the colouring is so bad forgive me


And he risked his life saving the children and being a bad ass! And he wakes up in Vax’s arms and gave me every single emotion available. If Gilmore had died I do not think I could ever forgive Matt. I’m sorry but Gilmore is my light in life now. He is my guide to all things glorious and fabulous. 

He even wears purple all the time and I mea. Right now I am literally sat on a purple bed spread, wearing a purple top and typing on a purple phone. 

I’ve noticed that have T-Shirts for Gilmore’s Glorious Goods on the website and I am VERY tempted right now…. 


Another Zelda thing!

I felt a bad that my last post on Zelda was a badly drawn joke, so I wanted to practise some traditional colouring techniques. It somehow ended up being a Diptych? Because the original composition just sucked. Also didn’t want it to end up so dark but… ok…

More likening to Hylia and Demise I guess!

lol what are backgrounds? why is zelda/hylia bigger than gan/demise?what is my life?

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It's that annoying anon again! I'm so sorry if this comes off as rude but I actually wanted to ask for the settings of your lineart (the one that looks kinda sketchy)! Just asking if these settings you showed now work for the lineart or just the coloring? And if they're different could please tell them too? OH GOD I FEEL SO BAD FOR TAKING YOUR TIME FORGIVE ME! I want to thank you btw for being so kind

oh, those are for my lines!! don’t worry, you’re not annoying me at all :’) but yes both those settings are for lines, but I also use this for lineart sometimes

as for colouring I mainly use the airbrush I already linked to and the marker tool on default settings! I’m sorry I don’t really follow a specific process too much bc I tend to just wing it :’) but I hope this is of some help!

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About your dancing Symmetra picture, you'd be absolutely right about her being a Bharatanatyam dancer! A lot of her gestures are heavily influenced and I recognized them immediately. While Blizz hecked up on her goddess skins, they did great with her dancing gestures.

I personally hc her as a Bharathanatyam dancer for a selfish reason- I have learnt it for 9 years and would love Symmetra dancing the same dance :P But it’s also likely that she might be a Kuchipudi dancer since it is quite similar to Bharathanatyam and because Kuchipudi is a dance from Andhra Pradesh which is Satya’s homestate. 

The only legit reason she might be a Bharathanatyam dancer is that she doesn’t move her lips while dancing which is characteristic of Bharathanatyam. In Kuchipudi, the dancer will give lip movements according to the song they are dancing for.

I am glad people like her dance moves. They’re so fluid and graceful *___* <3 (it’s sad that a lot of younger Indians usually mock the classical dances, favouring western ones so I am really glad Satya is a classical dancer)

Her goddess skins are really beautiful, no matter what people may say. Personally I am really happy we have an Indian woman who is born and brought up in the underbelly of one of India’s big cities, who has accomplished so much, despite everything. She also has dark skin which is THE BEST because there is so much stigma in India about skin colour and having a dark-skinned kickass woman is so exhilarating. I have too many emotions about Satya Vaswani ;A; <3 I love her so much ╰(✧∇✧╰)

The ol’ switcheroo!

Unbelievably, exchanging tops hasn’t affected their personalities as some fan-art would suggest; they’re still all complete goofballs.

Please, please forgive me for not having any updates over these past few days! I had a sort of anxiety attack over things and felt afraid to go near tumblr. Everything I had been working on was boring and I just feel really bad in general for taking so long with the Playset and not being better at posting updates and such.

I hope the colourable zodiac tops help to make up for my terribleness. I promise I have a huge surprise for you very soon!

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YOUR ART IS SOOOOO CUUUUTTTEEEE AAAAAAAA :3.HOW DID YOU LEARN TO DRAW THIS? Never mind my freaking out, just keep doing what your doing because it's brilliant. Just to let you know you're my favourite artist :3.

thank you!!! T_____T aaa reading this made me so happy!! ^q^
i made a (very bad) step by step thing for the lols if youre interested!!!

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for @sai-shou , i’ve been working all this time when you did the last genocide on this drawing.(im bad at colouring but i tried >:U)  this is your gift from me for the end of the last genocide, i waited to post this drawing after you post the end of the last geno but it seems that i was sleeping at that time so ill post it now haha. If by any chance i didnt draw an important follower please forgive me, i was in a hurry and a lot happening irl,but there it is , i love you all! And sai,we love you too!

in the drawing:

@thatlunchboxguy with @mmm-juicey and @jadekitty777

@skyllagaming , @chickensandwich28, @0the-mystery-girl0

@ultradarkuniverse with Amelia

Chara with Frisk, Azriel,Caroline, @sai-shou and @me-bious

@chocolateflakeslover , @islandgirl5311 with @coweydoesdrawing, @cutieknight, @eggie-chan, @wodah-shet @the-final-jump, @thealltimesinner

And of course! Dickbutt(with pleasure chara (: ) with Anon

I hope this present will make you happy and i wish you will treasure it too because i talked with all these followers and they all love you as much as everyone does, so this drawing shows you our love! <3


You can’t just sit back and wait for the good parts to happen. But, what you can do is you can forgive yourself for trying to be happy during the bad parts.  

Hey, Stefan? I’m happy. You make me happy. My best friend’s gone, my mom’s dead, the whole town is destroyed, but…

There ya go~! Family pic finally done~! Not gonna tag peeps cuz

THE WAR (BETWEEN YOUR HEART AND MINE) || a mix for two girls thrust into a vicious cycle of murderous hatred and deep-rooted love, for the war they would fight over a broken promise and its devastating consequences, and for the women they would, could eventually become, together [ listen @ 8tracks ]

01. Son Lux - Pieces // 02. Oh Land - Postpone the Bad // 03. Silent Hill 4 - Room of Angels // 04. Vienna Teng - Antebellum // 05. Mirah - Special Death // 06. The Romanovs - White Flag // 07. Ingrid Michaelson - This is War // 08. Austra - Forgive Me // 09. Emilie Autumn - Castle Down // 10. Zola Jesus - In Your Nature // 11. City and Colour - Day Old Hate // 12. The Xx - Reunion // 13. Stars - Through the Mines

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...Can you color your NOT ANGSTY favorite panel of Natsu? I want more of my adorable anime husband in my life. Thank you, Zarah! ^^

Aye Auds because I love you so much and ‘cause Natsu’s a total babe I decided to colour a series of panels for you! Sorry I took forever ;-; I hope you can forgive me and I hope you like the colouring that is seriously looks really bad now I’m looking at it on tumblr and I kinda wanna redo the second one but