the colour of his shirt is the exact same colour as these tags

This was inspired by the prompt - We accidentally switched our suitcases from the airport terminal AU, which I saw cross my dash yesterday. And it ended up a lot longer than I expected. Oops!

Red. Pink. Black. Black. Another black. Pink again. Green. Hawaiian print? Blech.

The suitcases continued to loop around in a never ending circuit, all different shapes and sizes and colours. The longer she stood there, the more suitcases appeared on the conveyor belt, as though every person in the damn world had been travelling on her flight. And right now, they were all preventing her from doing what she really wanted to do.

All Katniss Everdeen wanted as of this moment was to get to her hotel, have a shower and scrub the last 8 hours of sitting next to a drunk guy falling asleep on her shoulder off of her skin. And order a meal and a beer from room service.

She glanced at her watch, noted that she’d been waiting close to 15 minutes already. It probably wasn’t all that long in the grand scheme of things, but she’d already seen a few people arrive after her and saunter off with their Samsonites, iPhones already up to their ears as they reconnected with the world.

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