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It’s only a quick sketch, but I really enjoyed your first chapter of Keep your eyes on me and I wanted to do a little thing for it ^^

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RFA with an MC who is seeing colour for the first time!

inspired by one of @anyway-i-love-vanderwood minor trio reactions (because I have no requests and I honestly think this is the cutest idea). 

I made this an MC with complete colour blindness- also known as achromatopsia- which is the most severe form of colour blindness and results in seeing only in monochrome (black and white). 


✮ you both got your eye surgeries at the same time 
✮ he was so excited to see you completely and he was smiling so wide as you both saw each other in the waiting room of the clinic 
✮ you haven’t said anything yet 
✮ he asks you what you’re thinking about 
✮ you just 
✮ “your eyes. what colour are they?” 
✮ ‘they’re purple’ “I love them. I love purple.” 
✮ is blushing so hard and he just hugs you super hard 
✮ holds your hand while you slowly walk outside 
✮ he doesn’t wanna overwhelm you 
✮ gets excited with you as you run around looking at everything
✮ he cries a lil he’s just so happy for you 


✎ you decided to surprise her at work with a really colourful outfit (that, admittedly, looks a little ridiculous) 
✎ it takes you a while to get to the cafe because ‘wow! those flowers are so pretty’ ‘what colour is that person’s shirt?’ 
✎ when she sees you she’s kinda surprised because you don’t usually wear colours because you don’t know what they actually look like 
✎ she goes up to you and is like ‘MC your outfit is very… different’ 
✎ but you’re smile is bigger than your face 
✎ and you say that the colour of the walls is very nice 
✎ ‘yeah, thanks’ 
✎ doesn’t realise at first 
✎ you just stand there staring at her for a while until she gets it 
✎ ‘wait,,,, whAT’ 
✎ hugs you and spins you around 
✎ is super giddy when you tell her you love her eyes 


✽ is sitting in front of you 
✽ you’re looking around like ‘woah wtf’ 
✽ and he’s like ‘MC look at me! look at me!’ 
✽ because that’s just what he’s like 
✽ you look at him with bright eyes 
✽ and then,,, ‘your hair is the same’ 
✽ is kinda disheartened until you grab his face and just stare really closely at his eyes 
✽ ‘woahhhh’
✽ ‘what colour are you eyes?’ 
✽ he’s super excited and proud when he tells you they’re red
✽ admires your amazed expression as you kinda tilt his head to look at different perspective 
✽ is so excited to take you everywhere and loves how excited you get 
✽ tries to brag to all his fellow actors that you can now see colour 
✽ and they don’t really get it?? 
✽ and zen just realises how everyone takes colour for granted~~ 


₩ he paid for the surgery 
₩ of course 
₩ when you see him you’re like ???
₩ ‘jumin it didn’t work??!’ yikes 
₩ he’s like ‘wtf are you talking about i will SUE THIS HOSPITAL’ 
₩ then the doctor comes in with a colour chart and you’re like 
₩ ‘oh,,,’
₩ ‘oHH’
₩ and then look back at jumin and you’re like 
₩ ‘your hair and eyes are black,,, you’re still as beautiful as I remember!!’
₩ and he’s just ‘omggg’
₩ holds your hand and lets you drag him around 
₩ he loves listening to you rant on about all the colours and how pretty they are 
₩ even if he already knows 
₩ he admires how beautifully you describe everything 


⌨  made you a pair of those sunglasses (i have no idea if this would work with full colour blindness but,,, we’re doin it anyway) 
⌨  he puts them on you while you’re sitting face to face 
⌨  you have your eyes closed when he’s putting them on and then open them after
⌨  you practically lunge at him 
⌨  he yells he was not expecting that 
⌨  you just kind of stroke his hair and lie on him looking at it 
⌨  he is s h o o k 
⌨  he thought you were cute before?
⌨  bAM 
⌨  cuteness level x38927839257
⌨  he doesn’t really wanna go outside so he’s like 
⌨  ‘my monitor is super HD you can just see all the colours in the comfort of our house!’ 
⌨  you drag him outside 
⌨  he decides that it was definitely worth it 
⌨  he gets excited with you 
⌨  you’re like ‘the grass is so… gREEN?!’ 
⌨  and he like forgets what the world was like and goes ‘omg yOU’RE RIGHT’ 
⌨  ‘seven why did you get glasses like that?’ 
⌨  immediately tries to take the glasses off 


Sharp. [Bucky Barnes x Reader]

Summary: Hey! Could you do a Bucky X reader where the reader has wolverine powers? The reader is a new recruit and no one knows about her powers until she saves Bucky out on the field and when they come back she shuts down and won’t speak until Bucky kisses her? The rest is up to you P.S love your writing ❤️

Warnings: angst? don’t know.

I got way too stressed out over this fic and I don’t know why.

When Nick Fury personally escorted you into the tower, Bucky was the only one who was present. It was still one of his first few months there, and so the team were not authorized to not take him on missions as yet.

Quiet, reserved, non-approachable. All the adjectives that could describe him when he had first entered the Avengers Tower, and probably still could be described as. 

So when he noticed himself in your fidgeting fingers and downcast eyes, he took it upon himself to make sure you weren’t as astray as he was. He’d be your best friend and he’d do the same as Bruce had done for him- made him feel accepted.

He figured that maybe you both could be friends, that maybe you’ll learn the ways of the Avengers together. Maybe you’ll grow together in the tower, and make sure the other was safe. And so as he approached you with a kind smile and warm eyes, Nick was a little taken aback, but he soon realised that he knew what kind of a spirit Bucky was.

“Hi,” he said nervously.

As your eyes looked up at his, he was positive he felt his world cease. Because you had the most stunning eyes he had most probably ever seen.

Uhh-” He scurried to collect his thoughts before he made a fool of himself. “-umm.

And when you gave him a tiny wisp of a smile he felt like his heart would bolt out of his chest because damn it, if it wasn’t the most uplifting things he had seen in a while.

And that just laid the foundations of what cemented your friendship. The myriad of small things you both would do for each other, owing to the fact that to the both of you, the other undoubtedly one of the best people they knew. 

Sometimes you’d bring him his laundry and sometimes he’d pass you the remote to watch whatever you pleased when you sat down next to him on the couch. Sometimes you’d help him with making breakfast for the others and sometimes he’d buy your favourite kind of cookies without being asked to. Sometimes you’d just sit there in silence with him and sometimes he’d do nothing too, just occasionally look at you to find you staring ahead peacefully and that’d be enough for him.

After a few more months of strenuous training with the rest of the Avengers, it just occurred to him that he was still clueless as to why you were asked to join the team.

He knew of your healing properties, but he suspected that that wasn’t all. He’d ask Steve, but Steve would just reply with the tenuous shake of his head and a ‘You’ll see it later’. 

And so when the time did come, neither of you were braced for it. 

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Siblings Bonds

Rating: K+
Summary: The Vongola are a close-knit group, the Guardians especially. They are the ones who watch over Lambo and take care of him, and so it’s only inevitable that he begins to address them, one by one, as his siblings. 

It was only natural, really, that Tsuna was the first person Lambo felt comfortable calling brother. He lived with him and Tsuna was often the person who took care of him. So when Lambo was six, sitting at the kitchen table with his crayons and paper, he decided he created a masterpiece that Tsuna just had to see.


It took a minute for the brunette to appear, an expression of slight exasperation on his face. “What is it, Lambo?”

“Look at Lambo-san’s drawing!” Lambo picked up the paper and held it out. “Isn’t it the best?”

Tsuna leaned closer and examined the colourful characters. Based on how many stick figures there were, he figured it was a drawing of all the members of their household, though he could only identify a couple of them.

“It’s really nice, Lambo. Want me to put it on the fridge?”

Lambo nodded eagerly and Tsuna went over to the appliance. He found a spare magnet and used it to attach the paper to the collection of drawings that were already there, a combination of I-Pin’s and Lambo’s work. “There. Though we’re going to have to find a new place for your art soon…a fridge is supposed to be a fridge, not a museum.”

Lambo’s stomach gave a rumble and he promptly stuck a hand into his thick, curly black hair. He pulled out a bag of gumballs, but before he could take one out Tsuna snagged it from his hands. “Those are Lambo-san’s!” he cried angrily.

