the colouring is so bad forgive me


You can’t just sit back and wait for the good parts to happen. But, what you can do is you can forgive yourself for trying to be happy during the bad parts.  

Hey, Stefan? I’m happy. You make me happy. My best friend’s gone, my mom’s dead, the whole town is destroyed, but…


Another Zelda thing!

I felt a bad that my last post on Zelda was a badly drawn joke, so I wanted to practise some traditional colouring techniques. It somehow ended up being a Diptych? Because the original composition just sucked. Also didn’t want it to end up so dark but… ok…

More likening to Hylia and Demise I guess!

lol what are backgrounds? why is zelda/hylia bigger than gan/demise?what is my life?


(   ͡°   ͜ʖ   ͡° ) my kagehinaexchange  gift for code 107 !!

neighbour au, basically, where kageyama and hinata’s rooms in their separate buildings are basically an arms reach away from each other and hinata has a habit of making friends with whoever moves there each time

He thinks he must have the worst neighbour in the world after meeting Kageyama Tobio but that changes when he sees him smile for the first time

for @sai-shou , i’ve been working all this time when you did the last genocide on this drawing.(im bad at colouring but i tried >:U)  this is your gift from me for the end of the last genocide, i waited to post this drawing after you post the end of the last geno but it seems that i was sleeping at that time so ill post it now haha. If by any chance i didnt draw an important follower please forgive me, i was in a hurry and a lot happening irl,but there it is , i love you all! And sai,we love you too!

in the drawing:

@thatlunchboxguy with @mmm-juicey and @jadekitty777

@skyllagaming , @chickensandwich28, @0the-mystery-girl0

@ultradarkuniverse with Amelia

Chara with Frisk, Azriel,Caroline, @sai-shou and @me-bious

@chocolateflakeslover , @islandgirl5311 with @coweydoesdrawing, @cutieknight, @eggie-chan, @wodah-shet @the-final-jump, @thealltimesinner

And of course! Dickbutt(with pleasure chara (: ) with Anon

I hope this present will make you happy and i wish you will treasure it too because i talked with all these followers and they all love you as much as everyone does, so this drawing shows you our love! <3

There ya go~! Family pic finally done~! Not gonna tag peeps cuz