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4 w todoroki?

Soulmate AU Prompt #4 - AU where you’re born with a stripe of hair that’s the color of your soulmate’s hair (and it changes if they dye it etc.)

Todoroki Shouto:

  • He has a single stripe on his red side that is his soulmate’s color
  • His S/O has two stripes, one side a red stripe on the other a white stripe
    • They are confused by this… do they have two soulmates?
  • When they meet Todoroki, it finally makes sense why they have two colors and two stripes!
    • Todoroki has two different shades!
  • They think his hair is absolutely adorable! The colors contrast to each other, but he makes it look so good
    • Plus with that baby face, who could not love him and his interesting and unique looks
  • Todoroki is a bit startled when he meets his S/O
  • He thought that he’d never meet them since their are so many people in the world and he wasn’t even sure you and him were close
    • Yet here you were your stripes showing off his shades and his stripe glowing to let him know that you were his
  • He’s awkward at first, not really sure what to say or do.
  • Seeing this his soulmate invites him over their apartment for refreshments and some snacks
  • He nods and makes small conversations with them on their way back
    • He takes in their entire appearance and watches as their body and eyes show off their excitement for meeting him
    • Internally he’s really touched that someone would hold him in this high of a regard. 
    • He may or may not be head over heels in love already
  • When they get to Todoroki’s S/O’s apartment they make a light conversation and easily get used to the other.
  • His soulmate suggests they watch a movie and he agrees
    • They end up watching 3
  • Todoroki leaves in the night, saying he’ll call them tomorrow so they can hang out again
    • As he walks him he’s stroking the piece of hair that is his S/O’s color
    • Loves how he feels so connected to them already.

If I were Magnus, I would use my magic to mess with people.

Subtly, like move Robert Lightwood’s chair back a little bit so he falls on his ass when he sits down,

Or when Jace goes to grab his stele it isn’t there because it was moved across the room.

Or when Alec’s phone rings on his day off it somehow finds itself in another room.

Or unbutton one of the buttons on Raphael’s blazer just to piss him off (which is why he rarely buttons them)

Hmm.. what else, or even less subtle, like change Simon’s hair color randomly.

The possibilities are endless.


I would be the most annoying warlock.

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I just wanted to learn some basic info...fave color, favorite memory, what music he likes... I feel like I know so much about you and Dean and not nearly enough about Sammy :(

My favorite color is red, especially darker shades of red. As far as music, the few times I can listen to anything Dean might slightly disapprove of, I take the chance to try a little bit of everything. I find myself gravitating toward modern music in general. I think I mentioned Fall Out Boy before. I also like Imagine Dragons, they have a really unique style.

My favorite memory is hard to pick, but the one coming to mind is the time I broke my arm. Not the day of, that was a bad day for everyone involved. I was, what, four maybe? I had jumped off the shed pretending to be Batman. Dean was trying to get me to the hospital on the handlebars of his bike without crashing. But the next day, after we both had a good night’s sleep, Dean woke me up the next morning with some of my favorite foods and we spent the day watching cartoons. I just remember at lunch, Dean just turned to me and said something like, “You’re stupid as hell. Even if you can’t fly, doesn’t mean you can’t be a superhero.” I can’t believe I still remember that.

Don’t tell Dean I told you all that sappy shit, he’ll have a cow.



Carousel hairstyle for the Sims 4

To be honest, I was really convinced by the Toddler Stuff Pack… except for the cute curly hairstyle ! It has already been converted multiple time, but I wanted to make a less voluminious version of it, as we always need more curly hair options, so here is the result !

Available for teen to elder (male and female), hat compatible, base game compatible (it must be). In 19 base colors, as the dark brown one was a bit off, I edited it to make it darker, but kept the original one.

Download the hairstyle : SimFileShare

27/08/2017 : edited the hairstyle to make it available for female sims, and unallowed for random.

And if you like my creations, feel free to buy me a coffee (and a croissant if you can :D)

If want to edit one of my custom content and share it, or use it as a base, simply ask me. You can find my Terms of Use on this page.

ocean gem

im off the deep end tonight and giving the show too much credit BUT i can’t stop thinking about this scene

by saying this, gendry is acknowledging the fact that arya is a highborn and he is not, therefore making them inequal as far as family is concerned. then stuff happens and they are separated and before rowing off into oblivion, he learns exactly who he is and where he came from

finally we see gendry’s return tonight and he’s wearing baratheon colors and what has he made for himself? a hammer with the baratheon stag on it

and i just keep thinking of him forging this hammer for himself while thinking of her, adding the stag because it makes him feel worthy of her, and learning to fight because she told to practice right, and it breaks my heart a bit thinking of how he kept her in mind this entire time. and seeing how excited he is to leave immediately and get on the road that perhaps will lead him to her dfjslkjsdf the ship just sails itself the longer you think about it ahhhhh


AU where Bitty and Jack are singers and their managers set them up to make a song and music video together.


The corner pics are paparazzi shots probably.