the colors were amazing in this scene


Stefan Salvatore Everyday Appreciation Because I love this character, okay?

↳ “I’m so sorry. Damon had no right to do this to you. “

                         1x06 - Lost Girls  [Part 1]

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Pre-serum Steve Rogers x reader

Smut : Brown (My muse pins your muse against a tree while hiking)

I’m sorry this took so long to post anon! And also it’s very short. (876 words)

It’s the perfect scene for fluff, but I assumed you were expecting smut -the colors were called “smut starters” after all- 

Enjoy ;) ♥

Steve was the kindest, most amazing guy you had ever met. He was shorter than you and skinny. But you couldn’t care less. His warm blue eyes poured into yours as you talked about your mutual interest in art, nature and books. He was surprised when you said you hadn’t danced either. You explained why as you were tired of brutes. I don’t like bullies he had said. You started dating after that night and you were having the happiest time of your life with him.

You and Steve would often go hiking because you both enjoyed being in the nature and the fresh air helped with Steve’s asthma. In a particularly lovely and sunny day you two were wandering in the nature again. Steve had picked up some beautiful flowers for you and he placed a daisy behind your ear. With flowers in your hands, your eyes squinted because of the sun shining on your face and the loving smile you had, Steve thought he had to sketch you.

As Steve depicted your beautiful features on his sketchbook, you found yourself longing at him. He was rested against a tree. His brows were furrowed in concentration as his baby blue eyes flicked between you and the drawing. His blonde locks had fallen on his forehead. He licked his lips. Oh those plump, pink lips. You loved the way they felt on yours each time you kissed. Your mouth fell agape as you thought about him kissing your neck, down your body. You imagined him making love to you right then and there.

Steve lifted his head to look at you. He frowned a little when he saw you were breathing fast and your cheeks red.

“(Y/N)?” he asked worriedly.

You snapped out of your thoughts and leaned down to kiss him quickly and passionately. He was surprised for a second but he recovered and kissed you back with equal passion. You moved your body forward and placed your hands on the tree that Steve was leaning against, pinning Steve between you and the trunk.

After a while you broke the kiss to let Steve breathe, as you moved to straddle his lap. You took the sketchbook and pen from his hands and placed them on the ground. Steve’s hands went to hold your hips gently as you leaned down for another heated kiss. Steve’s arms circled your waist and yours went to the nape of his neck to tangle in his hair. You rolled your hips and feel his hard on under you. Moaning, Steve pulled away.

“(Y/N)” he said in a warning tone.

You bit your lip and roll your hips once again in response.

“Are you… Are you sure? S-someone might see darling.” He mumbled.

“Steve we’ve never seen anyone walking this far up so far.” You cooed.

You looked at him through your eyelashes and Steve squirmed underneath you. A dark blush had crept up his neck and you felt like your own face was on fire.

Without breaking eye contact, Steve glided his hands down your legs, and then up, taking your skirt up too. He let his hands wander on your skin before he squeezed your ass a little. He brought his left hand on your aching sex and started rubbing through your panties.

You gasped and arched. Steve attached his lips on the sweet spot on your neck as you panted softly.

“Steve” you breathed out as you dealt with his belt buckle. You quickly unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper.

Steve leaned back to let you free his length. You took him in your hand and pumped a few times. You kissed Steve’s jawline while you moved your body forward to line yourself up with him. You stroked his cock on your wetness and moaned when it touched your swollen clit. Steve silenced your moan with a kiss as his hands went to hold your ass again.

You bit your lip and Steve groaned with pleasure as you lowered yourself on him. His thick cock stretched you so well. You didn’t lose time to start moving back and forth. You sat up and sat down, rolling your hips as you rode Steve to pleasure.

Steve pulled your dress neck just enough to free your breast. He caressed, nipped and sucked as your hands tangled in his blonde locks.

He felt he was close so he brought his hand to your clit under your dress and stroked with this thumb. No longer able to contain your moans, you felt your waves of orgasm wash through you, taking Steve with you. You wrapped your arms around Steve as he pumped slowly a few more times, until he was done. You held onto each other for a while as you both came down from your highs.  

After a few moments you detangled yourself from Steve and started fixing your dress as you laughed. Steve laughed along and looked around just to make sure nobody saw. He started laughing too as he realized you just did it, out in the mountains.

You two decided to lay there for a little longer, to watch the sunset together, in each other’s arms with blissful stupid smiles on your faces. ♥

Hooooly cow, the music, colors and everything is working so well together, it’s all making these scenes even better.

I think this show has the greatest music out of all cartoons i’ve watched in the past.




Uh, yeah, but some things are still unclear, why did Lion even come there in the first place, why does he want to protect Steven?

If Steven really keeps him Lion might really come in handy for some missions, he seems to have amazing destruction power.

