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A little something I did for @crystalwitches‘s glorious occult AU ~

Thanks mom for blessing us with your art !! And for being such an inspiration~ ✨ ✨ ✨


Sometimes I just want my gays happy and kissing in dramatic lighting. It is all I need.

If Yall haven’t already read it, @littlefists Tuckington fic Put my Guns in the Ground it sooooooooo great and gives me a lot of feelings for these two, especially the last two chapters. Read it read it read it.  

(P.s. Yall can see wash’s dimple, congrats)

he’s probably only been at work 3 hours and already tried to throttle a certain Frenchman

anonymous asked:

Did you always do the star thing in the eyes? Cause your art feels different and I think that's why

No! Truth be told my style is constantly changing. I used to absolutely hate it, but now I’ve realized it’s kind of a good thing? Allow me to take you on a journey…

When I first started doing comics, I used kind of the classic tumblr “stick figure” of a white, blobby character. I also used only shades of blue? Haha kind of like a Picasso blue period. My frames were not aligned and I could not draw noses or hands to save my life. This is a segment of a comic from 2014:

Eventually in 2015 I left the blue period and started using black and white with select colors and shading (this is still one of my favorite comics btw)…

I was never satisfied with my style (and honestly still am not today). In 2016 I took a class about writing newspaper comics strips and for a while that was how I designed my comics…

This class is where I introduced my classic top bun hairstyle you see on my Moga character in every comic. I even did a comic about how different my styles were at the time…

Overtime my illustration skills (anatomy, figure placement, etc.) grew from practice. But, I was so frustrated that I didn’t have a set style and I was completely unsatisfied with my work. So I began to look at artists who styles I admire and compile a list of things I like and included them in my comics. The biggest similarity between all those artists was striking color palettes, so I began to play with pastels…

Using bright color palettes is something I’ve been doing for over a year now. My style has always had very thick, black line work and that was something that took a long time for me to realize I didn’t like. Only in the last few months have I begun exploring comics that don’t rely on thick linework. This comic below was something I considered not thick line art…

However I thought that these comics looked too flat (even with that slight multiply layer to give the cheeks some color) So I began to explore how I could make the LINE ART not flat but also not thick/overwhelming. Eventually I settled on adding tiny little line art details all throughout my pieces. The stars in the eyes happens to be one of those little details!!

And here we are today!!!

I am so sorry I’m sure this is not the kind of response you were looking for, but it’s kind of a journey down memory lane I’ve been meaning to take! I hope this answered your question and gave some insight into my artistic development in regards to comics. 

All the best!!



↳ The Official Rules of Baseball (2/?)

screenshot redraw S1E12 “When the Rat’s Away, The Mice Will Play” OR, as I like to call it, “tfw nobody can solve the riddle and it’s not even that hard”

So few come and don’t go

summary: Natsume is happy. Tanuma doesn’t know why he doesn’t feel satisfied with that.

title borrowed from look after you by the fray. 


Natsume doesn’t flinch.

When the store clerk grabs his arm, holding out a bag they forgot at the checkout before they can leave it behind, Natsume’s whole body goes still. It’s only for a second, just for that brief moment of sudden contact, but something heavy settles in his face, something almost expectant.

As though he’s been braced this whole time for what’s coming next.

And maybe, Tanuma thinks, watching his friend smile his thanks and take the bag with a thousand yards of distance in his eyes, flinching would have been a little easier to watch.

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Once again, hello everyone. (ง ˙o˙)ว This is the final product of the WIPs I’ve uploaded earlier.

I will now begin explaining my contest entry.. so please bear with me because I’m only a smol lasagna with a smol brain. (ง ˙o˙)ว 1+1=2. Ahem. My concept for both samurai lords is to design their ladies in a way that will complete their ensemble.

For Shingen, his standard Furinkazan echoes words from The Art of War, which was written by my childhood buddy, Sun Tzu //oi// (ง ˙o˙)ว Two lines from the original excerpt were omitted though, saying that one should remain unnoticed like a shadow but must move quickly like lightning (ง ˙o˙)ว KABOOM //claps tiny hands

To achieve such agile and stealth, I’ve made the battle outfit similar to a ninja.. What’s a ninja by the way.. (ง ˙o˙)ว But the Takeda is known for keeping ninjas so.. Sweat it out. Also less striking colors and the cape is useful not only for hiding not just one, not just two, but— It’s also useful for halloween……….

But I think it’s nice if Shingen’s Furinkazan will get reunited with it’s Kage Kaminari finally.

