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“’Rhaenys was a CHILD too. Prince Rhaegar’s daughter. A PRECIOUS little thing, younger than your girls. She had a small black KITTEN she called Balerion, did you know? I always wondered what happened to him. Rhaenys liked to PRETEND he was the true Balerion, the Black Dread of old, but I imagine the Lannisters taught her the DIFFRENCE between kitten and a dragon quick enough, the day they BROKE down her door.‘ 

aphrodite's bloom

◇Two months and a chance to change his grades around.

◇ Samuel x reader

◇ harrypotter!au

◇ words: 2.4k

◇ idk guys i was just feelin this,,, its quite short and simple but also sweet and i just want you to know that I love him so much!!


It’s February. The school term started in September, making it exactly 6 months since the start of his 6th year. It’s February, and Kim Samuel is still completely and utterly failing Herbology.

He didn’t get it. Supposedly, Slytherins were just as smart as their blue-clad counterparts — so why in the name of Merlin’s bloody breeches was he failing? (He knew exactly why — Herbology was a crappy subject, and that was that.)

Potions and Transfiguration and D.A.D.A and even Charms he had passed with flying colours in his O.W.Ls — Slughorn went as far to say that Samuel was one of the best students he’d had in years! But Herbology? Bloody hell, no. He’d barely scraped an Acceptable.

And he’d be glad to leave it at that — really, he would, because in all honesty he wasn’t planning to do anything with his life that needed Herbology; however, Professor Longbottom was adamant in making sure every student in his class got the best grade that they could and that’s exactly why Kim Samuel, notorious prankster and Herbology-failer, is at the library at 10AM on a Saturday.

“I’m telling you,” Professor Longbottom had insisted, when Samuel confronted him after class to tell him that no thanks, sir, I really don’t need that good of a grade in Herbology anyway. See, I’m planning to— “You need to pick up your grade and keep your choices open. I’m appointing you a tutor — _____ _____.”

Samuel groaned at the thought, pressing his forehead flat against the cool wooden table he sat at. ______ _____. Out of all of the people in the bloody class, the professor just so happened to choose the girl that Samuel had been trying to avoid eye contact with all year.

You were a Hufflepuff through and through. Kindness and shy smiles came as easy to you as sneaking into Hogsmeade and pranking Peaves came to him. He hadn’t noticed you until 2nd year when he accidentally poured a bucket of water over you and your friends instead of the group of Ravenclaws it was meant for — but since then, he had become hyper-aware of you — and no, the sudden uneasiness in his stomach isn’t butterflies, so don’t ask, please.

Herbology was the only class you shared together. The only other times he’d see you was around Hogsmeade, in the Great Hall, or sometimes (very rarely) at the overly flamboyant parties that the Gryffindors regularly held, and unconsciously he had tried to make himself appear more quiet — to blend on more, so that you wouldn’t notice him. Which was stupid, really, because everyone knew he was and soon his friends caught on.

Merlin — who told you to look so pretty, or to be so sweet and kind and perfect? Samuel huffed, lifting his head from the table and pouting. Whoever was running things up in the sky was looking down at him and blowing a big raspberry on his life.

“’s she still not here?” A voice muses from behind a nearby bookshelf in the Restricted Section. It’s Daniel, but another peek shows Seongwoo right behind him, a large stack of books poised in his hands.

“What are you doing there?” Samuel demands suspiciously, eyeing Madam Pince nervously, “You were banned from the Restricted Section! And, now that I think of it, you hate the library. You hate books—”

“A wizard’s got to do what a wizard’s got to do,” Seongwoo interjected theatrically, letting Samuel get a glimpse of the spines of the books he hauled in his arms. Famous Fire-eaters and Moste Potente Potions. Merlin’s Beard, what were they planning? He grumbled to himself as they trotted off merrily with a wave, itching to get up and join them—

“Did I keep you long? I’m so sorry…” Samuel jumps as you seen to suddenly appear, words mushed together as you anxiously rush to explain your lateness — something about a sick kitten —, while you drop your studying supplies on the table and get yourself settled in.

(And yes, Samuel is extremely grateful that you’re too busy apologising to take notice of the red that dusted across his cheeks at the sight of you, thank you very much.)

If there was one thing you were more than often happy to do, it was to help. There was no doubt that you were one of Professor Longbottom’s favourite students, mainly credited to your passion for Herbology and your sweet personality. Because of this you were quite often picked to tutor students that were lagging or falling behind — or, in this case, failing.

