the colors guys


Please please PLEASE DON’T REFER TO ME AS A PERSON OF COLOR. It is INSULTING. I do not want to be LABELED as a POC!!!! I am HISPANIC!!! THAT’S IT!!! My skin is different but we are all people. Stop dividing us more by giving us more labels. These labels are dividing us very slowly and it is a very ugly thing. I do not want to be divided. Do not divide me. Do not refer to me as a POC. Thank you. (Same goes for calling me a minority)

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So, I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but I think another hint at Black Paladin!Lance is that when Voltron is formed, the Blue Lion's head is inside of Black's - kinda like a secondary head?

there is both red and blue…

ok, i’m not saying this is co-leadership klance evidence 

but it’s co-leadership klance evidence 

“Finished [the book] already?”

“Oh I couldn’t put it down! Got anything new?”

(I saw Beauty and the Beast today, and honestly, didn’t feel as much of the Disney magic as I wanted to. However…it doesn’t stop inspiration from hitting!)

I’m not sure how I feel about the new dresses. And am I right in drawing Chloe with pink in her hair? Because that’s what it looks like.



Hey Lydia, you look like… you’re gonna ignore me
i      t  h  i  n  k      i      l  o  v  e  d      h  i  m 
You said… you said, “remember I love you”