the coloring on this is disgusting god

i think one of my least favorite things about ace discourse is how often people assume that the experience with sex every “allosexual” has is essentially the white cis man experience, ie sex is celebrated among peers and is considered good in society and everyone has the same nasty allosexual viewpoint about sex except the freed and enlightened aces

as if gay men, lesbian women, and bi people aren’t shamed and ridiculed and seen as disgusting for having sexual relationships, as if they don’t hide their relationships out of fear for being killed or having their partners killed

as if there isn’t a massive stigma against trans people having healthy sexual relationships or even considering being open sexually

as if people of color aren’t stereotyped and fetishized by white people and not even seen as people when sex is involved

as if disabled people having relationships AT ALL isn’t stigmatized, as if disabled people aren’t treated as helpless babies and god forbid they make decisions about their own body

if someone lumps me into the same category as a cis white man oppressive “allosexual” im… hoo boy

my bro forgot he had a bag of unopened gummy bears sitting in his car for god knows how long not even he knows how long its been there and all the individual bears have melted and fused together with the trapped heat of the car. then for some reason he stuck the melted goop into the fridge because i mean fuck it it looks like a forced fusion from hell but its still good and edible y’know?? Few hours later and the end result was this disgusting colorful abomination. I actually took a few bites off this blob because I have literally no standards for my food intake and not only did I just consume 10,000 calories in three bites but I can feel the souls of these poor gummy bears screaming in agony at the pit of my stomach and I feel death is near

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22: pet peeves; 54: hair color

22: Pet peeves?

- People who chew with their mouth open, or make noises while chewing. That shit disgusts me and it’s a reason i prefer to eat alone and make my own food. Have some etiquette god damn it. 

54: What color would you like your hair to be right now?

Somewhere around the infra red spectrum so i can have a head of fire.

Damen's Obliviousness throughout Captive Prince: A Study

Damen in CP: Regent seems like a reasonable dude. Kinda creepy with the kids though.

Reader: *shakes head* oh, sweet summer child.

Damen: Laurent really has a problem with his uncle. What a douche.

Reader: *sighs* No wonder you didn’t see Kastor coming.

Damen: Okay maybe Laurent is right about his uncle being an asshole.

Reader: *leans forward expectantly*

Damen: *wanders away to do something to a horse*

Reader: God dammit, Damen!

Damen in PG: Strange that Laurent didn’t want to sleep in these chambers and bed that are decorated in his uncle’s colors. He used to come here all the time with him when he was younger…

Reader: I can’t even with you right now.

Damen: Lol, Laurent is such a contrary person.

Reader: *flings self back in disgust* Of course.

Damen: Laurent really seems to know a lot about how his uncle operated to seduce Aimeric. That’s interesting.

Reader: *winds up the clue bat*

Damen: Laurent really has a hard time relaxing and letting go during sex. Must be his inexperience. How sweet!

Reader: Oh, FFS.

Damen in KR: Huh. He said, “Yes, uncle.” *Wanders off*

Reader: I swear to Jesus, Damen, how are you so thick headed?

Damen: *after pretty much Laurent does or says in relation to his uncle* Huh? What? LOL.

Regent at the Kingsmeet: I’m a pedophile, you brick. Of course I molested him! Have you seen him?


Reader: *face palm*

  • Me: *sees my crush* oh she looks so beautiful today
  • Me, 2 minutes later: WOW. I am DISGUSTING. Looking at her, like she's something to be gawked at. God, she just want to live her life and work and I'm over here thinking about how attractive she is?
  • Crush: *smiles at me*
  • Me: oh I'm so glad I'm gay, women are beautiful!
  • Me, the next day: oh damn she looks pretty in that color! :)
  • Me, in that same sentence: wow.i can't believe I'm a fucking predator! I should be asha--

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Relationship Status: yeah… not really

Favorite Color: green

Pets: i don’t have any

Last Song I Listened to: Mr. Brightside by The Killers

Favorite TV Show: Torchwood is my number one!

First Fandom: Oh god… probably Justin Bieber when I was like twelve

Hobbies: Um…I’m into reading, writing, photography, languages, and travelling

Favorite Book: I don’t think I really have a favourite; I have a weird book taste I guess.

Worst Food: Olives - I always used to like olives but I had a disgusting olive-incident some time back and since then only the thought of olives makes me want to throw up..

