the colour changed idk


when you have a one night stand with a guy (or think you did) then disappear, only to meet again some time later, and finding out he’s your new boss …


“you have no clue how gorgeous you are, thank god. you’re the moon, my blue lagoon, my favourite tune, everything, everything, everything.”

↳ kyungsoo + blue, requested by @junmyeolks ♡


VIXX ~ Error [141221] SBS Gayo Daejun

AU where alexander actually takes a break and none of the act ii stuff (you know which one i mean) happen :)))))) 

@minky-for-short suggested i draw some fluffy hamliza cuz we dont have enough, so this came out!

Dream Youtuber :D 

I saw this with Jack and Mark from @skeleton-sarielle, so here we go with Jon!
I hope it was okay to use your font ???? :C … if not please write me. I’ll change it when! 

It’s just a random thing without the complete sheet, sorry.
And idk why, but I change his colours like every five seconds, bcs I can’t decide haha

!!! Font is from skeleton-sarielle It’s not mine !!!

Dirk Gently, second attempt :-)


“Please come back to Earth, and report to my elder brother in front of his grave with me. Report to him… that we protected Edo… Cause if you don’t, I’ll never forgive you.”