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Don’t You Get It? (Tim Drake x Reader)

Request: “31 with Tim from the x prompt please.” from anon

Prompt: “Jealousy is an ugly color on you.”

A/N: I’m a slow writer i know.

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“Tim, what has gotten into you?”

Tim rolled his eyes and ignored you, flipping through the tv channels. You sighed and pursed your lips. He’s been acting this way ever since you arrived home after your date, which sucked big time.

The next five minutes, you just kept trying to make him talk to you. You stood in front of the tv, but that didn’t bother him, he treated you like you were a transparent ghost. No matter what you did, he still ignored you.

You sat back next to him on the couch and started poking his shoulder, “Why is you like this?”

He glanced at you for about 5 seconds and looked back at the tv. Your jaw dropped, “Stop ignoring me, Tim!”

He rolled his eyes again, “Why wont you call that idiot date of yours since you want attention so much?”

You raised an eyebrow, “Tim…are you jealous?”

He scoffed, knitting his eyebrows together and turned his body to finally face you, “Why would I be jealous of a guy who looks like his hair got licked by a cow?!”

You couldn’t help but laugh. He was so right. Even though he was right, you can tell he’s still totally jealous, “Wow…jealousy is an ugly color on you.”

“I’m not jealous!”

Unwanted memories started flooding your thoughts, making you cringe in disgust, “My date tonight was so weird, beyond weird.”

He turned back to face the tv, “How weird?” He grumbled.

You sighed, “He ordered milk for dinner, Tim.”

Tim bursted out in laughter, “He what?!”

“Yup, you heard that right.”

Tim held his stomach as he kept on laughing. You grinned, feeling accomplished that he’s back to acting like himself, “I still don’t know why you’re jealous, I mean it’s not like you’re in love with me or anything.”

Tim’s laughter faded. He gulped and turned off the tv, “You…you just don’t get it, don’t you?”

“Get what?”

“I am in love with you, (Y/N).”

Never Sleeping Again, Part 33


By the time Declan and Ronan exited the barn the other boys had moved to more comfortable locations. Matthew had found a cat somewhere and he was cradling its small, slumbering body in his arms. Jiang was sprawled on a deck chair in the shade of the house. Adam sat next to Gansey on the back steps, their heads bent towards each other as Gansey showed Adam something in his fat Glendower journal. It suddenly struck Ronan that they were all here for him. Somehow he had gone from being an angry, feral, isolated mess to this: someone who was loved and able to love. He could vividly remember a time, not too long ago, when he had woken up from a nightmare covered in wasps and it had messed him up so badly that he had run away and proceeded to make one bad choice after the other (Kavinsky being Bad Choice #1). His life had drastically improved since then but he hadn’t done that on his own. He had Gansey and Noah to pick him up and put him back together, Adam to provide the love and healing he had needed. Now Declan and Jiang, Blue and Henry, The Gray Man and the psychics, were all on his side. For a brief moment he felt bad for K because, really, who was on his side?

“Ronan!” Matthew called out to him. “Declan! I found Mr. Whiskers! But he won’t wake up.”

Ronan and Declan exchanged a look. Ronan wasn’t sure how he could explain that the cat wouldn’t wake up because it was a dream thing. Or explain that their mother was a dream, too. He couldn’t bear to tell Matthew the truth about his own existence: that he was a product of Ronan’s dreams and not the natural child of Niall and Aurora.

“Mr. Whiskers has been enchanted,” Declan said solemnly. He walked over to Matthew and took the cat from him, holding the old tabby like it was a fragile treasure. “Our father’s magic protected his kingdom from villains but after he died his power failed and all that he loved was sent into a magical sleep.”

Matthew stared at Declan with wide eyes. Then he laughed. “Don’t be silly, Declan. After all, you and me and Ronan aren’t asleep and dad loved us.”

Declan looked stymied by that conundrum so Ronan stepped in. “Yes, but I have powers like Dad and I managed to keep the three of us awake,” Ronan explained. “I wasn’t strong enough to help everyone.”

“That’s why mom…” Matthew frowned and took the cat back from Declan. Ronan nodded sadly. “Well, okay,” Matthew murmured. “But you’ll fix her, right?”

Ronan smiled and tousled Matthew’s curls. “Of course.” Declan made a barely audible tsk but Ronan wasn’t lying. He would fix this; he would wake their mother and his father’s dreams. But not today.

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Alright, here’s tonight’s fic, which I wrote last summer as a part of that 52 Prompts for 52 Weeks thing that’d been going around tumblr (which of course I never shared because I apparently hoard fics lmao). This was for Week 30, “A story about a magical object”.



The sun was just beginning to rise over the horizon as Fitz began his trek back into the village, pushing a small wooden wheelbarrow only half-filled with the meager scraps of metal he’d been able to find. He grumbled under his breath as he forced the wheels over the uneven dirt, sweat dripping down his brow and into his eyes. And of course, just his luck, moments later the wheelbarrow swerved after coming into contact with something hard, most likely a rock.