Favorite Place: There are a few places I really love but my favourite I’d say is a nice little spot in Oxford by the river, in the green, between some beautiful little bridges. I used to spend hours there with a friend and it was just so beautiful :)

I tag: @aliciadistrictclove @time-immemorial @trash-and-fandoms in case you want to do this :)


Red is the most disgusting color, because it’s everywhere; I can never escape it. I tasted it when I bit my lip, because Titans were trying to climb the trees around us. I smelled it when we packed corpses onto the backs of carts and some of it smeared onto my boots. But I felt it when I looked at him and my lips touched his, trailed down his neck and bare chest. I felt it when he smiled across the mess hall and the world spun and nearly kicked me off my feet. It was in his eyes after he helped untangled my belts, because I was “so silly” for putting them on half-asleep. He whispered it under his breath and in my ear and in my hair, when our hands roamed and tangled together in an obsidian night. It dusted my cheeks and brushed against his, beneath a constellation of freckles that I could never keep track of. But I saw it on his face when he brought a Titan’s attention from me to him. I saw it dried up and sticking to his remains like a leech, clinging for its own sake and disregarding everything I felt for him. And I saw it when I tossed his mangled corpse into starving flames and it erupted into ash, and his bones melded with the rest of the fallen, and I couldn’t tell if I was crying from the smoke in my eyes or my aching heart.

I hate the color red.

—  JeanMarco Week, Day 5—Red

“You’re - you started it!”

Dean’s facial transition from playful to absolutely disgusted was abnormally fast. He looked so betrayed it was almost comical. “You’re calling my baby stupid and old? You’re stupid and old!”

“You were born in the seventies,” you said, crossing your arms over your chest, “You probably had a baby leisure suit.”

“I did not.”

“It’s true,” Sam said from behind him, “He didn’t have a leisure suit. Only a t-shirt that says he wuvs hugs.”

“You shut your face!” Dean said, his face gaining color.

Mini-Dean in an I wuv hugs t-shirt. Oh my God. “So do you, Dean?” you asked, a smile tugging on your lips, extending your arms to the side. “Do you wuv hugs?”

He raised a finger. “No.”

You strode towards him and he tensed in his seat. “Oh I bet you do,” you said, now basically running to him. 

He almost fell off his chair trying to get up, his eyes wide. “Don’t you get your disrespectful little hands on me!”

“Aw, c’mon.” You jumped a bit in your place and motioned for him to come closer. “Let me wuv you!”

“Sam, make her stop!”

“And miss the ammunition of a lifetime? Ha, never,” Sam said. “Hell, I might even call Cas.”

“Let me wuv you!”

He rolled his eyes. “Fine! But if I let you hug me, will you stop creeping me out like that?”


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I’m at a buddy’s house and he asked if I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich and I was like yeah sure but I didn’t realize that not everyone makes their grilled cheese sandwiches with actual cheese like extra sharp cheddar and pepperjack and he brought me two fucking pieces of white bread with one of those nasty ass neon orange Kraft slices melted in between and I have never been so disgusted in my life like…… He wears colored polos with khaki shorts and Sperry’s with long white socks to work as a cart pusher at Home Depot, his family can afford to buy their own cow and convert their basement “game room” into a cheese cellar and make their own god damn cheese but instead he brings me this.. Disgusting monstrosity…… Like they actually eat this stuff…. And enjoy it… I’m so unhappy I want to go home

i love how tumblr is accusing a dead woman vocalist of “appropriating” black voices??? you all are fucking disgusting what’s next, appropriating hair color? appropriating anemia? aortic aneurisms? endometriosis???

god forbid she sing sultrily, or with emotion!! only PoC can do that apparently!!!!

at least have the respect to let dead people rest, FUCK

i am DISGUSTED and am PUKING at this shit new layout/stat function like I honestly don’t see how this is not all some kind of joke staff is trying to pull like now they wanna change THE most unnessecary thing. they made us think changing the fucking color scheme a titty hair slighter of a different shade was as petty as it was gonna get but nooO. @god please send a bolt of lightning straight through the clowns responsible for these horrendous updates. they laughin they asses off while we have to deal with this dick rash of a website


I see your point in your choice to be anti-war. I’m not a big fan of killing. I see it as extreme when the call for support (for not having war) is done so by tossing out vulgar images, claims that others are immoral and or without a heart, etc.. if they are in favor of war.

If you truly believe being anti-war is your cause of peace why must the images and what have you supporting it be colored by intolerance. Human beings have been killing each other for god knows how long. Humans are resistant to change that is shoved down their throats for just as long. That makes what anti-war activists are doing by showing these kind of pictures even worse.

Do you think any one person has been swayed by the disgusting images they use to make their point? No, could that same person be swayed by a calm and peaceful discussion of alternatives? Probably so.

Why don’t you break the mold and try a little humane education instead of this in your face approach that seems to be running rampant through the anti-war community? Perhaps show more cruelty-free and humane alternatives when killing others? Maybe you can talk about bombs that aren’t quite so destructive that solely kill in moderation. Extreme killing is not cool with me. I prefer killing to be much more moderate.

All I know is that shaming never works. I am so much angrier in the fact that these pictures exist and that somebody is presenting them in public than I am in the actions themselves. I would really prefer to live in world where people wouldn’t be able to take photographs of things like this, because that is the real crime that is going on here.

How do you expect people to be anti-war when you go around showing them these disgusting photos? I don’t get it. If you really cared about peace and compassion, then why in the world would you go around showing this? I just don’t understand. It doesn’t make any sense. You anti-war people talk about compassion but do you realize how unhappy these photos make me? Where is the compassion for me?