the coloring was not good on you


First of all. It don’t matter how many adaptions their are of death note don’t change the fact that their not White. Second, why do you equate America to whiteness? Do Asian Americans not exist? Second off, white folks are not Indigenous to the Americas so don’t act like America equates y'all pasty asses.
Third, white folks always complain when people color turn white characters into brown or black ones. Y'all have a fit when we cosplay as these so called “white” characters. So don’t come at me with that bullshit of why it shouldn’t matter.
So it matter only when it’s “white” characters. Bitch bye.
And good acting? How the fuck do you know when you only give opportunities to mediocre ass white people? Who else got to audition?
Finally, ever fucking show out here is 99% white, and anytime we write stories for us with characters that look like us, y'all get hurt feelings bc you can’t have that too.
You racist ass, parasitic, greedy ass, self centered, white supremacist, whinny little bitches, need to have several seats. I’m done. Fucking look up white washed you ignorant Cabbage Patch built ass %%%.

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Glad I could do somethin'. ☺️☺️ Hope you've been having a good day, and wanted to ask what your favorite headcanons regarding Washington and Mulligan were. (Either together or separately, your pick. And feel free to go as in depth as ya want 🙃) lots of emojis today, pretty odd. Ah well. 💙 SMORCH

:0 oh !! thank u ! and ye, here’s some of my favorite hcs for the best boys,,,,

hercules mulligan

  • he’s on the autism spectrum! you’ll often find him making the “brrah” noise under his breath,, he’s stimming
    • his special interest is color theory!! and he loves being asked and he’s more than delighted to tell !! he kind of likes being considered The Expert™
    • (john asks him about color theory often and this makes hercules really excited! john also takes notes while herc is explaining)
    • he has a lot of recipes for slime / floam !
  • he’s taller than laf by one (1) inch and he loves making jokes about it 
    • (”laf probably couldn’t reach this but i sure can”)
  • he likes being creative, be it knitting or doodling or sewing or cooking,, he just really enjoys making stuff with his hands! makes him happy !
  • he doesn’t remember much of his childhood, save for the fact that he immigrated over from ireland when he was really lil,, that’s practically his only memory before the age of eleven
  • herc’s a really positive person!!
    • if he thinks you’re feeling down, he has a knack for knowing just what to say to help you feel better!!
    • he has the most blessed laugh Ever
  • he likes to go to the gym!
  • often comes off as more boastful or cocky, but it’s honestly him being genuinely proud of something he’s done!! he just likes to share,, hercules has done lots of things that he’s got every right to be proud of, and he knows it !
  • he likes to take aesthetic pictures of himself !!

george washington

  • if you call him cute he might actually pass out (wosh.exe has stopped responding)
    • despite the amount of compliments he gets, he’s surprisingly self-conscious / insecure about,, practically everything involving him
      • (he never vocalizes this and you’d only know if you’re good at reading his body language)
      • (he internalizes a lot of stuff)
    • he doesn’t know quite how to react other than just kinda clearing his throat and saying thank you (but he appreciates this v much)
  • he actually smiles more than you’d think he would ! he tries to maintain a certain composure (especially during the war) but he sometimes can’t help himself!!
  • sticks out his tongue when concentrating (don’t comment on this he gets embarrassed and he never really realizes that he still does it,,,)
  • likes to give christmas gifts to everyone he works with!
  • due to his upbringing, he’s quite harsh with himself when he shows any emotions he may perceive as “weak”. he’s learning more every day, though, and while it’s likely there’s always going to be a little voice that chastises him if he ever cries, he’s getting better at telling it to stay quiet,,
  • he likes boxing!
  • sometimes he draws, and he’s honestly better than you’d expect!! he has a super cute drawing style,,

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I saw that person asking for "sex with Jackson" so I was thinking, how about Got7's Youngjae? (btw, you're theme is super pretty, i'm in love with the color palette <3)

Thank you, it took me so long to decide which color lmao.

Sex with Youngjae.

