the colors were amazing in this scene

Thor: Ragnarok

welcome to another movie masterpost by me, and holy SHIT where do i begin. Let it be known that Loki has me fucking WHIPPED and Tom Hiddleston is a terrific actor

  • when he kept turning in the opening scene 
  • when he drops Mjölnir into that fire things’ mouth (i feel like that technique should’ve been used more often)
  • the music???? amazing
    • im really glad marvel is sorta going back to old classic rock songs and bright colors for their movies like it’s really great
  • Matthew fucking Damon???? Luke fucking Hemsworth???? amazing
  • I love how Thor just fuckin yeets his hammer to prove it’s Loki like how Extra
  • “You had one job. Just the one!”
  • their outfits when they get to earth are amazing those were some Looks™ 
  • “I’m not a witch.”   “Oh, really? Then why did you dress like one?”
  • I love Stephen Strange with all my heart
  • the way he fell out of the portal
  • the way Loki looks at Odin when he says “my sons” and “i love you” like  f u c k  i am capital d Dying
  • when they change their outfits 
  • Hela is amazing 
    • her outfit was dope
    • but get her out of those lil heels i still see that (i’m just salty about superwomen having heels)
  • the way she just fuckin shatters Mjölnir with so little effort 
  • “I’m just a janitor”
  • the way Hela like fell/flipped into the tomb thing was so dope
  • Fenris is a lorge boy but a good boy nontheless 
  • those arm gun things that Valkyrie had were pretty cool
  • Jeff Goldblum is an amazing actor and the Grandmaster is such a cool character
  • “Trash.”    “Were you just waiting to call her that? That doesn’t even start with a B.”
    • pretty much every interaction btw the Grandmaster and Topaz was hilarious
  • how excited Thor was when he saw Loki in the grandmaster’s place
  • “I pardon you….from life.”
  • That little shimmy the grandmaster does when he’s eyeballing Loki
  • i know i overexaggerate everything that i say both in real life and on this site but literally everything that came out of Korg’s mouth made me laugh my fucking ass off including:
    • “Oh yeah, it’s like a circle…but like, a freaky circle.”
    • “Piss off, ghost!”
    • “Hey man.”
    • “Oh my god, the hammer pulled you off?”
    • “Guys can we please clean the weapons off after your fight?”
  • i found out that the movie did like a Make-a-Wish thing and this kid was chillin with Chris Hemsworth and was like “Yeah it’d be funny if when you saw Hulk you were like ‘he’s a friend from work’” and Chris was like damn good idea bro and just went with it
  • Heimdall is a badass and him fighting was crazy cool to watch
  • I love Valkyrie’s relationship with Hulk 
  • when Thor throws the ball thing at the window and it comes back and hits him, then he jumps up and does that little punch
  • the Loki/Valkyrie fight scene
  • the flashback to when Hela and the valkyries fought was so fucking awesome i got chills when they all came riding in
  • “Welcome, strongest Avenger.”    “hh, what?”
  • i really love @markruffalo and his acting so im gonna tag him in it so he can maybe see this and know that i love him
  • “the sun is going down, it’s getting low, the sun is low,”
  • “Tony wears his pants so…tight.”
  • the way Loki says “surpriiise.”
  • the whole story where Loki turns into a snake to scare and then stab Thor was so fucking funny
    • i also found out that there were so many iterations of that story like im pretty sure Chris Hemsworth changed it every time he did that scene
    • im also like 60% sure that Tom Hiddlestone’s laugh in that scene was real and they just left it in
  • man just that whole elevator scene, like Loki just really loves his bro (also great acting on Chris and Tom’s part)
  • “We’re not doing get help.”     …     “Get help!”
    • alternatively: this bitch empty YEET
  • the biggest sigh left my body when Loki tried to turn Thor in like binch,,,,give it a rest just be kind to ur bro
  • the way Bruce fell out of the ship
  • that absolute power walk by Valkyrie oh my god 
  • as soon as Thor landed on the bridge with his lightning powers i nutted
  • Loki fighting will always be fucking A1 spectacular like wow
  • there’s a meme somewhere on tumblr that’s like “me when i see Loki looking at the Tesseract” and then its that pic of Michael Scott with the “[softly]: don’t” caption and bitch if that ain’t me
  • i was robbed of that hug scene:
    • Thor: “If you were here i might actually hug you.” 
    • Loki: *catches the thing*
    • Loki: “I’m here.”
    • Me: “HUG HIM
  • Thor’s dorky little wave to the Asgardians at the end

wow that was really long but i just rly like this movie and will probably see it 8 more times