“You can’t always be eating candy,” chided Tsuna. “Besides, dinner will be in a couple of hours. If you’re hungry, I’ll make you a snack.”

He perked up at that. “Okay! Thanks, Tsuna-nii.”

It was a few seconds of looking in the fridge that Tsuna suddenly realized what the child was calling him. He jerked his head up and asked, “What’d you say?”

Lambo gave him a weird look. “Lambo-san said thanks.”

“No, after that!”

“…Tsuna-nii?” spoke Lambo innocently, and when the wide smile crossed the brunette’s face, he wasn’t quite sure why he was suddenly so happy.

And that was the day he officially gained his first brother.

“Are you ready, Lambo?”

The seven-year-old made a fist and punched the middle of his baseball glove. “Ready!” he called, eyes narrowed in concentration.

Yamamoto gripped his baseball and got into his pitching stance. Though his natural instinct was to throw it as hard and fast as he could, he managed to tone down his throw for the small child. “Here we go!”

The ball sailed through the air in a perfect arc. Lambo kept his eyes on it, shuffling his feet as he tried to imagine where the ball would land. He stuck out his glove, by instead of the ball landing neatly inside it hit the ground with thud.

“Darn.” Lambo’s face fell. “I’m not very good at this.”

“You don’t have to be,” said Yamamoto with a gentle smile. “We’re just having some fun. That’s what matters.”

“I guess so,” he sighed. He picked up the ball and tossed it back to Yamamoto, who easily caught it with his baseball glove. He wound up and threw it, but it went too high and sailed past the treeline of the forest that made up the back end of the park.

“Sorry.” Yamamoto smiled sheepishly.

“I got it!” Lambo raced across the grass and towards the trees. He pushed aside some branches and stepped through the tall grass. He found the baseball sitting a few feet away and he hurried towards it.


The soft snarl caused Lambo to freeze, hand hovering over the white ball. He looked up and locked eyes with a raccoon, who lurked in the bushes, watching him with gleaming eyes. “Um…hi,” he greeted, feeling relief that it wasn’t a more dangerous forest creature. “Hey!” he called over his shoulder. “Guess what!”

“What?” came Yamamoto’s amused reply.

“I found a raccoon!” Lambo glanced back at the critter, who was now crawling slowly towards him. The child took notice of the white foam that surrounded its mouth and the menacing way it moved. His eyes widened and he scrambled back in fear. “Take-nii-!”

But Yamamoto was already flying through the trees. Startled by the sudden, much larger intruder, the raccoon snarled and took off. Yamamoto glowered after it before crouching down near the shaken boy. “Are you okay?” he asked urgently, taking Lambo’s arm and checking it for any bites or scratches. “Did it get you?”

“Nuh-uh.” Lambo latched onto Yamamoto’s hand and the older boy helped him up. “What was wrong with it?”

“It probably had rabies,” said Yamamoto, leading Lambo out of the forest. “Raccoons are nocturnal creatures. That means they come out during the night. So if you ever see one during the day, stay away from it.”

“Okay.” Lambo peeked over his shoulder. “Your ball is still in there.”

“That’s okay.” Yamamoto ruffled his hair. “I’ve got lots more at home. I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll stay out of there for a while.”

“Me too. Thanks for coming to get me…I didn’t know something was wrong with it.”

“Don’t worry about it. Besides, an older brother has to look after his younger brother, right?”

Lambo beamed. “Uh-huh.”

And this was the day he officially gained his second brother.

“Kyoko! Kyoko! I want ice-cream!” whined Lambo, pulling on the hem of the redhead’s shirt pleadingly. “Pleeeaaassseee?”

“You can’t have ice-cream this late, Lambo-kun,” said Kyoko patiently, tugging the seven-year-old along the street. “We should have been home an hour ago.”

Lambo looked up at the dark sky. A few stars were starting to appear and the streetlights were on and flickering. It was also getting colder and he didn’t have a jacket with him. “Alright,” he muttered, disappointed. “But can we get some next time?”

Kyoko smiled down at him. “Of course.” She inspected his face and giggled. “You’re going to need a bath.”

Lambo wrinkled his nose. “Why?”

“You’re all sticky from the candy you ate at the movies.”

Poking at his face, he could feel sticky patches around his mouth and on his cheeks. His hair was also rather sticky, due to the amount of candy he had stuffed into his raven curls. “Okay,” he agreed. It was never good to leave his hair unwashed for very long, anyway.

It was eleven by the time they reached the Sasagawa household. Kyoko unlocked the front door and the two headed inside. “Onii-san, we’re back!” she called, setting her purse down by the door.

Ryohei stepped into the front hall from the kitchen, a disapproving frown on his lips. “You were supposed to be back an hour ago. I was just about to go out and look for you.”

“Sorry,” Kyoko apologized. “We were out later than we expected.”

“The movie was looooooong,” stressed Lambo.

Kyoko giggled. “Exactly.”

Ryohei’s stern posture softened. “Well, you’re back safe, and that’s what matters. But next time, if you’re going to be late, call.”

The redhead nodded. “Sure.” A yawn escaped her and she quickly covered her mouth. “Guess I’m beat. Come on, Lambo-kun. Time for your bath.”

“I can do it,” volunteered Ryohei. “You go to bed.”

“I can do it,” protested Lambo.

“You can’t get all that EXTREME hair by yourself,” said Ryohei cheerfully, coming over and swinging the boy into his arms.

Kyoko smiled. “Thanks, onii-san. Goodnight, Lambo-kun.”

“Night!” Lambo waved after his friend as Ryohei carried him to the bathroom. He set the child on the floor and turned the taps. Water started gushing into the tub and Lambo frowned at it. “It needs bubbles.” He went over to the cabinet and opened it. He found the familiar colourful bottle of bath bubbles that Kyoko saved just for him and I-Pin when they came over for sleepovers. “Bubbles!”

“Don’t put a lot in,” cautioned Ryohei. “We don’t want an EXTREME bubble flood.”

Lambo uncapped the bottle and tipped it slightly over the edge of the tub. Purple liquid oozed out and splashed into the water, where it started to foam up and create a mass of white sweet-smelling bubbles. “There!” he said, proud that he did not overdo it this time.

“Good job.” Ryohei took the bottle and set it on the countertop. “That should be enough water for you to get in now.”

“‘kay.” Lambo stuck his hand under the running water to test the temperature. Deeming it not too hot and not too cold, he wrestled out of his dark jeans and cow-print shirt. He yanked off his socks and was about to climb into the tub when he remembered something. “Oh, wait.” He shook his head wildly, and candy of all kinds tumbled from his curls, landing on the floor. His horns soon followed, and after a bit of tugging he liberated a large lollipop. “There!”

Ryohei stared at the pile of candy in amusement as the child settled into the water. “I wish my hair could EXTREMELY hold stuff.”

Lambo blinked. “It can’t?”


“Maybe that’s 'cause you don’t have curls.”

Ryohei laughed. “Maybe.” He knelt down by the edge of the tub and picked up the plastic pitcher. He filled it with water and used it to wet Lambo’s hair. “What did you and Kyoko do today?”

“We went to the park, and then we ate some yummy food, and then we took a walk, and we ate some more yummy food, and then we went to the movies which was really looooooooong.” Lambo used his hands to craft shapes in the mounds of bubbles that surrounded him. “And I-Pin couldn’t come 'cause she’s sick.”

“I’m sure she’ll get better in no time,” said Ryohei, squirting some shampoo into his hand and lathering up the thick black curls. “I think it’s time for an EXTREME haircut.”

Lambo wrinkled his nose. “That’s what Stupidera says. I don’t wanna haircut.”

“If you let it grow any longer it’s going to cover your face. Then how would you eat?”

Lambo’s eyes widened. He hadn’t thought of that. “Um…well, maybe I’ll get a really small haircut. Maybe.”

After a few more rinses and a good dose of conditioner, Lambo was finally squeaky clean. Ryohei hoisted the child out of the tub and gave him a towel. “Where are your pajamas?”

“In my bag, in Kyoko’s room.”

“I’ll get them. You dry off.” Ryohei picked up Lambo’s stash of candy and left the bathroom.

