the coloring wasn't working out

Hey, Scully! Look at this.”

a thing I drew for my own au lol cause I’m way too deep in it

I’m bad at lighting but idc

ah fun fact tho this part of the actual fic hasn’t been posted yet and I don’t remember…when this happens but we’ll get there eventually I just really wanted to draw the boys taking a nap after writing this part

19.05 Happy Birthday @dorkishdorkish1905

Stee’s playlist of Medieval AU still puts me on an emotional ride~ 

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I felt like doing a group shot of AH out of boredom. Sadly I couldn’t fit Caleb or Kdin in there.

The melancholy that consumed her did not share the sharp edge of personal grief that accompanies the loss of a loved one, but invoked the emotional tenor of a powerful momento mori, a grave and morbid remembrance of the fragility of life and its proximity to all mortal beings, which was so easy for Jane to forget when wrapped in the comforts of New Town.

Some Gilded Scales for the soul (words by mtjester!)