the coloring on this is so bad coloring this show is a trip let me tell you

texts from last night! meme

[text] Does me being hung over take away from how professional I can be today?

[text] The bar would not accept my money. I have reached God status here

[text] He was very considerate of my needs, he offered me pizza before and after.

[text] I asked him for something to clean up with after sex and he handed me a sham wow. A SHAM WOW

[text] So I was putting on a condom and looked to my right to not make eye contact, she said did you just look at the American flag while putting that on. I said this one’s for Team USA.

[text] He gave me the “find somebody who wants to date you for who you are” speech while I walked around the house asking people for pants.

[text] I will show up on your front porch in a wet t shirt and some mac and cheese

[text] I just got high off one hit and then Spent 20 minutes inspecting the gasket of our refrigerator and researching ways to replace it

[text] Seriously. I’m like, “Wait, we are actually talking about physics in the middle of sex and its ACTUALLY erotic because you’re so fucking intelligent I’m turned on?”

[text] Hyyypothetically, what would you do if you happened to see my boobs on the internet?

[text] He fucked me so hard my nail polish actually chipped. I’m keeping him.

[text] I’m making poor life decisions again. Tune in tomorrow to see how much I hate life.

[text] It’s a lube slip n slide down the hallway now. Details later.

[text] Just woke up with an entire pack of Oreos in my cheetah onesie. I’ve been waiting for this moment forever.

[text] Lesson learned. Don’t roleplay with a real knife.

[text] We got drunk and crashed a fifty year old woman’s birthday party for the food. Whoops.

[text] He asked me if I wanted to blow his whistle and proceeded to pull out an actual whistle.

[text] I woke up this morning with 3 phone numbers, a red Chinese New Year envelope with cash in it, and a winning scratcher all stuffed in my bra. I’d say it was a pretty successful Thursday night.

[text] I’m wearing sunglasses around my house. Douchebag status. The hangover is real.

[text] He’s like… An octopus that touches my vagina in all these diff ways at the right times. It’s almost unsettling

[text] I was orgasming and dying of laughter at the same time. I think I’ve found the One.

[text] Do me a favor I want you to reach down the front of your pants and underwear and just feel around for a while… if you happen to find your balls then join us

[text] i just walked into a room at this party and someone yelled “dibs!”…

[text] and then she said I drew a line on her forehead with my cum and whispered “Simba”

[text] so I was just driving high and I stopped to let a pinecone cross the road because I thought it was a hedgehog.

[text] Sex on bubble wrap = best decision ever.

[text] Your lack of great college experience of margaritas and foam parties scares me

[text] We get an extra hour of sleep. That means we can take an extra shot tonight. Sounds logical. Thank you daylight savings.

[text] when someone at the bar asked you a question all you knew how to say was “chug-a-lug”

[text] There’s a girl in class eating a pumpkin pie. Like a whole pie straight from the pan with a fork.

[text] Apparently I taped knives to my hands and made everyone call me wolverine

[text] My house smells like bleach. Also, I do not feel bad about all the stuff I stole from the hospital while I was there.

[text] He told me he loved me. I didn’t know what to say so i just squirted the baby oil at him

[text] Get here, there are important joints to be smoked and pies to be eaten

[text] Can I even tell you how badly I want a day that is just on and off napping and sex with intermittent snack breaks? Because I want that day very badly.

[text] He came so hard that he yelled what sounded like a spell from Harry Potter.

[text] we were both freshly single and using each other as rebounds. most intense sex I’ve ever had. i felt like a grizzly bear emerging from hibernation in a whirlwind of sexual fury

[text] I need a drink and a shade of lipstick that will put the fear of God in a man’s heart.

[text] When was the last time you wore pants?

[text] I’ve replaced you with thin mints and masturbation

[text] Tuesday Boozeday turned into What-the-fuck-were-you-thinking Wednesday real fast.

[text] Have you ever had chicken nuggets while high? Because it tastes like hearing the Beatles for the first time

[text] Being able to fart in my own house is like 90% of why I pay rent

[text] We played Rock Paper Scissors to see who would have to go down on the other person.

[text] I just accidentally showed an old lady a pic of my penis while showing her cat pics. So how’s your day going?

[text] I found a door knob in my purse this morning, I hope whoever it belonged to doesn’t need it today.

[text] We go out, we get drunk, we watch Star Wars, we pass out. What’s wrong with this tradition?

[text] all i’ve had to eat today is leftover bday cake and a shot of tequila.

[text] Pretty sure the guy I hooked up with Saturday gave me a buy one get one free coupon for chipotle. Who said nice guys don’t exist?

[text] Apparently nothing brings out sympathy in a barista like asking if they have a hangover special

[text] And when I feel bad about myself I go to the library and suck my pen over an open book, counting the seconds until a guy sits across from me and tries to get my attention

[text] This is a mass text to all my friends. Whoever gets this first, please find me and confiscate my phone immediately. I am far too high to have it. Even if you have to punch me in my face to get it. Otherwise, let the “High While Analyzing Disney Movies” texts begin.

[text] Seriously insulted!! You can not share my dick pick with your gay brother. He won’t quit poking me on fb

[text] I am trying to think of a way to make alcohol cupcakes

[text] One of us needs to be functional tomorrow and it won’t be me. I’m drinking liquor out of a fishbowl.

[text] You pulled the fire alarm because you had to shit and there was someone in the bathroom. you said you needed privacy

[text] im guessing your the one that tried to make bacon in the toaster

[text] just smoked a blunt while listening to nsync. i now know what my childhood was missing.

[text] I just made out with a girl with a life jacket on wtf is going on

[text] Let’s play a little game called “Chill the Fuck Out” - you’re our first contestant

[text] Didn’t get laid. But got a free pie from a waitress. A whole pie.

[text] I am swimming in semen. He must have been holding it in for a special occasion.

[text] you should buy a sheep. A) you get an awesome pet. B) free coat

[text] tonight is going to be epic. can you pre-book an ambulance?

[text] We thought you were crowd-surfing until we realized it was the bouncers throwing you out

[text] maybe tonight we can turn coloring into a drinking game

[text] i think its awesome that according to your mom i’m your friend that caught on fire.

[text] So fucked up. Can’t tell if I’m starving or about to puke. Playing it safe and eating froot loops. Tasty in, colorful out.

[text] I just saw a hobo ride by on a unicycle. Good day.

[text] Vodka is such a love hate relationship.

[text] you traded sex for a burrito?

[text] I made a game called come to class high and eat nachos.

[text] You decided to make a porno with gummy bears and things went downhill from there.

[text] it’s not a party till someone uses the fire extinguisher.

[text] You’re always adorable, but when you’re drunk, you’re like Chia Pet adorable.

[text] this kid just offered me adderall in exchange for my meal points. college at its finest

[text] I was cleaning up my drunken mess and I found my ID in a cereal box

[text] I am now the proud owner of a 10-12 year old’s Optimus Prime costume from Walmart. Tomorrow is going to be a good day.

[text] It’s like eating cereal and milk but instead of cereal it’s gummy bears and instead of milk it’s vodka.

[text] You leave a trail of fuck everywhere you go

[text] Scott woke me up by cracking a beer open in my face. Best friends are awesome.

[text] we woke up to him feeding us cheetos at 3am. and by feeding i mean shoving them in our mouths and saying “i mean who doesn’t like cheetos”

[text] quit making up holidays to get me to go drinking with you

[text] I left a cheeto on everyone’s car trailing to the house i’m at, hanzel and gretel style.

[text] Just got a event reminder on my phone to never party with you again.

[text] nobody understood you. You kept speaking french and hiding shit in your boobs

[text] When I came home you were using a glowstick to eat peanut butter from the jar.

[text] kinda considering buying a life alert for sophomore year

[text] My phone auto-corrects smirnoff to poisoned. I think it is trying to tell me something.

[text] Anywhere you can eat green eggs and ham, you can have sex.

[text] you were running down the aisles of wal mart singing ‘follow the yellowbrick road’. i’m pretty sure you thought the night shift workers were the munchkins & started crying when they wouldnt help u find the wizard. needless to say u were pretty stoned/wasted

[text] It’s like the only way I know how to apologize is by giving a blow job.

[text] did you by any chance leave me that 7 minute long voicemail of you running and constantly tripping into bushes?

[text] The world would be so much better with thought bubbles.

[text] I love taking my adderall while im in class! As soon as I take the pill out everyone around me just stares in envy!

[text] You handed some guy a spoon you found, he yelled SPOON GAME, and then the two of you spent the next 20 minutes throwing spoons all over the kitchen.

[text] I just told a dude I hooked up with last night he was the pick of the litter.

[text] So I woke up today with someone’s door knob in my pocket. I hope everybody else got out of the house ok.

[text] So we successfully lit our bathtub on fire. Thought you should know.

[text] Because when I say 'You shouldn’t drink anymore’, she hears, 'I personally challenge you to chug 3 more mixed drinks’

[text] okay, this game isn’t funny anymore. tell us where all the forks are.

[text] The lack of pants and amount of productivity in my life right now is amazing.

[text] when i start to cry when i lose at mario kart is when you should put me to bed

[text] so apparently the car got towed with me passed out in the back seat.

[text] You closed the sidewalk off to pedestrians last night. With a glitter covered safety cone

[text] never. drinking. again.

[text] I’m gonna get drunk and through up on the first happy couple I see.

[text] got some bad news about ur virginity. she didnt make it thru the night

[text] I need a good reason NOT to eat this entire jar of nutella right now

[text] i’m out of smokes so i just had an after sex popsicle. this might become an addiction.

[text] Yeah I think we tried to use the shower curtain as a parachute because its tied to my backpack with some string. Dont know if anyone actually attempted it though.

The Run & Go

An au where Tyler and Josh are criminals. 


The Day Of

The screams have become background noise.  I can hear them but they’re muffled and far away.  Logically, I know that I should be in pain.  But, instead, I’m staring up at the ceiling and there’s this beautiful, glass chandelier reflecting a thousand different shades of color and honestly, it’s not so bad.  There’s blues and yellows and pinks and greens, and it seems like the more commotion there is erupting in the building, the more the colors sway and jump around.  It makes me think of you, so bright and vibrant and free.  A thousand different shades and layers, each one more beautiful than the last.

I wish that I could breathe better, but the cloth from my mask was covering up my mouth and it made the air seem so hot.  I can see my chest rising and falling from the bottom of my eyes, but it’s not in rhythm, it’s choppy and shallow.  Unnatural.  Desperate.