  • Okay so, he is rather vanilla.
  • Kind of submissive but not into power play that much.
  • Moans loudly.
  • Loves white lingerie.
  • Likes it when you’re on top.
  • Never comes before you.
  • Really good at oral.
  • Likes giving oral.
  • Likes getting oral too but he has to be touching you in some way.
  • I feel like he comes quite fast but can go like 4 rounds.
  • High sex drive.
  • Likes biting you.
  • Likes being bitten.
  • Sometimes a little pet play, on both ends.
  • Loves sex where you are sitting in his lap.
  • Heavy breathing and scrunched nose.
  • Hides is face in your neck when he releases.
  • After sex he is vey giggly and blissed.

I’m absolutely floored at the fact that, when given the information that Floriana Lima is really a white woman and they’re having her play a non-white woman, these fans (many who go on and on about how *important* representation is) decided to double down on supporting her.  I’ve even reached out personally before and had them do that.  Sanvers will never be good representation because of its foundations, and if this were about pairing Maggie up with a man they would boycott the show.  But having a white woman play a woman of color while claiming to be a woman of color?  Apparently *that* is okay.  Ugh. 

I don’t know how they can complain about Mon-El and be okay with that.  Especially when they act like its because they’re tired of straight white men being in the center of everything.  Which is it?  If you’re so tired of whiteness than why is it okay to whitewash when its white women?  Why is it so “tiring’ to have to see a straight white man date Kara, but women of color are to be ignored if we say we’re tired of seeing Maggie’s fake tan shoved in our faces as “the next Lexa”? 


What the hell is it about white women in brown face that makes these fangirls (who are all about queer representation) feel like they need to support them?  Is it because its not really making them look at a woman of color?  Or its a woman of color without all of those “pesky” non-white features so they can still feel comfortable? 

It’s 26th of March already in Finland and if I don’t remember wrong this is @dashtumbles birthday! :D So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR! <3

I sketched this last month and thought; “Damn, this will look way too good to be given just an original gift. I will ask when her birthday is!” and luckily her birthday was just coming so NOW I can give this to you, ahaha! :D

This came out SO MUCH MORE BETTER than I ever dared to hope for so therefor I’m VERY happy and super PROUD of this work. It’s one of the best ones what I have ever done (and I didn’t even need reference)!

Colored with the help of @msobscure‘s small tutorial.

I colored my pizzabot from last time.

“I made pizza delivery robot. As speedy as he looks, when you get your pizza it’s always cold. The pizza at this place doesn’t even taste that good in the first place. It’s only his part time job after-all. He needs to pay his student loans, but he looks good doing it.”

He probably just spends too much money on shoes and this is why he’s still in debt. Also he majored in dance.

💜 Ways To Cheer Up Your Little ❤️

* Snuggle. What little doesn’t like to be close to their Caregiver? The sound of your heartbeat can soothe your little
* Make them their favorite little meal. Food brings comfort and there’s nothing better than having a good meal.
* Read them a book/make-up a story. Your little loves the sound of your voice.
* Put on a puppet show! This will definitely get your little giggling to no end.
* Bubbles. Get a huge bottle of bubbles, go to the park, and pop those bubbles together!
* Color with your little. Encourage your little’s creative flow.
* Bring your little their favorite stuffie. Mr. Snuggles is a great listener and always knows how to make everything better.
* Bubble baths! Baths are good for the soul and you can even bathe your little to create a special bond.
* Put on your little’s favorite movie.
* Last but not least, tell your little how much they mean to you and you’ll always be there when they need you most.

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In regards to color pie philosophy, how do you reconcile green's "resistance to change" with advantage cards like Giant Growth, Exploration, or Sylvan Library? I know that green is about growth, but in my mind, growth is a type of change. Is it because the effects all strengthen the game rule mechanics that are already there (e.g. You already get to play lands, but now you get to play more)? Good job on the color pie articles, by the way :)

Green is against artificial change. It is just fine with normal, natural change.

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What would you recommend for a good starter foundation for a woman of color

I started with prescriptives foundation and then I moved on to MAC. These are not drugstore. It’s important to know your undertones when you are first starting out. I went to the mall into stores to have someone match me to the right shade. I am sure my followers will have a suggestion. I suggest a bb cream

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Every time I see your art I wanna cry cause it's so good?! Like the cool color, the shading, the looks of you art makes it look so nice to stare and behold at..... If that makes any sense.