“'kay.” Lambo scrubbed at his hair and face, trying to catch the water droplets before they hit the ground. When he decided he was dry enough, he fit the towel over his head and pretended he was a ghost, moving blindly about the bathroom. The door creaked open a minute later and he shouted, “Boo!”

“What do we have here?” said Ryohei, playing along. “And where did Lambo go?”

“I ate him!” Lambo said in a creepy voice.

“Well, then I guess I’m going to have to make you spit him out.”

Ryohei swooped down and threw the towel-covered boy over his shoulder. Lambo squealed and kicked, trying to escape the teen’s strong grip. “It’s me!”

“Lambo?” Ryohei set the boy to the floor and pulled the towel down so that he could see his face. “It is you. You make an EXTREME ghost.”

Lambo giggled. “I fooled you!”

“You did.” Ryohei handed Lambo his pajamas. “Kyoko is already sleeping, so how about you sleep with me tonight?”

“Okay.” Lambo wiggled into his cow-print pajamas. “But I’m gonna kick you if you snore.”

“Then I guess I won’t snore.” Ryohei lifted the seven-year-old up and exited the bathroom.

Lambo wrapped his arms around the teen’s neck and buried his head into his shoulder. “Ryo-nii, will you read me a bedtime story?”

Surprised for only a moment, a soft smile crossed Ryohei’s face. “I’d love too, Lambo.”

And that was the night he officially gained a third brother.

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(Gif not mine but writing is)

The Disguise

You watched your boyfriend Newt, as he sat at his desk. Hunched over whilst he scribbled away at his book draft.
You had met him by chance whilst he was searching for an injured creature, never forgetting his surprised expression when he discovered that you had beaten him to it and had started caring for it yourself. Since then your relationship had grown closer and you now traveled with him, helping him care for his creatures. 
Newt was a tall man covered in freckles, his green eyes partially hidden by his messy reddish brown hair. He wore a light brown waistcoat, white shirt and dark trousers. 

Walking around the work shed you talk to a small creature that resembled a leafy twig, which happily sat in your hand. “What do you think Pickett?” you ask it playfully. “Do you think Newt will actually stop working and join me for dinner?” the bowtruckle responded with a high-pitched giggle as he jumped into the pocket of Newt’s blue jacket, which hung on a coat stand. 
“Ofcourse Pickett would be on your side.” you heard Newt mumble with a smile as he continues to write in his notebook. You laugh at his remark. Walking towards his chair you place a kiss on Newt’s cheek before saying softy “Come up when you’re ready.”

As you are walking away from him, Newt reaches forward and gently pulls on your arm so you sit on his lap. “Just try and stop me.” he says with a smile kissing the tip of your nose. Wrapping his arms around you he draws you into a hug as his chin rests on your shoulder. It was nice just stay there for a few moments, completely content with how happy you were in each another’s arms. Snapping back to reality Newt sighed loudly. 
“What’s wrong?” you asked as you looked at his face in confusion.  He had an expression that reflected worry and disappointment. 

“You know how I built the new water enclosure because there is a kelpie in need?”
You nodded as you remember how excited you are to see the new creature. Newt hesitated for a moment before continuing. “(Y/N),  it’s that kelpie who needs our help. I’ve um… Kind of met this one before and it did not go well. I tried to get it into the case before but I made a silly mistake and spooked it. I really didn’t mean to and you know how kelpies are. It’ll recognise me next time and won’t trust me.” he frowned. 
“But from what you’ve told me, we need to save it.” you say looking at him. You could see a determination in his eyes as he looked at you. “What? Me? Newt, you know I’m not skilled enough to get the creature into the case on my own. I need your knowledge and expertise. Maybe it won’t recognise you.” you say with panic in your voice as you step off of his lap. 
“You know that kelpies have excellent memories. It will instantly recognise me. Besides I have tried a couple of times. I just… I really don’t see another way to capture it.” Newt said turning in his chair to face you. 

Looking around you catch your reflection in the mirror at the other side of the room. You must have been in such a rush this morning that you did not finish your makeup.
“Don’t worry we’ll think of something.” you say, staring at your reflection in the mirror as you put on your lipstick. Your eyes focus on the colour, how it made you feel more confident. The red lipstick would go nice with a green outfit… Green. An idea creeps into your mind as you turned around and focused on Newt’s green eyes. A wide grin spread across your face. 

“What?” Newt said in a puzzled voice as he watched the change in your expression. 
“Well… What if you went as someone else. So the kelpie did not know it was you.” you theorise, walking back towards him. 
“Possibly. Like a disguise?” Newt’s expression became one of curiosity.
“Exactly” you say as you lean forward and kiss him. The red colour of your lipstick transferring onto his lips. You look at his face with this new addition of colour, contemplating the possibility before nodding to yourself. 
“I think I have an idea.” you say excitedly before grabbing Newt’s arm and dragging him before the mirror. 

You both looked in the mirror, staring at your reflections. Newt’s eyes widened with the sudden realisation of your idea. 
“(Y/N) you can’t be serious?” he questioned with a chuckle as he nervously ran his fingers through his hair. 
“Why not. It will be fun. You’d look unrecognisable to the creature but still be there to help me. The makeup and clothes will not restrict you from doing what you do best. Besides I’m going to need a chaperone for where the kelpie is and I am not strong enough to get the bridle over its head.” you explain. 
Deep down Newt knew that you were right. Despite still being undecided he sighed “Ok, I’ll give it a go.“ 

In your apartment, you laid a dark green dress that was too big for you but might fit Newt onto your bed. You had purchased a short dark red wig and organised various bits of makeup on your dressing table. The case opened and Newt stepped out of it, he had just finished feeding all of the creatures. "Are you ready?” you ask smiling at him. Nervously he nodded. Sitting him down you apply the makeup onto his face with great precision. You smiled as the lipstick exaggerated the fullness of his lips and the eye makeup framed his eyes perfectly. “I’ll just go and grab a bridle.” you say as you dash into the hallway whilst Newt put the dress and wig on. 

You froze as you caught a glimpse of him when you walked back into your bedroom. He was nearly unrecognisable and completely gorgeous. The wig suited him perfectly and the dress gave him a slightly more shapely figure. 
“How can you look this pretty so effortlessly?” you ask, giggling with excitement. He chuckled whilst blushing in response. 
“Not as pretty as you. Do you really think that this will work?” he asked nervously. 
“Newt, you know that if you don’t believe it, then the kelpie definitely won’t. Trust me it will definitely work.” you say smiling at him. Feeling a bit more confident, a grin spreads onto his face as well. 

To get to the lake where the kelpie calls home, the pair of you needed to walk through a small village on the very outskirts of the English countryside. You held the case with one hand and your other arm was linked with Newt’s. Some people briefly looked as you passed them. Seeing as you were two pretty ladies, it was more men that stared compared to women. As you walked you could feel Newt trembling slightly with nerves. 
Leaning your face towards his ear you whispered “Don’t worry, you are doing really well.” You gently stroke Newt’s arm in reassurance, causing him to smile. 

Now past the village, you both start to walk through a field. Suddenly Newt tugs on your arm to stop your steps. You look at him and see a look of anger and annoyance on his face. 
“How do you do it?” he asks, his eyes burning into your confused ones. “I don’t know how you do it. Constantly being judged by everyone you pass. Gazed upon by men with their hungry eyes.” You smile as your cheeks start blushing.
“Don’t worry. You’re just feeling self conscious.” you reply. It was obvious that his experience through the village had struck a nerve with Newt. He didn’t realise how much you were looked at in public, by men in particular. You had never seen him jealous before. 

Facing him you look Newt over, paying particular attention to his stance. The walk through the village was a test run. He still moved too much like himself.
“Before we go any further we need to work on your movements. You are still moving the same and the kelpie is going to pick up on that.” you tell him. He knew that you were speaking the truth. 
“What do you suggest?” he asked with a skeptical look. You thought for a minute as you looked at his figure. He still looked uncomfortable as he pulled at the dress he was wearing and fiddled with the hair of his wig. You needed to word your response carefully and in a way he would understand perfectly. 
“You need to move with more grace… Imagine how an occamy moves. They swish and sway with ease. Try to move more fluidly and focus on the weightlessness of your steps. Try and copy me.” you reassured him. He started to copy you as you moved elegantly through the field, both of your dresses sweeping over the spring grass. It looked as if you were both walking on air. Your arms elongated with poise. 
You watched Newt as he then attempted it without your assistance. Smiling at your hard work, you took his hand in his as you said “Let’s go.”