The fall colors are showing at Blue Lake in North Cascades National Park in Washington. Photographer Albert Yang described the scene he captured: “The lake was so still I almost felt like I had to hold my breath to embrace it. I was searching for fall colors and these larch trees were just gorgeous. It was my first time exploring this area and I know I will return many, many times in the future.” Photo courtesy of Albert Yang.


If Ben & Sophie did a romantic movie together

autisticvelociraptor  asked:

Tumblr mom, what do you think of Harry Potter? One of my old teachers absolutely insists that I read them, and I tried but ended up highlighting every instance of the word "said" in the first half of the first book instead. The whole thing feels poorly written and I don't know how to reconcile that with the sheer number of people who love the series so much. I'm sure the storyline is fine, but the bland writing is so distracting.

For me, personally, Rowling’s writing has not held up well. 

It was great when I was ten and twelve and suddenly reading about magic was cool and not liable to get me shoved into a locker as often, but even by the time the final book came out right before I hit my twenties, it felt…bland isn’t the right word, but rather, meandering. 

The repetition of “said” wasn’t quite such a bad thing (as an editor, I’d rather you used “said” than completely fucked up your narrative dialogue by writing like you’re being bludgeoned to death with a thesaurus at your desk) but I was spotting things that could have been said in four paragraphs with some cleverly inserted narrative exposition, that were being said in entire books chapters that I honestly sort of skimmed through because I felt like I was reading an accompanying anthology companion, rather than the final installment to a book series I had been reading for well over a decade at that point.

A while ago I tried to go back and reread the series, and unlike other favorite childhood authors I had enjoyed, such as Tamora Pierce, it did not hold up well. 

I’ll be in my 50s and 60s still returning to the Tortall and Circle series every summer, but I doubt I’ll make the effort to reread Harry Potter again. Which is a shame because they were a rather large part of my formative years, both with school friends and in online fandom. I still like the idea of the universe and I live for a lot of the really amazing things other people have done with the HP universe, but I have little desire to read anymore of Rowling’s work, personally.

I tried to read her “adult” novel The Casual Vacancy, and while it had really vivid moments, they were just that, moments—like frozen scenes of color in an otherwise muted world I could not get invested in. She also has a habit of over simplifying things to a degree I find irritating. There’s no real nuance to anything, and even when she tries at subtlety it’s a bit like performing a lobotomy with your kitchen silverware—all spoon and very little delicacy.

I may have perhaps been spoiled to her work by being handed Terry Pratchett novels roughly at around the same age, devouring what was then the entire series in the span of one summer like a mad thing possessed and I’ve been reading and rereading those books for the better part of 20 years now, and I’m still finding things I never noticed before. It’s hard to go back to Rowling after something like that. It’s a very simplistic form of writing—which is no bad thing! children need simple stories that tell them the world is not always what it seems and dark and terrible things can and will happen, but so long as there are good people, the darkness can be defeated. Children, and yes even us adults need that reassurance. 

I just happen to think there are better authors out there who are able to reach much deeper emotional depths, with a far greater level of subtlety and skill—some of them are even writers in the Harry Potter fandom, who honestly connect and resonate with me in ways the canon never did. And that’s also sort of the thing to keep in mind with how popular the HP fandom is. The internet was a thing long before Harry Potter first came out, but it was becoming widely available in individual homes around about that time through cheaper dial up and the eventual mainstreaming of broadband. Suddenly fandom spaces were that much easier to be a part of online, and with that came a surge in fan created content (and lawsuits!) and certain popular fandoms positively thrived as a result. I can’t help but feel if HP had come out in the late 80s, it wouldn’t have quite so much the online presence it has now.

