the colors are pretty nice tbh


Seventeen’s Official Colors in MVs: Rose Quartz & Serenity | insp



dan is staring at phil’s pastel ass

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I was just introducing my friend to your art with your ~lovely~ video (the one w/ hahAhaHA) and I figured out what your art reminds me of! It's like stained glass! And is perfect! Anyway, have a nice day :D

ahh those are both really pretty comparisons, thank you so much!!! I hope you both have a wonderful day <3
I really like zooming in on my art after they’re done because of all of the colors tbh hahah

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tbh it's really weird seeing the pals not only in color but also like... with really nice smooth lines and more detail


Ranking of all Mr. Bungee’s

8. Unknown

  • legit couldn’t find who this is
  • looks like he’s wearing a soldier’s helmet
  • strangling a frog but he is a frog???
  • bigly cursed

7. Bruce Coleman

  • bares absolutely no resemblance to a frog
  • monster feet with cool jacket

6. Dan Folger 

  • pretty basic tbh 
  • nice gloves and hat
  • forgets his lines A LOT 

5. Chrisitan Borle

  • the same but this time 2 time tony winner christian borle 

4. Randall Jones

  • more alien than frog
  • why is he clutching gordo?
  • love the shorts

3. Dee King

  • ooc because mr bungee is supposed to be homophobic hmmm

2. Paul G. Miller

  • the matching tie/vest pink frog patterned look is UNFORGETTABLE
  • his little frog hat has a top hat WOW
  • I’m blown away 


  • the OG Mr. Bungee
  • multi-colored vertical stripe pants with red converse = fashion
  • “WHERE’S MY SON!!!!???”
Houses of the Signs

Aries: Aries don’t typically think about what their house looks like and are mostly likely to have messy rooms or offices but they hate feeling cramped. They may gravitate towards open concept rooms or paint their walls a bold color. Clean and modern.
Taurus: Tauruses like to keep the home very cozy and will probably have a spot in the home that’s their designated “relaxing” place. Home life is important to them. Fireplaces and vases of flowers could adorn their home.
Gemini: Geminis can also be messy but they definitely care about it being aesthetic. Pictures of them with friends or family can be everywhere, but they’re not very attached to everything. Lots of sunlight and bright accent pieces can be found here. Could gravitate towards modern pieces, maybe bold art or some sort of conversation piece
Cancer: Cancers are known for their emphasis on home life, so they will want to live in very comfortable surroundings that will serve as a sort of safe haven. They definitely like to keep family heirlooms or anything that has sentimental value. As soon as you enter, you’ll definitely feel the warmth and comfort of a Cancer home.
Leo: Leos like to keep a very beautiful home, they don’t like to come across as cheap. Lots of mirrors (not because of being self centered more about being very conscious of how they look before they leave) and lights are important. Bigger is usually better for this sign. Important to them to have a nice relaxing space, maybe a large bed with loads of pillows.
Virgo: Virgos will be the sign to have loads of bookshelves stacked with their interest. They might like more neutral tones with a house plant or two. Their kitchens would be very functional and it’d be important to them to have a desk or a nice work area.
Libra: Libras are ruled by Venus and definitely have an eye for decoration. Everything flows together and will probably smell good tbh. They probably like big windows and entertainment areas.
Scorpio: Scorpios like deep rich colors, like red or blue, to dominate a bedroom. Lighting is important, maybe some large antique pieces. Scorpios may like to maybe fix up something or to make their own furnishings.
Sagittarius: Souvenirs or conversation pieces could be everywhere, may like right accent colors. They hate feeling cramped or having too much bulky furniture. This will be the sign with closets and other storage places completely packed. They may not think every theme through for the house but it still will be pretty nice.
Capricorn: Caps are smart with their home, a level of comfort is necessary but they value practicality and function most. Some will have very expensive looking homes or clean and orderly. Thick rugs and fireplaces are good. They could have the thick antique furniture that Sagittarius didn’t like. Reminiscent of the early to mid 20th century. They like roses a lot.
Aquarius: Aquarians like bold pieces around the home, maybe an instrument or two. They’re known for liking high-tec so they gravitate towards modern. Most pieces will reflect the signs interests.
Pisces: They like warm and cozy atmospheres like Cancer, maybe lots of plants or musical things like a piano or CD rack. Will need storage for all of their knickknacks they’ve picked up over the years. Floral pieces are abound, maybe even a little garden area.
*4th House, 2nd House, Venus*