Finally you were at the lake. The sunlight danced on the fresh water as birds sung in nearby trees. However the water was still, and there was no sign of the creature anywhere. You remembered Newt telling you about a large kelpie in Loch Ness that had developed a thirst for publicity. You did not know if this was true for all of its kind but there was only one way to find out. 
Facing Newt you start to speak loudly. “Oh dear, it is such a shame. I was hoping that there was a kelpie here I could show you. It is ofcourse one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.” Newt smiled as you both spotted a pair of eyes and the faint silhouette of horse’s head start to rise out of the lake with curiousity. 

Newt carefully watched you as you slowly began to approach the kelpie as it began to emerge from the water. It stared at Newt, who to make sure he was not recognised, began to swish his dress and produced a high-pitched giggle. You laughed a little at the sound. The plan was working so far. The kelpie thought that it was luring you to be devoured, when actually you were luring it to its own capture. The kelpie’s body was nearly completely out of the water and only about a metre in front of you. 

Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Newt sneaking up behind it with soundless steps. To keep the kelpie preoccupied you reach your hand out towards it, almost touching it. 
Suddenly Newt jumped onto the kelpie’s back, causing it to buck. Using all his strength he kept a firm grip on its mane. However he swiftly put a bridle over its head with a placement charm. You stood ready with the case wide open in your hands. Now more docile with the bridle over its head, Newt steered the kelpie in to case before promptly falling off onto the floor. 
Snapping the case shut quickly, you could now breathe a sigh of relief. 

You looked at Newt and giggled. He was breathless, his wig tilted to the side with frizzy curls out of place and his makeup smudged. The bottom of his dress was ripped in the initial struggle with the kelpie. He looked up at you, smiling with pride. 
“Thank you” he panted. 

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I just read your story and it's amazing!! 💗And I was just wondering if you could do a scene where Louis wants to be the big spoon for once? (Like a little ficlit?)

“Really?” Harry asks disbelievingly, one eyebrow raised. He leans back against the headboard, folding one of his arms behind his head just for the way Louis’ eyes dart to his biceps for a millisecond. “Really?”

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Our True Love - Chapter 7

A/N: So here comes the seventh chapter! Yes, Bucky is in this one. I hope that you will enjoy this story! (Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors in my stories!)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 1,603
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

Richard insisted that he walks me home after dinner tonight.

It wasn’t that far from the restaurant where we just had our dinner. But he wanted to walk me home anyways because he does get worried over me. Harry was such a nice and cool guy. He seems calm and collected and is really passionate about his job. The best part about that dinner was watching Richard’s eyes sparkle as he talks with Harry. They are getting closer and closer.  

“So, Rosaline told me what happened.” He says while tucking his hands into his pocket. My heart drops and I feel the colour drain from my face. Oh gosh. I’m dead aren’t I? Richard is really protective of Rosaline.

“Thank you.” I look up at him surprised. He scratches the growing stubble on his jaw before tucking his hand back into his pocket.

“She took your advice and gave Bucky another chance. They are talking things out now to see how to deal with their issues.” He looks at me with that sparkling green eyes of his. Relief washes over me.

“I’m sorry I did that to her. I should have been gentler.” He laughs before wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

“If you didn’t, then she would have still been the stubborn sheep that she is.” I smile at him. I wrap my coat around my body to cover myself from the chills.

“I’m glad things are going to be better between them now.” I answer truthfully, even though there is a little sting behind those words.

“You’re okay with it?” He asks me with a curious tone. I look at him surprised.

“What do you mean? Of course, I am.” I say blinking at him curiously back. He runs his fingers through my hair once.

“I see the way you look at Bucky. Or even the way you talk about him. You care for him more than as a friend. Remember that night when I called?” He asks gripping a little on the ends of my hair. I nod slowly.

“You don’t think he has feelings for you too?” He asks me straight on. I feel the whole world shift. Memories of our time spent together come flooding into me all at once and I feel faint. I can physically feel the pain in my head thinking of that mere possibility. But, I brush it off as soon as I gain control of my mind again.

“No, B… Bucky wouldn’t. We’re just friends. That’s all.” I say brushing my hair away from my face. I can still feel Richard’s eyes on me.

“All right then.” He answers.

When I open the door to my apartment, it was pitch black. I blink before looking at the lights in the hall. Richard looks at me.

“What is it?” He asks. Fear creeps up into me.

“I left the kitchen light on when I went to the restaurant.” Richard looks at me before pulling me away from the door.

“Let me check. Stay here.” Richard says as he walks in. I bite my lower lip and follow after him anyways.

“Who’s there?” Richard suddenly calls out. I quickly stand next to him to see a figure lying down on my couch. When the figure moves I gasp.

“Bucky? What are you doing here?!” I ask. I turn on the living room lights. He’s wearing his combat suit with weapons around his body still. He sits up on the couch.

“And how’d you get in here??” I ask angry at him.

“I wanted to see you, Y/N. You weren’t in the office. And you’d think I need keys to get into your home?” He says while looking at me with a serious face.

His hair a little tangled here and there. Small stains around his suit and neck as well. Must’ve been another nasty mission. I scan around his body to make sure that there are no injuries on him. Looks like he is good this time.

“No, I left the office early because I had dinner with Richard and his friend.” I say while looking back at Richard. The atmosphere in the living room suddenly turning a little dark. I look back over at Bucky who is wearing a rather angry expression.

“James, why aren’t you back home with Rosy? I thought you both worked things out?” He asks putting on a dark smile.

“We did. I just wanted to see Y/N.” Bucky says while reaching for my arm to pull me behind him after he stood up. I look at him confused.

“Is that so? Shouldn’t you go and see your wife first after coming home from a mission?” Richard asks again, keeping that strain on his voice.

“It is my business who I go and see first. I thought I told you to keep away from Y/N.” Bucky’s voice a little threatening. Richard’s smile turns into a laugh.

“Is it really your business to tell me what to do? Or even to tell her what to do?” Richard says calling out to me. I was speechless. Afraid if I step in, I might make things worse. Bucky glances over at me before back at Richard.

“I’m keeping her safe from you. I don’t want her getting hurt.” Bucky threatens again. I shift my attention back and forth to Bucky and Richard. What does Bucky mean by that?  

“Safe from what? The chance of her falling in love with me? Who’s the one hurting who here?” Richard says approaching Bucky boldly. I gasp, surprised at what Richard had said. Even Bucky seems to jolt back from that comment.

“You just stay away from her, you hear me?!” Bucky yells while grabbing onto Richard’s shirt and pulling him in to stare him down. He really looked like he’s about to put a bullet in Richard’s head. I quickly reach up to pull Bucky’s arm away from Richard.

“Stop it! Bucky! Let him go!” I shout at him. Bucky looks at me before tossing Richard down onto the floor.

“I told you to not get involved with him anymore, didn’t I??” Bucky turns to yell at me. I move past him and down to help Richard back up on his feet. I check and see if he had hurt himself anywhere.

“I can be with whoever I want to, Bucky. Why are you so angry at him?” I yell back as loud as Bucky did to me. I can see the anger erupting from inside of Bucky. Enough of this pointless cat fight. I turn to look at Richard.

“And you! Why are you also so crossed with Bucky? Isn’t it enough that Rosy and Bucky made up with each other?” I yell at Richard. Richard widens his eyes while looking at me. He didn’t expect that I would yell at him either. Even Bucky was surprised to see me yell at him.

“Both of you need to stop this nonsense. I don’t want either of you harbour such a deadly atmosphere whenever you see each other. I don’t like getting caught up in it!” I say as I pull both him and Richard out towards the door.

I push them out with all of my might to the point that it even surprised me that it worked. Both of them are bigger and taller than me after all. They look at me, clearly surprised to see me so angry. I look over at Bucky.

“You! Stop being so harsh to your brother-in-law! I don’t know why you hate him so much, but I don’t like you treating your family like that!” I look over at Richard.

“And you! You too need to stop always being so angry at your brother-in-law. If you want your sister to be happy, then you need to find a way to get along. Stop trying to show who’s better than who!” I say angrily.