So no, it doesn’t surprise me that as a slightly older reader than I was back in 1997, the books don’t quite catch you the way they do younger children. But then I also feel the same way about Tolkein. Dear God I never want to have to read anything written by him again. Love the concept, love the world and the moments of pure shining brilliance and hope it has given me—and the fandom it allowed me to be a part of—but I’ll take Diana Wynne Jones over Tolkein any day, and be far more entertained in the process. 

Actually, that’s not a bad idea. Try Jones, or heck, try Pierce. We might not have the same massive online presence, but we’re devoted, and with good reason :)

Just saw Baby Driver

Wow! I loved that movie so much. I wanted to go right back in as soon as it was over with. Since I JUST got out, here are a few jumbled thoughts that I have about it. SPOILERS warnings apply:
•Jon Bernthal was hardly in it at all. I thought he was gonna be in it and be a villain, but nope. Showed up once and you never see him again. For the short time he was on screen, he was good.
•Ansel Elgort was AMAZING!!! He is going to be my generation’s leading man. Seriously, this dude’s got a bright future ahead of him. He was charismatic, charming, and adorable, but you bought it when he was being a bad ass.
•I LOVED the character of Baby. Oh my god. Just everything. The fact that he loves music. The fact that he knows sign language because his foster father is deaf. The fact that he’d been driving since he was “tall enough to see over the dashboard.” Possibly the most likable protagonist I’ve seen in years.
•Kevin Spacey Yo! You can’t go wrong with Kevin Spacey.
•Jamie Foxx (Bats) freaking surprised me in this movie! I knew he was a damn good actor, but I’ve never seen Jamie Foxx be intimidating and scary (His role in Spider-Man was neither). He was fantastic in this movie. I bought that he was this scary criminal who wasn’t just intimidating because he would shoot someone in the face for no reason. Bats was like a frigging Sherlock! Deducing his partners and talking about their weaknesses. Dude was crazy!
•Lily James as Deborah was really good. Her accent kept changing and that threw me a little. But she was adorable and she had great chemistry with Baby. I totally bought their relationship, although I did get some Romeo and Juliet vibes. They only knew each other for a few days and he claimed that he loved her. That was the only part that really took me out of the movie. But I could buy it.
•Buddy and Darling could have been really annoying. But Jon Hamm and Eiza González’s chemistry really grabbed me and I loved their characters separate and especially together. Buddy actually turned out to be my favorite character because I legitimately could not have called where they took his character and I like it when movies surprise me. On top of that, Jon Hamm was so sexy in this movie, oh my god. I found it hard to concentrate when he was on screen because of how god damn good looking Buddy was. I have a villain complex to begin with, but making Jon Hamm a bad guy… *drools* I won’t say anymore.
•The stunts were amazing but what made the action scenes INCREDIBLE was how Edgar Wright synced the scenes with the music. The gun shots and crashes and shifting gears were all synced to whatever music Baby was listening to and it was awesome. Along with the random high pitches throughout the movie to remind us that Baby had tinnitus, the audio in this movie really helped the audience see and hear the world as Baby did.

In short, go see Baby Driver. It was such a unique movie with amazing, well developed, colorful characters, a banging soundtrack, AMAZING stunt work, and a satisfying ending. I promise this movie is not overhyped. It’s so good.

Guys….guys i…..I have literal tears of joy in my eyes right now and it’s all thanks to @rutbisbe

I asked if Rut could make a cover photo for Concerto, because this is the first fic I’ve written that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with (and I admit I was surprised that you guys love it too!) And I love Rut’s art.

And my expectations were FAR exceeded.

I just…i just can’t thank you enough. Everything about this is absolute perfection and I could not be happier right now. For those of you who have read Concerto, you may recognize this scene as the dancing scene to Elvis. For me, it’s one of the standout moments that really stuck with me, even all these months later.

Thank you so much again Rut! I absolutely love you!!!!!❤❤❤❤


Claud Weaver! I don’t know what he does other than that he falls apart very easily. 