Kim Samuel. Of course you knew who he was. Every soul in Hogwarts knew him. McGonagall had even remarked that him and his friend Dino were the new Fred and George Weasley. Their pranks were phenomenal and normally funny — even if you had been caught on the wrong side of one, once.

A bucket of water poured over your head. You still remember how your cheeks burned in embarrassment and your eyes burned with tears from the sheer humility, but after a timid apology from the boy you had brushed it off.

Truthfully, he didn’t seem that bad. You wouldn’t know personally because he seemed awfully quiet when you were around, so you just thought that he thought you were too boring to converse with — which differed from how Somi would gush about the jokes he cracked and the funny antics he’d get up to around her.

That Saturday morning, you were sure to awaken early enough to gather your materials and shower, fully prepared to meet Kim Samuel at the library at 10AM on the dot. You were never late — or at least, you weren’t late before today, because you were struck with anxiety when you realised your kitten was looking awfully sickly.

Without thinking, you threw on a scarf and shouldered your backpack and ran down to Hagrid’s hut to leave her with him. He promised to nurse her back to health and that was all that mattered, but in your flurry to get down to Hagrid you didn’t realise that it was more than 30 minutes than the time you had appointed to meet Samuel in the library!

So it was with shamefully hot cheeks and a rush of words that you apologized to him when you finally arrived at the library, practically dumping your things into the chair across from him and introducing yourself all in the same breath.

“It died. As soon as I touched it.” Samuel stared blankly at you, almost able to see the cogs in your brain turning. On the desk in front of you stood two plants; mere fledglings, as of yet, but if your tutoring went right, Samuel’s would bloom beautifully. This was the second plant he had been given, as the first one had, as he put it, ‘died instantly’.

“Well, these plants especially are able to sense the magical auras of those around it,” you begun softly, eyes flickering up and immediately averting themselves when you founf that Samuel was already staring at you — Merlin’s beard, get a hold of yourself! “Maybe you were in a bad mood? It’s important to stay positive around these… That’s why so many find them hard to grow.”

“Positive,” Samuel scoffs to himself, quill scraping against his parchment as he fights to fill up 8 inches on the factors needed to grow magical flowers. “Herbology and positivity don’t go hand in hand for me.”

“It’s really not that bad,” you comment passively, not really sure why you’re speaking because quite honestly, it doesn’t seem as if he’ll agree with anything you’re saying and that can only go two ways: a discussion that you’re too shy to have or your opinion being slandered. “I-it’s quite calming, I find.”

He stares for a moment. “It comes naturally to you, I think. You do it so easily, it’s amazing.”

No, no, no, no. That wasn’t supposed to come out, that was not supposed to be said! His eyes were practically circles with how far they had widened and he ducked his head, pretending to focus on his assignment when really he was much too focused on you and how he had rendered you speechless.

“T-thank you,” you coughed lightly, hands fidgeting nervously. Your eyes refuse to meet his — but his do the same, trained only on the parchment on his table. “It’s just one of those things, I suppose. I know I’d never be able to ace Transfiguration like you did…”

His ears are turning red, he can feel it. As if his tomato cheeks weren’t an indication of his shyness enough.

“Well,” he offers, clearing his throat, “If you ever need a tutor…”

“You’ll be the first person I ask.” You grin brightly, and he finds himself smiling back just as hard.

Two months. It takes two months for this blasted plant to bloom and when the time inevitably comes, Samuel has to be there, helping it bloom with his — how did you put it? ‘Magical aura’.

“I’m sorry I can’t be there,” you had pouted at your last study session. “But I’ll be at the greenhouses all day. See me after, will you? I’m sure everything will go amazingly — my own plant is going to bloom, too.”

So after kicking Dino and Vernon and even Guanlin from the boys’ dorms, Samuel is ready to think good thoughts and let this flower bloom. It’s worth most of his grade, after all, and he wasn’t going to let a whole two months of your hard work and tutoring go down the drain.

He placed the plant on his bed and clambered to sit in front of it, crossing his legs and staring at it expectantly. “The leaves will tinge blue,” you said to him. “It’s hard to miss. After that, it’s all up to you.”

Blue-tinged leaves? Check. Positive thinking? He didn’t know. He pictured kittens and puppies and his favourite singers and his friends playing pranks but nothing had happened in the ten minutes that followed.

“It’s a short bracket of time,” you had reminded him, “Twenty minutes at most. After that, it will start to decay.”

