the colors turned out so intense

Always Beautiful

A/N: This is a Spencer x Reader request where Spencer watches the reader’s makeup routine. @coveofmemories


Pretty much every day of the week started with you getting up slightly earlier than Spencer so you could apply your makeup for the day; it was fairly simple, just concealer under the eyes and on any blemishes you had, a light shade of lipstick, usually pink or nude in color, and a bit of corresponding eye shadow, but one day of the week, usually a weekend, you’d get more in depth. On Sunday mornings, you’d get up earlier than Spencer so he wouldn’t see the face mask you used - it was pretty intense and kind of gross-looking. You wanted to keep some kind of mystery in your relationship, so you thought it best to keep him from seeing that.

As your alarm rang under your pillow, you got up, turning it off before walking into the bathroom and showering. After you got out, you wrapped a towel around yourself and started applying the volcanic face mask you’d become addicted to. You swore by the Boscia aluminizing black mask from Sephora - with one application, your pores were minimized, oil was practically non-existent and your face had a brighter glow.

It was thick and made your face feel ten times its weight, but it worked amazingly well as long as you kept it on for 30 minutes or until it was completely dry - usually between 20 and 25 minutes for you. 

You couldn’t do anything until the mask dried, so you pulled out the book you were reading and set a timer. It was nearly fifteen minutes later that you heard footsteps from down the hall. “Morning babe,” Spencer said, turning into the bathroom to see you covered in a mask. “Is that what you do every Sunday morning?”

“Uh-huh,” you replied, feeling the mask tighten as it worked its wonders. You attempted to turn away, not wanting him to see you like that.

“Are you embarrassed?” he asked surprised. 

You admitted it. “A little. I know I shouldn’t be.”

“No, you shouldn’t,” he laughed. “I think you look beautiful no matter what you wear…or don’t,” he smirked. “Can I watch the morning routine?” He came into the bathroom to sit down on the bathtub wall.

“I guess,” you said, pulling out the makeup you were going to use for the FBI formal tonight, “if you want to.”

“I’d like to see how you go from being already beautiful to differently beautiful,” he said smiling.

You blushed, pulling out a red lipstick and eyeshadow for your patented smoky eye. “You don’t think I look better with makeup?”

“Not at all,” he said, not missing a beat, “Just different, but just as beautiful.”

You felt at the mask to feel that it was dry, so you started to peel it off gently from the top of your head down to your chin.

“That’s the you I think is beautiful,” he said softly, your face completely bare of any makeup. “You don’t need anything else.” 

“Well,” you started, giving him a quick kiss, “Now you can see what goes into making me look like I do for a big party.” First, you picked up the concealer, dabbing it onto a small zit you had at the bottom of your chin. Thankfully, no other zits were to be found, so you wiped the concealer under your eyes. “This is to get rid of the bags under my eyes,” you laughed, using your finger to blend the light mixture into your skin. “I have permanent bags.”

“They’re a sign that you work your ass off,” he said, leaning over to look into the mirror with you, “so I find those beautiful too.” Then he sat down, but not before kissing the top of your head.

Gently, you smiled at him, wondering what you’d done to have the best boyfriend in the world. With the foundation done, you picked up the “Ruby Woo” color of MAC Shadescents that you’d found recently; it was the perfect shade of red for you. It was very matte, so it went well with the shinier eyeshadow you planned on doing. As Spencer looked on, genuinely curious as to how you did your makeup, you traced the outside of your lips with the tip of the lipstick, ensuring that none of it made its way onto the rest of your face. Then, with the outline done, you applied the rest, leaving you with a perfectly kissable set of lips. You puckered at Spencer, stealing a kiss before moving on to the blush. 

“Very minimal on the blush for me,” you said, turning towards Spencer with the brush in hand. You wiped the nude colored hue on your cheeks with one motion, using a dry piece of makeup wipe to blend it in. “Otherwise I feel like a clown.”

“You’d be a very sexy clown,” he laughed, picking up the eyeshadow on the counter next and handing it to you. “This next?”

You shook your head, ready to apply the hardest part of your makeup - the smokey eye; it was so hard to get correctly. “Technically, but first I need primer.”

“Primer?” he asked confused. “For your eyes?”