He might have a twin brother but who knows.


Stefan Salvatore Everyday Appreciation Because I love this character, okay?

↳ “I’m so sorry. Damon had no right to do this to you. “

                         1x06 - Lost Girls  [Part 1]

Best Buddies (And More)


Request by @sebatianstanisbae : PLLEEEAASSEE Sebastian x reader where they r best friend and they r in a new movie together and they always hang out and r flirty on shows and just have fun together and then he realizes he loves her and he goes to tell her and then they start dating and everyone loves them together please I love you so much💘

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan are best friends, you two are the main characters in a new movie. Seb realizes he loves you. What will he do about it?

A/N: Thank you so much for the request, dear! I have a blast writing it :3 I hope you enjoy it. Tell me if you don’t and I’ll write an entirely new one just for you. Lots of love for ya 💘💘

Words: 2102.

Warnings: shameless FLUFF. Poker is mentioned but I’m not sure it counts.


It was your first day on set. Nervous didn’t even begin to describe the turmoil in your stomach as you looked at all the people you had never met.

You found the director and walked over to him. He smiled when he saw you. “[Y/]! I’m so glad you’re here!”

You smiled as he embraced you, being the warm and inviting person he usually was. “I’m glad you wanted me to be here.”

He laughed. “You’re perfect for the part, dear. No need to be nervous.”

You knew you were a good actress - great actually -, but the first day on set always brought a sense of fear to you.

“About your co-star,” he began, “I believe you’ve met him before.”

That made you arch your eyebrows. “Really?”

He nodded, smiling and throwing his hands up in self-defense. “At least that’s what he said when I asked!”

You were curious about who that mysterious guy was. You could only hope he was nice, you had a lot of scenes with him.

“And who would that be?”

“He asked not to say. He’ll arrive soon and you’ll figure it out by yourself,” he said and winked, walking away and leaving you be.

Your manager had the same instructions: not to say who your co-star was. All the team had the same instructions and that helped in absolutely nothing with your nervousness. You decided to sit in one of the chairs and read the script, trying to imagine the scenes in your head and what you could do to interpret them the best you could.

“Going crazy yet?”

You raised your head to look at the source of the voice.


The script fell to the ground as you stood up and jumped to hug your best friend. His arms circled your frame as tight as yours did to his neck.

“Hey, [Y/n],” you could hear the smile in his voice.

“What are you doing here?” you asked, pulling away from him.

“I have to be on set for the shooting, now don’t I?”

That caught you by surprise. “I guess you do. Who are you playing?”

“Honey, I’m the guy you have to be with 90% of the time.”

That definitely made your eyes bulge. “What?” you slapped his shoulder and he laughed when you withdrew your hand with a pained expression. Damn muscles. “Why didn’t you tell me? What kind of friend do you think you are?”

Sebastian laughed again and sat on the chair you previously were.

“I wanted to surprise you and I know I’m your best friend.”


You had been filming for a month and the team was very caring and funny. They kept saying how you and Sebastian were cute together. Being best friends with Sebastian Stan meant that you had to put up with his dorkiness and the flirty way he joked around you constantly. As you acted the same, the team started suspecting.

Some of them, after a couple of weeks, had even asked if you were dating, claiming that you didn’t have to hide when you were in set. You thanked that you were in the dress room without Sebastian, so he couldn’t see you blushing from head to toe.

The director walked up to you and Sebastian after shooting a scene. You quit your laugh (from Sebastian’s joke) when you saw the seriousness in the director’s face.

“Okay, so the thing is… We’ve decided to change the script a bit.”

“What exactly?” Sebastian asked.

“We want romance. But before changing the entire plot, we wanted to check with the two of you,” he motioned for you and Sebastian, “If you had any problem kissing?”

You looked at your best friend as he looked at you, silently asking if you were okay with it. You nodded and then the two of you answered at the same time.

“No problem.”

The director smiled brightly.

“Then you’re free for the day. We have a bunch of writing to do.”

You did leave, but you and Sebastian did it together and decided to watch movies in his hotel bedroom, something you always did when shooting ended earlier. Or later. It was something that happened constantly, that was for sure.