There’s so many different noises to differentiate from.  There’s the cries for help.  Some people are sobbing.  Some are yelling.  There’s the sirens outside, growing more and more intense as the entire Boston police department shows up.  There’s a crunching sound nearby, someone stepping on shattered glass as they attempt to run.  There’s more gunshots.  More screams.  

Someone almost steps on me in all the commotion, or maybe they did.  It doesn’t matter though, I can’t really feel the rest of my body anyway.

In the heat of it all, someone’s grabbing my arm.  Their silhouette blocks my view from the chandelier and I want to protest, but then Tyler’s features come into focus and I let out a shaky sigh of relief.  

He looks worried, his mouth’s moving, forming words that I can’t understand, but he’s not hurt.  He’s here, alive and well.  Tyler’s got both hands on me, gripping my arms and pressing down on my torso, looking from my chest to my face, back and forth.  I briefly wonder why he keeps doing that.  It’s only when he raises his hands, to cover up his wide, gaping mouth, that I see the glistening, red, liquid all over his skin.  He’s covered in blood.  My blood.  

The sight of it snaps me back into reality, which, in all honesty, isn’t ideal.  That’s when the pain hits.  It’s a searing, ripping sensation in my chest.  There’s pressure and heat and it just _hurts. _I try to call out, but when I open my mouth, there’s this gurgling noise and a bitter, irony taste in my mouth.

“Oh God—“ Tyler gasps as he quickly presses down on my chest once again.  

I sputter, blood spewing in the air with each breathe I take.

Tyler’s telling me to hold on just a little longer, that the van would be here any second.  But it’s hard to listen.  Amidst it all, I suddenly think of the trip to Jamaica that I never got to take.  I think of the white, sandy beach.  The fresh ocean air.  The cool drink in my hand.  I can picture it.  Or at least everything I hoped it would be.  The pain starts to go away.  Tyler blurs out of focus, and the world around me starts to narrow in.  I think of the pizza place on fifth avenue that I never tried, or the Fenway tickets I never bought.  I think of the letter I wish I had written to my mom.  

I think of hundreds of places I never went and thousands things I didn’t do, but the last thing that pops into my head before the whole world goes dark, is you.

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Into You

pairing: phillipa soo x reader

request: If it’s alright, could I request a Phillipa/Reader where the Reader is the standby for Eliza and really looks up to Pippa? And they’re like always clinging onto her and it’s so obvious that Pip has a crush on them but the reader is naive and oblivious? Sorry if that’s weird, it’s the first thing that came into my mind. Thank you in advance!

summary: Reader is a standby for Eliza and she quickly become great friends with Pippa, but it doesn’t take long for reader to realize she has feelings for Pippa.  

warnings: literally nothing I don’t think i swore even once

words: 2080

a/n: Here’s that pippa fic that i promised! I’m sorry it took so long, but it’s here and now I get to watch all the gatsby scenes I want to haha! 

tags: @bluesnowyangel and @hamrevolution

When you joined the cast of Hamilton as a standby for Eliza, you didn’t expect to be welcomed into the family with such open arms. Phillipa went well out of her way to make sure you felt at home in your new home away from home and even went as far as to give you a personal tour of New York City.

Before you knew it, you and Pippa had become the best of friends and were practically inseparable in every way. At every after party or celebration, instead of visiting with Jimmy Fallon or The Roots or even any of the other cast members, you stuck right by Pippa’s side like glue, and she did the same. It was a friendship made in heaven; as far as you two were concerned, nothing could go wrong.

But all good things hit a bump in the road eventually. It didn’t take a terribly long time for you to realize that your feelings for Pippa weren’t strictly platonic, and that lead to a knot tying up in your stomach anytime you were with her.

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Creepypasta #1093: Hide And Seek

Length: Super long

This happened just a few hours ago, and I’m still shaking. I don’t know if I should tell my wife what just happened, or if she will think I’m insane and that I can’t be left alone with our daughter anymore.

We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. My wife and I have tons of relatives in the city, so it’s going to be a full house. We’ve never made a dinner to this scale before, but my wife, Stephanie, wanted to show off our new house. Well, it’s new to us but in actuality the house is over 100 years old. It’s located in the quiet, historical neighborhood of our city, where the houses aren’t within whispering distance of one another and have large yards with huge trees. We bought the place over a year ago but weren’t able to move in for the first 8 months, as it had needed almost a complete renovation.

Anyway, back to dinner. We’d spent most of our free time over the last week cleaning and organizing the house, making sure it was fit to host a dinner of close to 30 people. My wife went nuts making sure everything was spotless. 

We got up fairly early this morning, for a holiday. I made a quick breakfast for us, put the turkey in the oven, and then Steph was out the door to go into work for a few hours. Steph’s a lawyer and she’s angling to be made a junior partner within the next few months, so she’s been working like crazy.

“Ok, everything is chopped and ready to go,” said Steph, pulling on her gloves, “I’ll be back by 12 or 1 at the latest, and then we can get cooking.”

“Sounds good. I’ll try to keep Kenzie from making a mess. See ya later." 

Steph gave me a quick kiss, picked up her overflowing shoulder bag and then shouted "Bye, Kenz, I’ll be back soon!” to our five year old daughter Mackenzie. 

We heard a cheerful “Bye, Mom!” in return. I opened the front door for Steph, letting in a gust of freezing air. The sky was a dark grey color and flakes of snow were starting to drift down. 

“Be careful driving, OK?” I called to Steph. She waved at me, then got into her car and backed out of the long driveway.

I shut the front door and then went back into the kitchen to find Kenzie sitting at her play table, watching Paw Patrol on the iPad and coloring.

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Clichés: Chapter 2

Someone asked me to tag them in this so they could know when it was updated…but i’m a moron and didn’t write their url down. So if you wanna be tagged/mentioned when there’s an update, send me an IM or an ask. I’ve added a button on my blog that will allow you to read Clichés in chronological order.

Once your blush faded away and you were composed enough to not look like an idiot that was in love with their boss, you went to go talk to your other boss, the one that you weren’t majorly crushing on. Not that Jack Morrison wasn’t attractive with those stunning blue eyes and sexy blonde hair and fit, muscular body with arms that probably felt like heaven lying in… what was the point again?

You walked up to him just as that bitchy reporter was leaving. You could see the frown on her pretty face as she huffed and turned away, walking towards the elevator with purpose. Jack groaned once she was out of sight, those blue eyes you had just been thinking about rolling in annoyance.

“Didn’t think she was ever gonna leave.” He huffed, turning around and sitting on top of your desk. You moved to stand beside him, offering a comforting smile.

“How’d it go?” You asked him, eyes darting to the mug of coffee resting dangerously close to the corner of your desk. The coffee you made that morning was no doubt cold and gross by now, but if it spilled, you’d have to clean it up. Or the janitor, Jamison, would and he could be a little intense. Luckily Jack seemed to notice the mug on the brink of suicide and picked it up before he accidentally knocked it over.

“She didn’t take it well, but she’ll be out of our hair for now,” He informed her, “‘World’s Okayest Secretary’?” He read the text on the mug, deep chuckle escaping his lips.

“Yes, it was a Christmas present from Mister Reyes.” You recalled the memory fondly.

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“Moments Like These”

Words: 1,593

Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader

Summary: Reader breaks her hand on a hunt with the boys

Warnings: Fluff

Link to the imagine which inspired this


“AAAH!” You scream as you drop your knife to the ground, grabbing your wrist with your other hand. You felt the bone in your hand snap as the vampire squeezed harder. The pain is throbbing and radiating throughout your hand, making you whimper. Unfortunately, this just makes the vampire laugh and try to hurt you more.

“Sam! Dean!” You see the two men charge into the room. The vampire lets go of you, walking over to them with a grin on his face.

“I just snapped this pretty girl’s wrist. Should I do it to your necks?” He smirks.

“Oh, you must not know who we are.” Dean smirks, and cuts clean through his head. You sigh in relief, and they rush over to you.

“Y/N, you have got to get to a hospital. You have a broken hand and you’ve lost a lot of blood.” Sam frowns, helping you up. It had been a hunting trip gone wrong. When they asked you to go on the hunt with them, it was to go as bait so they could “gank that bitch” (can you guess who said that one?). Being bait didn’t work, you got kidnapped, and were kept tied up in a basement as he fed off of you. The reason he was breaking your wrist in the first place was because you managed to untie your hands and grab your knife, attempting to stab him, but he was too fast for you.

“I’m fine, I swear.” You grab his hand with your good one. “I hate hospitals.”

“That’s too bad, kiddo, ‘cause we’re going there now. Broken hands don’t heal themselves.” Dean shakes his head. You make a face at him calling you kiddo, something he has done since you two met, even though you’re only a little younger than Sam.

“Right.” You say shortly, following them to the impala.


“We’re going to need to take her into X-Ray, but I can almost guarantee that she’s got a broken bone somewhere in there.” The doctor tells you three as you sit in the ER room.

“Does that mean I have to wear a cast?” You frown, getting off the hospital bed to follow him. Wearing a cast would really put a damper in things.

“It would, yes.” He nodded, leading you into a room filled with equipment you’d never seen in your life.

“Just lay your hand there, keep it steady, and it’ll be over soon.” The doctor reassures you, noticing you look nervous.

“Okay,” You mumble.

“So, those men back there? Your brothers?” He makes friendly conversation from behind this big window.

“No, just friends. Although, they’re sort of like brothers to me.” You admit. It was the first time you said that out loud.

“So, you have two bones broken in your hand. Your lunate and your scaphoid, your scaphoid being the worst of the two. Almost shattered.” He tells you. You look at him blankly, not knowing “doctor” terms. “You’re going to need surgery. Then we’ll put you in a cast and send you on your way.”

“Great…” You trail off.


The surgery went fine, and the pain meds they gave you afterwards helped tremendously.

“What color cast should I get, guys?” You teased Sam and Dean. You’ve all been at the hospital for hours, and you’re so thankful that they’re still there. You know they must be bored out of their minds sitting in those chairs all day.

“Definitely hot pink.” Dean teases back. You decide to just go with the colorless one, because you like to change up your look too much to stick to one color for months.

By the time you finally get out of the ER, it’s the next day and the three of you are exhausted.

“Let’s just find a motel and crash.” Sam suggests as you lay down in the backseat of the impala.

“Fine by me, we’re not in a rush to get anywhere.” You yawn. “I’m sharing the bed with Dean, though. Every time I’m forced to sleep in the same bed as Sam, he takes up the whole thing.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault I’m so tall.”