“Yup,” you replied, chuckling at his shocked face. “It helps the eyeshadow set and stay better.” After applying a light coating of primer, you took the palette of eyeshadow, dipping the brush into the silver color and working it into the corners of your eyes. A slightly darker, less shiny shade of silver went in the middle and then an even darker shade of gray. In between each application, you used a fluffy blending brush to get things as smooth as possible.

“It takes this much work for something like this?” Spencer asked, looking at the clock in awe. You’d been sitting there for nearly 20 minutes after having taken the face mask off. “Being a woman sucks.”

You snorted, nearly messing up your eye makeup. “Yes it does. A lot is expected of us. But I only do this for special occasions, some women feel like they have to do it all the time.” Next up was a bit of an orange-brown color in the crease of your eyes that helped to transition the color. 

“Will the orange be visible?” he asked. “I feel like orange doesn’t go with your outfit.”

“It doesn’t and it won’t be visible really, it just helps to transition the last shade.”

Getting towards the end of your eyeshadow, you blended in a near black color at the outer corner of your eye. With quick motions, you added a cream color below the eyebrow, a dark green underneath the eye on your eyelid and the dark nearly black color over it. You were going dramatic for tonight’s party. It went well with your plunging red halter dress. “Then I use this black eyeliner to make wings,” you said. That was the easiest part for you, you had steady hands - the rest was just tedious. “And finally,” you said, taking a deep breath, “some pencil on the water line to make my eyes pop.”

Once you’d finished everything, you turned towards Spencer, face finished and ready for the party in a few hours. “Complete it with a plunging red dress and you get to walk into this party with me,” you laughed.

Standing up from the bathtub, he grabbed your hand, asking if you wanted him to make you something to eat. “Absolutely, I’m starving,” you said, grabbing your stomach. The makeup had taken a bit longer than you thought. “How do I look?”

“Beautiful, as always,” replied.


He goes from Angelic Princess to Sass Demon in 3 panels flat…

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Bonus Devil wallpaper:

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“MCR was this thing that was intense”

“It was about mental health and treating people equal”

“But it was dark.. It was dark to get to the bright”

“It was always really dark…”

“And i don’t know..”

“if it sustained….”

“turning the..”


“up”-Gerard way. 

“So remember even if you’re dusted. You may be gone, but out here in the desert, your shadow lives on without you”

I will never forget this band and the beautiful music they made. They helped me so much and made me a happier person. they are gone now and off bettering themselves and exploring new things, which is good! because I am too! i always felt as MCR evolved so did I. They helped me to realize things will get better , they always get better no matter what happens. I’m not upset about the breakup but happy that they are happy ! I am just hopeful they will return one day to make great ideas and even better music!

Rest in peace killjoys.

(credit to for the beautiful transition gif)

  • what i say: im fine
  • what i mean: in the teen titans animated show robin was a good kid in a goofy brightly colored costume who liked pizza and hanging out with his friends and loud music and fast motorcycles but who probably grew up with a much stricter bruce wayne that drilled maturity, obsessive vigilance, and independence into him so badly that when robin found himself responsible for four other teenagers he constantly drove them away by obsessing so intensely on his need to succeed as a hero. And to top it off he inadvertently attracted the attention of a supervillain that used his drive and sense of responsibility to turn him against his friends, further driving them apart. The stress of all this later led to a mental breakdown and near death experience after an exposure to a hallucinogenic drug left over by slade. Robin was a really good kid and a great leader and he didn't deserve any of this
Edgy is hot, pass it on.

I mean, how can you resist…

Those cute little bangs of his, with his hair matching the color of his eyes.

Those gorgeous eyes, filled with so much intensity he could knock you down with one gaze. 

That stern look on his face, his glare creeping the shit out of his enemies. (While probably turning on a particular defense attorney.)

Those pretty lips, professionally used for smirking in court whenever he got the upper hand, those lips who could most likely also be really soft to touch and kiss.

That fluffy cravat, flapping graciously in the wind, a perfect piece of fabric to take a hold on and pull him into said kiss.

Those long fingered hands, that can be used to both point at a particular defense attorney in court while shouting “Objection”, and make him very, very nervous…while at the same time he could make said defense attorney shiver in pleasure, touching his skin, all over his body,

That waistcoat clinging tightly to his waist, enhancing his fit torso. 

Those long legs, perfect to walk right over you, if you manage to piss him off.

