the colors and layout is just amazing

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Hi everyone!
I know it’s been a while, I went to Annecy for a week & our short film was finally shown. Our job was to create an opening short that would pay hommage to one of the female pioneers of animation : Mary Blair.

Here are the other 4 films, please check them out, they’re super rad!

They were shown just before each screening at  Annecy Festival, with a different short every day. No pressure there :3

Thank you to all my amazing colleagues who did  a fantastic job on this :

mmmichiru (Michiru Baudet)

carrececile (Cécile Carre)

pimpmypegbar (Léni Marotte)

vivianevguimaraes (Viviane Guimarães)

I worked mainly on backgrounds (design, color script, final painting as well as layouts) and compositing.

Hope you like it! I’ll be posting a bunch of stuff related to this project for a while, bear with me :)

thetrashprncess  asked:

im starting to make photosets (i think they are called that) and mine arent really that good but yours are so amazing! any tips?

i bet yours are beautiful!! honestly aesthetic photosets are some of my favorite edits because they’re simple to make yet so pretty to look at! 

there’s not really any tips i can think of, but just keep on creating! try out different things like different layouts or different effects and colorings, something like that! you can’t possibly go wrong with them. ❤️

He’s done. He’s finally done. I’m not used to inking and coloring people, I just sketch some random armor design and call it a day ;w; 

Hope you like it! I love the new season of RvB, super inspirational for concept<3 I’ll be starting Felix and Siris very soon!~

The layout of this drawing was inspired by a Hotline Miami(amazing game) fan art. Once all three characters are done, the final image will be put together :D

Batman Reincorporated

When I started work on Batman Incorporated with Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette, it seemed to me that the concept driving it (and, by extension, all of Grant’s Batman work) was that all of Batman’s long, byzantine history was in continuity and that if you just gave Grant a chance he’d show you how all of those pieces fit together. Unfortunately, halfway through this series that was based on the idea that everything is in continuity, word came down that the New 52 would be happening, and that none of it would be in continuity anymore. Batman had never duelled Ra’s al Ghul in the desert. He’d never had his back broken by Bane. He’d never been a prisoner of three worlds with Kathy Kane’s Batwoman. Heck, there was no Kathy Kane anymore. No Stephanie Brown. None of that happened.


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