Swearing loudly and kicking the useless wheelbarrow, he went to move the damn thing off the path so that he wouldn’t run into it again tomorrow when he took the same route. However, when he laid eyes on the object that had hindered his progress, his eyebrows rose in surprise.

It was a dirty old lamp, half-buried in the ground – despite the fact that it hadn’t been there when Fitz had gone down this same path just an hour earlier. He was about to just kick it aside, but then the early morning sunshine glinted off of it, and he realized that it was metal.

Quickly, he picked up it up, squinting curiously at it to try and get a better idea of what kind of metal he’d stumbled upon. Much to his disbelief, it almost looked like…gold. But, that couldn’t be, because no one would just leave gold lying around like that.

Figuring that the dirt was making it more difficult to get a read on the type of metal, he curled his hand into his sleeve and used the (admittedly already quite dirty) cloth to attempt to rub away some of the grime.

Almost immediately, he let out a yelp as the lamp began to burn in his hands, and he automatically dropped it back to the ground, scrambling away from it as it began to shudder. Then, things got really weird as a cloud of blue smoke burst from the spout and –

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aizawa shouta (4)

(the first few weeks of school, and another cameo from the baby cockatoo.)

“Are you sure you still want to go?”




“Even though you’d just be in General courses?”

“Mom, it’s a good school either way…and the financial aid came through.  And there are opportunities to get into the hero course throughout the school year.”

Ones that don’t involve robots, he adds in the privacy of his head.

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Color Soulmates - Michael 5SOS Imagine/Preference

A/N: I found this prompt the other day “your soulmate’s hair color is the color of your eyes. the color of your eyes also changes to match the color of their hair if they dye it “ and this has probably been done before but I think it’s fun.

You were in the middle of a dream when the alarm on your phone went off. You quite literally, rolled out of bed and fell to the floor, still clinging to your blanket. You got up, and walked over to your vanity to shut off your alarm. Then made your way over to the bathroom. You splashed your face with a bit of water and then looked in the mirror while you dried off your face with a nearby towel. As you looked in your own reflection, you caught a glimpse of bright red. You finished patting your face dry quickly, and then looked into the mirror again. You groaned, “oh fuck, not again.” You put on your black eyeliner and always black clothes, and then put on red lipstick and sunglasses. You grabbed a breakfast bar and headed off to go meet up with your friends at the outlet mall.

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Everything is For Sale

[Word Count: 2662]

Do you have something of yours you want to sell? No, I’m not talking about furniture, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they took that, too. I’m talking about less tangible things. For example, do you want to keep the memories from when you were three years old? It’s not like you would miss them and then you could also put a little money in your pocket for the trouble. You think I’m kidding.

I assure you I’m not.

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spent a lot of time in cas trying to make my townies look less “randomized” lol I’ve got that weird accessory bug so all the random townies need every single accessory in existence and I’ve got the bug that makes kids hairs change color all the time… I thought that had been fixed? Idk Blip has like 5 different hair colors right now though lol and it seems like there is nothing I can do about it. *sigh* 

Jungkook x Reader

Originally posted by jinkooks

A prompt given to me by my friend that I wanted to do. So, here I am. With a fluffy Jungkook fic. Except I played around with the prompt lmao.

Prompt: Jungkook is at a café with Tae and he sees the reader with a friend. He doesn’t know why but he keeps staring at the reader because they’re just so good looking. Of course, his shyness gets the best of him so he doesn’t do anything but the reader notices that he just keeps looking.


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you woke up the morning after ashton came back from tour. you sat up in bed and stretched out your arms and legs. you looked to your left to see your sleeping beauty curled into the sheets. you kissed him on the forehead and got out of bed. you walked into the bathroom and brushed out your hair; you grabbed your toothpaste and toothbrush and began brushing your teeth. you looked into the mirror and had to do a double take. on your neck was purple splotches; you grumbled under your breath and spit out your toothpaste. you went back out to the bed and ashton was now wide eyed, “good morning, princess,” he smiled. “look what you did to me!” you laughed, pointing at your neck, “it looks like i got bit by something.” you sat down in the bed and ashton pulled you into his chest, “you did get bit by something,” he started, “me!” he nuzzled his face into your neck as you giggled profusely.

you liked to leave your mark on calum. you were going out to a party for the release of their new single. you and calum were getting ready when calum wrapped his arms around your waist. “i’m so excited for you to share this moment with us,” he told you. you pressed your lips to his collarbone and he shut his eyes. you kissed up his neck, stopping a few times to linger on the feeling. calum hummed happily and you pulled away, “i gotta get dressed,” you told him. calum wore what he normally wears to events like these and you wore a nice dress. when you arrived, everybody pretty much bombarded calum, making him tighten the grip on your hand. he made his way over the boys and grinned, “are you guys excited!” michael turned to him and started laughing; calum gave him a weird look, “what?” “you have hickeys on your neck,” he giggled. he turned to you and glared, “i hate you.” “then get rid of her,” luke joked. calum sighed playful, “she’s kinda hot, though.”