The fabric floral designs focus on Shingen’s strength of thought in war, power, bravery, honor… which all ultimately point to victory. Hmm maybe next time I’ll draw an Absolute Victory Bowl design on a kimono for Takedaddy. Ok the end. Let’s move on. (ง ˙o˙)ว

For Mama Ken— For Kenshin (ง ˙o˙)ว he’s umm known to be this umm- //yells in panic// Bishiemonten.. (ง ˙o˙)ว He is introduced as the God of War (or Warriors) but Bishamonten is also known as the God of Treasure, Riches, and Wealth who rewards his people generously. So I designed his lady to be that counterpart of him, one who is kind and will draw Kenshin’s thoughts away from the scent of blood and scenes of carnage. No weapons for her..

Just pearls. All the white dots are pearls.

She can already buy two sets of samurai pov with those pearls. I bet she’s a top-ranker too. (ง ˙o˙)ว

Also her level of aesthetics should match Kenshin’s.. so she became a flower garden herself.. But atleast they meant elegance and grace.. The freesia also means childish coz sometimes Kenshin is hmmm I won’t judge him. (ง ˙o˙)ว

OK THE END. Thank you for reading.. Also thank you friends for pushing me to join when I was very unsure. (ง ˙u˙)ว

Me: It’s Best Scenes day of Ao No Exorcist Week. I should draw one of those really deep emotional scenes or coll action scenes that I love. 
Me to me: Draw something based of that scene in chapter 41 where all the guys had to cross dress.
Me: …Why am I like this.

Ao No Exorcist Week – Day 5
Best Scenes


Megatron, Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Bumblebee, and Barricade!

I’ve been having a lot of fun doing little marker headshots of characters lately as I’m in the process of redoing their designs. I have no idea how to actually use the scanner so…someday maybe I’ll scan these in a way that doesn’t wash them out a whole bunch? Anyways, lil notes on designs-

Megatron initially didn’t have that white stripe around his face, it was going to be dark grey as well, but before I colored it in I realized how striking it make him look so I’m keeping it as part of his modern appearance. Also yes, Megatron does have pink-hued eyes.

Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker are the pointiest birds and they have so much neck. Such neck. Much neck.

Bumblebee confirmed for blue.

Also holy cow an actual Barricade design! His eyes don’t show up very well under the visor here but he has four optics. Barricade’s in-canon appearances weren’t…really referenced, since I figured he’d get to be my wild card/free space character. Not sure yet on the chinstrap, but I really like the rest of the helm so far. Also might still make his optics/visor blue, but I’m debating on it. I like this black/white/gold thing, though.

Truth or Lie (Part Twenty-Three)

Tag List

Part One

Part Twenty-Two

A/N: Fair warning, a bit of a boring filler chapter, details. A lot of fun to come :)

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language, bit of fluff and angst

Word Count: 3519

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You were tickled awake, your nose wrinkling as something soft brushed against your cheek. “What the hell?” You mumbled sleepily, slowly rousing yourself awake, eyes flickering open to see a mess of dark hair. It took you a few seconds to register your surroundings, warm memories flooding back, heart rate accelerating as a smile crossed your face.

That’s what happened.

You tilted your head to press a gentle kiss against Rob’s cheek, body shifting against his as he breathed in deep, beginning to wake.

“I can’t feel my arm,” Rob murmured a few moments later, referring to the arm that was currently trapped beneath your body.

A light giggle bubbled from you as you moved to roll on top of him, the arm not full of static wrapping around your waist. “Hey there,” you greeted him, crossing your arms on his upper chest as you gazed down at him, eyes steady on his.

“Hey, baby,” Rob replied softly, the warmest of smiles crossing his lips as his hand drifted up and down your back in soft strokes, rough fingertips caressing your warm skin. He hadn’t been awake for even five minutes yet and he was already immersed in happiness. Seeing you smiling and happy prompted a similar response from him.  

You were filled to the brim with bliss still, body humming with energy. Well, you were starving and a little weaker than usual, but, mentally, you felt reborn. “Last night was … indescribable,” you told him, giving your head a disbelieving shake at last night’s events. You and Rob had connected in a way you never had before, and you had never felt so close to someone before.

“No song I write could ever describe it. No sketch you create could ever describe it,” Rob agreed, his other arm gradually draping over your lower back, holding you as close as possible.

“This is true, and you’re a damn good songwriter.”

“And you’re a damn good artist.”

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