I cannot get why someone is disappointed in a album cover tho… so far we had those color album series in a minimalistic and neat style without matokis, so it was obvious that there won’t be any matoki again… just look how nice are those album covers…

It just fits so well and it is so pretty… and tbh the Blue one is far more better than the silver Rose one in my opinion…

Catch 🌌

I recently bought this new gold pen from a book store, and it works so well. Its very pigment and really lets out the color. LOVE IT 10/10~ I actually wanted to try attempting drawing Messier 87 (galaxy) but i used green rather than blue asfghdjfkahvsdbj

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Have you seen Mune the guardian of the moon? I think you'd really really enjoy it. The art style is very tall and lanky or short and stout and the colors are beautiful. I think you'd draw my babe boy Mune amazing

I have seen it! Though it was a while ago, and I don’t remember much about it besides the fact that it looked really pretty and colorful o:

Some reasons to read rock and riot

1. Lots of lgbt representation, all but maybe 1 character is lgbt? And it spans bi, pan, lesbian, gay, nonbinary, trans woman, etc.

2. Racial and ethnic diversity. Even though it’s set in the 50s, the characters aren’t just a bunch of white people, like you usually see in media set in that time.

3. Body diversity! There are fat characters who have different proportions!

4. Uplifting and cute. The comic touches on racism and homophobia/transphobia, but it is overall a really light, heartwarming story.

5. Happy, confident ace and aro characters. This would be a very reassuring comic for any ace/aro spec people who feel broken or like they’ll “miss out” on stuff.

6. Colorful and pretty. The artwork is so colorful and just overall gorgeous tbh.

7. Boy, girl, and nonbinary gangs fighting for equality and breaking rules!

8. The comic is done, so you won’t have to wait for updates or worry about it going unfinished.

9. The fashion. A mostly gender-roll-breaking 50s cast leads to some cool af outfits,

10. It’s just overall really good and a nice way to cheer up while the world is a mess.

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alright so let's talk about the samstevebucky wedding. what would it be like? who would give them away? who would cry the most? would it be a spring or summer wedding? who would take whose name?? these questions keep me up at night tbh

It would be the perfect mix between Extra as fuck and a catastrophe!!

They would all argue about who gets to walk down the isle. Steve gives up about 3 minutes into the argument and looks to Bucky with his Sad Puppy Eyes and says, “Buck, imagine Sam doing it.” Bucky pouts for two seconds before he agrees.

Depending on the universe you wanna go with, either Sam’s mom or sister will give him away. If you’re going comics verse style Sam background tho it’s definitely Natasha who does it. She wears a handsome suit (so is her date Sharon. So is their other date Maria) The guys never managed to actually discuss what they wanted to wear to their wedding, so Steve’s probably wearing a really great tux or a dress uniform of some sort because he’s a dork. Bucky’s wearing a nice pair of dark-colored slacks along with a white button down (sleeves rolled up and a few buttons undone cuz he looks hot). His hair is all done up with some nice braids that Thor gave him. He definitely has at least one white flower in his hair. Sam’s either wearing the most dashing tux or a beautiful wedding dress…. I’m leaning towards wedding dress because tbh.. has Sam ever been known to not steal the show??? No.

They have their wedding somewhere really pretty and outdoors. I think they’d either go with a summer or fall wedding. Steve starts crying instantly and doesn’t stop for about two days (wink wonk). Bucky and Sam shed some tears while they’re exchanging their vows but don’t acknowledge it ever again. They ask Peter to be their ring bearer since he’s just a baby. He says he’ll do it but only if he can swing in. Of course he’s allowed. Thor officiates the ceremony and after they all kiss, he hugs them for three minutes straight.