“Nah, Y/N just wants to share a bed with me because of my good looks and smokin’ body.” Dean pipes in.

“You wish, Dean.” You snort.

“Ouch.” Sam laughs. It’s moments like these that you love, when the three of you are making jokes and laughing together. You much prefer this over the times you’ve spent crying together.

Dean pulls into the next motel he sees off the side of the road, and Sam heads in to get us a room key. I groan as I get out of the car, the pain meds wearing off. You try to grab your bag, but Dean stops you.

“Hey, hey, relax. I got it.” He smiles at you, throwing your backpack over his shoulder.

“Thanks, man.”

“I didn’t get the chance to say this earlier, but thanks for comin’ with us on this hunt. Even if we screwed up.”

“You don’t need to thank me for that. Thank you for saving my ass. I’m the one who got myself in this mess.” You laugh, lifting up your hand to show him.

Sam comes back and lets you in the room. It’s not very big- barely enough room for the two queen beds, and the light over the sink doesn’t work, but it would be fine for one night.

You grabbed your pills and your water bottle from your bag, taking the correct dosage before grabbing clothes to get in the shower.

“How can you shower with that thing on?” Dean looks puzzled.

“I guess you just try to not get it wet. Maybe I’ll put a plastic bag over it. I can’t not shower for three months, Dean.”

“I’m going to get food. Want us to bring anything back for you?” Sam asks.

“No, I’m not hungry.” You respond, opening the door to the bathroom.

“I think I’ll stay here with Y/N. Make sure she doesn’t need anything.” You hear Dean tell Sam after you close the door. You can’t hear Sam’s response, so you turn on the shower and step inside. The warm water feels good, making you almost moan in delight.

After you finish washing your hair and your body, which prove to be quite difficult with only one hand, you step out of the shower and dry off. You put on simple pajamas, just a pair of little shorts and an oversized flannel that you knew you stole from one of the guys at some point.

You walk out into the bed area to see Dean sitting on the one closest to the door, staring intently at the TV. You move your head and laugh to see what he’s watching.

“Dr. Sexy, M.D.? Really?” You laugh.

“It’s a good show!” He defends, blushing as he reaches to switch the channel.

“You don’t have to change it.” You tell him, taking a seat next to him and beginning to brush your wet hair. You find it to be difficult since it’s really tangled and you have to use your non-dominant hand.

“Can you brush my hair?” You finally ask Dean. He gives you an odd look, but he takes the brush from your hand and begins to lightly make the comb go through your hair.

“You can brush harder than that. I’m not tender headed.”

“You’re not what?”

“Nevermind.” You laugh. He continues to work his way down your hair, eventually getting all the tangles out.

“Need me to do anything else?” He asks. An idea pops in your head, making you smile.

“Actually, yeah, can you blow dry it, too? I don’t like sleeping with it wet.” You lie, trying to see how far you can take this.

“Uh, I guess.”

You show him how to turn it on and work it, and he starts drying your hair, making a face every time your wet hair smacks him in the face. You have to try your hardest not to giggle at this situation- The big, tough Dean Winchester is doing your hair. Who would have thought?

“It’s not getting any drier.” He pouts, turning it off after about five minutes.

“It takes time.”

“Man, I have no idea what I’m doing…” He laughs.

“It’s alright, I can just sleep with it wet. It’s honestly not a big deal.” You start to feel bad.

“What? No. I started this thing, I’m going to finish it.”

Dean turns the blow-dryer back on, and as soon as he does, Sam enters the room with food. His eyes open wide at the situation before him, making him smirk before shaking his head.

“Forcing him to do your hair, huh?”

“He’s good with his hands.” You say nonchalantly, not realizing what you just said before they both start cracking up. “Oh God, that sounded horrible.”

“I think you need to get some sleep.” Dean kisses your head, moving over so you can lay down.

You lay your head on the pillow, closing your eyes. Despite the recent events, this is the happiest you’ve been in a while. Being with them just gives you this peace, this safe feeling. You feel like no matter what happens, you know it’s going to be ok. 

I guess the Winchester brothers just have that effect on you.

Showing You Off- Johnny Gaudreau

Originally posted by giganticism

Ok so here we have Johnny being well… Johnny… no vegetables involved, but clothes which he needs much help with as well so… enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Can you please do an imagine where you’re dating gaudreau and you’re shopping but you go into a store where a girl you used to be friends with works there and you get upset and Johnny basically shows you off to her


              “Are we almost done?” Johnny whined as he followed you into yet another store.

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Gajevy Week: Prompt: Trouble Twins Colorful Revenge


Rated: T

Prompt: Trouble Twins


Colorful Revenge

Gajeel gets revenge on Metalicana in the best of ways.

Gajeel was in the kitchen with Levy, sighing as he buried his face in her neck. Their four-year-old twins were a rambunctious set that left both adults exhausted at times.

“How long did they keep you up last night?” Levy asked lightly, leaning back into her husband after filling two coffee mugs.

“A lil’ while. Shutora was having nightmares.” He grumbled.

Levy had never seen Gajeel jump out of bed so fast. Their daughter’s cry and sob of “Daddy!” Had him tripping over himself to rush out of the bed. Levy wasn’t far behind. When the man cradled the girl, he quietly waved his wife off to go back to bed as he was soon taking care of the twins, calming them both down, since Yajeh woke up to his sister’s cries.

Turns out while they had Natsu and Lucy watching the twins so they could make some repairs around the house before the kids came back, Natsu decided to tell the story of a monster.

He was gonna kill Natsu if Lucy hadn’t already. Likely Nashi, Natsu and Lucy’s daughter, would have nightmares from it as well.

“Think Metalicana will be able to handle them?” Levy asked, looking at her daughter who was chasing her brother. The little girl was so much like her father it was frightening sometimes.

“Nah. Probably not. But, eh.” He shrugged before smirking slightly. Maybe he could use that against his old man.

The male eventually sighed, grabbing his cup to take a long drink before catching his wife’s lips. “Then we get some time away from the kids…”

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Black [M]

A/N: i’m going to be honest and say that this is my least favorite chapter so far :| maybe because it’s sad idk

characters: dean x oc, zico x oc, crush, rome

genre: angst(ish?), university au

rated: m, alcoholism, violence, (mentions of) abuse (physical and physiological), sexual content (not in this ch)


chapter 4:

“chaeyeon!” dean yelled out for me. his voice sounded distant and my head was throbbing. i felt my face resting against the cold pavement. I didn’t know what was happening but my wrist felt like it had been snapped in two. i heard a mixture of yelling and gasps as i laid on the ground. i was barely able to make out the words being hollered.


“what are you going to do? hit me?”

dean was frustrated and angry, i heard it in the way he uttered his words. the sound of sirens followed quickly after, becoming closer with every second that passed by. i felt a set of hands lift my head off the pavement, it felt wet.

“fuck. uhm okay, you’re okay chae just stay awake ok it’s nothing too bad”

“i literally just pushed her, i didn’t do that. that blood isn’t because of me. how was i supposed to know she would fall off the curb”

“shut the fuck up i don’t need your input” before heoyang could reply the ambulance arrived.

“what happened, how old is she and are you related to her?”

dean was bombarded with questions and i had the urge to get up but the minute i tried, a pair of gloved hands pushed me back down.

“stay still please, we’ll get you out of here soon”

“uhm,” dean hesitated before responding. “she…fell off the curb and hit her head against the parking stop. i think she hit the nail on it but she twisted her wrist trying to catch her fall”

i fell?! last time i checked being shoved isn’t really falling.

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“You’re too nice” - h.s. Part 2

And after high demand - which surprised me wow - here’s the second part to “You’re too nice” 

Part 1 here.


You didn’t tell Kendall how you ran into Harry when she got back from her New York trip. You could tell she was exhausted and you couldn’t blame her considering she’d packed seventeen outfits for four days in New York and she’d worn all of them. You spent three days in her apartment with her going through her closet, ‘yes’ing and ‘no’ing things as you boxed clothes up and sold them using that closet app she’d gotten addicted to. 

There was a lot of pizza consumed and wine was a necessity. Finally, after a couple of days of down time, you decided to let her know.

“Oh shit I forgot to tell you.” You were sitting on her couch cataloging the next month’s fashion must haves for her as she did her hair in the vanity across the room. “Harry came over while you were in New York and grabbed one of his shirts.”

“You were here when he came over?” Kendall turned around and looked at her with her lip between her teeth, “I’m sorry that happened. Are you okay?”

“Oh yeah I’m fine!” you laughed it off as your chest ached, “I’d actually just found the shirt he was looking for when he came in. He scared the shit out of me of course, considering he just popped into your closet. I was blasting music. It was embarrassing.”

Lying to Kendall was easy. You weren’t one for lying in general but when your best friend has all her business blasted everywhere 24/7, you have to keep some things from her. 

“Shit I feel so bad. I totally forgot you were probably going to be here. Shit Y/N I’m sorry,” she groaned, “That was so inconsiderate of me.”

“Stop beating yourself up,” you laughed. You stood and tossed the iPad lightly onto her bed. “You act like I’m a fragile leaf falling from a tree or something.”

“Your words; not mine,” Kendall pointed out before turning back to her mirror where she proceeded to do her hair. “Also find something nice to wear because we’re going out.”

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What’s Your Favorite Color?

Request: yoooo can you do a tom holland x reader request where they meet on set and fluff ensues and such?
Requested by: @princeofsassgard

Pairing: Tom Holland + Reader

Warnings: this might be bad tbh idk :( but no warnings, just FLUFF
Notes: thanks for the request!! xo ily

Tom walked onto set with Harrison by his side like he did when he walked onto any set: his head held high, a coffee in his hand and ambition and energy like no one else to begin this new project. He smiled politely at all the young women who smiled enthusiastically at him. Tom had mentioned in interviews that he was nowhere near shy when it came to girls. If he wanted to talk to a girl or ask her out, he’d have no trouble doing so. He wasn’t cocky about it, he just believed that you had to put yourself out there to get somewhere – that thought came with everything he did.

“So, who else is on this movie?”

Tom sipped idly at his coffee as he turned to face Harrison, realizing he couldn’t really answer his question. He had spent so much of his time the last two months rehearsing and perfecting his deliverance of the new script that he hadn’t even done any research on his new colleagues. Right when Tom went to answer Harrison, his head shifted to look ahead of him as he heard a new voice in the room with them.

That was his first mistake.