“Now I can finally prove that you’re not a good kisser,” you said once you met Sebastian on set, your hair and makeup ready. Sebastian had a dark blue suit on which brought out his eyes, ready for the ‘go’ of the director.

“Let’s see if you’ll say that after I kiss your lips like a pro, [Y/L/n],” Sebastian smirked.

“Only in your dreams.”


Sebastian finished his lines and looked at you. His eyebrows furrowed and his hands on his hips, he was the vision of frustration that his character had to have at that moment.  The camera came closer to you, focusing on your face for a moment before turning toward Sebastian again. Sebastian’s right hand came to the side of your neck as the other came to your waist. He leaned down and fit his plump lips to yours, his tongue already darting to caress your lower lip.

Your hands moved to his hair and gripped at short strands, making him moan in your mouth. His hands were warm and roaming your sides, squeezing you in the most delicate of ways.

He pulled back and focused on your eyes, his own orbs a color so unique that had you engrossed. You forgot you were shooting when he kissed you again, even if that wasn’t on the script for him to do that.

The director screamed “Cut!” but it fell on deaf ears. He tried again and it was only on the third that you and Sebastian finally came to your senses and scrambled to get apart.

The entire team came to congratulate you for amazing scene. “So real” they’ say.

When there was only you and Sebastian, you turned to him.

“I expected more.”

“You keep telling yourself that.”

You were going to have to, because the truth was that it had been perfect.

Sebastian on the other hand, had a lot of thinking to do.  He realized that night that it’s only a friendly love he had towards you. No. He loved you. But he would only tell you in the right moment.


You two sat lazily on the couch, eating s’mores and watching a new series you had started together when Sebastian asked.

“[Y/n], would you go out with me?”

“Sure. Where?”

It wasn’t new for you or him to ask something like that. You had quite a bit of flirting in the friendship, which lead people to think you were dating.

But this time wasn’t supposed to be a friendly thing.

“I mean like a date.”

You looked at him, curious. “A date? You and me?”

Sebastian nodded, a shy smile on his lips as his gaze focused on you. “Yes.”

You grinned. “Sure. Where?”


You two went to a restaurant that night. Sebastian wore a black suit, his muscles carefully defined by the tailored material.  

He pulled out the chair for you and ordered the drink you chose.

Conversation was the same as always, jokes and laughter being a constant thing, but there was more touching. His warm palm would rest on your lower back whenever you were walking, he would kiss your knuckles very chance he got. When seated, Sebastian started by touching your foot with his lightly. Then, brushing your knee with his own. After you responded by brushing his knee with yours, he decided to let loose. Sebastian would rest his arm on the back of your chair, run his fingers on your shoulder or thighs, and brush his hand on yours.

The food was amazing and desert was your favorite. You made him split the bill with you and he knew better than to argue (too much). By the end of the night, he brought you to your hotel room and kissed you chastely on the lips.

You went to bed with a smile on your lips.


The next time you went out alone during shootings, Chris and Mackie were there too. They were in town, shooting some extra scenes for other movies where they just appear for a minute or two and invited you and Sebastian for a lunch.

Sebastian drove to the place and opened the door for you, holding your hand and intertwining your fingers with his on the way to the restaurant. You pecked his cheek with a quick kiss.

“They’ll be happy for us,” you told him.

He sighed and smiled at you. “I know.”

Chris and Anthony screamed “Finally!” and “About freaking time!” once they saw your clasped hands. They were truly happy about you and Sebastian.

When they were leaving, you heard Chris and Anthony discussing who would be the Best Man when you got married. They decided that one of them would be the Maid of Honor, just didn’t decide who.


“Goodnight, everyone!” The presenter greeted, a huge smile on his face as he faced the people sitting in front of him, the couch by his side bare still. The people clapped and shouted fervently. “I can hear you are excited and I believe I know why. It’s because of our guests tonight. But as the folks who are at home don’t know who they are, let’s tell them. Tonight, we have [Y/n] [Y/L/n] and Sebastian Stan!”