“Until you both make it work as well, I will not talk to either of you. Go camping, handcuff to each other, whatever. Just go and work things out together!” I say as I slam the door shut. I hear a loud knock on the door as both of them call out for me. Then I hear a loud shouting before stomping footsteps down the hallway.

I slide down the door of my apartment while holding my forehead in my hand. I have a spinning headache. I’m tired of this. Tired of my own mixed emotions about Bucky. Tired of Bucky’s outbursts and Richard’s hatred towards him. Tired of being caught up in their fights. Tired of being yelled at by Bucky for no reason. It feels like one after another, after another.

I need a break.

“Y/N…” I hear Bucky calling me out from the other side of the door. I sit up, surprised that he’s still here.

“I’m sorry.” He continues. I remain quiet. His voice sounds broken.

“I’ll do what it takes to make you happy again.”

Tears cloud my vision. I wipe them away from my eyes and breathe out. I hear Bucky leaning against the door himself. A few moments of silence. Did he leave?

“Just, please don’t push me out of your life again…”

That comment made my heart flutter and break at the same time. I wanted to throw open the door, hold him and tell him that I will always be there for him. To tell him that I would never leave him ever again because of how heart-broken he sounded when he said that.

But when I did end up opening the door, he was gone.

★ ★ ★

A/N: Let me know what you think and if you are liking this series so far or not. I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading. <3 

Next chapter coming soon!

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Can I ask you for two numbers? If so please do 07 and 13 with Sehun arranged marriage au. Thank you so much ❤

Of course you can :) This one was a little different from what I’m used to, but I hope you like it!! thanks for requesting x

07. “Your eyes are a really lovely shade of… What colour even are your eyes?”
13. “Or we could just sit here and act like nothing ever happened.”

“So… You actually want to go through with this?” You weren’t sure whether you were asking the question to yourself or your fiance, Sehun, anymore. Both your parents were fairly wealthy and arranged for your marriage months earlier, totally disregarding your opinions or preferences. 

“It’s tradition,” you had been told a million times by every family member. You understood very well that it was, but that didn’t exactly make you want to go through with it anymore than before. It wasn’t anything against Sehun, but you absolutely hated the idea of someone else controlling your life and making decisions for you. He seemed decent enough, but you honestly hadn’t made the effort to become close with him. He was very good looking, seemed to have a good sense of humour, and had been nice enough towards you, though his sass and sarcasm sometimes took you aback.

Part of you truly felt bad for not giving him a chance, but a larger part wanted to stick it to tradition. Your curiosity was being overshadowed by your defiance, which you knew and didn’t exactly hide.

“Well, it doesn’t really look like either of us have a choice in the matter.” He sighed, running a his fingers quickly through his hair. “I know you don’t want to, and I don’t like the idea of someone choosing my supposed ‘soulmate’ for me, but I’m willing to go through with is as long as you are.”

His answer surprised you considering that, if anything, you had been distant from him since the day you first met and somewhat cold. “Really? Why would you? If I’m being totally honest, I’ve kind of been trying to get you to not want to be with me.”

He smiled. “Well, you accomplished your mission for a chunk of time, but a while ago I accepted the fact that we would get married, not matter how horrible we were to each other - or, well, you were to me. And as soon as I accepted that, I kind of got excited. I mean, call me naive, but once we’re married maybe, just maybe, I might finally get to know you. I think then that I could fall in love with you properly, the way any girl - the way you - deserve to be loved.

“Yeah, you haven’t shown me much of yourself, but don’t think that I haven’t seen you, the real you, before. I see the way you’ll drop nearly anything to help someone in need, the way you love your family no matter how different from you they are, the way you mumble along to songs on the radio, the way you play with your hair when you’re nervous, and the way you try to hold in an inevitable laugh during some of the worst situations.

“You may have tried to make yourself unlovable, but you’ve kind of done the opposite, and I’d like to prove that to you. If only you’d let me, of course.”

You tried to stutter out a response but found no words to do justice to what he just said. Nothing could take back how unfair you had been treating him, you both knew it, but in this moment a new chapter had begun. “I - I think I’m okay with that,” you smiled softly.

“Good.” He replied, walking across the room before he finally reached you and wrapped you in a warm embrace. He brought his fingers to your face, lightly tracing your cheek. “I’m glad. You’re going to make the most beautiful bride.”

Heat rose to your cheeks as he smirked at you.

“Nice blush, (Y/N), it matches your eyes well.” When you laughed, he immediately tried to defend himself: “What? Your eyes are a really lovely shade of… What colour even are your eyes?

Just as he leaned down to take a closer look, you went up on the tips of your toes to go along with his game. The mutual movement lead to your lips touching softly. You didn’t want to pull away, but the shock was too great for the moment.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t - ”

“It’s okay,” Sehun chuckled sheepishly. “We should probably get used to it. Or we could just sit here and act like nothing ever happened.

You let out a small laugh. “You’re right,” you told him before going back on the tips of your toes, wrapping your arms around his neck and caressing his soft lips with yours once again.

I wasn’t sure about this at first but I gotta admit I’m quite pleased

{PART 3: Final} Betrayal // Jay Park

Originally posted by lavender-kills

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: Jay begs you to do what he deems is the right thing. Can you forgive someone for the most hurtful act of betrayal?

A/N: This is the last instalment of a small 3 part series! Thanks to everyone who messaged me and told me how much they enjoyed the first two parts. I hope this part lives up to the others excitement!

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3: Final}

“I can’t believe I’m doing this” you repeated to yourself over and over in your head as you tapped your foot impatiently underneath the restaurant table.

Against your better judgement, you decided that you had no other choice but to take Jay up on his offer to meet him for lunch the next day. Although you pretty much hated the ground he walked upon, even though you would rather drink an entire bottle of bleach than to have to be in his company for any longer than necessary; you knew that you had to tell him about your pregnancy - and you realised that as soon as you saw the look on his face when he met you in the supermarket. You had specifically arrived 30 minutes before you were due to meet Jay to try and talk yourself out of telling him he was the father of your unborn child, but the longer you sat at the reserved table – the more you knew that you had to do the right thing and let him know. No matter how much of a bad taste it left in your mouth, you had to have this talk with him and tell him your intentions for the child’s future – and how you planned for Jay to not have a single input in it.

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okay but have you ever thought about a teacher!percy/teacher!oliver hogwarts au? because merlin knows i have.

a lot. like, 3.8k a lot. which is why i’m putting this under a read more.

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Can you do "Can I kiss you" with yoongi pretty please?

“you’re really not good at this, are you?” You openly laughed, getting you a glare from Yoongi.

“What? Dating? Yeah, I’m good at making music, rapping, running and sleeping. Yet. Dating isn’t my strong point” he smiled, this time it wasn’t forced, it was his natural gummy smile.

“You’re not doing too bad, I mean it is only a third date” you argued, defending him.

“It’s not just a third date though y/n” he turned away from you to cross the street, but you saw the blush before he moved.

“Is it not?” you tried to press the topic but the food vendor seemed more appealing to this gentleman.

“Pick anything you like, I mean, it’s not exactly expensive restaurant food but,” he held is finger up to state his point “it’s still food.” He finished.

“Hm, surprise me” he eyes glimmered with the new found power.

“Of course, ramen noodles with an egg” you laughed, it was his favourite from what he had told you.

“hey! You said to surprise you so I did” he smiled, a mouth full of noodles he’d just slurped.

“You look happy” it wasn’t the typical ‘oh, you look like you’d rather be at home than here’, he genuinely looked happy. He had a playful glint in his eye, his mouth was a constantly curved upwards.

“I am” he looked at you with a slight head tilt, like a dog when they’re trying to understand you.

“Good” you smiled, grabbing your chopsticks and slurping the noodles loudly.

“I have never seen someone eat noodles faster than me before” he stated, surprised.

“Who am I, y/n, to turn down free vender food and take my time? One does not do that Yoongi, one eats the ramen with speed and elegance. This is no ordinary ramen with egg, this is the best ramen and egg ever” you drank the soup.

He looked at you like his entire world had just been flipped. “That…” you moved closer to him with the growing suspension from his hanging sentence. “was the most beautiful sentence I have ever heard” he smiled again, you adored that smile.