You were simply standing there with your hair in a ponytail as you spoke to the director. In the time that it took him to notice the smaller details in your face he had already become distracted. Tom had no trouble talking to women, but, when your eyes came up to meet his he couldn’t stop himself from stumbling over his feet. He stopped abruptly causing Harrison to walk into him, in turn sending Tom’s coffee toward the ground.

“Oh, my god!” He heard your voice again but didn’t dare look up, afraid he might do something even more embarrassing than trip over himself.

“Mate, what the hell is wrong with you?” He turned to face Harrison with wide eyes, noticing that his coffee decorated the front of his white shirt and red flannel. He was about to answer when he heard you again.

“Are you alright?”

When Tom didn’t answer after the first few seconds Harrison nodded slightly and gave you a small smile. “We’re fine. Are you on this movie?”

You nodded with a bright smile. “This is my first movie! I’m playing Penelope.”
“Oh, the lead! Well, this is your counterpart, Tom. Tom, don’t be an ass, turn around and introduce yourself.” Upon seeing you, Harrison had a pretty good idea of what happened, allowing himself to give Tom a subtle smirk while Tom casted him a glare. He composed himself quickly before turning around with a smile.

“Hi, I’m Tom. Sorry for the cold shoulder, I guess I’m just a little embarrassed because of the, you know, coffee thing.”

“It’s no problem,” you offered with a laugh, and Tom had to resist the urge of blurting out that it was quite honestly one of the sweetest sounds he’d ever heard. “I’m (Y/N)! I guess we’re lovers now.”

“What?” Tom’s eyes went wide and he heard Harrison snicker from behind him. He didn’t fail to notice the crimson color that dusted across your face.

“Um, in the movie. We’re love interests. Sorry, that was my attempt at a joke.” You bowed your head to allow your hair to curtain around the sides of your face to block the brightening color you had been developing.

You both let out a small sigh. This was going to be a long few months.

“Okay, Tom,” You replied, pausing to take another spoonful of your ice cream. “If you could live in any fantasy world. Which would it be?”

You and Tom had grown rather close the past three months of shooting. It wasn’t until the second month in when you both started to grow comfortable with each other. It was when you both had to shoot your kiss scene. You had gone to Tom’s trailer directly and asked if you could talk to him about the scene. You had told him that this was your first on-screen kiss, and because you were nervous you wanted to apologize if you didn’t do as well as you hoped.

“I seriously doubt you’ll be any bad at it.” As soon as Tom finished what he had thought was just a remark to himself, he shook his head and continued with,

“But, if it makes you feel better, we could practice in front of Harrison. I mean, I know he doesn’t equal the crowd we’ll have out there, but it’s something.”

“Yeah, I don’t mind. I love a good show.” Tom rolled his eyes without facing Haz and kept his eyes on you, smiling at you reassuringly.

“I mean, if you don’t mind,” you tried to breathe deeply in order to keep your face at a normal color.

“I don’t mind at all.” And after delivering the few lines that lead up to the kiss, Tom leaned in as the script told his character to, and when you kissed him it changed everything for you.

For both of you.

“Hm,” Tom contemplated your question. “That’s a good one. Maybe Zootopia.”

“Zootopia?” You stifled your laugh as you looked at him incredulously.

“Um, hell yeah. Can you imagine living in a world of nothing but animals?”

“But when you’d be an animal. There aren’t any humans in that universe, doofus.”

“Oh,” his cheeks turned a light pink. You felt bad for the light teasing so you shrugged slightly.

“Well, if that’s the case. What animal would you want to be?”

“Oh, Nick Wilde for sure. I’d be a fox. Cool, clever. I mean, I’m already pretty close.” He winked at you slightly.

“Har, har,” you rolled your eyes in return, your head moving down to rest on his shoulder as his arm went to hook around you.

It was difficult for Tom at first. Despite the hazing that came from Harrison, talking to you was one of the hardest things he ever had to do. He couldn’t understand why you had made him so nervous. He liked to think that it was because this was his first love interest in a film – one that he had to kiss. He was flustered and nervous, never having done a romantic comedy before. But, he knew deep down, that wasn’t the case. In all honestly he never worried about talking to girls because usually they would make the first move. Not that Tom was opposed to talking to them first, but being in the acting world led him to fear all kinds of rejection, so he reserved himself. But, he was just drawn to you.

So, when you came into his trailer that day to talk to him about the kiss, he used that as a way of making himself more comfortable with you. Maybe he didn’t have a crush on his costar, maybe this would solidify that he could be friends with a beautiful young girl that he had imagined kissing a couple of times. But when you agreed, he grew ten times more nervous. and When he finally kissed you it did solidify something – it wasn’t just a crush.

“Okay, my turn,” Tom thought about his question as he tried to ignore the smell of your lavender shampoo invading his senses and the warmth you provided as you inched closer into his side. “What’s your ideal date?”

“Easy,” you answered with no hesitation, “I want to go to a small diner and sit in a booth in a corner. I want the lights to be bright because I love the part of a date when you invade each other’s personal life. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing the expressions on people when they tell me about their childhood, their favorite song, what they would want to be if this were a different era or world.” You paused to look up at Tom, only to realize his eyes were already fixated on you. “I want to know small things about them. What they ate that morning, what their favorite scene in their favorite movie meant to them, had they ever broken a bone?”

Tom felt his breathing become shallow, not being able to shake the feeling that you were talking about him, to him. “Would you let him get a question in before it was over?”

“Of course,” you breathed, “I’d want him to invade my personal space, too. Even something as small as what my favorite color is.”

“And then?” Tom hadn’t realized, but both of your voices had dropped down to a whisper.

“And then he’d walk me home. He’d still be holding my hand,” at this Tom’s hand instinctively reached for yours, lacing your fingers together. You didn’t mind, your eyes were staring into his, to entranced to react to anything now. “He’d compare me to something as cliché as the moon and hopefully tell me that he wished the night never had an end.”

“And then?” Tom couldn’t help the small smile that graced his features as he looked down at you. His eyes alternating from your eyes to your mouth.

“And then he’d kiss me.”

Without thinking Tom leaned in and pressed his lips to yours, still holding your hand. He had only let go when he felt you fighting against his, only to bring them up to his face. His hands dropped down the grip your sides. The kiss was agonizingly slow but it left you breathless just the same.

Tom was the first to pull away, but even then, he hadn’t pulled away completely. He leaned his forehead against yours and looked at you with a small smile.

“What’s your favorite color?”


The Winner Takes It All

Calum Imagine

Summary: Calum is finally getting married but it doesn’t look like how you pictured it a year ago. You suppose that’s what happens when the winner takes it all.

A/N: This is really angsty so proceed if u like that sort of thing. I might do a part two if anyone wants but idk yet. Happy reading :)

~Approx 2.7k words~


You were going to get drunk tonight. And not the fun drunk when you’re out with your friends seeing who can take the most shots of tequila without passing out. Tonight you were drinking your problems away, a problem that happened to be in the shape of a black calligraphy on beautiful cream colored paper.

Calum Thomas Hood, September the 7th, five o’clock.

Those were the words that stuck out to you and those were the words you were hoping would blur tonight as you held the bottle of vodka in your hand, the beautiful letter in the other as you sat in your bridesmaids dress on the floor of your kitchen.

“Don’t be silly, you’re like his best friend he would love to have you standing up there too!” His fiance, Jen, had gushed to you. You remembered spitting out your champagne the second she had asked you for your measurements. You felt bad for her. Clearly Calum hadn’t told you the elongated history between the two of you or she would have never even invited you to the wedding.

Holding the bottle to your lips you tried to pinpoint the exact moment  the man of your dreams had slipped through your fingers. The more you thought about it however, the more you realized it wasn’t really anybody’s fault and that quite frankly it was both of yours. You remember how it started. Ironically it had been at your best friend’s wedding three years ago. You remember how he had showed up late the the rehearsal dinner, rushing in with his head down as he hastily scurried to the seat next to yours.

You were paired up to walk down the aisle next to him, you clad in the teal maxi dress and him in his grey suit, both which corresponded to your friend’s wedding colors. He had whispered in your ear something about having forgotten to pick up his suit from the drycleaners and muttering how Michael had just wanted everyone to wear skinny jeans anyway but his wife to be wouldn’t stand for it. You had laughed, clutching onto his arm a little tighter out of fear that you would trip over the hem of your dress in front of all these people and ruin her wedding. But Calum had held you steady the entire way, his breathy voice telling you he would never let you fall. You suspect that had been the moment you fell in love with him, even though it had taken you another six months before you said it to him in the dead of night after you had spent the day in bed together with your phones switched off. You had been the first one to say it but the second the words fell from your lips he repeated them back to you and sealed it with a kiss. You had been inseparable for the year to come. Everyone could see it written all over your faces that you were two people in love. It was in the way he held you and kissed you that you knew he was the one for you.

You let out a small sob at the memory, bringing the bottle to your lips and tipping it all the way back. You were glad the thing was only half full when you snatched it from the shelf because you had no intention of putting it down tonight. Your tears dripped down your face in black streaks, landing in puddles on the ornate cardstock. It landed on her name, smudging the perfect writing and you couldn’t help but wipe your thumb over it and smudge it more. ‘Justice’ you thought.

How could this be happening? How could he be marrying someone who wasn’t you when just a year ago he had been talking like it was going to be only you for the rest of his life?

“You’re it for me baby you’re the one. I will never love anyone as much as I love you.” He had promised. You could hear the words ringing in your ears like a song you hadn’t listened to in years but the harmony was still etched in your mind. ‘You’re the one.”

Time had passed and created a lie out of his words and it had left you shattered. You remembered the day is was officially over. The argument had been coming for a long time. You wanted to settle down, get married maybe have a few kids eventually and find a house where you could be a proper family. It was something you had wanted for awhile now, a place to call home with him by your side. But that’s not what he wanted. He wasn’t finished living his glory days, he wasn’t ready to put a ring on your finger and settle down.

“We’re too young baby we don’t have to do that shit right now, that’s not us.”

“Well then what is ‘us’ if you don’t want to commit to our future?”

“We’re adventurers! We’re limitless, stop trying to organize everything into a little box.”

“And by everything you mean you? You don’t want a nagging wife to drag you down is that it?”
“That not what the fuck I said stop overreacting.”

“I’m just asking you to take our future seriously, what could be so bad about that?”

“It’s not what I want!”
“Is it me?” You’re voice was a hollow whisper now as you voiced your worst fear. “Is it just me you don’t want to commit to?”