You appeared on the stage by the doors Sebastian opened for you. He helped you down the stairs because you were on high heels. You sat nearest to the presenter and Sebastian by your side, you both smiling excitedly.

“Hello, everyone,” you said.

“Hi!” Seb smiled big and unbuttoned his suit, revealing the shirt underneath it.

“So, new movie coming up,” the presenter said, “Tell me about it.”

“It’s called ‘Hands Up’ and it’s a thriller,” you answered.

“It’s about a woman who meets a guy and together they have to find the murderer of the city. A lot of action and fighting sequences, I believe people will enjoy it.”

“Oooh, I do love fighting sequences. Guns and explosions?”

“And knives,” you smirked, remembering your character’s favorite weapon.

The presenter squealed, “I believe you can’t me about that smile on your face?”

You laughed, “Sorry, nope.”

“I’m curious for the movie!” He revealed. “Now, let’s talk about another smile, shall we?”

“What smile?” Seb asked, draping his arm on the back of the couch behind you.

Those smiles.” It was his time to smirk as a photo of you and Sebastian laughed, walking together on the street. You remembered that day. You and Seb had a free day during the shootings and decided to go out to have lunch. It was cold, regardless of your coat and boots, so Sebastian had his arms around you to keep you warm until you got to the hotel. You ended up ordering food service for dinner and falling asleep on your bed, after playing poker and dancing clumsily  to 40s music. Sebastian had promised to teach you, since he played Bucky Barnes and learned to dance, but it was harder than you had expected.  

“It was a good day,” Seb commented.

“It sure looks like it,” the presenter nodded then turned to the crowed. “And there’s no filter on this one, guys. They are that photogenic.”

The snow covered the majority of the photo, saved by the sunset lights on the sky and you and Sebastian looking cozy with huge coats, boots and gloves, hands around each other.

It was a great picture.

“Can I have that?” You asked.

“Sure,” the presenter beamed. “Perhaps for a black frame on the coffee table or up the fireplace when you guys get married?”

You blushed deeply.

“It would already have happened but won’t say ‘yes’ when I pop the question.”

Oh that’s how it is, Sebastian?

“It would already have happened, but Sebastian decided to wait a few years to ask me out,” you snickered and the crowd laughed.

“I did take a bit more than expected,” Seb admitted. “But now I have you and I wouldn’t change it for nothing.”

“Now, if Sebastian were to pop the question, how would you like it, [Y/n]?” the presenter asked, resuming the show.

“I’d like it to be a surprise.”

Sebastian looked at you, his lips stretched on a grin. “I’ll keep that in mind.”


That night, Sebastian whispered “I love you” into your ear before sleeping with his arms around you and your head on his chest.

“I love you too.”


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Do it Right

Imagine fall in love with your work affair, that happens to be Jerome Valeska

Coffee and metal were the fragrances of that house. I felt the urgency to get up from the bed when I heard the footsteps coming from the bathroom. That young but already feared ginger man entered the room and held my pulse to keep me quiet, so he could kiss me a good morning.
It was fine last week, last month, last year, but now, when his cold lips found mine in a gentle kiss, the old butterflies was all over my stomach again. I did not let him touch me more than this and made my way to the kitchen.
I sat in the kitchen sink and waited for the coffee pass. My mind was full of Jerome’s weird behavior last night when he called me, not a drop of alcohol in his blood. I hugged myself and looked around. The times I was inside that apartment everything was blurred, the light always turned off. But this morning I could see how organized it was. Almost maniacally neat.
I heard a high whistle coming from the door and saw Jerome watching me, his face amused. I was, somehow, without words, his smile growing even more.

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The Contest-Part 7

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Cliff, Emily (OC) other Supernatural cast and crew

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing about Jared and Jensen and the show.  Please be gentle as I am a delicate flower LOL.  For the purposes of this story, Jared and Misha are both divorced.  No hate please! I’m sure Gen and Vicki are lovely!

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

I felt Jared tense beside me.  For a brief second, I didn’t know what to say or do. When I looked over at Jared, he was opening his mouth to say something, so I kicked him in the shin.  He snapped his mouth closed immediately.