“you have a really nice smile” you watched his cold pale cheeks burn a colourful shade of pink, before he muttered a thank you. That didn’t stop the smile that crawled onto his face.

“woah, it’s 3am” his voice was shocked. You both started the date at 3pm, where did the time go?

“I’ll walk you home” he offered his hand to help you up from the bench you were both eating ramen on.

“Thank you” he didn’t let go of your hand, he held it loosely in his; occasionally re-adjusting his grip.

“I had a really good time tonight” you brought the intertwined hands to your spare hand, running your warm hand over his cold one.

“Your hands are so warm” he practically moaned, “I had an amazing night, best in a long while”

You smiled, glad to hear the quiet introvert had a good night, there was nothing wrong with it. You just knew he preferred staying in when he didn’t have to go out.

The rest of the walk was filled with delightful laughter, bright smiles, the occasional hug for warmth.

“I didn’t expect it to be as cold as it is tonight” you shuddered, you saw yoongi shrug himself out of his coat and wrap It around you.

“It’s way too cold for you to do that” you moved to take it off but he stopped you.

“I want to, so let me” the reassuring hand on your arm stopped you.

You peered at his slim frame, only clad in jeans, trainers, a thin cotton shirt and a jacket.

“I can see you shivering” he shrugged.

“I don’t mind honestly, I’d rather know that you’re warm and suffer for five minutes while I walk you home” he didn’t know it, but he’d already melted your heart.

“it’s hard to be mad at you” you laughed heartily.

At the sound, Yoongi looked at you with awe. He admired how adorable you looked in his huge oversized coat and your red nose from the cold. He wanted to kiss it. He wanted to kiss you.

Once you were at the complex for your apartment, you stood for a minute with him. It was comfortable silence, not awkward. The conversation wasn’t forced.

“Thank you for tonight” you stepped forward. He followed suit, the tips of your toes touching.

“I want to see you again” he blurted, he shook his head slightly. “Can I see you again?” he blushed, he was doing a lot of blushing tonight.

“I want that too…” you smiled wickedly, “you know, I have never seen you so pink as I have today” you pinched his cheek lightly and he grabbed your hand.

“You make me very nervous” he sucked in a breath, his dark hair moving slightly from the wind.

“and what I want to say next is making my heart beat like crazy” he placed your hand over his heart, the rapid thudding was more noticeable. It was like someone was playing the drums inside his chest.

“What was it?” you kept your hand there.

“Can I kiss you?” he bit his lip, the beat of his heart faster than before.

“yes” he leaned forward, his lips brushing yours softly at first, it was like he’d been waiting all night to kiss you and you wondered why he’d taken so long.

The kiss deepened, his hand was on the small of your back to draw you closer to him while your hand cupped his face. He let a small moan slip past.

He rested his forehead against yours after, the mist clouds of your breaths moulding together as you both stood in silence to catch your breath.

“I’ve been waiting to do that all night” he smiled, content.

“I was waiting for you to do it yoongi” his name rolled of your tongue with ease, he loved the way his name sounded from your mouth.

Carry On Countdown // Day four {November 26th} // Punk/Pastel AU

In which our lovely Carry On cast are humans living in a small village called Watford. The kiddos are 10 years old in this because I love writing them as children.

I stared at my nails with a frown on my face. They were painted a light mint green shade and I didn’t yet know how I felt about it.

I looked up to where Agatha was now painting Baz’ nails. The boy was grinning as he watched Agatha paint his nails a soft pastel yellow. The colour fit Baz really well; it looked nice against his reddish-brown skin.

I looked at my own nails again. My nails were short because I bit them off. “I don’t think nails polish is for people who bite their nails,” I noted.

“I think it’ll be good. You won’t bite them now there’s nail polish on them,” Baz said delighted.

“But the nail polish just brings attention to my gross-looking nails.”

“Oh stop moping, Snow. Your nails look good like this.”

“Done,” Agatha said when she was finished painting Baz’ nails.

Baz looked down at his nails with a teeth-flashing smile on his face. “Thank you Agatha,” he said and he jumped up from the desk chair he’d been sitting on.

“Penny do you want me to paint your nails now?” Agatha asked Penelope who had been sitting against the wall, looking close to being bored.

“Not really,” she answered.

“Oh please, Penny. I have a purple nail polish that would look really good with the purple ring you’re wearing.”

After a bit more nagging, Agatha had gotten Penny to give in. Though, I had stopped listening to their chatter as soon as Baz had moved closer to me. Baz took my hands briefly, making me hold them out in front of me so he could look at my nails. Then he held his own hands out as well so he could look at our nails together.

“Lovely,” he whispered. It did look lovely. Agatha had done a really neat job at painting them and I had, to my own surprise, not smudged the paint whilst it had been drying. Still, I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous about the whole nail painting deal.

“Baz?” I said softly, making Baz look up at my face.

“Yes?” he asked.

“What if people at school will make fun of us because of this?”

Baz searched my face for a moment. Then he lifted his fine chin up high. “I dare every single one of them to make fun of the son of the mayor. I dare them making fun of me or any of my friends.” His words were filled with pride and confidence. I couldn’t help the smile that was tugging at the corners of my mouth.


Sadly, Baz’ words made no difference when it came to reality. The next day at school was horrible. Children were laughing at me, telling me painting my nails was for girls. Baz refused to feel hurt by any of the comments that were made and he refused to leave my side; knowing it would make me feel more secure. Even though I was thankful for Baz, it didn’t fight the sickening feeling in my gut away. I wanted to go home. I wanted to hide.

The first thing I did that afternoon when I got home was scratching every last bit of nail polish from my nails.


Baz didn’t take his nail polish off. And as soon as the polish started to crumble off his nails he asked Agatha to paint his nails a new colour.

Somehow the mocking comments became less and less over time, until no one even cast a look at Baz’ painted nails anymore. It wasn’t new and interesting anymore. Baz painting his nails had somehow become perfectly normal to everyone. I felt stupid. Maybe if I hadn’t been so afraid, if I hadn’t taken off my nail polish right after the first day, I could have been like Baz right now. I could have been happy with my painted nails.


Sleepovers at Baz’ house were always fun. His parents would allow us to sleep in the giant bed in the guest room. Baz and I were facing each other on the king-sized bed, our knees touching. No matter the huge size of the bed, we somehow always ended up really close to each other.

We were both giggling. I had completely forgotten exactly what we were giggling about, like always. Baz’ mum had come to our room two times already to tell us that we really needed to ‘stop making noise and start falling asleep’, but Baz and I weren’t able to stop giggling.

“Quiet, Baz,” I said, my voice cracking with laughter.

“Okay,” he said back, trying to become quiet.

We stared at each other, both our eyes bright from the laughter. Baz’ face wasn’t at all hard to make out because of the way the little night-light illuminated the room. We stayed quiet for about twenty seconds, before Baz poked my belly and I began giggling again. I took hold of his hand.

“Don’t,” I said.

“Let go of my hand.”

“No, you’ll poke me again.”

“I won’t.”

“You will.”

“Let go.”


“You like holding my hand.”

“No,” I said as I let go of Baz’ hand to prove him wrong. He immediately poked me a second time.

“See!” I exclaimed, grabbing his hand again. “I can’t trust you.”

“Quiet, Simon.”

“We should sleep. For real now,” I said.

“We should,” Baz agreed.

“Okay, close your eyes then,” I told him.

“You close them first.”

“At the same time.”






“You didn’t close your eyes.”

“You didn’t either!”

“Okay for real now.”

“Okay. Go.”

“Have you closed your eyes as well now?”


“No you haven’t!”

“You’re not supposed to open your eyes!”

“You still had yours open!”

We were giggling again. I was still holding Baz’ hand. Maybe I did like it.

Baz dragged our clasped hands up from under the covers. We both stared at our fingers, now Baz had entangled his with mine. I was able to see the nail polish on Baz’ fingernails in the dim lighting.

“You never told me why you took off the nail polish,” Baz said, trying to speak as softly as possible.

“It was driving me insane that I couldn’t bite my nails.”

“You’re lying.” I was lying, and so I shrugged.

“Why did you take off the nail polish?”

“I felt uncomfortable. Everyone made fun of it.”