I m- THANK YOU!! Thats lowkey my end goal bc when looking at others art I love staring at it for hours and finding every nook and cranny of detail ;; I hope to achieve that sort of thing for others when it comes to my art!

Some Draco Malfoy Headcanons

-He’s got a few freckles on his cheeks and the bridge of his nose but most of his freckles are on his shoulders and upper back.

-Has one mole near the corner of his right eye and another one on his jawline. He also has a few on his neck. Most of the time he covers them up but sometimes he just can’t care about them enough to do that much.

-His hair is slightly darker in the fall and winter, more of a goldish color but in the spring and summer his hair is stark white.

-Draco is actually super good with animals when he’s by himself and specifically adores horses. 

-He grew up around horses most of his life, he’s also the type of person who’ll point out any horse he sees when you’re driving with him.

-Cats are really attracted to him and he’ll take a good half hour out of his day to pet any cat he sees. He’s weak for really fluffy cats but also finds spynx cats to be quite fascinating. 

-Has a birthmark on his hip that looks like a boat.

-Owns at least 7 pairs of heels, he’s a classy man with classy tastes.

-Either looks like the cover of a magazine or looks like a hobo, there’s no in-between

-Got into knitting as a way of de-stressing, makes sweaters in his free time and donates them when he’s finished them.

-Has an 8ft long scarf that he knits constantly, its a bunch of mixed yarn but he works on it at least four times a day.

-Taps his foot all of the time, taps other things, he taps a lot

-Doodles on all of his work, turned in ministry paperwork with doodles all over the margins.

-Is super gay for Harry potter

-Drinks more coffee than he does tea.

-Sleeps with five blankets on his bed, only uses like one at a time.

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Thank you for all the drawings with stretch marks, mine make me really self concious and it's nice to see these

suqarcrunch said: Hi! I’ve seen all the recent posts about stretch marks - I’m pretty chubby, and I seem to have some strange stretch marks. I have some on my stomach, right under my belly button but it’s in kind of a U shape. I also love ur art ur amazing bye thank u for all the body positivity and diversity <3

thank you!!! tbh im kinda hoping focusing on them for a lil bit will make it harder for me to forget them in regular pictures pbtbtbtbtb

memory problems can suck my ass B(

nyander said: WOAHHHH THAT ROXY W THE COLORED LINES IS POPPINN…………. it looks so good w ur style im 😩😩😩😩😩😩👌👌👌👌👌


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Shu family headcanons please! :3

Sure you can!

♫ Let’s face it Shu doesn’t want kids because that’s gonna cut into his sleep.

♫ That being said, he does need one to carry on for him so he may sacrifice for one, just one.

♫ You two end up with a small family.

♫ After convincing Shu, which took a lot, you finally ended up try and had a boy! He is the spitting image of Shu but with your eye color. He’s kind and quiet with very good manners and diligence, actually nobody has ever had a cross thing to say about him. He does very well in school receiving high marks without even trying and even founded the newspaper club. Shu and him get along quite well, not because he is quiet though, and have never had an argument ever. He is very protective of you though and may tear somebody in half if they hurt you but that theory has not been tested and nobody is willing to try.

♫ Alright you’ve had your one, you’re done everybody can go home… Wait nope, it happens again. This time wasn’t really planned, you had never seen Shu’s eyes grow that wide before once you told him. You also never saw him smile that wide when she turns out to be a girl. It’s scary how much she looks like her paternal grandmother from the start, luckily she ends up with a happy go lucky attitude and, much to Shu’s dismay, loves to talk… a lot. But don’t get that twisted, Shu would kill someone for his daughter and so would your oldest son though his approach would be more of a lecture than anything. She does well in school though and keeps her grades up, not to the extent of her brother but she’s passing, and doesn’t join any clubs. She finds a love in the arts; what kind? All of them except for theater. She is mostly fond of painting and can usually be seen covered in it from her latest work, but she is also very adept in the violin, piano, and loves the fiddle.