I looked at the interviewer and laughed.  “I WISH we were an item!  I mean, LOOK at him!  I’m flattered that people are gossiping about us already. It’s good buzz for the show.  I must be better at this whole acting thing than I thought.” I winked at Jared and he gave me a big smile. 

The show’s publicist rescued us and said we were needed in wardrobe so we had to go.  We both jumped out of the chairs so fast Jared actually knocked his over. We got out of there as quickly as we could.  I could hear the publicist chewing the girl out for asking me such an inappropriate question.

Jared turned to me as we were walking.  “You are amazing, you know that? You handled that like a pro. She totally blindsided you.  Your answer was perfect.”

“I just told her the truth.”  I said, and I ducked into wardrobe before Jared could say anything.

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Feysand Fan Fic for ACOWAR Exchange

Hi Shannon! I got your prompt and I wrote a fan fic for a Modern AU with Feysand – I included a coffee shop and Feyre’s career as an artist like you asked for. This is my first attempt at writing fan fic and I tried my best! So please take it easy on me. I’m not an artist, but I used google and looked up some things and went with it. I really hope you like it @inkedstarlight ! And thank you @squaddreamcourt for creating ACOWAR Exchange! It was a great way to get people to participate and possibly step out of their comfort zone.

Two Weeks before the Art Showcase:

I sat at a little table for two while I waited for my coffee to be ready. I kept my eyes on my lap, where the splattered paint stains seemed to give my favorite pair of sweats a vibrant life of its own. I wasn’t a fan of crowded rooms, but my desperate need for caffeine after a late night of painting had made me brave a long line. This was my favorite little coffee shop, it was decorated with light pastel colors and neat little nick-knacks and books scattered around. It was cluttered and cozy – and usually empty. I always tried to avoid the morning rush, but with my art showcase in two weeks I was overwhelmed and in need of my coffee fix. I went to run my fingers through my hair – only to be thwarted by my messy bun – and tried to refocus on what I wanted my next painting to be about. There was a feeling that I had been trying to grasp at for a while, but I just couldn’t quite pin it down.

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Magnetic Chapter 7: Hunting Together

Dean Winchester

1200 Words

Chapter Summary: After a drive that went surprisingly well, you and Dean get ready to start up the hunt. 

Story Summary:  After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

Catch Up Here: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Author’s Notes: As always, thank you so much for checking out my story!! I’m always interested in hearing comments and suggestions.

The rest of the road trip went by smoothly, with only a couple of colorful comments exchanged between you and Dean. Even you were surprised at how smoothly it went. How you and Dean ended up singing along to most of the songs on his cassette’s, and how surprised Sam seemed to be when the two of you hadn’t killed each other by the time you were pulling in to the small town in Colorado.

When you weren’t singing along with Dean, you enjoyed the scenery outside your window. Only driving through the state a handful of times, you had always thought it could be a place to settle down in. This town was located high in the mountains,  big pine trees crowding the side of the road, blocking your view of anything else. Aspen trees interspersed with the pine trees were beginning to turn a brilliant shade of yellow, with the oak brush below  turning a vibrant shade of red. Feeling the air grow cooler outside, you were grateful you had packed your heavier wear. Old, one story clapboard houses lined the streets, and if you blinked you would have missed main street, with his handful of small, colorful buildings. “This is a college town?” You asked, amazed that this small and quaint town could support college life.

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Happy Birthday @nnaruto!

anonymous asked:

thank you for being who you are bc seeing you do you makes me a lot more confident in myself. it makes be believe i have a space in all of the stuff that surrounds video games too. you really inspire me tj - a cute nervous black boy who really needed someone to look up to

now see this nearly makes me tear up cause this has been my goal all along. When I first started getting into the games scene, there were so many scenarios where I was the only person of color in a room, on a panel, or on a team, and it just felt so unfortunate that I didn’t see myself in anyone and didn’t have many people in the industry to look up to, so I set out with the goal to make the industry seem more inviting for any black boys or girls who wanted to get into game dev. So thank you, cute nervous black boy, it is unbelievably amazing to know that I’m getting somewhere with my efforts. I can’t wait to see what you make! 