The three of them are late to their own reception because Sam had a garter belt on and so like… what else were they supposed to do besides limo sex tbh. Thor’s brought the asgardian booze and then night ends up like that one meme where the bride’s sitting on the bar taking shots while the wedding party and groom are passed out drunk. Except for at some point during the night, Steve and Sam have switched clothes and Steve’s wearing the wedding dress. He thinks he looks beautiful and Natasha, who can only see straight if she closes one eye, agrees.

Hey guys! This is just my reaction/summary post of the BTS Concert in Newark (Thursday, 3/23)! I’ll be going into a lot of detail, but bare with me. I’ve linked all the fancams I took throughout the post, so you can check that out :)

[Full Fancam Playlist]


Alright so first things first…I’ve been following BTS since ~May/June 2014, and this was the first time I was actually able to go to a live concert. I WAS LITERALLY BEYOND THE MOON when I got tickets, and I was so excited that I was badgering everyone I knew with my fangirling. BTS means so much to me, they got me through some of the hardest times in my life, and they gave me happiness and hope. So getting to go to one of their concerts, see them and support them in person, was such a blessing.

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1 and 2

1: Take a picture of your workplace !

Tbh I draw pretty much everywhere so I don’t have a settled workplace but here’s a few pictures of my space depending on the coloring technic ~

2 : Show your pencil case and what’s inside !

Ok now look at this beautiful Stevonnie charm, look at it because


* : a random copic, I don’t even know, it’s been here for months but it has a really nice color.
** : watermelon-patterned cigarette paper a classmate gave me because it’s pretty and I will stick it on drawings eventually !

  • oh my god, why does this fits him so well
  • i feel like this is going to be so cute??? like damn
  • but i’m not a 100% confident so i’m sorry lol
  • but let’s start it,,,,
  • i’ll try to not fuck it up
  • okaaaayy!!! so~~~
  • our precious flower boy <33<3<3<3
  • well, tbh he never actually planned to work there
  • actually he never even saw it as a job, he just really loved spending his time there
  • it was perfect for him bc spending his time surrounded by so many bright colors and pretty flowers was really relaxing and it helped him to de-stress
  • and let’s say that the little cute and vintage shop was actually from idk his grandma or grampa bc that would be so cute
  • so almost everyday after school and on weekends he would spend his time there
  • talking about him as an employee, he would be that nice and gentle guy who everyone loves
  • he was just so adorable and sweet and awkward and ugh he’s the cutest who can someone not like him
  • and it wasn’t a surprise that you thought the exact same thing when you met him
  • “hey”
  • “…hey”
  • both of you started giggling bc ???? why r we being so awkward???
  • and since that moment both of you felt how well your personalities matched
  • like, both of you made a little convo immediately and it was so weird bc small talks are normally really hard for him but with you? nope, not at all
  • and let me tell you that he really caught you attention by how polite he was with you even if you were a simple customer
  • and he thought that you were SO adorable and lovely and ugh how cuuUuuUuUUuTe
  • he was doing lots of eye contact w you and his smile was so natural and wide and ugh idk he was really happy the whole time
  • and you can’t lie, you liked him just as much
  • every time you could you would always take the opportunity and walk in front of the shop and smile at him and maybe even have some convos
  • but y’all still weren’t sure if you were in the employee-customer relationship or if y’all already were friends ya know
  • but eventually you got closer
  • and it happened a few weeks later after you met him for the first time
  • it was a really cloudy day and you just were out of school and walking towards your house
  • and you know when literally out of nOwHerE starts raining?
  • and the worst thing is that you prepared yourself to look cute for him this time so you could slay his ass ya know
  • your hair was so on point and so was your natural looking makeup and you were gLOWING
  • and now you were on the middle of the street, running and trying to cover yourself from the rain under any roof you saw
  • and you couldn’t believe your luck, you were like mY HOUSE IS LIKE TEN BLOCKS AWAY FROM HERE ARE YOU KIDDING ME
  • you had so much bad luck that day that it was funny, like you literally were laughing alone in the middle of the street bc this kind of things would only happen to you
  • in that moment jun was in the shop and when he cASUALLY decided look out the window he saw you
  • and ugh, he smiled so widely bc you were sO ADORABLE
  • he really loved the fact that your personality was so bright and positive that you were laughing instead of idk getting mad or smth 
  • he opened the door of the shop and made you gestures with his hands to caugh your attention and invited you to enter
  • and when you saw him your heart raced because you looked like trash while he was tehre like a king and it was SO embarassing
  • but you went for it anyways bc fuck it am i right he already saw you, there was nothing to lose
  • i just realized this is zhoumi - paper umbrella 2.0
  • “are you okay? stay here for a second let me bring you some towels”
  • “do you want me to prepare you some tea? green tea maybe? coffee?”
  • he was so caring and sweet with you, he was making you feel so many butterflies and you were like sTOP
  • both of you stayed there for a few hours while talking and drinking something warm as y’all were waiting to the weather to go normal again
  • and let me tell you that get to know him SO well
  • he was such an interesing and funny person and you could tell that he was really interesed and curious about you
  • he probably asked you lots of things about your past or what things you liked or not and it was weird bc you never had such a deep convo w someone who you just met like a month ago
  • eventually the rain stopped aND THIS ANGEL, oh god, this prince even walked you home that day
  • both of you were side by side, talking and laughing and ugh how cute i’m gonna die i swear
  • when both of you finally arrived to your house was the moment when he finally when for it
  • “it was really fun spending my time with you today, y/n”
  • “w-would you mind if i ask your phone number?”
  • “i-i would like to know you better”
  • and the rest is history :’)
  • i hope y’all like it
  • tbh i thought it would be a lot worst lmao
  • anywayss, bye bbies~