“Everyone is stupid.”

I sighed.  “I don’t know; it just scared me.”

“But did you like the nail polish?”

“I guess so.”

“So you did.”




“Will you let me paint your nails tomorrow?”


“But you won’t take it off, okay?”



The next day Baz painted my nails with the nail polish that belonged to his mother. Baz didn’t do a nearly as neat of a job as Agatha had done, but somehow he loved his nails even more now than when Agatha had done them.

“And no one will make fun of you,” Baz assured me. “Or else I’ll tell my mother and she’ll kick their butts out of this town.”

“She can do that?”

“Of course she can, she is the mayor. She can do anything.”


“Yes. Cool. So are your nails.”

“They are,” I agreed, and we both grin

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17 + Sam? I love this prompts!

“Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.”

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

Yourself and Sam sat in your usual cafe. He was sipping a coffee as you read some fantasy novel, these were the moments you enjoyed most. Quiet, no need for talking, just simplistic moments with Sam. 

“Hey, Y/N?” You glanced up from above the hardback to Sam. His glasses still framing his face and a red cap on, you smiled gently at him. “I think we should paint the room blue.” He tells you, you frown.

He already knows what’s coming, this happens every time you both try to settle on a decision. “Blue, really? God, what type of blue you thinking?” 

“I was thinking deep blue, you know it’s nice and it’s just a bold colour. Not really bright but not too dark.” 

“I don’t like it.” You tell him simply. 

“Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.” Sam rebuttals and you quirk an eyebrow at the man opposite you and he does the same, side smirk and then you both laugh. 

“But seriously, deep blue?” You asked with a small frown. “You hang out with Steve too much, all this blue.” 

Sam sighed, “We have three months till the baby and you;re blaming my colour aesthetic on Steve?” He asked in mock offence, you stared blankly at him. “Okay, he had a little input.”

An Inconvenient Collision - Jimin X Reader

anonymous asked:
Can you do a scenario of you at a BTS high touch and When you get to Jimin he notices you & stares at you for awhile. After that he does all he can to find you and be with you 😂

A/N: Hello! So my mind was totally blank and I couldn’t figure out how to do this scenario for the longest time
So I hope you enjoy it! (It’s really bad)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1307

Fans screamed loudly as 7 boys entered the room. They waved their posters around, shouted “I love you!” and “Oppa!” All the usual things.
The boys did their introduction before taking a seat at the table. From here on, the lineup started moving. You were in the middle of the line and you blamed it on not getting here early enough. But none the less, you were lucky to be able to see them in person. Some girls towered over the front, not allowing you to see all the members.

The boys played with the gifts the fans brought them. They had their pictures taken and just played games with the other fans in line. Jungkook was teasing everyone like he usually does, swooning over whoever was in front of them. You wondered how these girls could look so calm around them while you were practically jumping out of your seat.

The line continued to move slowly and you felt someone gazing at you. You turned around to meet a pair of eyes. And a familiar pair too. It was none other than Jimin himself. You blushed madly and immediately looked away. But you could feel his signature eye smile coming from behind.

You finally approached the table. Your heart was beating ecstatically. You held your gifts for the members in your “BTS” Bag. You could feel your cheeks grow hot as soon as Jimin’s eyes met yours on the table. You quickly shuffled down the line, getting more impatient to see Jimin. It wasn’t that you didn’t love the other members as well, but you’re dying to talk to Jimin.
You happily talked to Namjoon. He held your hand and looked straight into your eyes when he talked to you. He signed your book with his free hand and as he looked down, you took the chance to look at Jimin, who was already staring at you. He quickly looked away and you questioned it. But Namjoon got your attention back when he squeezed on your hand.
“Thank you!” You said, smiling brightly at him. He nodded and waved as you moved to Jimin.

The time has come. Were you prepared? Jimin’s gaze was piercing right into yours and you just couldn’t look away. There was this tension going on in the air between the two of you until Jimin broke it by saying Hi
“H-Hi” You shyly said, blushing. Jimin pinched your cheeks and you thought you were going to die right then and there, “You’re cute” He smiled brightly. You only nodded, too in awe to have words come out of your mouth. He signed your book and you didn’t know what you were saying, but it just happened.
“Were you looking at me earlier?” You quickly covered your mouth when you realized what you said. Your hair covered your face and Jimin looked surprised. His face flushed, “Y-Yeah, I was” This was amazing. This was like a whole other side to Jimin that you’ve never seen before.
“I Couldn’t take my eyes off of you, you’re so beautiful” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. You had a smile that was threatening to split your face. Jimin, your bias, just called you cute and beautiful in less than 5 minutes.
“Hey, can I ask for your-” The supervisor tapped on his shoulder, indicating that he was holding up the line. Jimin nodded at the man behind him before looking back at you with a saddened expression. You quickly moved on to Hoseok who was already smiling and waving at you.

Jimin couldn’t stop staring at you even after all that happened and before he knew it, it was over and you were nowhere in sight. He sighed as he got up from the table, telling his hyungs he was just going to go to the bathroom.

You couldn’t stop thinking about Jimin was going to say to you. But you knew you shouldn’t get so hyped. As much as you wanted him to ask you out, you knew it wasn’t going to happen. You were just a plain ordinary fangirl. Nonetheless that there were literally thousands of you. Plus, you weren’t the best looking in the crowd, even if Jimin said you were beautiful.
You seemed to have gotten lost in the huge building. Your friends were nowhere in sight. You tried calling them, but they didn’t pick up, they never pick up.
You walked into a few hallways, hoping you would bump into one of the staff members who would be able to assist you out of there.
You saw someone from afar and you quickly went up to approach them, It didn’t look like a staff member, but you were just hoping they knew their way around the building. They started to walk away and you had to catch up with them. You started walking a bit faster but if it wasn’t for your clumsy legs, you wouldn’t have fallen over.
The man quickly turned around and helped you up. Your face was flushed from the embarrassing scene. You dusted yourself off and said thank you to the man. As you still tried to wipe off the dirt you asked, “Hey, do you know the exit to the building?”

You finally looked up and your jaw dropped when you saw Jimin. His eyes seemed to widen as well. Was this fate? Meeting twice in one day?
“O-Oh! I’m so sorry for getting in your way! I’ll get going now” you say as you turn around. You feel a tight grip on your arm and a strong force that was able to spin you back around to face him.
“I know where the exit is” He says shyly. You quickly nodded as he showed you the way. You couldn’t help but stare it his wonderfully broad back and shoulders. If only you could touch them.

Jimin suddenly stopped, ending up with you crashing into his back with an “Oof” sound coming out of your mouth. He turned to you and giggled, “This is as far as I can go, but the exit is straight through here” He said, pointing at the door.
“Oh! Thank you so much!” You say, walking towards it. His hand stopped you again, “W-Wait! What’s your name?”
Park Jimin wants to know your name? Are you dreaming?
“I-It’s Y/n”
“Wow. That’s a beautiful name” He said, his cheeks a nice rosy colour. There was a small silence but then Jimin spoke again, “I wanted to ask you at the table, but… C-Can I have your number? I would really like to talk to you sometime”
Now you were really going to die. Park Jimin of BTS just asked for your number because he wants to “Talk to you” What kind of world is this?
“S-Sure..” You say. You saw a smile appear on his face and you couldn’t help but smile as well. He pulled out his phone and you plugged your number in.
“Thank you so much! I’ll talk to you soon, bye y/n!” he waved as you left the door. When you turned around to look at him again, you saw him pump his fist in the air and jumping around. You could tell that this was just the beginning to your story with Bangtan Boys’s Park Jimin

~Admin Luna


Full view for easy reading/If you don’t it’ll bout out of order omg.

Look at these dumb dorks ahh. In the wise words and prompting of kazethecursedone: “Oreshi with a major crush composing love poetry in the shared mindspace and just going on and on about how pretty and perfect his boyfriend is until Bokushi’s like, FINE, shut the fuck up! I’m going to see for myself how perfect and amazing this guy really is and taking over. [the body, and just]Fuck he’s hot.”

Covert Affairs #2

Jerza Love Fest Day 4: Caught In The Act.

Part 2 of my collab for the Jerza Love Fest with forgottenwhispersxo!:) She wrote the awesome first part and you can read it here.