“Baby that’s not it, you know that.”

“Do I?”

He let out a small gasp, his thick brows knitting in bewilderment that you would ever dare to question his love. You watched as his confusion turned to anger, his eyes darkening as he took a few steps away from you.

“Fuck you if you have to ask that.”


“No, if you’re going to start doubting how much I love you because I don’t want to fucking get married that’s on you. But don’t blame me for your insecurities because that is not my fault.”

“Calum, stop just listen to what I’m saying!”

“No I’m done listening.” He growled, stomping over the the door and grabbing his jacket. You were frantic now, wondering if there was a double entendre behind his words.

“Where are you going?” You stood rooted to the spot, wanting desperately to run to him and beg him not the leave you, tell him that he were the best thing in your life and that you would reconsider everything and you didn’t need to marry him to be his but for whatever reason the words wouldn’t come.

“I’m going to get a fucking drink.” He grumbled, grabbing his pack of cigarettes and slamming the door behind him. You let out a sob, your hand flying to your mouth as you realized this might be the end.

“It’s just one fight, it’s just a fight, he’ll come back he always comes back.” You told yourself. But that night he didn’t come back. And the night after you slept by yourself still. He wouldn’t answer your calls, wouldn’t return your messages and no one would tell you where he was. You knew he was supposed to leave for tour again in a few days and you knew you knew you didn’t make up before he left the what you had really was over. You had called Michael, asking him when the flight left, waiting only to hear the gate number before you rushed to the airport, a suitcase of all your things in hand ready to follow him. You waited at the gate for him for what felt like an eternity, your heart pounding in your chest as tears threatened to fall down your face.When they gave the last call you felt your heart sink. He wasn’t here. He didn’t want to see you. It was over.

The wedding was today. You told yourself that today you wouldn’t cry. You weren’t going to be the girl that everyone felt sorry for. Not today. You held your head high as you helped Jen with her veil, situating it on her head for her. She really did look beautiful, and she looked happy. You hoped she made him happy. The rest of the bridesmaids were laughing and looking at the their friend with giddy smiled.

“Today’s your day!”
“Calum’s going to lose his mind when he sees you.”
“What a lucky guy.”
“You’re the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen.”
They gushed, but to you it was all noise as they glided out of the waiting room and leaving you alone. You just had to get through today and then it was over. Calum had been avoiding you mostly. You had only seen him a few times, once at the rehearsal and a few times scattered in between.

It was a cruel joke, being a part of his wedding. The wedding he never wanted to have, or at least he never wanted to have with you. You tried not the be so bitter but it was hard when the entire thing was your dream but he was the one living it. You took a deep breath and pushed outside, ready to be the best bridesmaid you could be.

You didn’t expect to meet a pair of deep brown eyes staring at you the second you had accepted the facts though.

“Hi.” He said, sounding like he had just let out a breath.

“Hi.” You mustered up the strength to speak. “You look great.”

“Oh, yeah, thanks. So do you.” He gave you a small smile, your heart breaking as the corner of his lip turned upwards.

“Don’t lie to me, this dress is hideous.” You joked, gesturing to the fuchsia babydoll gown you had been forced into for today.

“I don’t think you could ever look hideous.”

You were sweating now, your nerves bubbling in the pit of your stomach as you looked at the beautiful man you had loved since the day you met him. “Well I’m certainly not as lovely as your bride. Jen is something else.” You muttered, refusing to meet his eyes.

“Y/N I’m so sorry I hurt you.” His words took you by surprise.

“I don’t want to talk about that.” You muttered, trying to step around him but he blocked you.

“No listen to me.” He took a step closer to you, his hand absentmindedly reaching out for you.

“I don’t want to.” You said again. “Haven’t you hurt me enough Cal? Can’t you just let me be? This is your wedding day afterall, it’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life.”

“Goddammit you stubborn woman!” He groaned, suddenly taking your face in his hands. “I never wanted to hurt you. I tried to come back to you but you were already gone and I’ve never stopped loving you since.”

“You never tried to come back you fucking liar.” You hissed, pulling yourself from his grasp. “I waited for you for days when you pulled your disappearing act and when you never showed I packed my things and followed you to the airport. But you never showed there either. Guess you were really trying to send me a message.” You laughed humorlessly. “Just stop lying about it.”

‘You were at the airport?” He whispered, a look of realization lighting up across his features.

“Yes and you weren’t, end of story. You won and I lost in winner takes all, now if you don’t mind I have to go help your wife with her train.”

“She’s not my wife.”
“Well she’s about to be so…” You trailed off.

“I came back to the house instead of going to the airport but you weren’t there. I thought you had packed your things and left me for good. I missed the flight that day and had to catch one at night. God, baby I was devastated for months.”

“Well you got over it pretty quickly I see.” You fought the tears threatening to spill. “Look Cal, I did everything I could to make you stay and you couldn’t even muster up a phone call. I played all my cards and I guess you did too, so if you would just leave me alone because I cannot take you standing here in front of me going over the most painful day of my life to me. There’s nothing more to say.”

“I love you.” His voice cracked at the confession and you gasped, finally meeting his gaze. His eyes were brimmed with tears, and not the kind you would expect from a groom on his wedding day.

“It’s too late for that now Cal.” You choked out, the words sounding fake even to your own ears. “The way this works is simple. You go get married and live your life and I’ll live mine. And I can’t complain, because I know I’ll figure it out someday with someone who wants what I want.”

“I do. I want you.” He said, his voice breaking as he reached for your hand and bringing them to his chest. “Do you feel this? It’s my heart and it’s beating for you. You’re all I’ve ever wanted.”

“Then why did you propose to her?”

“I don’t know call it a lapse in judgement, rehab for my broken heart. Me trying to not fuck something up for once. Typical that I fucked it up even more because now you won’t look at me like you used to.”

You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath as you tried to hold yourself back from breaking down in front of him.

“Calum stop making this so hard for me. Don’t you owe it to me to let me go peacefully. Just go get married and let me be.”

“Just tell me you love me.”

You scoffed. “Of course I love you, you must at least know that. And I know she does too.  I hope she kisses you like I used to.” You whispered.

“Baby no one can kiss me like you.” His lips were on yours in an instant, his hands on your cheeks and pulling you into him. He tasted the same way he did a year ago, like cinnamon gum and stale cigarettes. It was a taste that was so familiar on your tongue and you lavished in it now as his hand wrapped around your waist and pulled your body flush to his. You could feel his heartbeat beating faster as you wrapped your arms around his neck, the fabric of his tuxedo rough against your bare skin.

“I love you.” He whispered, leaning his forehead against yours. “I’ll call everything off. I’m yours if you’ll have me.”

“Cal.” You whispered uneasily. Kissing him felt so good and you wanted nothing more then to take him back, but things wee complicated now. He was about to pronounce his love to another girl in front of all their family and friends who were in fact all gathered in the next room. You couldn’t do it. You were too scared.

“I’ll give you everything you want. I’ll marry you today if it’s what you want. I love you.” He was pleading with you. It was all you had ever wanted for the past year happening right in front of you, but you knew your answer.

“We can’t. I can’t.”

“What?” He sounded broken as he took a step back from you, letting go of your hand like it had burned him. “Why?”

“We have to follow the rules. And the rules say that you’re getting married and it’s not to me. You made your choice and this is me making mine. You can go and get married knowing you made your peace with me and I’ll be fine. I’ll move on.”

“That’s not what I want.” He stuttered, his brows furrowing as if he wasn’t believing what was happening.

“What you want is history. I’m your past and she’s your future, that’s the end. Goodbye Cal.” You spoke solemnly, putting down your bouquet. You couldn’t go through with this. Not after he had spilled his heart to you, not after he had kissed you. You were sure no one would miss you anyways. Without another word you slipped by him and out the doors of the grand church, leaving your past, and him, far behind. 



Author’s note: Kuroshitsuji with 15. Let’s make this a competition.”
First Christmas prompt! #fail Oh well, it’s Christmas somewhere, right? Right. Thanks so much for your lovely compliment! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and enjoy this little fic!

Summary: When Ciel’s servants fail to make him happy during everyone’s favorite holiday of the year, Sebastian suggests they turn this into a small competition. The first one to make Ciel smile or laugh is the winner and of course, as the perfect butler, Sebastian has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Word count: 2k (woops)

The smell of snow was already penetrating his room and Ciel woke up groggily, already annoyed at the familiar scent, and saw a blurry Sebastian preparing a cup of tea at the foot of his bed. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Ciel sat up straight and let out a small huff when his butler looked up at him, the usual smile permanently plastered on his face.

“Good morning, young master. Did you sleep well?”

“As if you care,” Ciel mumbled and scooted over to the side, letting his feet dangle above the ground as Sebastian walked over to him with his tray.

Fortunately, the strong aroma of the earl grey tea took his mind off the fact that it was snowing outside and he purposely held the steaming cup right under his nose, practically forcing himself to smell nothing but that.


Oh, how he loathed this holiday. The only good thing was the profit he made with his company because people were dumb enough to buy presents for their loved ones. It was honestly the most useless day of the year, along with his birthday. Winter reminded him too much of the loss of his parents and his childhood, which was why he was giving Sebastian even more death stares than usual.

He couldn’t focus on the newspaper, his breakfast or his tea for that matter. He couldn’t even think of any random insults for Sebastian who was graciously ironing his clothes for today.

“You seem a bit tense today, my lord,” Sebastian mumbled as he gently dressed Ciel in a simply, yet fancy suit for the special occasion. “Anything I can do for you to make you feel better?”

As much as he wanted to not go downstairs and celebrate Christmas with the rest of his servants, Ciel didn’t have a choice so he shook his head, shrugged Sebastian’s hand off after he had tied a red tie around his neck and left his room, getting tailed by Sebastian’s quiet yet obvious footsteps.

The minute he got to the main living room, he was met with an explosion of “Merry Christmas, young master!”s, “Hope you like the presents we got you!” and “I did all the decoratin’ myself, sir,” and Ciel couldn’t be more annoyed. Even though they all meant well, he couldn’t help but glare at the gigantic Christmas tree in the farthest corner of the room, decorated with sparkly baubles, angels and everything else they could think of.

Finny started arguing with Bard about the chocolate cake that was in the middle of the large, beautifully decorated table, which somewhat appealed to Ciel because it was something sweet, but it still made his eyebrow twitch.

He took a seat at the head of the table and let Sebastian cut the first slice because it didn’t look like his servants were going to stop bickering any time soon. Mey-Rin was doing her best to stop them by flailing around like a butterfly while Tanaka sat in his usual corner, drinking his tea.