Bloody hell. What was he supposed to think about? He thought about his parents and quidditch and the delicious food the house elves made each night and even his grades and soon he was just grasping at straws, thinking about everything and anything until his mind strayed to you.

You and your pretty eyes and lovely hair and cute smile and how you smacked his arm when he pretended to fall asleep during studying and how you giggled when Seongwoo passed by and catcalled jokingky at you both even though you were embarrassed—

Samuel peeked a tentative eye open, regarding the plant nervously until his gasp filled the his room. “Merlin’s pants!”

It had completely transformed from its previous stumpy, dull form to a beautiful, bright figure. It was long with winding branches that had been dotted with small pink flowers. Samuel scrambled for his — your —Herbology book that was on his bedside table sitting among his Weasley’s Wizards Wheezes products and turned to the bookmarked page.

Aphrodite’s Bloom, the page announced. And the picture that was poised right beside it was almost identical to the plant standing on his bed. Excitement filled him as he fumbled for his shoes, taking the plant in his arm gently and running out of his dorm, passed his roommates in the common room and out through the dungeons.

He was panting by the time he reached the greenhouses, peeking through each one until he saw your figure through the glass windows, staring at your own plant expectantly.

“_____!” He yelled, opening the door with a bit too much enthusiasm. Your head snapped up, eyes brightening when you realised that it was Samuel that had paid you a visit. He thrusted his arms out, showcasing the beautiful plant proudly. “Look!”

“It’s beautiful!” You gasped, rounding the table, completely in awe as he set it down for you to marvel at. “I’ve never seen one in real life — I knew you could do it—”

And he doesn’t quite know what happens next but he does know that it has something to do with the adrenaline in his bones and the overwhelming fondness that he feels just at the aspect of standing so close to you, but suddenly he’s cupped your face and pressed his lips to yours and he thinks he accidentally squashed your nose with his, but…

He pulls away a few seconds later, breathless or no reason other than the fact that he can’t believe he just kissed you. Oh, Merlin — you look dazed and confused and his eyebrows furrow deeply. Had he read into this wrong…?

“Wow,” you breathe suddenly, gulping as you glance from his lips to his eyes and back again. “That was… That was amazing.”

He breathed his own laugh of relief as his hands slipped from your cheeks to your waist. “For a second there, I thought…”

“I didn’t know you liked me like that,” you confessed shyly, avoiding his eyes. “You were always so quiet around me.”

“After I accidentally dumped a bucket of water on your head I wasn’t so sure that you liked me either,” he whispered, smiling when you laugh beautifully.

“I see that both of your plants have bloomed,” a voice booms. As quick as a shot, you and Samuel jumped away from each other, heads turning towards the source of the voice. Professor Longbottom stood in the doorway, arms folded and eyebrow raised teasingly.

You gulp, ready to conjure an excuse when you register his words. “Wait — both?”

Sure enough, your plant sat on the table, blooming just as beautiful as Samuel’s did — and then you realised with a blush that somehow, your plant had intertwined its branches with his plant, connecting them.

“I have to say,” Professor Longbottom mused, walking deeper into the greenhouse until he stopped in front of your plants. “I’ve never seen them grow so strangely.”

It’s April, and Kim Samuel has not only an O in Herbology, but has also kissed the girl of his dreams and plans for much more.

quick! before the official avengers academy look of frank and matt comes out!
my own setting for the avengers academy au XD

matt: smart-ass who has fingers sensitive enough to read printed books but would read braille in public

frank: would read poetry and write diary war journal

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I know you just posted the headcanons about adam sleeping on Ronan but I need like 1862837383 more