you and luke were at his house for a family dinner. you had been dating for over a year, so these kind of dinners you were comfortable with. except for today. things the day before has gotten a little heated with luke, resulting in an eager make out session, resulting in a lot of violet color marks on both luke and your’s necks and collarbones. you and him sat next to each other at the table, liz on your right, jack on luke’s left. “so, what have you two been up to?” liz asked. “oh, just. hanging out,” luke chuckled nervously. you had applied concealer over the noticeable marks on both you and luke, but you could tell that jack knew something was up. “luke?” jack asked. “what?” “are you wearing make up?” he asked, squinting at luke’s neck. luke choked a little, “no. why would you think that?” jack swiped his finger over the covered area, revealing the spots on his neck. jack smirked at you and you averted your eyes to your plate. “good one, you guys,” he chuckled, and took a sip of his water.

a couple days after michael got back from tour, you two decided to go out. usually you would just sit in his ‘mancave’ and play video games, watch movies, cuddle. but you wanted a change in scenery. being cooped up in his house often lead to making out, which lead to hickeys. you had a ton of little ones while michael had one big one. you stepped onto the sidewalk hand in hand and were immediately mobbed by fans. you didn’t mind them as long as the were nice. “michael! what’s on your neck!” you heard somebody shout, making the entire crowd go silent. “uh…,” michael said, not knowing what to say, “i got punched.” “in the neck?” one fan said. “by {y/n}?” another said. “with her mouth?” one more added. “yeah, it was a freak accident,” you nodded. “yeah, it happened to her too,” michael announced, pointing at your neck. “how bazaar,” someone close to you mumbled.

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Surprise - Cameron Imagine for @sonia-official

Author’s: You are going to hate me for this. Trust me. But I hope you enjoy! :) sonia-official

You walked home from school. Reminiscing memories from days,weeks and months before. You stared at his house. Sighing.

You remembered when one day you were running late, and you accidentally bumped into him.

“Whoa. Slow down there. I’m Cameron.” he smiled.

“I’m (Y/N).” you managed to breathe out.

“Are you running late?” he asked laughing, bending down to pick up your stuff.

You nodded, and bent down to pick up your stuff as well. His hands slightly brushed yours.

“I’m sorry. Come on, I’ll walk with you” he grinned.

From than on, you and Cameron walked home together and to school. Always ranting about how tired you guys were, and telling each other about what happened to you at school. One day, Cameron decided to plan something for you.

You were looking for him to walk home with, and he texted you.

“Go home without me.” It read. You sighed. It felt weird walking home without him.

As you walked home you couldn’t help but smile though. It’s funny how one late morning can allow you to meet someone who makes you happy.

You made your way to your house, and unlocked the door. As you opened the door, there should Cameron. In his hands was a poster, and it read.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” In your favorite colors.

You nodded, and embraced him tightly. He set the poster down, and he attached his lips to yours.

You rubbed the thought out of your mind. His been gone for weeks. It’s the same thing every time he comes back. It’s like a routine. Eventually you just gave up hoping there would be a time where it would be just you and Cameron. Like the old days.

You unlocked the house, and walked up to your room. Throwing your school stuff on the ground, flinging off your shirt and pants, and slamming yourself onto your bed. You hated wearing shirts and pants sometimes, so this is what happens when you do.

You looked up to the celling. You saw a poster, in your favorite colors. Your heart raced. This is a dream, you thought as you rubbed your eyes.

“Babe, I’m back.” he whispered as he slipped next to you in bed.

“And you look damn fine.” he pecked your cheek.

“What are you doing here?” you asked surprised.

“Surprising you. I know lately I’ve been so busy. But I really do miss you. I have a surprise for you.” he laughed.

He got up, and locked the door. His eyes roamed up your body. Suddenly you realized you were half naked.

“No way. No. You can’t. Not after that you’ve been gone for so long.” you snapped.

Cameron moved back to you closely. Kissing your ear.

“Babe, you know you missed me as much as I did.” Cameron quietly hissed as he kissed your neck.

“No, you can’t Cameron. You basically came back for me for sex.” you said annoyingly.

“Maybe this isn’t the best present. But I know I missed your touch.” he groaned, as he slowly ran his hands up and down your thighs.

You looked down at his lips, and you couldn’t help it any long. You smashed your lips to his. Quickly ripping off his shirt, and messing up his hair. Cameron deepened the kiss, and pulled away.

“I told you.” he smirked.

“Shut the fuck up Dallas, and just kiss me.” you whispered as he attached his lips against yours, his hands slowly pulled down your lace underwear.