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32 Maiky

I guess this is about the horrible questions ones. HAHA It’s not neccessary to write “Maiky” I may get confused. So just dropping numbers are the horrible questions K? lmao (I still got questions from the OC thingy so YEAH only numbers for me plz)

Q: “ 32: What is your favourite color?

Pink! I LOVE pink. Specially peach pink. My fursona is a pink bear uwu

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do you think dan ever sits back and remembers his roots, like he got where he is now because a long time ago, he was (and still is) a huge ass phillie just like all of us

i read this as ‘do you ever think phil sits back and remembers his roots’ and like let me tell u i was having a major flashback to the convo about phil’s natural hair color lmao.

hmm honestly idk what dan thinks about. i imagine he does, at least sometimes, bc like. we all think about our pasts sometimes. i mean idk how often he thinks it in the same terms we do, but it’s blindingly obvious how much a phillie he is lmao

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Hi i REALLY love your art, I was wondering what program you use to make it?

Hey thanks! Until just recently I’ve been using Photoshop exclusively for inking and color, but now I rather use Clip Studio for the line art, then export to PS, since CSP has a WAAAY cleaner line. Seriously, its a game changer

BTW its a wonder I actually got to see your message, cos my Tumblr has been dead for over a year! You can find me on Instagram and on my newly made twitter. I go by @grimonomicon on both. 

throughout my impoverishing fever i literally could not stop thinking about a gemstuck eridan

probably a tanzanite? kunzite?

todrick: I’m always proud of my friend no matter what, but today I am the most proud I have ever been. When you are a super star of epic proportions it can be terrifying to do things that you and I can do on a day to day basis. Voicing your political or religious beliefs is always going to separate people and potentially create bad blood. I have always defended Taylor because I know her heart, I know how her family raised her and how they’ve treated me and welcomed me into their home, life and family with open arms. When I met her I was a bit afraid to be my true self around her because I didn’t know where she stood on LGBTQ+ rights and I didn’t honestly know if I could explain to someone with blue eyes and blonde hair what it feels like to not only walk around our country, but her neighborhood specifically. We have talked for so many hours about these subjects and she has taken the time to actively listen to me, her queer friend who also happens to be a person of color. Today, for the first time, Taylor unapologetically voiced her opinions and stance on the upcoming Tennesee midterm elections. She openly recognized the issues regarding racial discrimination and she has made me the proud beyond my Wildest Dreams! I know that this was a scary step for you T, but my cheeks are hurting from grinning, I got chills reading your status, I feel heard and valued as a person who lives what some consider an “alternative lifestyle” but what YOU see as a beautiful life. I can’t help but to feel like I played even the smallest of parts in helping you get to this point, and I’m just so dang happy that the world gave you time to learn (in your own way and at your own pace) how important it is for you to speak out and speak now. Just because you like the album Red, doesn’t mean you have to vote that way. This is a HUGE step for you and the world will be a better place if everyone votes for the human rights that we all deserve. You, your family and your team continue to amaze me & teach me how to be a better human every day and I will always be in your corner. So proud to call you my Gorgeous friend. xoxo your #1 cheerleader! Toddy

“We had a big discussion whether to raise him in Africa or move to the states.  We both grew up in Ghana.  But I got my PhD in West Virginia, so moving to America was an option.  The job opportunities would certainly be better there.  Both of us are professors, and you’d probably laugh if you knew what we got paid here.  Healthcare would be better too.  You don’t hear of people dying in America because they can’t find an open hospital bed.  But despite these things, we decided to raise our son here.  Because he’d never have to think about the color of his skin.  We never have to explain what it means to be black.  Or the rules of being black.  One day in West Virginia I got an Amber Alert on my phone.  All it said was: ‘tall black male.’  I was the only one in sight so I nearly panicked.  Then another day I was walking back to my dormitory.  I’d just finished teaching a course.  Someone drove by in a red truck, threw a hamburger at my head, and called me the ‘N Word.’  It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  I don’t want to explain that stuff to my child.  It’s exhausting to be conscious of your skin all the time.  You either become militant or you become defeated.  And I understand why it happens, but extremes of anything aren’t good.”  
(Accra, Ghana)