No matter what they did, they couldn’t get Ciel to be excited about Christmas. Every person in that room knew why he was not going to put on a fake smile, or at least pretend he liked the presents they got him, because everything about this holiday reminded him too much of the fire. So instead of listening to them constantly trying to cheer him up with silly stories, dance-moves and more sweet foods, Ciel just sat there, resting his cheek in the palm of his hand, watching them with a blank expression.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he did appreciate their efforts, namely Finny’s because he was trying the hardest by hugging him close and running his rough fingers through his hair while the others simply ran around in circles like lunatics. Sebastian was watching everything quietly, his blood colored eyes containing a neutral glitter while he cleaned the table.

“It’s no use,” Mey-Rin said, totally and utterly defeated as she held her face. “We cannot make the young master happy. And I thought he’d surely enjoy our presents and cake…”

“It’s obviously not his favorite day of the year,” Finny mumbled quietly against the back of his head and pulled away. “Did you at least enjoy the cake, my lord?”

“I did, it was quite tasty,” Ciel replied honestly and cleaned his fingers with his handkerchief, feeling undeniably cold without Finny’s presence. “You did a good job on that.”

They had probably put loads of sugar in it to hide their mistakes because it was a tad bit too sweet, but since he liked sweet things, he didn’t have anything to complain about. Plus, it was fun to see Sebastian’s disapproving look when he said that, obviously not pleased with the fact they made a cake without his surveillance. The latter was what made the white lie worth it because Sebastian was looking between him and the cake with the sourest expression he had ever seen.

However, the irritated expression was soon replaced with a cool one and Sebastian straightened up. “Let’s make this a competition, then. See who can cheer the young master up today. The winner can relax and take it easy for the rest of the day.”

That asshole clearly had a plan and Ciel did not like where this was going. Not one bit.

“Excuse you and your face,” he sneered and dropped his fork.

“But we’ve already tried everything!” Finny exclaimed, tears apparent in his large eyes. “D’you have any other ideas, then, Sebastian-san?”

“I do,” Sebastian smiled and looked down at Ciel with a rather mischievous, demonic look. “What kind of butler would I be if I didn’t even know how to cheer up our beloved young master?”

Okay, Ciel debated with himself for a minute. He could either give in and put a fake smile right now to get this over with or he could bite and see what kind of stupid plan this guy had. Seeing as he did like a challenge, Ciel decided to give them their needed permission with a mere flick of his wrist and watched everyone run around the house, trying their best to find something that would a bring a smile to his face.

Sebastian remained by his side during their frantic search, acting exceedingly patient and content, making Ciel even more annoyed because what was Sebastian’s oh so flawless plan?

Everyone else seemed to suck at making him smile, as usual. Finny had put on this idiotic clown costume and tried to entertain him by throwing some brightly colored balls in the air, Bard wanted to drag him to the kitchen to let him blow things up because “That always cheered me up when I was little!” but Sebastian promptly stopped him from doing so with a rather forced smile and Mey-Rin tried to show off her skills by balancing a couple of plates on her hands, shoulders and head. She failed of course and Sebastian was quick enough to catch all of them before they would hit the ground and shatter into pieces.

After some more failed tries, Bard tried telling a few funny stories about his childhood, along with a few very bad jokes, Finny went to the garden to bring in some flowers and Mey-Rin just kept tripping over her own feet and dropping furniture whenever she came up with a new plan. Tanaka remained silent throughout the day, chuckling every now and then while he watched their pure yet competitive attempts.  

At the end of the day, none of them succeeded and Ciel was left exhausted and bored of their endless, non-entertaining actions. “I’m gonna go to bed.”

He was about to get up but Sebastian, that smug-looking bastard, held out an arm and his smile widened. “Excuse me, sir, but I’m still allowed to give it a try, am I not?”

Ciel sighed and sat back down, folding his arms over his chest. “Right, I almost forgot. Go ahead.”

It was undoubtedly the biggest mistake he had ever made. Sebastian strode over to the back of his chair and placed both of his hands on his shoulders and Ciel felt himself frowning because he had no idea what to expect. Everyone watched in anticipation as Sebastian’s hand gently slipped down his torso, causing Ciel’s body to twitch lightly and right when he was onto him, it was already too late.

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I am a light-skinned person with a light-skinned/passing Latina mother and a brown-skinned Pinoy father. I do not pass as white. However, I am often seen as mixed Asian by other people, which means I am afforded the many privileges that come with that perception.  It means, for instance, that white gentrifiers trying to move into my neighborhood in North Oakland have stopped me on the street as I walked by and asked me if the neighborhood is “safe.” It means that when I get pulled over or questioned by police I don’t fear my imminent death. All this social location stuff to say that I’m about to get into some shit that is based on my personal experiences. I have done all of the things listed below. I have seen many people I love and care about do them. And lots of people I don’t love or care about.

I also want to say that I respect self-identification unless proven otherwise. If you tell me you are a person of color, I believe you. However, there are people in our communities that have ZERO people of color lineage anywhere in their immediate ancestry (Cherokee princess great great grandmother does not count EVER) who actively have lied and told people they were people of color. Those people need to get called out. There are also crazy ass white people who feel they are “transracial” and try to call themselves another race. Those motherfuckers need to be given a stern talking to or something  (by other white people, not POC). Preferably on an isolated island away from POC for the next 25 years.

I don’t know what it is like to be a light-skinned or white passing person with black, middle eastern, polynesian, native american and quite a few other ancestries. So I’m not gonna try to tell you what to do. There might be parallels between your experience and mine, though, so take what you will.

If you call yourself POC and are not lying or crazy (go ahead and call my crazy ass ableist for using this term; dare you) then I’m down for your right to call yourself that. Don’t trip. But if you act a fool, I will let you know. Here’s some tips for not acting a fool.

  1. Stop saying that other people of color are policing or excluding you from POC-ness. There is no such thing as reverse racism NOR reverse colorism. If this makes no sense to you, see #2 - #10.
  2. Colorism refers to the ways in which material and social gain is systematically given to people who meet or uphold white supremacist notions of beauty. NOT ONE POC who is light-skinned or white passing is being denied jobs or housing or being targeted for violence in a SYSTEMIC way because of their light or white skin. Please don’t tell us about how somebody called you “white bitch” because they were jealous of how white you looked and that this was a form of violence. This is not an example of historical systemic oppression. It’s mean, it’s bullying, it’s misogynist, but it’s not colorism. Note: violence or outright insult, harassment or bullying is never okay no matter who does it.
  3. Never tell a darker-skinned or non-passing person of color that their behavior is upholding internalized oppression. Never ever. Especially when it’s cuz you feel like they did something to you for being light-skinned or white passing.  Just shut up about it. You telling a person with less societal power than you about their internalized oppression is really just you using your privilege to silence them and avoid your feelings of guilt and alienation for being a light-skinned or passing person. Especially if you do it in a public forum. (And no it still isn’t okay even if you “beat” them on some other front, like you are poor and they have money or you have a chronic illness and they seem healthy or you think they have gender privilege over you). Note again: violence or outright insult, harassment or bullying is never okay no matter who does it. If you are being physically or emotionally abused by someone, please seek support.
  4. That being said, deal with your feelings of alienation and guilt around being light-skinned or white-passing. Like really, really fucking deal with them, historically, emotionally, ancestrally, spiritually, but especially MATERIALLY. I can’t tell you exactly what this looks like without writing a whole other essay. It is still in constant process for myself. But chances are if you are doing any of the problematic shit listed here, you are having a hard time with dealing. Start with checking your defensiveness. If you are thinking about writing me a tirade about how racist I am or how I didn’t say it the right way to get anyone to listen because I’m being mean, or how I am being divisive to POC unity, or how I am ignoring the fact that you are really pale right now because it’s winter, take a moment to pause. Those arguments are so tired and a symptom of your need for self-reflection.
  5. Build communities of accountability with other light-skinned and white-passing people of color. Communities of accountability are groups of peers who lovingly push one another towards growth, transformation, and active rejection and dismantlement of colorism and white supremacy. For instance, when you feel bad about something related to #1 - #4 but manage to keep it to yourself in the moment, take care of yourself by talking about your feelings with these light-skinned or white passing peers.  If you did say or do something fucked up and have realized that you made a mistake, let your peers support you as you take accountability. If all these peers do is validate your experience and tell you were right or that it’s okay because we all make mistakes, they are not holding you accountable. They are handing you a warm bottle of baby formula, a teddy bear, and a singing you a lullaby. They are keeping you asleep. Nitey nite.
  6. If you gather with other light-skinned or white-passing people, but you all never talk about and TAKE ACTION around your privilege, then your association with them is just the white/light POC equivalent of an “old boys’ club.” It is not a community of accountability; it is just a franchise for white supremacy.
  7. When you notice you are someplace where there are only light-skinned or white-passing people, talk about it. Especially if it is an environment that is touted as a people of color space. Do not allow yourself to be the token or amongst a small minority of people of color in a space that is claiming to be POC-inclusive without at least saying something. Verbal acknowledgement holds power. Interrupt spaces that uphold white supremacy by speaking up and naming the elephant in the room. Unless your basic needs or physical safety being met is at stake, take action by stepping down from tokenizing roles where you and other light-skinned white-passing POC are the only members. Demand that darker-skinned and/or black folks with more experience than you replace you. Actively make sure this happens. Actually I take that back. DO NOT send other POC of any skin tone into an environment where tokenization is happening. Put in the work to shut that shit down or actively warn people against getting involved in tokening projects and organizations.
  8. If other people of color (even ones who you consider “as” light-skinned or white-passing as you) ask you about your race or don’t accept you right away, don’t get all hurt. Just be straight up. Let your acts and how you show up in the future speak for itself and build trust. Do you trust every POC you meet just because they’re POC? I certainly don’t. Yes, it might hurt you to feel rejected or be met with suspicion by a community you want to call your own, but truth is you have access to all sorts of communities and privileges that others in your group don’t get because of your skin privilege. Also, protecting ourselves from whiteness is a REAL safety issue. People of color want to know who is white so they know who to not to turn their back on. This is healthy self-preservation, especially for people perceived as black, who face regular threat to their very lives by the state and other upholders of white supremacy. The closer you are perceived to be to blackness, the closer you are to physical, economic, and psychological violence committed by white supremacy and its agents.
  9. Remember that privilege is not just an idea or a thought or a conversation. It is also an experience of embodiment that can be observed by others. Remember that the hive mind of human consciousness is so adept that we can all state, without doubt, which races are at the top and which are on the bottom. White is on top. Black is on the bottom. If you cannot admit that and let yourself feel the way the consciousness of white supremacy lives within your flesh, then there is no hope of ever exorcising that hierarchy from the hive mind. Pretending our whiteness isn’t there just gives it more power and prevents the healing that needs to occur between people of color in general.
  10. 10. Be able to name your light-skinned or passing privilege without stuttering. And don’t expect a parade with glitter and a marching band when you do. You can imagine one in your head if you like. That’s okay. 
  11. I lied. I have one more because I’m generous like that. If your darker-skinned or non-passing POC homies agree with you when you tell them how fucked up this article is and assure you that you are really awesome, they might be reassuring you because they are scared of what they might lose if they disagree. Don’t put them in the position of reassuring you. THAT’S fucked up.