Lion seems pretty intelligent for an animal, even though sometimes he acts just like a big pink cat.


Below the cut are ### gifs of the AMAZING actor, Charles Michael Davis. He is best known for his role as Marcel Gerard on The Originals. No gifs were created by me, I just wanted to create a collection of small to medium HQ gifs as a friend of mine has recently begun using him as a FC! They are all textless, and if there are any repeats it’s because I left in ones of the same scene, but different size and coloring and what not. If you are the original creator of any of these, and do not wish to have them in this hunt, feel free to message me! I’ll probably add more with time, but for now, enjoy!

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I want to say a lot of things about this episode, but I don’t know if I can! haha my mind is still really full of emotions so it’s hard… 

I just wanted to cry when I watched it, the animation was so good (I loved the scene when the background turned pink and Greg and Pearl started crying and steven was singing “you both love me and I love both of you”) the colors and images were so beautiful! AND THE SONGS!! ALL THE SONGS WERE SO AMAZING everyone in the crew is so talented! There are so many emotions in this… I can’t even explain…

So beautiful…

THANK YOU @stevencrewniverse @rebeccasugar @jeffliujeffliu @ben-levin @ianjq

(Feel free to repost but don’t forget to give credit please)

“I thought it was really cool because Joe [the director of the black-and-white episode] is so passionate about film noir and that genre as well. But what’s really cool is that we were shooting on stages that originally employed Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart and really iconic films like that. So there were spirits among us of epic classic cinema!
[Were there any struggles or differences] Yeah, it was just about really studying movies like The Big Sleep — and not only that, but also understanding the way cinematography was. You know, putting blue filters on the lenses, and the girls in what they were wearing. Had they been wearing that in real, color life it would’ve been jarring, but because of all the monochrome, and Mandi Line designing great textures — it’s just kind of amazing all that goes into one little scene.”


shellyjohnsonasc: Hidalgo. An interesting photo made by Viggo Mortensen. We were shooting a very   rarely photographed “Ghost Dance” by our amazing tribe members who participated in the film. Viggo, a renowned still photographer, had forgotten his camera that day and asked our unit stills photographer, Richard Cartwright, if he might borrow a camera and some color neg film. The unit photographer gave Viggo his Hasselblad panoramic camera… the 15 perf 35mm version. Viggo snaked around the set with the shutter open and he was amazing to watch. His movements were very similar to that of the Native American Ghost Dancers and he captured these incredible handheld abstract time exposures. Absolutely amazing. Fast-forward about 6 months and my phone rings. Viggo is on the other end and invites me to a gallery show featuring some Native American photos, music and poetry that he has authored during the making of “Hidalgo”. When I arrive at the gallery, I see the show is entirely composed of marvelously printed images from the ghost dance… amazingly saturated and 8 feet wide. Stunning! At the show, I run into Richard, who loaned Viggo his camera to shoot these same stills. I ask him; “Did Viggo borrow only one roll of film?” Yes… only a single roll. Well, the show was comprised of 16 photographs that were double wide (15 perfs instead of 7) which meant that the collection represented nearly every photo that Viggo shot that day. 16 of the 18 total exposures from the single film roll. Mind blowing. #hidalgomovie #viggomortensen #joejohnston #setlife

YouTube sensations Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil) were just two awkward guys who shared their lives on the Internet until now. Dan Howell and Phil Lester, avoiders of human contact and direct sunlight, actually went outside. Traveling around the world on tour, they have collected hundreds of exclusive, intimate, and funny photos, as well as revealing and candid side notes, to show the behind-the-scenes story of their adventure.  Fans of Dan and Phil’s #1 New York Times bestseller, The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire, and their more than 10 million YouTube subscribers will love this full-color book featuring never-before-seen photos and stories from Dan and Phil.
—  DAPGOOSE description 

When ever I feel like… Really, really down, I like to look at this gif because it looks like Tadashi is saying “You’re my Hero”(I know that’s not what he’s really saying but, it looks like it huh? ) and that just get’s me every time, because realistically, he’s talking to the Hiro, but he is also talking to us who is watching it along side Hiro.

Disney made this entire scene to show Hiro, and to show us that Tadashi is here. 

‘You’re my Hero’ is what it looks like he’s saying.

And that’s something Tadashi would say to someone who’s not looking up. Who’s not looking at the amazing things the future has in store for them. His expression is one of love, as if he were truly facing Hiro and the audience at the time. The warm colors of this scene, the use of light to entice us to feel warm ourselves. He’s sincere. He means his words and he just wants the best for Hiro, and for the targeted audience.

It may be hard for some of us to connect with people in real life, which is why we opt and connect with those in TV shows, movies, books, etc, and this is one of the rare moments where… They’re connect back and giving you what you need to hear(In a way that’s shown through Tadashi talking to Baymax, and in return, speaking to Hiro and us).