You asked for it Anon

  • Adam falling asleep on Ronan’s shoulder at Nino’s and Ronan glaring at Gansey, Blue and Noah who won’t stop laughing at his tomato red coloured cheeks
  • Ronan going over to Adam’s at night but his crappy apartment is super cold so they decide to share the blankets and sleep on his mattress together. Adam is just so tired and cold he doesn’t even think twice before draping his arm over ronan’s stomach trying to steal his body heat and pressing his forehead into ronan’s shoulder, while Ronan screams internally
  • The next morning Adam wakes up with his face pressed into Ronan’s neck and he’s lying half on top of him with Ronan’s arm around his waist holding him close like his favourite teddy bear and maybe that’s when they have they first kiss - it’s clumsy and hesitant because they’re both half asleep but it’s so sweet Ronan wants to cry
  • After they get together they almost never sleep alone. Sometimes they sleep in ronan’s room at monmouth (because it’s warmer and the bed is 100x more comfy) and adam is always using ronan as a pillow. His head resting over his chest hair tickling ronan’s chin, legs tangled together under the sheets
  • Adam and Ronan having movie nights and Adam lying with his head in Ronan’s lap while Ronan runs his hand through Adam’s hair and of course he falls asleep so Ronan covers him with a blanket before drifting off himself. Noah finds them like that and uses Ronan’s phone to take a million pics of them, none of which Ronan can bring himself to delete
  • It’s coming close to christmas and Adam is feeling a little down because Christmas has never been as great for him in the past as it was for the others so Ronan drives them both to Barns to cheer him up and get him out of town. They build a blanket fort in front of the fireplace and talk and talk until Adam falls asleep with his head on Ronan’s stomach and his hand resting gently on Ronan’s chest
  • Ronan going over to Adam’s while he’s at work to wait for him but he ends up falling asleep on his mattress. By the time Adam gets home he’s shattered and Ronan looks so comfy and warm asleep on his mattress he decides to skip the shower, removes his dirty work clothes, and curls up against Ronan’s sleeping form, using his shoulder as a pillow
  • They’re all hanging out at Cabeswater, Ronan is sitting against a tree with Adam sitting between his legs, his back pressed to Ronan’s chest, and it’s so peaceful that of course Adam falls asleep - his head falling back onto Ronan’s shoulder, and Ronan pressing the side of head against Adam’s so his cheek is touching Adam’s temple, with his arms wrapped firmly around Adam’s stomach

“And I thought we won’t rest inside tents anymore after the end of the Blight.” Zevran said, getting closer to the Warden. This winter was gentler than the Ferelden one but still, it was a good excuse.
“It’s a long way to Anderfeles. We’ll keep resting in tents for a while. Disappointed?” Amell said casting a small flame to gave them warmth.
“Not much. After all, you are quite a source of hotness.”
Both of them snorted. “Zev, you are silly as always…”

-Crappy Title
-Sausage Fingers
-Grass is an ass
//Yep, a school project :’)))
The grass on the right looks like crap cause my marker dried out Mid-Colouring. But everyone says it’s nice. *I know it’s just sympathy :’)))*
WHEE ZE my art teacher said “I’ve got some turned in, and that has to be my favorite out of all of them” cr i


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I would like to thank everyone for supporting me in drawing two dorks from bangtan ;w;

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Whoever the future Mrs O’Connell and Mrs O’Loughlin may be - they are incredibly lucky ladies… probably. I wish I had an excuse for this. They’re kind of adorable though despite their crappy dance moves. Oh and this is NOT them on their aforementioned LSD trip. They… actually do that.

Drew this without any kind of ref so sorry if some parts look off. It’s just a silly thing anyway though I kinda feel like colouring it. :D

Okay, can y'all reply to this, i want to know your thoughts.

First: Do you prefer my smooth lines (like my recent Ballora) or my soft lines (like my recent Baby)

Second: Do you prefer my pastel colours (my current pallette) or do you want them to be more vivid and bright?

Third: Would you prefer if you waited longer for requests, but got better art out of it, or if I got my askbox cleared with crappy doodles?

Fourth and last: Should I devote some effort into an art blog for my proper art, or are you okay with a trash blog full of memes, other art, reblogs, asks, doodles, and my proper art?

Because I’ve had a lack of coloured drawings this week, here’s a preview of my Halloween WIP picture! It’s…pretty crappy looking right now, but here’s a bit of a sneak peak! Altho there’s really not that much colour, is there….

I probably won’t have time to work on it this weekend, but last weekend this pretty much put out my back EEK! It’s barely finished and actually really complicated. Not really the original idea I had (the original one looks like crap now and I’m not going to finish it.) but we’ll see how this one goes…

Can you guess who it is? *giggle* (Hint: It’s really not that hard, come on now.)

My laptop didn’t go bye-bye, so here’s the finished product!
I know I’m a crappy artist, but it’s the best I can do. :’D I finally found out how to do line widths, so I had fun with those. Annnnd… he wasn’t originally supposed to have a flower crown, but I stared messing with the brushes and I thought ‘Screw it, give him a crown’.

Hope ya like it! I could’ve done shading, but I’m far too lazy and drawing all those curves again would’ve been effort. Maybe flat colouring’s more my style. Especially ‘cause I hate colouring.

Anyways, hope ya like it!
…I already said that. FFS.