That posture, expressing confidence and experience… but perhaps, also trying to always hide how he feels… afraid… to be… hurt… 

Don’t hurt the Demon Prosecutor, or you will regret it. 

But if you get on his good sides, well, then perhaps you can get a piece of that hot ass…

Oh who am I kidding, nobody’s got any chance, as this handsome man is specifically reserved for…

a particular defense attorney.

Get to know me

NAME: Ashley

NICKNAME: Ash mainly, though some random friends have called me by my middle name, and by my initials in intense gym/sports-related moments (AK-47), because they’re losers.

GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 5′ 5″(ish).  

FAVORITE COLOR: Teal? Really anything on the blue/green/grey spectrum is good by me.

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: Probably an average of 6 hours if it’s not a test week. Closer to 7 or 8 on the weekends.

LAST THING I GOOGLED: Two tabs pulled up currently (1) Stand up paddle boards (I did this with a sigh as I gazed out the window at the beautiful weather and my not so plentiful bank account before I turned back to studying anti-psychotic medications); (2) Stuff to do on the East Coast (in preparation for my post-USMLE road trip in June).

NUMBER OF BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: One most of the year, two during the winter.

FAVORITE BOOKS: God, I remember the good old days of reading non-medical related novels. Harry Potter always has to make the list, definitely. I also have a minor in British Literature, so any Jane Austen book is a contender, as well as the classics like Jane Eyre, Villette. Atonement (Ian McEwan) is one of my all time faves, The Help, Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go (Kazuo Ishiguro), several Khaled Hosseini books. A few Jodi Picoult books (My Sister’s Keeper, Nineteen Minutes). Favorite comedy books include Bossy Pants (the great Tina Fey), Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (Mindy Kaling), currently enjoying Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody. I’ve read a lot of excellent non-fiction books, like the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, but most of them are interests of the moment. 

FAVORITE MUSICIANS: Halsey, Paramore, Kelly Clarkson, Sara Bareilles, Ellie Goulding, Ingrid Michaelson, The Chainsmokers, Hozier, Rachel Platten, Mumford and Suns, Amos Lee. Really anything. I’ve been playing the hell out of “Long Live the Chief” by Jidenna for a few weeks and looking forward to listening to his album after this test week. 

WHAT AM I WEARING RIGHT NOW: Workout clothes (black tights and a v-neck tee) with a hoodie that says “do no harm but take no shit”) and Gryffindor socks.

WHAT DO YOU POST ABOUT: Med school on occasion with the usual medical/studyblr/science junk, feminism, anti-Trump/political deals, things that make me laugh, TV show gifs, nature/animals, inspirational stuff every once in awhile, beautiful people and beautiful cups of coffee.


WHEN DID YOUR BLOG REACH ITS “PEAK” (WHEN DID YOU GET MORE FOLLOWERS, HAVE POPULAR POSTS ETC): Um when I became a self-proclaimed medblr (sorry for anyone who expected more medicine out of me when they followed!). A few of my study pics and my “You may not become the best doctor in the world” quote from first year got me a good bit of followers/notes.

WHO IS YOUR MOST ACTIVE FOLLOWER: @ova-achievr is actually one of the top. Thanks for the tag! 

DO YOU GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASIS: HA no. Open to it though!

HOW DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: My especially creative mind added “MD” and a # to the end of my first name. 

Ignore me if you’ve been tagged before or are being diligent, responsible adults that aren’t procrastinating like champs: @dresslove, @breatheknowledge, @beinghopemd, @medicallybrunette @part-timemedstudent, @initforthebiscuit, @no-humanity-found, @worlds-within-worlds, @the-beautiful-epiphany


Sexy Rexy is finished, or as finished as he’s gonna get for now.

After the first layer of varnish went streaky and opaque, I took the opportunity to do some small fixes to the paint job, mainly toning down the yellow on the body to match the fur more closely, and making it more bright on the neck. I had to color correct the photos a bit because it was overcast - the tongue is not actually that intense a pink.

I’m rather irked because the lady at the craft store assured me the “suede” varnish was matte but nope, it turned out glossy as iced fuck. I’m sick of messing with it, though, so I’m just gonna set it aside for now.


oh my gosh they’re so amazing and the plot is already really intense and the coloring is fantastic and I just love it to bits <33

it also turned out that the comic store I went to had another cover variety! nice!!


team doom shirt made by the talented invad3r