None of these ideas are new. In fact, there are almost no new ideas under the sun. Thank you to those around me and who have come before me who have been formulating and enacting these ideas for longer than I’ve been alive.

If you find this post offensive, that is good. Hopefully it will push you towards transformation. Nothing you say can hurt me. I am open to dialogue and critique, however, and will think deeply and respectfully about thoughtful and respectful responses. If you act a fool in general, I will treat you like a fool.

If you got something out of this post, support my future writing with a $2 - $2000 contribution!

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Do You Like to Make Daddy Mad

Disclaimer: Self explanatory

“Oppa what are you doing?” you ask leaning over the back of his chair your chin resting on the top of his head. “Did you grow again,” you tease picking at the fly away hairs that stray from his small bleach blonde pony. His eyes cut up at you before he continues to ignore you. “Come on play with me,” you whine flicking his pony.
It’s only been a few weeks since he decided to give you a chance to date him. You’d fallen for him so quickly that your first attempt at asking him out on a date left a bad impression of you and he couldn’t help but think you were too weird even for him To him your personalities just did not click. It was worse than when he first met Tae, but, with some convincing–mostly being so annoying that you reminded him of the 95 line–he gave you a shot. Your doting ways are a source of a head ache for him since he can barely ever get any space. You slide around to his front seating yourself on his lap, but he continues to try and work around you.
“Oppa, don’t I look cute,” you ask in your sweetest voice, batting your eyes at him to get his attention.
“I only came over cause you said you’d let me work here in peace if I came to see you,” he says coldly, but, the sound of your depressed sigh makes him feel a little bad for completely ignoring you. You get up dejectedly and slip on your long coat that covers you up to the knees. “Ya, where are you going (y/n),” he calls out finally making eye contact with you as you tie the coat’s belt tight around your waist.
“The store to get supplies for dinner. I’ll be back in a few,” the smile you force on your face is sad and he knows it. His heart pangs for you and he can’t understand as to why. It only takes you ten minutes to get there and fifteen to get what you need and it’s another ten for the trip back. “I’m back,” you announce and he shuffles out from the bathroom adjusting his pants before retrieving the bags for you. You’re surprised by the kiss on your cheek but you don’t question it. With a new pep in your step you slip off your shoes and slide out of your coat, hanging it up.
“Where do the spices go,” comes his thick deep voice that shows clear signs of not having slept. He ruffles his hair as he looks you over. He notices just how much leg is exposed in your thin, lavender pajama shorts and mauve knee high socks. Your lacey, cream colored, tank top has a deep ‘v’ cut revealing your supple skin at your collar bone and cleavage. You slip on your fluffy cream colored slippers pushing your hair behind your ear. “What do you have on?”
“Nothing much, just my house clothes. What’s wrong?”
“You went outside like that?”
“I had on my coat, I don’t get what’s wrong,” you say stiffening as he approaches you. His hands on your shoulders makes you nervous as you slide from his grasp heading for the kitchen. “I’ll show you where they go,” you say trying to change the subject.
“You want attention that badly.”
“Huh?” You turn around only to have his hands find their way back on your shoulders as he backs you into one of the chairs at the dining room table in your small apartment. “What are you doing,” you get out before his lips crash into yours.“
"Don’t go out like that again,” he whispers in your ear. “You’re mine right,” you nod. “Then be a good girl for daddy and don’t dress like this for anyone else, you got that?” His hands slide up your shoulders and rests with one around your neck and the other tangled in your hair as he pulls you tight into his kiss. He bites down on your bottom lip drawing blood and the culprit for his sudden onslaught of misplaced anger presses into the top of your hip bone. You can’t help but to moan and it’s received with the hand in your hair gripping at it tightly pulling your head back. “You’re a fucking nasty bitch aren’t you? Tell daddy how much of a nasty bitch you are.” He growls out running his tongue alone your neck up to your ear. You nod your head as he pulls your earlobe into his warm mouth swirling his tongue around. His free hand slaps your ass so hard it echoes off the walls. “Answer me when I ask you something.” He tells you teeth gnawing at your ear. “Yes Yoongi…” you stutter out with a soft moan, I quick slap hits your ass again making you jump. “Daddy..yes daddy I’m your nasty bitch.” You tell the blonde man who is sucking at your neck hair still in his tight grip as his hand palms your ass through your thin shorts. “Good girl.” he tells you letting your hair so his hand can pick you up by your ass moving the chair out of the way so he can place you on the table before pressing your back to it.
He’s rough as he rips down your shorts revealing that you hadn’t been wearing underwear. His voice and low and deep as you feel his breath ghost over your exposed slit up to your mound. “Yah,” he exclaims moving up just enough that his eyes are level enough for you to see.
“Huh,” you say nervously in anticipation.
“You always wear no underwear or were you waiting to get fucked?” You don’t respond receiving you a slap hard against your shaved mound before fingers slide down, pinching at your clit before sliding down to your already wet slit. “Answer your appa when he’s talking to you.” With that a slim finger is violently shoved into you making your breath run out in an audible gasp.
“Yes…I mean no…I,” you moan out stuttering in your confusion. His finger pistons in and out of you before you feel his smooth tongue roughly lap up at your clit forcing your legs to clam around his head. A hard stinging slap lands on your leg causing you to jump, but, his tongue never stops and neither does his slaps until your legs fall open releasing him.
“Don’t act like you don’t know what it means when you recieve a beating. You don’t know that means you’re doing something wrong? Are you stupid?”
“No appa.”
“Then be a good girl for daddy and take this dick,” he growls out shoving himself deep within you bottoming out immediately. The sound that leaves you is a sharp, shrill screech as your hands immediately fly to your back digging into his still clothed back. He shakes himself from your grasp lifting up straight, forcing his hips to drive further into you causing you to groan. You bite down on your lip as you watch him remove his shirt, lifting it over his head to reveal white milky skin pulled tight over slight abs. You can’t stop your hands as they trace over his abs and wrapping themselves around his thin waist.
His thrusts start up again after your hands settle and as his cock takes up the same motion his fingers once had he can’t help but, to laugh at the loud begging screams that leave you. Your back arches as you reach your first orgasm. His hips grind into you allowing you to feel friction on your clit as he fucks you through it. His hand gently strokes your hair and cheeks before his hips stop moving.
You lay there limply as light kisses are placed on your face and jawline. You whimper at the feel of his hips moving back threatening to leave you completely empty. You hear him chuckle as all at once the hand in your hair once again grips tight and roughly as he forces your lips to his and his cock dives as deep into your cunt as his tongue does your mouth.
It’s almost as if they’re one muscle and you know exactly how he’s able to rap with the swiftness the way he does with out messing up a word or needing to take a breath. He’s a monster, you think to yourself as he brings you to another orgasm and then another before the second one has had the chance to subside.
He pulls out separating from you everywhere except for the hand that’s found residence in your hair. His grips tightens even more and you feel your weak body get dragged down to the floor and held up on your knees. Your eyes flutter open and quickly droop once more allowing you to watch him fist his cock savagely. His hand leaves his cock inserting his fingers into your mouth to pry it open.
As his fingers are removed your mouth closes and a light slap stings your cheek and your mouth drops open once more. It returns back to his cock as he pumps furiously at himself before grunting, the first shot of the thick white liquid splashes against your tongue, but, trails to your lips. By the time he’s completely empty your face is coated in it making it hard to open your left eye. With the tip of his cock he pushes more cum into your mouth from your face before shoving it into your mouth completely.
“Clean it up,” he orders and you comply.
He lifts you up bridal style laying you on the couch before wiping your face with his shirt. It’s not long before you’re asleep and he’s in the kitchen rolling a dutch preparing to make something simple that he’d learned to make from Jin. He laughs to himself at how cute you look as he sits the bowl of ramen down on the table in front of your gently sleeping form. He kisses your forehead before returning to his laptop.

–Admin Kat ♥

Studio Space


Thanks as always to @scribefindegil for betaing!

It’s the future.

Somewhere in California, there’s a girl sitting in a painting studio. She’s finishing the first semester of her second year at art school. Maybe it’s the art school in California that you’re thinking of. Maybe it’s not. It isn’t important.

The girl’s name isn’t important, either. Or maybe it is. Maybe everyone’s name is important. Either way, her name is Aysha, and she is friends with Mabel Pines.

Lots of people are friends with Mabel the way that Aysha is. She isn’t Mabel’s closest friend, or even her second closest or third. Sometimes they eat lunch together, and sometimes they work together in the studio and talk and play loud music and laugh, and it’s nice. She’s gotten to know her a little, but most of Mabel is still a mystery to her.

She knows that Mabel loves sprinkles and 80’s music and Crayon D'Ache pencils, that she can’t control the volume of her voice or her laughter and that she has strong opinions on hot chocolate. She knows Mabel has a pet pig back home and will, at the slightest hint of skepticism that she actually owns a pig, immediately pull up two and a half gigabytes of photo evidence. She knows she hugs way too hard and way too fast, she’ll hug someone the first time she meets them without fear or shame, and it’s hard not to love her for that.

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Hair Color Pt. 3 (soulmate!Michael)

Requested: yesses! The idea came from this amazing anon!

Words: 1538

A/N: okay, listen i really need your opinion on this! did you like it or was it directly crap? please say something and come with ideas to the series, if you have any - i might use them. also like… should there be more parts? i literally have no idea! also i’ve been listening to james bay which makes me very… there’s no word for how james bay makes me feel.

Summary: Everybody has a soulmate. And whenever you or your soulmate would dye your hair, the other half would get the same hair color. Which makes it kind of hard for some people.

