the colorings off oops

Here to shake things up

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after going through the winx club tag, i realized just how…ugly the show is

dont get me wrong, i LOVED the show when i was a kid. i used to draw winx club fanart, and it helped me become the artist i am today (smth abt the art style in the earlier seasons get me)

but the show is flawed, old and new seasons alike. The World of Winx is just…um. The whitewashing, the “fashion” design choices, idk. the animation’s decent so thats a good thing

this is wishful thinking, but i hope winx club gets a reboot, with better and diverse character designs, and better storytelling. this show still holds a special place in my heart haha

so i finished coloring this, finally. i’ve never actually colored anything with sai before, and i rarely color at all anyway, so this was basically an experiment where i tried a bunch of different things and hoped it would work. i think it came out pretty decent.