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Homeworld Theory

Okay since Nightmare Hospital has verified that there are multiple clusters scattered around towns that aren’t Beach City (where the Kindergarten is), a new theory involving Homeworld and their plans popped into my head. This theory involves a different theory, which pertains to this gem 

We all know her, some love her and some hate her. But we all know about the Jasper Is A Fusion theory.

Some evidence for her theory is that she’s a fusion because of her pupils and skin color, but multiple things has proven this otherwise, including


 And the fact that Matt Burnett confirmed on twitter that the iris doesn’t confirm a fusion. But let’s look at Jasper’s color scheme (look to first pic)

Unlike all other gems, she has two distinct skin tones. Red and orange. Now who else have we seen that has at least two distinct skin tones?


External image


External image

and here, including the multiple smaller clusters back in kindergarten

Now what can we deduce? All the “experiments seem to have color schemes that clash and dont really match when we go by individual color. What i mean is that such colors like black and yellow arent close at all on the color scale.

Now, Jasper’s colors are very similar. Red and orange are very close (even more so when we add in how her red is more orange-ish). But if Jasper is a successful fusion, why does Homeworld need to experiment on Earth? They already have the recipe for a perfect fusion! 

What if the war wasnt truly over?

What if Homeworld simply changed tactics? 

Think about it, the crystal gems think that they won, that the war is over and Homeworld is defeated. Naturally the warriors go soft and, well theres only five warriors to deal with. And we know that Homeworld can be cruel when crossed, so how else would they take over a planet?

By infesting the Earth with forced fusions. Not only forced fusions, but fusions that used to be their fellow warriors. 

Why else would they “experiment”? They know how to create them, Jasper already existed far before they first planted the gem shards. 

That about all i can say rn so…

tldr; Homeworld planted the forced fusions to destroy the crystal gems emotionally and physically, not to experiment like they all think