So, this one will be entirely ridiculous and not as serious as Part 1, haha. It’s based on a headcanon I came up with alongside my love blamedorange, who will also draw a piece for this two-part fic! :> Enjoy!

edit: find mabel’s art here

“And you’re… sure this will be a sufficient disguise?" 

"Of course.” Erza’s eyes sparkled proudly as she eyed her accomplished work. “No one will suspect anything, Mr Gerard." 

His shoulders slumped. Mr Gerard? The things he did for this woman.

Still, he was determined to spend this day with her as carefree as possible. They had enough sorrows already, and serious was something they had to be too much on every other day. Incredible enough as it was, the day seemed to have arrived where it would actually, finally happen: they would go on a date without being interrupted.  Today was reserved for fun, even if that meant taking on the identity of Mr Gerard, moustache and all.

"Well. I guess the moustache does make me look rather sophisticated and mature.”

She gave him a small smile before grabbing his arm and dragging him along.

“Come on, I want to take you to my favourite café." 

His eyes kept reverting back to where her hand firmly grabbed his wrist as they walked on through the busy streets of Magnolia. He could get used to this.

When they came to a halt in front of a cute little house, she let go, and he couldn’t stop the twinge of disappointment that shot through him at the loss of her touch.

"This is it." 

He could see why she loved it. Big yellow shutters decorated the upper row of windows, the white curtains swaying in the light breeze. Beside the large, arched entrance door, big pots with lilac rose into the air, the sweet scent blowing in their direction. The tables inside aswell as outside were almost completely occupied, yet the busy ado around them still managed to give off a relaxed atmosphere. The sound of clinking cutlery and immersed conversations filled the air. It was absolutely her taste.

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jugramhaschwal  asked:

Oh , thank you very much, ! By the way , are you planning to do second part for the "The Clerk and the Boss" it will be awesome:)

Very good idea ! I just wrote it, but the end is like… not good at all ! xD Sorry about it ^^’

Sequel to The Clerk and the Boss : Breath and Keep calm !

 How are you supposed to get prepared for a dinner with your boss?! Was the question I was wondering non-stop in my head all day long while panicking like crazy. I was so out of it since the conversation at the cafeteria-gym that I actually ignored most of the people that were talking to me – because I didn’t even realized I was talked to in the first place. Oh, and I just turned in a clumsy employee bumping into everything and that was beginning to be painful.

 What on earth was going on?! I was basically lost, and confused, and my mind was threatening me to explode at any moment soon. I was just a plain clerk for god sake! I didn’t even know where he was intending to invite me to diner and… Oh my god, a diner.

“Okay Y/N. Breathe deeply and calm down. You can do it!” I mumbled, hopeful. “It’s only diner after all. Just pretend he is not your boss owning half the town and… Right! Just Lex! Just a friend! No boss after time work. Alright.”

By the time I realized it, it was past six and my day had been totally wasted. I hadn’t done anything useful today, just messed up with paperwork and earned blue mark where I hit myself. It wasn’t my style, but for now I just gave up and decided to go home for apparently I was supposed to prepare myself to go out for diner.

“You’re leaving early today, Y/N.” Noted Gary, surprised. “Everything’s alright?”

“Yeah, I just feel like I’m not doing a great work today, and don’t want to mess up anything else.” I laughed nervously.

“Well, that happen sometime. Rest well and tomorrow will be another day!” He cheered me happily.

“Thanks Gary. I’ll try to do that.” I smiled, then opened my umbrella and left in the pouring rain.

 Walking under the downfall helped me clear my mind and before long I was playing at dodging the puddle while searching in my mind my outfit for the evening. That was concrete, occupying me enough to keep me from going crazy. I took my bus, and walked home at seven o’clock with a very precise idea of what to do. First of all, I said hi to the cat, Y/F/D (favourite dessert) and feed him after hanging my coat in the kitchen to let it dry. Then I took a hot shower, taking my time to wash my y/h/c hair. Then I dried myself and put on some body cream at y/f/p (favourite perfume).

 Not knowing what to expect, I decided that I would just be myself and therefor choose my favourite dress with an artistic pattern of y/f/f (favourite flowers), with shoes of the matching colours.

“Okay. You’re as ready as you can be.” I said. “Don’t judge me, Y/F/D !”

 Ignoring me, the cat mocked me with a meow and then left for the bedroom, leaving me alone for the next fifteen minute. Well, if he was on time. Maybe he would be late. Or won’t come. Maybe it was just a joke and I misunderstood? My heart started to beat too fast and I panicked again. I didn’t even knew if I wanted him to ever arrive. Why was I going diner with Lex? Not out of the fear that he would fire me if I declined. He didn’t let me much of time to say anything, but if I didn’t want to go, no one could force me.

 So why? I liked indeed that coffee break we were taking together and the chit chat following, and Lex was nice and all. Well, he was more than just nice. Handsome would be more accurate. And the only reasons why I wasn’t day dreaming about him was because he was my boss, and because I thought that no one would ever see me as a possible girlfriend. I mean, I wasn’t that interesting, the only thing not random about me were my colourful outfit, and my ability to be nice and remember every face. But I didn’t have any close friends, just acquaintance that found me funny. No one ever really tried to see who I was below the surface.

 That was actually pretty lonely.

 Maybe I wanted to break that loneliness, and found a real friend that would actually know me?

 I didn’t have the time to think more deeply about it because the doorbell rang. My hands were shaking but I opened the door anyway.

“Hi again.” I said awkwardly.

 Lex had a satisfied smirk, apparently doubting that I would be ready – probably thinking that I would decline at the last second.

“Evening Y/N. That dress suits you.” He said.

 I noticed he was still wearing the same clothes but well, he was busy at works so that was understandable. And he didn’t have to walk home under the pouring rain either.

“Sadly enough, the flowers on my dress don’t drink water, so I had to change.” I justified myself, calming down.

 Right, there wasn’t anything to freak about. It was just like coffee break but with diner instead! Lex chuckled, and I thought that he seemed less stressed out than at work. Obviously, that remark was unnecessary!. Of course he’s less stressed than at work! Idiot.

“I won’t complain ‘bout that. I think than from all I’ve seen you with, that one is my favourite.” Lex said with a cocky smile.

 He was looking curiously at my apartment and this was making me embarrassed. I blushed and changed the subject:

“So hum… what’s the program?”

“Glad you ask! If you have all you need, we’ll be taking the car. It’s parked just in front of the building.”

“Well, then let’s go.”

 I took my bag and a coat and scarf, and shut the light before locking the front door and following him downstairs. The car looked more like a limousine for me but I keep that though for me and sat at the front, next to the driver place for it was obvious that Lex was driving.

“So, where are we going?” I asked.

“Well, obviously I’m driving you to a dark alley where I’ll murder you without witness.” He replied.

“Damn, why always a dark alley? Why not a colourful garden for a change? It’s so cliché!”

“Well I know my classic dear!”

 I finally completely relaxed as we kept joking until we reached the bay. He parked the car and we walked under the same umbrella to a little restaurant facing the water. It was an Italian trattoria, and the atmosphere was very warm and also intimate. We sat at a table by the window, and the waiter gave us the menu. I ordered y/f/i/f, and we kept chatting happily, about his tour of the state for the promotion of the company, the way of playing basket of some employee or even Italian art. At some point, I started to tell him about my childhood and my mother, and found that very comforting. Lex was listening carefully, and that was probably the first time that someone actually listened to my story. When I told him about her death, my voice broke and he took my hand softly.

“It’s hard to give up on someone. I mean, my father is dead, but I can still feel his presence everywhere, his judgment on every of my action…”

 Something in his tone, a gleam in his eyes made me realized that we were more close than I though.

“The hardest is to accept the fact that you weren’t important, without reason or justification. To understand that it wasn’t your fault but theirs if they couldn’t feel love, nor care… A child isn’t responsible for the cruelty of the adults, but he is always the one who suffer the most…”

 There was a silent, and Lex looked troubled, and somehow touch by those words. But then he just awkwardly joked it off:

“I-I didn’t brought you here for a free psychoanalysis you know! Give me a taste of your meal!”

 And so the solemn moment was closed, but that night a deep bond was created between us, for you were sharing the same hidden scars and pain.