So I finally finished this, I’ve been picking at it for so fucking long, I finally have it up, I will try to get kook’s part up soon bc I did miss writing AUs I’ve just been so fucking busy as most of you already know so now, it is finally time for the second half of the Daegu princes, one half of Vmin, the love of my life who looked so cute cuddling Jin and Jimin the other day like he was so sleepy and he was in his pajamas and my heart is just resting in the palm of his hand tbh I’m so in love, Kim Taehyung aka V aka Tae Tae

  • Red hair bc Ariel!Tae
  • How can I not add in a reference to the Little Mermaid when Vmin exists like I just gotta, I had Jimin be Eric twice so I gotta throw in my lil nod to Vmin here bc they’re my favorite I love healthy friendships I love supportive friendships I love mutual care and respect
  • Also red hair!Tae is just so fucking nice, it’s one of my personal favorites
  • Like honestly fuck me up that was such a good look
  • The red hair plus the tan skin plus the pretty smile mmhmm mHM GOOD SHIT
  • Tbh one of my favorite Tae looks of that era (I have to have them categorized by eras bc I’m trash) is when his tan was in full effect bc tan!Tae plz don’t whitewash him he’s so beautiful with his natural skin color but he was tan and he had this big baggy black sweater and sunglasses and he looked so sleepy and cuddly and I’m still upset over it bc how is he real why is he not my boyfriend rn
  • Okay so I’m mainly gonna use fanarts/edits here bc that shit was too perfect to pass up, I found a couple and I’m gonna use that as his outfit examples
  • Here, here, here, here, here and here bc fuck me up
  • Like tell me that doesn’t hurt just a lil bit like don’t you flinch just a tiny bit seeing how good he looks bc lord knows I do
  • So Tae is an intelligent person but he’s got that natural cuteness and that soft cuddly side and he fucking giggles and just take my heart now
  • People tend to underestimate him and not take him seriously (when they really should) but he uses that to his advantage
  • I mean look at Tae, look at his sweet lil smile, those beautiful eyes and think about his personality and how sweet he is and then tell me your first thought is “pirate”
  • People normally don’t realize it until he’s already won and gotten whatever he had gone in for
  • He plays it up a lot, whenever he knows he’s about to cause some trouble and piss a whole lot of people off, he makes sure to act extra cute and cuddly and play a bit dumb so no one would think twice about him
  • He’s in charge of a few things, he handles most of the recruiting, he handles some of the fight training, he pretty much does a lil bit of everything but his biggest role is to get in and out of places without getting caught by using that charming lil smile of his
  • Also plz plz plz, just picture Tae with a sword at his hip, the fiery red hair and a lil lollipop in his mouth, sitting on the railing of the ship when it’s docked, looking around for any possible recruits or anything that he wanted to take back onto the ship with him
  • It takes him 0.5 seconds to find crew members outside of BTS bc he’s just so lovable and charismatic like I have zero clue what it is about him that just invites people in?? he’s got such a welcoming vibe where you just wanna sit next to him and talk to him and name a person who’s gotten to know him and hasn’t fallen head over heels
  • Need I remind y’all it took Jihan 2 fucking seconds with Tae to be wrapped around his fingers if that doesn’t sum him up what does, all of the Hwarang cast pretty much joined the protect Taehyung squad, he’s got Minjae giving him heart eyes, he’s of course got the boys who just fucking adore him, he’s a hard person to not love