PART 1! - PART 2! - PART 4! - PART 5! - PART 6! 


Summary: Everybody has a soulmate. And whenever you or your soulmate would dye your hair, the other half would get the same hair color. Which makes it kind of hard for some people.

You didn’t think much of it after. Actually your life was going pretty well. Somehow you ended up at a party with Sally and getting a few shots down in you, you and Carter kissed. You hadn’t really kissed anyone before. Well, not like that. You’ve kissed boys, it’s just this kiss was… different. Carter didn’t even notice your lacking skills. The next day, he asked you out on a ice-cream date and you couldn’t help, but to say yes – because saying no is hard.

“I’m sorry bring this up, but have you ever dyed your hair? “ Carter said after understanding the problems with your soulmate. “Like chosen your own color? “

And you definitely had tried. After the 5 Seconds of Summer concert, you dyed your hair a natural brown, which clearly wasn’t the choice of your soulmate. He immediately changed it back to the purple. You tried some different colors, but he really just wanted the purple hair. So you decided to let it be and just move on. Dyeing your hair that much couldn’t be healthy.

“Yes, but he’s always dyeing it back. “ You said with ice cream hitting your tongue and thought back on the 5 Seconds of Summer concert and the weird coincidence with the guitarist. Of course, it was a coincidence, but you couldn’t stop thinking about it at night. You actually listened to some of their music now and you figured out the names of the boys – Michael, Calum, Ashton and Luke.

“What about your soulmate? “ You asked Carter. He looked at you with his pretty, brown eyes and a small smirk.

“Listen, it’s all very cute and stuff. But who says you have to be with your soulmate?“ He leaned in and whispered it like it was a secret. Those words hit you. You had always thought of it to be the only way. You didn’t say anything and you were sure, you must have looked scared.

“But hey, that’s just my opinion. It just kinda ruins the whole “young-romance-thingy”. “ He said leaning back in his chair. The sun was shining down on his tan skin and he looked beautiful. “It ruins our relationship, you know? Our chances of ever being together? “ He said, making it sound like a question, clearly waiting for an answer. He looked down on his hands, so you couldn’t get eye contact – which made it harder for you to turn him down. So you didn’t.

“It doesn’t ruin our chances. “

“So you’d like to go another date with me? “ Carter asked, looking up, catching your eye. You saw the sweet hope in his eyes and you didn’t want to see that hope go away.

“Yes. “

Quickly, one date more, turned to two. Two turned to three. And all of a sudden you and Sally had boyfriend-brothers, which Sally of course loved. She thought double study dates were one of the best things ever, even though you would just be distracted. Bill and Sally fooling around, kissing each other and just generally being loud would distract you. Then Carter wanted to show of a bit too, which you weren’t very fond of. But he quickly notices your annoying face and trembling leg.

“Do you wanna go to the library? “ He would ask and you both would go down to the library, finishing up the work. You were quickly done, since you weren’t the dumbest chick in class. Carter, on the other hand, was a bit slower. He sometimes needed help for some questions, and you would just giggle at him.

“Stop laughing at me! “ He exclaimed, putting down his pencil with a smile on his face.

“I can’t help it! “ You said, laughing in your wooden chair, almost failing off. “You’re so cute. “ You placed a small kiss on his cheek, making him blush.

“Stop it, I can’t concentrate. “ He muffled picking up the pen and starting writing notes from the reading again.

“Yeah, I get it. “ You said, throwing a couple of purple locks behind your back. “It must be hard concentrating with such a BEUATIFUL woman sitting right next to you. “ You yelled throwing yourself back in the chair.

“That’s not why. “ He said cheekily. You sat up and slapped his arm. “Of course, that’s why, babe. You’re the one who’s tripping me of. “ He said, moving closer to your face.

“Good. “ You said before kissing him. He then turned back to his homework and you would just watch him.

This wouldn’t last forever, would it? He was definitely not your soulmate, that’s for sure. But did you have to be each other’s soulmates to be in love? Were you even in love? He was the first boyfriend, you’d ever had and you really did like him. At first you thought he was just like his brother; a total fuckyboy. It wasn’t anything bad towards him or Sally. He just got a reputation for being a douche – but then again, that was the kind of people sally went for.

“I’m done! “ Carter bawled, smacking his book and throwing his hands in the air. “What do you want to do? “

“Honestly, I just want a cheeseburger. “  You said, getting up from the chair and taking your own books with you.

“McDonald’s, here we come! “ Carter yelled behind you making you shriek as he lifted you of the ground and carried you out of the library.

Bill and Sally would go with you guys too, being the loud, obnoxious couple who was really into PDA. You and Carter would always follow behind, laughing at small inside jokes and funny stories. You would all get cheeseburgers and some fries. There wasn’t anyone at the restaurant, except from you guys, the cashier and a middle-aged couple in the corner. It was pretty late, so you wouldn’t except there too be crowded like it normally was. While Carter and Bill was telling a story of their childhood, the door opened making the little bell ring. Two very tall guys walked in. One guy wore a baseball, but you could see the blonde tuft of hair sticking out. They both wore sunglasses and you wouldn’t have recognized them if it wasn’t for the purple hair.

“Sally! “ You whispered, kicking her under the table. “That’s the guys from 5 Seconds of Summer. “ Sally looked towards the disk, where they were now standing, probably figuring out what to get. Sally’s jaw dropped immediately and she stood up.

“Let’s go and say hi. “ Sally lifted her brow like you had an actual choice. You looked over at Bill, who was already up beside Sally. Carter shrug and got up too.

“C’mon, babe. They’re humans too. “ He said, holding his hand towards you like you needed help to get out of the chair. But he didn’t know why you didn’t want to meet them. It was Michael – the one you’ve thought was your soulmate. And confronting him was scary and you knew that was what Sally wanted you to. So you took Carters hand and walked towards the guys. Sally was of course the first one to speak up.

“Hi. “ She said quietly but loud enough for them to turn around. “Luke and Michael, right? “ She pointed towards them as she said their names. Michael took of his sunglasses, looking you up and down.

“Haven’t I seen you two before? “ He asked. His grey eyes were and when he squinted them, his eyelashes would almost hit his cheek.

“Yeah. “ You could barely talk, and it was terrifying. It wasn’t Michael who made you nervous. It was the fact that he might could be your soulmate.

“We were at your show a couple months back. “ Sally said, showing of her chest and giving them looks. Bill, who was standing right next to her, didn’t seem to be very happy about that.

“Oh yeah I remember! You guys almost sneaked onto our tourbus! “ Michael exclaimed, not showing any grudges. “You still have the same hair color as me! Awesome! “ He high-fived you clearly not thinking about what it could mean.

“Which brand is yours from? “ He asked. You opened your mouth, closing it again.

“I don’t know. “ You said, avoiding looking at Michael. Instead you looked over at Sally who was wide-eyed and clearly filled with curiosity. Because what if?

“How can you not know? “ He chuckled, his eyes crinkling. Luke was ordering now which was distracting.

“I didn’t really choose it. “ You bit your lip, waiting for Michael to get it. Carter kept pulling you closer, clearly not happy about what was going on. 30 seconds passed before Michael said anything.

“Did you try to dye your hair pink once? Then brown? Blonde? Pink again? “ He asked wide-eyed. This was it. You looked over at Carter who was just as surprised as Michael was. You knew this could ruin your chances of getting with Carter – but Michael Clifford was your soulmate and there was no going back now.

“Yes. “ You whispered almost like the word hurt.

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Summary: How to Christmas with Min Yoongi when you’re a fan of surprises and not a fan of cleaning.

DIS A REQUEST FOR MY DEAR @agustambitions

Here dah request: “ Hmmmm okay a Yoongi christmas fluff where he finds out you don’t have any set plans because you’ve never celebrated with anyone besides your family. And since you don’t live with them anymore… Anyways he invites you to spend it with the boys and showers you with love…”

WHEEE. Dis is garbage I’m sorry hun. HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY IT


“Bread, noodles, chicken, chicken broth…” You murmured your cooking list out-loud, the thick scarf that was practically a fucking curtain–courtesy of your boyfriend’s closet–muffling the words where it was wrapped over your mouth.  Shoving the piece of notepaper into your pocket, you grabbed a pack of chicken from the cooler and placed it in your basket before heading over to the checkout lanes. It was Christmas tomorrow and you needed to get the last of your groceries before the stores closed later that day.

With a brown paperbag full of groceries in either arm, you started towards your new home. It was difficult to walk properly what with the way you were bundled up to the high heavens–Yoongi would kill you if he found out that you got sick, plus, since he had gotten the garments for you, you wanted to wear them every chance you could. Well, Yoongi would kill you either way when he found out that you would be spending Christmas alone, but that was another story entirely.

Climbing the steps to your apartment, you set the groceries on the ground to unlock the door before toeing it open and transferring the bags to the kitchen counter. When you clicked on the light, the boxes littered the room like landmines in the hazards of war, the few bits of furniture that were fully put together standing like lone soldiers in the battlefield of possessions. Luckily for you, you’d gotten used to the messy display in the day or two that you’d been there–it helped that you cleared a path to the kitchen, mattress that still sat in the middle of the living room, and the bathroom down the hall. There was still a lot to do.

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Good Vibrations (Adventures with dom!Dean, part 2)

Requested by several anons: a second dom!Dean fic using a vibrating toy. I kind of just mushed all the similar ideas together and came up with this, so I hope you all enjoy some dom!Dean filth, based on this imagine. (Part one of the dom!Dean adventures here)

Word Count: 1932

Warning: SMUT, light bdsm, sex toys, orgasm delay

A/N: I am having a lot of naughty fun with dom!Dean. Any ideas for part three?

The cool air of your bedroom chilled your shower-dampened skin, and you hurried to towel off and get dressed. As you were drying your legs, you noticed a gift bag on your bed. Confused, you read the tag before opening the present.
“I thought maybe you’d want to have some fun tonight? Wear this.”
You grinned at Dean’s hastily scribbled note. After last night’s game of truth or dare, you were excited to see what he had in mind. Carefully, you reached into the bag and pulled out black lace panties. As you held them out in front of you, you realized that they weren’t just panties. They were vibrating panties. You could only assume that the remote that controlled them was with Dean.

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New Reality - 2

Summary: You’ve started going through every book in the bunker, but nothing seems to be coming up. You can’t decide if that’s good or bad. Either way, you’ve got to start getting comfortable with your new companions.

Part One

Warning: Bit O’ angst. Slight mentions of abusive relationship and death of family.

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