Tadashi knows what Hiro is capable of.

Tadashi knows.

So, whenever you feel down, or feel sad, anxious, etc. Look at this gif. Just. Look at it.

Tadashi is here.


Holy crap guys, check out what this awesome redditor (Jompy_Shmotty) noticed! If this isn’t just random blood for the sake of scenery, this may be our second crime scene already! And if these aren’t placeholder characters, it might already be time to start worrying…

Not only that, but another redditor pointed out that the sun in the top left seems to change based on the events taking place. So far its been orange (Normal) and pink (body discovery/death?). In an early teaser for a murder the colors were green, personally I believe this was just a beta design. Maybe it indicates a character switch? Anyways, Amazing attention to detail! Credit to Reddit User  Shinichameleon for pics and sun info!

Check out the reddit post here

Svolvaer at Dusk, by elinh37

I went out one night, when the light was just amazing, and the moon was full. I drove around, until this scene appeared. The cabins in front are called Rorbus, and are cabins that people can rent and stay overnight, like a hotel. But back in the day, these cabins were used by fishermen to stay in, during the winter months, when the cod-fishing were at its best. But the standard and comfort of these cabins were completely different a hundred years ago.. Behind the Rorbus, you can see the codfish hanging to dry, which in the process will become stockfish.


Okay, but can we mention how visually stunning this episode was?
The colors, shading, lighting, attention to every little detail? All of it.
First off, we can clearly see Dipper’s birthmark on his forehead when his hair is turned up. We didn’t see that once in NMM when he actually wore his hair like that. Every other little detail in this is amazing and spot-on. I love how many little things are thrown into this show in the first place.
The colors of the portal, the movement, and everything floating with anti-gravity (or fallen gravity *RIMSHOT*) were incredibly beautiful. It added a dramatic and fulfilling effect to the whole entire scene. It made it feel entirely real and intense. Debris was flying into the portal as the characters fought to determine the actual rest of the show (at least for a while), and everything happened so fast and wildly.
The Author emerging from the portal and everything stopping as the portal opened was gorgeous. The audience gets sucked into the show with this feeling of shock that is hard to describe.
May I mention that every screenshot I’ve collected and everything I’ve talked about took place in about 5 minutes of just one episode.

Let’s just appreciate the fact that this show is not just beautiful plot-wise, but that the animators will even dare to draw a single frame of this visual masterpiece.

was it just me or was everything about this movie just absolutely gorgeous

i mean, just the colors and the lighting, man…

Jupiter Ascending was the most fun I’ve had in a movie in AGES.

It was like this fucking glam space opera!! The special effects were great, the cast was amazingly diverse— people of different colors and genders and aliens and androids— the music gave me chills in certain parts.

Mila Kunis was a great lead (when was the last time you saw a WOC main character in a movie??). She got rescued kind of a lot, but she gets the most amazing moment in the end where she beats the shit out of the main villain with a metal pipe A++

I can safely say they played to Channing Tatum’s strengths, namely badass action scenes and looking pretty in eyeliner.

10/10 would recommend.

I don’t see how Home was getting any bad reviews, really. It was so hilarious and adorable. There were scenes were everyone was laughing and I heard a few kids clapping at the end of it. Besides, even if the movie wasn’t as good as it was, I think that everything that they did with Tip should get noticed. There were multiple scenes where you can see her hair moving around or being moved and the way they animate her curls is just so amazing. Plus, when her mom is describing her, she calls her skin beautiful, and that is such an important thing for people to hear about colored skin. There are probably a bunch of little girls who are going to hear that and know that they are beautiful, even if they aren’t told that that often. This movie really deserves some good reviews for that at least.

Like sometimes its so mindblowing to think of how many people have to work on something to make it so amazing. 

Like how many people have to work on a scene in a movie like HTTYD from start to finish, how many elements are at play, and how they come together to make something amazing.  How many hours of work were put in, and attention to detail, and thought and care, by so many individuals. 

Its damn inspiring and honestly mind blowing. 

Like I could sit and praise so many different jobs separately.

Toothless’s textures are amazing. His skin changes in different parts of his body, he has scars, some of which we know the reason for. His EYES. The layers and color.  

His design, its expressive and readable and so lethal and badass. His silhouette while flying mimics a bird.  His roundness and low to the ground posture. It has so much movement to it, such gorgeous proportions.  

That are then animated so. Ridiculously. Well.  His body language, how much like an animal he behaves. How in the first minute of Forbidden Friendship, we’re introduced to what he looks like when hes calm, cautious, aggressive, etc.  How little details like him sniffing Valkas hand make him seem like a real animal with real animal thoughts.

The sounds he makes are terrifying and sometimes calming and beautiful. 


*screams about toothless forever*