ask(not the anon). i thought she was gonna erase it but she didnt gomen. ps drink water. daily Cecelia reminder. also hi whats ur least fave color. i asked your fave before so i was curious :D

AW MAN that’s okay!!! u dont gotta gomen hehe and do not fear i poured myself sum water just to reply to this ask without LYIN’ TO U LETS ALL DRINK WATER

anyway oh boi my least fave colour??????????????? that’s kinda tricky bc i love like………… all colours HAHAHA even that weird poopy green-brown ehhe

but i guess my leaaaaaaaaaast favourite colour, if i had to choose…….. might be the more neon/vibrant colours??? actually no… i used to run a html layout-shop and my whole…. thing was toxic/neon vibrant colours……..

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………. mmmaybe something in the more dark vibrant blue family??? like maybe a royal blue (bc i like navy)….. i was never super huge on blues,,,,,, when i do stuff i always go for the purps/yellows/pinks and even greens and oranges but maybe i haven’t had a proper blue phase hehe 

i also ain’t that big on the poopy yellow bronze-ish colour, it’s not a nice shading colour so i don’t really use it either ehe