Justice League: some thoughts

*sighs* lets just get this over with.

The good:

- Diana is as badass as always. My jaw dropped at her introduction fight sequence. It was AMAZING.

- Barry was a good source of comic relief, but that’s about it.

- Cyborg’s character development was just 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💯💯💯

- the chemistry of the teammates were very convincing.

- the fights scenes, the color, the visuals, all of them were just simply beautiful.

- Superman’s revival was AMAZING, albeit very rushed.

- Bruce’s development as a character was also very striking.


And now, the bad. Oh god, the bad.

- The pacing was fucking TERRIBLE. This is NOT the kind of story you would pack into a two hour film. I doubt two and a half hours would even barely do it justice. But NOOOO. WB just HAD to cut it to LESS THAN TWO HOURS. MAKING THE PACING FUCKING UNWATCHABLE. This scene doesn’t lead to that scene, but wait, where did that scene come from? And also, why are you suddenly here? And why does that thing suddenly lead to that thing? Those are questions I asked myself throughout the whole damn film. I kept trying to tell myself, “oh, SURELY it would get better towards the end, right?” NO. IT DOESNT. AT ALL.

- and because of those cuts, a lot of the character development was also cut out, too. We barely have enough information about each character as an individual before they were smashed together as a team. There’s a fine line between leaving the audience wanting for more and making the audience clueless about their character, and this movie not only stepped over that line, it fucking soared over it like a dozen Boeing jets. All of the characters were just smushed into being a general character trait (especially for non-dc fans), like the broody computer dude, the fast comic relief, the beautiful warrior goddess and the alcoholic fish man.

- I knew it would be a problem to involve two directors in a huge film like this, and it fucking shows, man. Some scenes are distinctly Zack Snyder, and some scenes are distinctly Joss Whedon. And lo and behold, the styles of these two directors doesn’t fit. At all. It’s like trying to hammer a square block into a round hole. Sure, you might get it in somehow, but both the square block and the round hole are going to be severely damaged. The best of Zack Snyder doesn’t show, and the best of Joss Whedon doesn’t as well. The quips and shit from Joss Whedon severely clashes with the tone and story Zack is tying to set up, and it just takes you out of the moment in an instant.

- Steppenwolf. Fucking. SUCKED. As a villain. I get it. You’re trying to make the heroes step into the spotlight. I totally get that. Steppenwolf can take a backseat. But can you at least put SOME effort into making him a convincing villain. All he did was smash his hammer into some floors. That was it.

- have you ever heard of the term “uncanny valley”? Good. Did you know that the term was invented specifically to describe Superman’s upper lip? The stories about CGI-ing Henry Cavill’s moustache off from the movie may seem hilarious when reading about it, but when you actually see the result, it’s just terribly, terribly sad. I forced myself to look at Henry’s chest for half of the film just to spare myself from the secondhand embarrassment. Cyborg’s CGI was also a problem, but it can’t be helped, considering he’s a walking computer robot man. But when you think about how the moustache problem can be solved by just a razor and some shaving cream, you can’t help but to be filled with uncontrollable petty rage.

- the music doesn’t fit the movie. Danny Elfman can go shove his one and only batman theme up his pompous arse. At least it fits there.

- Batwonder. Apparently it’s a thing now, and it’s honestly close to being as forced as Brutasha.


- Superman’s revival shouldn’t be occurring at the time that it occurred into the movie. It interrupted the already disastrous flow of the movie, and his revival was covered only for like what, five minutes? Then it’s on to the next thing. Plus, the impacts of his revival on society itself wasn’t shown, which was an incredible waste of potential, and ultimately reduced the impact of his revival by a LOT.

Ultimately, Justice League was just a messy, poorly-put-together film that has a story with a lot of wasted potential. I still have a lot of things left unsaid about the film, but they’re honestly very petty issues that I personally found horrible, so I’m not gonna include them here. All in all, Justice League was the ultimate proof that I will never be able to agree with movie critics ever