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Even though Im about to be a young adult who's gotta learn to support himself, I wish I had a bunch of caring supportive nurturing gay moms/aunts/sisters like steven does. (Im lucky to have ones already like you but considering how he gets more each season the more the merrier right?) :3

Yes! I agree that Steven is the mom magnet™ but call we also talk about how Lars is the true lucky one, the kid literally has 11 moms now!


“…don’t ever change.”
“I don’t exist…in anyone’s heart.”
“…what would it take for me to be like you?”

Loved, but lonely on an island in the sea.

“You brought me back to life! Just, let me be someone who deserved it.”

It’s National Donut Day! It’s too bad Sadie won’t have any help making them :( 


I just need to gush about this character for a bit. She is my chosen fave out of the off colors (I love all of them, though).

She’s so blatantly a Ruby/Pearl fusion!

I don’t know about you guys, but the first thing that jumped out at me is the Pearl snoot. Every Pearl fusion’s got the snoot. She has a prefect combo of a Ruby and a Pearl’s face shape, making it kinda rectangular but not. She has the light Pearl eyes and the dark Ruby eyes, as well as light and dark hair. You can clearly see the thick Ruby arms and the the thin Pearl arms.

And her clothing! The sheer shawl, sweetheart-shaped top, and the right leg with the legging and flat is obviously Pearl, while the high neckline on the shawl and the left leg shorts with the short boot is obviously Ruby.

Plus, just look at their gem placements. The Pearl part is a chest gem, which could point to her being loving, joyful, or having inner peace (heart chakra). The Ruby is a belly gem, which is harder to gauge, but she could be caring, openly sweet (like Navy; doubt it), or loving to the point of being super emotional.

Whatever it may be, Rhodonite is one frazzled fusion.

I think it’s also important to note that she looks a lot like Garnet’s original look in the Answer, meaning that she’s a relatively young fusion (and that they haven’t poofed yet). These gems are still figuring each other out and getting used to being fused together. Love takes time and work, after all.

Honestly, the way Rhodonite freaks out about the shattering robots, the way she hugs herself about being an unforgivable fusion, says it all. She loves herself, her components love each other, and I love her.

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If I could make an Obianidala prompt suggestion (and it's totally cool if you don't want to do it), how about this one from obianidalasuggestion: post(/)161900186455(/)concept-anakin-trying-to-walk-out-the-door-of

Padme’s leaning back against her desk, her hands fisted in Anakin’s tunic, and they’re kissing as if they’re not in the middle of her offices with the door unlocked and her next appointment on their way there. His hands are on her hips, his thumbs stroking soft over the fabric of her pleated dress and Padme bites lightly at his bottom lip, making him whine into her mouth. 

He feels the knock on her door more than hears it and pulls away as Threepio opens the door with an introduction of her next appointment. By the time the door is open and the three senators and their aides are in the room with them, Anakin and Padme are a respectable distance away from each other and there isn’t a wrinkle or a hair out of place. 

“Thank you for briefing me, General Skywalker.” Padme dismisses as she turns to greet her other guests and Anakin bows lightly before leaving. 

Obi-Wan meets him at the parking garage, feeling vaguely annoyed as he usually does when he has to deal with politicians that aren’t Padme or Bail Organa. He looks up to greet Anakin and then takes an extended breath, as if he’s just caught Ahsoka skipping class. 

“Nice lipstick.” He deadpans and Anakin almost winces until he remembers that Obi-Wan loves him. Loves Padme. Accepts them both. 

He takes out a compact mirror and opens it to check his mouth and finds that his lipstick is indeed smeared. The soft peach color is smeared in various spots that luckily aren’t noticeable at just a glace but they’d be noticed during an extended council meeting, like the one they were headed towards. 

“Thanks.” He responds and starts to fix his makeup as they wait for their speeder to be brought up by the stacker. 

Okay wait but can I address something about this real quick? Like this was the very last we saw of Lars, and I couldn’t help but notice the way he is positioned. I get it’s supposed to be for Steven to be able to reach his head, but this is different than the way he is posed now. This is more like a knight bowing to his king/queen. This raises some questions for myself, such as if Lars will be somehow eternally tied to Steven the same way Lion sort of was for Rose? Will he serve in some big final battle alongside (i hope so)? I mean honestly who knows when we will ever find out what happens to this sweet cinnamon roll, but I just thought it was interesting how Lars made such a big effort to bow down to Steven instead of just bending forward like he did the first time. It can obviously be noted that Lars will have a much bigger impact on the series than he already did before, but it might be in an unexpected way of sorts. Since Lars doesn’t need to eat, will he be able to live for as long as a gem, or at least as long as Lion? He should be able to have the same or similar powers, maybe even the portal thing as well. Or maybe he will have his own special power. After all, just like Steven was the first and only of his kind, Lion is the only prior knowledge we have to go back on for Lars. Either way I’m super excited and I hope that Lars can kick more butt in the future and hopefully find a way to help Steven and the Crystal Gems. Also can we talk about those Off Colors though? so wonderful.

Okay, if I don’t post this now I never will! Anyway, @arcanebarrage (not letting me tag you), just wanna saw I love your fantastic fic and I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing! c:

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#40: Did you just stick your fingers in my mouth?

The music blasting from that old radio on the counter fills your ears as you dance closer to Shawn, your feet gliding across the tile in fluent twists. He looks down at you with narrowed eyes and teasing lips, his hands itching to lock around your waist. 

“Taste it,” you demand, your frosting-covered index finger dangling in front of his mouth. You’re pretty sure it tastes like strawberries– it tasted like strawberries to you, at least. But Shawn’s a picky kind of eater, and it takes a genuinely delicious dish to earn his approval. “Made the same kind as the one you liked at that wedding a couple months ago. It was Marney’s wedding, I think,” you tell him, your finger still poised in front of his red pout. “C’mon now. It’s good, I promise.” 

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Even though I really love the off colors Blue Zircon is a nerd and I LOVE IT. (Please don’t tell me that she is, or will be shattered.)