Moments in life like bits of paper in the wind… the start of one thing marks the end of another. Do you understand this?


every you // every me

I . II. III. iv

“I don’t like it”

“You don’t like anything”

“I like sleep and you.” (x)

I really respect Taliesin for having the confidence to do whatever the fuck he wants with his hair and dress however he likes and just all around present himself how he chooses! It’s one thing to do that when you’re a teen or in your twenties, but people tend to frown on that stuff more as you get older, like you’re supposed to outgrow all that and be serious and practical all the time with your appearance. And then you’ve got Taliesin who’s in his early forties and has a mohawk dyed in the colors of the bi pride flag. And yeah he’s in entertainment and has more freedom than a lot of adults do for that kind of stuff, but it still makes me feel happy and encouraged to see adults being themselves and doing what they like with their appearance! It reminds me that you don’t have to give up your identity as you grow older!


I tried coloring some lineart form the @voltroncoloringbook and it was surprisingly fun! I tried different shading methods and coloring styles for each of them too, and yes, I gave everybody freckles. Because all of my children deserve freckles <3 <3 will definitely color more art soon

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Edit: Just realized I left this out! When I was coloring the 2nd picture, I noticed how similar Matt’s outfit is to Coran’s, so I may or may not have created this mini AU where Pidge rescues Matt but there’s no other clothes that fit him other than Coran’s old stuff. He looks so different in blue, but I really like it!


‘nother invader zim art dump, because i am unstoppable. this time featuring a whole bunch of lazy backgrounds!!! because i tried to make a rlly cool background for the tak picture for like. 3 fucking hours and it looked horrible so i just gave up on backgrounds for the entire photoset because i was… pretty peeved!!

i watched jack’s tftbl playthrough first (which is what got me into borderlands in the first place) and started watching ethan’s, so i had to draw everyone’s favorite youtube boys as everyone’s favorite hyperion douchebags

things you should tell me

Tell me how you think the universe was made.

Tell me why you think the universe was made. 

Tell me about the tattoos you want.

Tell me the song that means the most to you.

Tell me why this song is so important.

Tell me about your favorite book and your favorite quote from the book.

Tell me stories about your family.

Tell me why that one stranger on public transportation was so special.

Tell me what makes you feel calm. 

Tell me about your guilty pleasures. 

Tell me about your insecurities.

Tell me what you love about yourself.

Tell me what your favorite word is. 

Tell me about the piece of advice that you’ve never forgotten.

Tell me about all of your scars and how you got them.

Tell me about your favorite color and the feelings it gives you.

Tell me about your favorite pet.

Tell me about your first memory.

Tell me the first thing you think of when you wake up, and the last before you fall asleep.

Tell me what you think about when you’re contemplating life.

Tell me what you love most about nature.

Tell me about the friends who mean the most to you.

Tell me your thoughts about space. 

Tell me about your worst enemy.

Tell me about your first love.

Tell me things you’ve done that you regret. 

Tell me things you’ve learned. 

Tell me how you feel about social media.

Tell me about what you want to accomplish in 5 years.

Tell me about what you want to accomplish in 10 years.

Tell me the biggest dream you’ve ever wanted to come true.

Tell me about dreams that have come true.

Tell me what you think about time travel. 

Tell me what scares you.

Tell me what you think about alone at 3am.

Tell me what you think about in a room full of people at 3pm. 

Tell me about the feelings you get the night before an important day.

Tell me about what excites you in life. 

Tell me your greatest accomplishments.

Tell me your greatest failures. 

Tell me what you believe you were meant to do on this planet.

Tell me what makes your soul happy. 

Tell me what makes you, you

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