  • So it’s really really easy for him to convince people to join his crew and stick with him and be loyal to him 
  • Ends up finding a parrot along the way and they somehow become best friend and it’s the same parrot that Yoongi is forever arguing with and Tae just sits back and laughs the entire time
  • Has fallen off the ship once or twice
  • Sets off the canon on accident but says it was the parrot
  • Gets so hyped up during every fight like he’s got so much energy as is so when you add in adrenaline, it’s just chaos
  • He’s a quick fighter rather than worrying about force and he smiles the entire time bc he’s having fun and honestly why can I see him and Jimin totally laughing it up together while running away from this huge crowd of pissed off people ready to throw them into the water the first chance they get
  • Lil hint of Jack Sparrow in him with a side of Will Turner and just a pinch of Elizabeth
  • You two are childhood best friends
  • You’ve known him for as long as you could remember and he’d always been there for you and you for him and you both wanted to do it so when he tells you he found a ship, you two don’t really think twice
  • The romance had already started before you two were on a ship together 24/7 so when you then put into the same room sharing the same bed and the same living quarters, the relationship gets even stronger
  • Bc when you’re in that situation, trust is vital
  • You gotta know that Tae’s gonna have your back if anything happens, if another crew attacks or if anything happens that could get you hurt, and he has to know that you have his so the fact that you two have already known and loved each other for so long makes it all so much easier
  • You made a promise as kids to travel the world together and every time the ship docks, Tae takes you out and explores the town with you and you’ll separate at one point to buy each other a tiny gift every time and surprise each other with it when you get back to the boat, it can be just a random trinket, it can be clothing of some sort, it can be anything that reminds you of him and him of you and it’s one of your favorite traditions with each other
  • Ight ight so just picture this with me
  • You buy him this cute lil watch you know he’s gonna love and you’re so excited but he’s so nervous bc he also bought you some jewelry but it’s very different
  • He buys you an engagement ring during that same stop bc you’d been there a couple months ago and he’d seen it and known immediately it was the o n e
  • So he buys it the next time you’re there and he’s getting so so !!! bc he’s already got this plan on how he wants to propose and you have no idea bc you’ve talked about married with him but you weren’t expecting him to just pop the question without dropping a couple hints bc this is Tae he can’t lie to you
  • But then he takes you out to the beach which isn’t anything new, the beach has always been a date spot for the two of you so you think he’s just being romantic and cute and there are rose petals and candles all set up and your heart is melting
  • You start getting suspicious when he keeps checking his pockets, like he’s making sure something is still in there and sure enough, he pulls out the most beautiful ring
  • “You know I’ve technically already said yes, didn’t we ‘get married’ when we were five and you made me that ring out of the cherry stem??”
  • “Then let’s get married again, this time with an actual ring and actual legality”
  • “I like the sound of that”