the colors were weird omg im sorry


1) its so funny that u make my cheeks one of my distinctions haha ( > v < ) i also assumed that you were describing my internet persona so thats what i drew!!

2) omg im so sorry that i made the colors on this one look hella silly,,, i accidentally fucked up some of the colors and i was trying to fix it with the filters bc i did it all on one layer and i didnt wanna go in and fix it manually ( o A o );; ALSO its so weird drawing my old emo self again… w/ the bright red clothes, my jeans, thick black glasses, and signature bandanna HAHA…. #bringbacktheoldTea– but no, srsly, if you are actually referring to when i had bright red hair as my brand, i love you so much bc u stuck around for so long to know that???? it means a lot!! so thank you!! (but, i have changed since then lolol)

3) bwahaha this one was short and to the point, but i had the picture in my head and i couldnt get it out unless i drew it, so congrats

thank you for sending me these asks~! i know i reblog a lot of ask memes, and sometimes i dont answer them, but i love love love reading them. theyre so interesting! so thank you again you guys, y’all are bomb <3

feel free to send me more!!

anonymous asked:

So in your time as a mercenary you must have seen quite a lot of things that were a bit out of the ordinary. What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you?

Oh, there is a lot of things i could tell about. At some point you lose sense of whats weird and what isn’t, but if you’re looking for “out of oridnary” you’re looking for medic.

based on this post by @outofcharactermedic